Star Odyssey Chapter 1369: Secret

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Lu Yin was confused, “Even if I offend others with my military exploits, no one can do anything to me with a White Dragon clan background. The Hanxian Sect is not afraid of me, so others are even less likely to threaten me. In this case, What are you doing for me with military merit?” Suddenly, he remembered something and said at the same time as Bi Jianguang, “Pretend to claim military merit.”

“The power of the poor family is very heavy. Because of this, there are more rules. If you break the family rules, the punishment is also very heavy. The most severe punishment is to falsely claim military merit,” Lu Yin said.

The invisible interface said, “First, let you expose the Zhu family and offend the Han family in Huaiyuan, and then report you for pretending to receive military merit. Without the Hanxian Sect’s intervention, the three brothers of the Guan family in Huaiyuan will not let you go. Even if the White Dragon Clan comes forward, it will be useless, you will at least end up being expelled from a poor family.”

Lu Yin felt a chill running down his back, “What a ruthless method. If it hadn’t been for you, but for someone else, I might have fallen into the trap. So what if I didn’t expose the Zhu family? Mo Gaohe would definitely have a way to impose military exploits on me. Then I will expose it and claim to the public that I discovered the traitor in the Zhu family, which will still offend the three brothers of the Guan family. No matter what, I can’t escape this situation.”

Buji Guangguang praised, “The planners are meticulous and link each link. Even if there are changes, they can adapt to the situation, so that you can’t get rid of the calculation no matter what. It’s amazing.”

Lu Yin was not in the mood to praise others. There was such a ruthless person plotting against him in the dark. This time, he managed to escape because he didn’t see the light, but what about next time? The other party has put so much thought into planning, and it is impossible to let him go easily.

Who is it? Bai Shaohong? Probably not. Bai Shaohong is the young ancestor and doesn’t have the energy to do these things. Who could he be? Anyway, he must be from Hanxian Sect.

If you want to know who it is, you can only start with Mogaohe.

“You try to find out who is behind Mogaohe. I want to know who is plotting against me,” Lu Yin said.

Bi Jianguang said, “It’s difficult. Mo Gaohe has a vicious mind and a very strict mouth. It’s not that easy to trick him out. On the contrary, he may see through it. All he can do now is to show off his tricks and wait for his next step. Come out and deal with him in one fell swoop, first clear up the hidden dangers around you.”

Lu Yin was right when he thought about it. The Mogao River is equivalent to the enemy’s stepping stone for attack. If this stepping stone is not solved, the enemy can arrange a new killing situation at any time. The Mogao River must be pulled out, at least to ensure that there are no enemies in the Yinshan District. Target your own enemies.

The only thing that can be done now is to wait for Mogaohe to make a move.

Time passed quickly and another half month passed. On this day, the Yuntong Stone on Lu Yin’s wrist vibrated.

The Yuntong Stone was given to him by Long Xi for easy contact.

In this starry sky, Yuntong Stone is not as common as personal terminals, only a few people have it.

The image of Long Xi appeared before her eyes, still so beautiful, with her long aqua-blue hair so dazzling, and her amber eyes full of charming temperament.

“How have you been during this time?” Long Xi asked. She had been very worried about Lu Yin this month. It wasn’t because she liked him. She couldn’t fall in love with Lu Yin in such a short time. She was just worried about the Hanxian Sect. He will take action against Lu Yin.

Lu Yin did not tell the story about Mo Gaohe plotting against him. Telling him would only make Long Xi more worried, and he could not explain his identity. Once Long Xi was too worried, he might ask Long Tian to kill him. If he were to move to another place, he would have to start all over again. Here, he could at least be able to detect the enemy’s opportunities without seeing the light, and be sure that he would be safe and not be plotted against.

“Fortunately, nothing happened. I spent the whole day wandering around Yinshan City with Fatty Bai, ahem, Marshal Wang. He will protect me,” Lu Yin said.

Long Xi frowned, “Stay away from this Marshal Wang. He has a reckless attitude and a simple mind, and can be easily exploited.”

This is the truth. Lu Yin nodded, “Okay, I understand.”

Long Xi looked at Lu Yin for a while, and after thinking about it, he had nothing to say, “It’s been more peaceful recently. It’s not easy for Bai Shaohong to take action against you. Don’t cause trouble yourself. I will urge my elder brother to give you military exploits as soon as possible and retire when the time comes.” It’s safe, remember, don’t cause trouble.”

“Don’t worry, I’m the most honest,” Lu Yin said.

Long Xi glanced at him again, and the image disappeared.

Lu Yin looked outside. The sky was gloomy. Fatty Bai had led a team out for inspection. It would take two days to come back. He couldn’t go out casually to prevent Mo Gaohe from provoking unnecessary exposure. He thought, right Now, it’s time to roll the dice.

If you want to deepen your understanding of this starry sky, the best way is to read the memory. There is nothing more convenient than rolling a dice at six o’clock. However, if you want to integrate into the human body of this starry sky, you cannot have too much star energy crystal marrow. .

Thinking about it, Lu Yin entered the secret room. Everyone here has a secret training room.

Put the Ning Kong Ring aside, take out thousands of cubic star energy crystal marrow, raise your hand, and the dice will appear and spin slowly.

Lu Yin pointed out, the dice rotated rapidly, and then slowly stopped. At three o’clock, the upper and lower light curtains appeared. Lu Yin pursed his lips. Now is not the time to improve external objects, and there is nothing that needs to be improved.

Recovering the dice with star energy crystals, he pointed it out again, this time at one point, and dropped a piece of metal. The texture was quite hard, but it was crushed in Lu Yin’s hands. With this level of hardness, it was enough to become It is a weapon for powerful people in the hunting realm. It is of great value to many people, but it is a pity that it is useless to me.

Lu Yin rolled the dice again, and this time he got his wish. Six o’clock appeared. Then he came to the strange black space. Light groups were shining one by one. Lu Yin immediately looked for the light group closest to him and merged directly. .

The next moment, his body shook, and the scene in front of him changed. He appeared high in the sky, with a sea of ​​burning fire beneath his feet. Countless people were wailing in the sea of ​​​​fire, accompanied by desperate shouts, and beside him, stood a man whose aura was enough to make Lu The man with numb scalp is a star messenger.

As the memories poured in, Lu Yin’s mouth opened wide and he looked down at his hands. What a blessing, he was actually integrated into Guan Yun’s body.

A month ago, he discussed Mo Gaohe’s plan with Wu Jianguang, which involved the three brothers of the Guan family in Huaiyuan. Unexpectedly, a month later, he would merge into Guan Yun’s body. This Guan Yun was in his forties. There are tens of thousands of powerful warriors who are very close to the Star Envoys. No wonder they are suitable for themselves. There is not much difference in combat power between them.

As for the person next to him, he is Guan Yun’s second brother Guan Hai, a true star messenger.

Now they are finishing up a mission. There is a human traitor in the family below. They are determined by Hanmen and the family is directly destroyed.

More and more memories poured in, and Lu Yin knew that the top realm and the middle realm were all in front of the mother tree, and the mother tree and the back were the largest battlefields in the entire tree starry sky, and the target of the battle was obvious. It is a monster with scarlet vertical eyes, an endless monster.

New Human Alliance, five words appeared, Lu Yin did not expect that the biggest enemies of Tree Starry Sky were also these monsters, and like the Fifth Continent, these monsters also developed traitors among humans.

However, what is different from the Fifth Continent is that in this starry sky, these monsters are hidden and have no scale. In the Fifth Continent, there is a New Human Alliance.

In this way, Lu Yin figured out that the Han Clan was equivalent to the Interstellar Arbitration Institute of the Fifth Continent’s Hall of Glory, and the Sifang Balance was equivalent to the Hall of Glory.

I have joined the Interstellar Arbitration Institute.

As more and more memories were accumulated, Lu Yin learned more and more about the starry sky. Suddenly, he was shocked and discovered a huge secret. Guan Yun turned out to be a traitor to mankind.

“Second brother” shouted lowly. Lu Yin’s body trembled and he looked at Guan Hai next to him.

Guan Hai was confused, “Second brother, what’s wrong?”.

Lu Yin shook his head and said hoarsely, “Nothing.”

Guan Hai frowned, “You must be too tired. You have done many tasks during this period. After this task, go back and rest. Brother, I have something to ask you.”

“Okay” Lu Yin said.

Suddenly, the scene in front of him changed again. He returned to that dark and strange place, and then returned to his own body. He opened his eyes with strong shock, and quickly wrote down some names. These names were all A human traitor developed by Guan Yun.

I didn’t expect that Guan Yun, as the third highest ranking figure in Huaiyuan’s poor family, was actually a human traitor, and he eradicated human traitors openly. Who would have thought?

Guan Yun is a traitor, but what about Guan Hai and Guan Tong?

Lu Yin was a little regretful. He had too little star energy crystal marrow and could not stay for a while, otherwise he would have seen more memories. However, if he had more star energy crystal marrow, he might not be able to fuse with Guan Yun. Maybe it’s further away.

With complex thoughts in his mind, Lu Yin recorded all the traitors he knew from Guan Yun’s memory. Looking at the densely packed names, there were quite a few. If this list was handed over and confirmed, it would definitely be a big one. With credit, he might be summoned by the nine governors of Zhongping Realm.

The name of the nine governors of the Zhongping Realm is Qingchen, and he is a super strong person. As for what exactly he is, Lu Yin is not sure, but he must be beyond the level of Yuanshi, and may be the same as the chief referee of the Fifth Continent Interstellar Arbitration Institute. A level.

The Governor-General of the Han Clan is said to be from the Ancestral Realm, a very paranoid and protective Ancestral Realm strongman.

In addition to these, Guan Yun also has information about the Zhu family in his memory. It is true that what is said without seeing the light is that there is a human traitor within the Zhu family who has been hiding for decades. However, there is one difference. This spy is not the three brothers of the Guan family. The bait specially arranged to catch big fish was developed by Guan Yun and was exposed only by coincidence.

Guan Yun also wants to use him to do something.

Lu Yin collected his thoughts and took a breath. The people behind Mo Gaohe only knew that the traitor in the Zhu family was deliberately left behind by the three brothers of the Guan family. Even so, once he exposed the traitor in the Zhu family, he would be involved in that person’s plan. It will also offend the three brothers of the Guan family, not to mention that this traitor is of great use to Guan Yun himself. Once he is exposed, it will not offend him in the slightest. Guan Yun probably wants to kill him in his dreams.

It’s too cruel. If he hadn’t been blinded, he might have fallen into the trap and become a **** played by others.

Lu Yin rubbed his head, but now, the initiative was in his hands.

It would be perfect if he could think of a way to pull the person behind Mo Gaohe into the water. Lu Yin looked at the dim sky. He didn’t expect to be anonymous in this starry sky, but the struggle still continued. It was really troublesome.

The next day, Bu Guang found Lu Yin and said, “Mo Gaohe has taken action.”


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