Star Odyssey Chapter 1398: The battlefield on the back

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Lu Yin’s current field has far surpassed the intensity of the invisible light when he was in the golden ocean space. The reason why he can’t predict the attack is because he doesn’t know how to practice.

“The so-called prediction of attacks is not as magical as divination, and it is not as difficult as others think. Of course, what I am talking about is based on the premise of sufficient field training, and the control of the field and star energy to an extremely high level. Subtle level…” Guo Shanzhen taught Lu Yin seriously about field cultivation.

The practice of predicting the direction of an attack is like a layer of paper. It is very simple once you pierce it, but it is difficult to see clearly before that.

Following Guo Shan’s teachings, Lu Yin spread the field on the earth. Every inch, every minute, and even every corner was completely spread out, no longer as released as before.

That kind of release seems to be able to control all changes in the field, but it is also a general direction, and now, he wants to treat the field as a part of his body.

“Just like this, yes, spread out, completely see all the changes within the scope of the field, and form all the changes within the scope of the field into an image played in the mind. You must both speculate and guess. , This is regular, right…” Guo Shan opened his mouth and Xun Xun guided him.

For several days in a row, Lu Yin followed Guo Shan to practice like this. It was impossible for the field to be cultivated to the extent that he could predict attacks. However, Lu Yin’s original field was extremely strong, and it was completely shrunk. It was possible to roughly predict some of Actions, such as which direction an insect on the ground is going to crawl and which leg it will take, he can clearly see in several books.

Based on the fact that he has mastered various methods such as Ce Zi Mi and Yu Zi Mi, the effect of field reaching prediction attacks on improving combat is not too obvious. The only thing that can attract Lu Yin is the realm of the Sky God, a kind of The method of practicing it is like using a secret technique without the restrictions of a secret technique. This is the most attractive thing.

Guo Shan looked at Lu Yin in surprise and “drawed the flight path of the bird.”

Lu Yin raised his hand and Xing Neng painted, drawing a trajectory.

Guo Shan blinked and said, “I barely got through.”

Lu Yin smiled and said, “Thank you.”

Guo Shan is speechless, who are you? No matter how talented a person is, even if he masters the correct method, it will take him years, or even years, to practice to the level of predicting attacks. For ordinary people, it will take decades or hundreds. It may not take years to master it, and some people may not even be able to get in in their entire life. This kid mastered it in a few days, **** it.

“You have mastered the basic methods of anticipating attacks, now let’s practice transforming into spirits,” Guo Shandao said.

Lu Yin looked forward to, “To what extent can one practice spiritual transformation to become a **** of space?”.

Guo Shan rolled his eyes, “Don’t aim too high. I haven’t even reached the Sky God Realm. Looking at the starry sky among the trees, I can count on one hand the field masters who have reached the Sky God Realm. They are all Star Envoys.” A strong man on the top, you kid, don’t even think about it until you reach the Star Envoy.”

Lu Yin said oh.

As if he felt that what he said was not clear enough, Guo Shan continued, “Let me tell you, the difficulty of practicing in the Sky God Realm is on the one hand, and the other is the physical strength and adaptability to this starry sky. Do you think the field After cultivating to the realm of the Sky God, can you peel off the void without restraint? This is theoretically true, but peeling off the void puts great pressure on yourself, especially if you want to transfer the void instantly, which requires extremely high physical strength. Anyway, I haven’t reached it. “.

Lu Yin nodded, he had absolute confidence in this aspect.

“Are we practicing here?” Lu Yin asked. Although he was not in a hurry for the mission, he couldn’t spend time here all the time. The trip to the Dominion Realm was probably coming soon. He had to find a way to participate, otherwise his participation in the Supreme Tournament would be in vain. .

Guo Shandao, “The task has been completed, we have a period of vacation.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Done? When?”.

Guo Shandao, “Our mission is to attract the attention of the Flying Armor Army, and you have done a good job.”

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “The mission has started since I entered Feijia Pass. You are completing the mission by taking me around Feijia Pass.”

Guo Shan nodded, “As long as you know, you don’t have to tell me.”

Lu Yin looked at Feijia Pass, “It seems there are no red backs or dark ones here, otherwise it wouldn’t be so peaceful.”

“This is the best. If there were no traitors among humans, we wouldn’t be dragged here. The battlefield behind the mother tree is the place that many people from poor families dream of.” Guo Shan sighed with emotion.

Lu Yin asked, “Is the battlefield fierce behind the mother tree?”.

Guo Shan recalled, “It was not intense at first, and could even be regarded as a training ground for many people. However, starting from about a year or two ago, it has completely changed. There are endless monsters, and they can kill them all.” “It’s not over yet. All the people who have experienced it are dead, and my humble family has also started to reorganize it from that time. The number of red backs and dark ones among humans has increased explosively, and I can’t catch them all.”

More than a year and nearly two years ago? Lu Yin was shocked. Isn’t that the day when the competition between the Five Stars ends? Yes, it was that time when I was captured by the New Human Alliance, the new universe changed drastically, and a horizontal black hole appeared in the entire universe, isolating those monsters.

The horizontal black hole spread from the new universe to the Falling Star Sea, and even connected to the Sixth Continent under Huizu’s layout. But what is the connection between this and the Starry Sky of the Tree?

Recalling it for a moment, an idea flashed in Lu Yin’s mind, go to the third door, yes, go to the third door.

The horizontal black hole isolates the Falling Star Sea from the outside, which means that the Falling Star Sea is full of monsters, and the upper three gates are also there. Neptune was able to break the upper three gates and cause the sky to change, and those monsters can naturally do the same. After all, they are Humanity’s archenemy.

In this way, my guess is correct. This is the world after the Upper Three Gates. Because of that big change, these monsters poured into the starry sky through the Upper Three Gates, and the entrance is on the back of the mother tree.

Lu Yin suddenly realized that it is no wonder that there are three upper gates. The existence of the upper three gates may be the gateway that separates the fifth and sixth continents in the tree starry sky. It may also be related to those monsters, because the existence of the upper three gates The entrance is on the back of the mother tree. If there is no portal to isolate it, those monsters can invade the fifth continent through the entrance on the back of the mother tree.

Based on this, it is somewhat unclear what role the Tree Starry Sky plays in the Fifth Continent. They regard the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent as abandoned places, but they use the portal to protect the Fifth Continent and the Sixth Continent. mainland.

Lu Yin was so musing that he didn’t hear what Guo Shan said clearly. Guo Shan had been reminiscing about something, seemingly missing his former comrades.

The more people have been on the battlefield, the more they will have this emotion, this admirable emotion.

“The battlefield behind the mother tree is getting more and more intense now. In fact, it would be better if you don’t go, you will die quickly,” Guo Shan said with a change of tone.

Lu Yin blurted out, “If there were no Hongbei and Anzi, the meaning of the existence of the humble family would be gone.”

“This is the best,” Guo Shan replied seriously.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed. Yes, it would be best if there were no Hongbei and Anzi, but it would be better if the poor family existed, at least that’s what he felt.

The Zhongping Realm is huge. Some areas are illuminated by sunlight, and some areas have special methods of lighting up day and night. Feijia Pass is normal. At night, stars dot the dark sky, and there are several shining planets. Light the way at night.

Lu Yin looked down and saw six shadows. He looked up and saw six planets lighting up the night, allowing Feijia Pass to excavate robbery crystals no matter day or night.

The field spread out like water, like countless tentacles connecting the air and the earth, trees and stones. Inexplicably, a black shadow flashed past. Lu Yin suddenly opened his eyes and rushed out, right towards the black shadow. He rushed forward, every step he took was exactly the same as the shadow, even the posture was the same, just like a mirror, it was the predicted attack of the field. He predicted the walking route and movements of the shadow, and imitated the exact same movements.

The shadow’s eyes hidden under the mask were surprised, and then vicious, purple lines appeared on the body surface, accompanied by red stripes, which were the nine lines of fighting energy.

Lu Yin frowned, and Guo Shan appeared beside him. Without saying a word, the Terror Star could soar into the sky. This is the Flying Armor Pass. Once a battle breaks out, the first one to be attracted will be the Flying Armor Army.

However, this star can dissipate directly in mid-air.

Guo Shan was surprised, “Trapped?” At this time, in the distance, several figures lined up and took action against him. Guo Shan said to Lu Yin, “Be careful.”

Lu Yin had no time to speak. The black shadow had already arrived. He pulled out the long knife from his arms and slashed it down with nine lines of fighting energy, which was powerful.

With this sword, the black shadow believed that it was enough to injure Lu Yin, but he recalled that Lu Yin had defeated Liu Lu at the Sword Monument, so he withdrew his strength when using the sword, just in case.

He was right to do so. Lu Yin directly hit the black shadow blade with an air palm. Even if he did not use the air palm with all his strength, this palm was not something that a hunting level person could catch. Lu Yin Wang Yi, who fought in the Supreme Tournament, was afraid of Yin’s Kongkong Palm. The person in front of him was only in the hunting realm, and he was definitely far inferior to Wang Yi in this starry sky.

With one palm, not only did Heiying’s nine lines of fighting spirit break, but the blade was bent. Heiying’s pupils shrank, and the long knife slashed in another direction, breaking the power of the palm.

Lu Yin sneered and struck out with another palm, “Let’s see how many palms you can hold up?”.

The black shadow’s long knife was blocked in front of him. With a bang, the blade was dented, exactly in the shape of a palm print, and the black shadow himself was sent flying a hundred meters. He couldn’t help but spit out a mouthful of blood. He was shocked, how could this be possible? How can a mere clan member have such strength?

On the other side, Guo Shan had been paying attention. When he saw Lu Yin knocking away a master of the same realm with one palm, that man also had the nine lines of fighting spirit, he was equally surprised in his heart. No wonder he could join the fourteenth sect. He suddenly remembered When I was attacked by a killer before, I pushed him away and almost got a counterattack. Now that I think about it, that was no coincidence.

This boy has a very hidden strength.

The black shadow’s long blade shattered into pieces and stood on the ground, staring at Lu Yin.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “You are not a boundless killer, you are too inferior.”

The black shadow glared, and a long spear suddenly appeared from the Ningkong Ring. The nine lines of war energy were imprinted on it. He kicked it out and stabbed Lu Yin with the tip of the spear. At the same time, he rushed out, obviously rushing in a straight line. However, his body shape is strange and changeable, like a swimming dragon.


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