Star Odyssey Chapter 1368: Where the opportunity lies

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After offending the Han Clan of Huaiyuan, Lu Yin’s life in the Han Clan will indeed be difficult in the future. Mo Gaohe randomly listed a crime for him. If the Han Clan of Huaiyuan opens his mouth, he will lose his skin even if he doesn’t die.

With Mo Gaohe’s ability, it is impossible to obtain information about the Zhu family. It must be Bai Shaohong, the young ancestor of the Hanxian Sect, who took action.

I am in a poor family and have a different identity. I cannot assassinate directly, nor can I use the Unbounded Killer to assassinate me. The only way is to deal with myself within the rules of the poor family. The best way is to let myself bear some crime and be expelled from the poor family. Even if he doesn’t die, if the White Dragon clan’s son-in-law is expelled from a poor family, he will become a joke to the entire top world and even the starry sky in the tree. It will not only embarrass himself, but also the White Dragon clan.

Long Xi allowed herself to join a poor family to protect herself, but this had both good and bad consequences.

“I didn’t expect you to come here one step ahead and become a member of the White Dragon Clan,” Bujiangang said, his tone was very amazing. He rarely felt this way. Lu Yin’s experience made him feel magical.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “I don’t want to either. Look, there are people in the poor family to deal with. No matter what, one bad person will easily die.”

“You are extremely lucky. Mo Gaohe actually found me. If he had found someone else, you might have fallen into the trap. After all, your identity as a Linjiang clan member was forged. Can you see that he forged the identity of a relative of the Linjiang clan? When you come out, you must admit that it is true, and I will set you up step by step.”

Lu Yin nodded. It was definitely not Mo Gaohe who plotted against him. Even if he had such scheming intentions, he did not have the ability. Now Lu Yin was curious about what Mo Gaohe wanted to do in the next step.

Now that he knows Mo Gaohe’s plan, Lu Yin is no longer worried. No matter what he does, he can’t get around it, and if he doesn’t see the light, at least in Lu Yin’s opinion, he won’t help him.

“The opportunity lies in this starry sky, so what exactly is the opportunity?” Lu Yin asked, changing the topic.

If you don’t see the light, “Old Zen is talking about the origin of things.”

Lu Yin was confused.

Bi Jianguang pointed to the top of his head, “This starry sky was born from a tree. There is a **** realm at the top of this tree. There are too many things left over from ancient times. Among them are the so-called origin things. It is said that they want to break through. The ancestral realm must rely on things of origin.”

Lu Yin understood, “So this is the opportunity to break through the ancestral realm.”

“When the Fifth Continent was changed by the Sixth Continent, Mr. Zen and the others could not break through the ancestral realm even if they had the origin. They had the ability to change the sky, but they kept delaying it for various reasons. But today it has changed. Zen They all have origin objects and have the opportunity to break through the ancestral realm, and we are the ones competing for the origin objects in this generation.” Bi Jianguang said, “For this starry sky, we are stowaways.”

Lu Yin’s heart moved, stowaways, yes, he remembered. Long Tian once told Long Xi that after the Yuan Lun Festival, there were often stowaways from the abandoned land mixed in with their team to go to the Dominion Realm. , so he wanted to find reliable teammates with Long Xi, and then he had the opportunity to join the humble family.

I didn’t expect that I would be able to join the poor family, and I would also like to thank the previous stowaways from the Fifth Continent.

“You want to get close to the young ancestor identified after the Yuan Lun Festival and follow him to the Dominion Realm?” Lu Yin asked.

Bu Jianguang was surprised, “You know a lot, and you found out in such a short time?”.

“I overheard it accidentally,” Lu Yin said.

Bu Jianguang nodded, “The Mother Tree Yuan Lun Festival confirms the Young Ancestor, and the Young Ancestor is qualified to lead the team to the Dominion Realm. Since ancient times, some of us have sneaked here and mixed with a certain Young Ancestor’s team. We are all the first The most outstanding genius in the five continents, even if he is not as good as Young Ancestor, is still enough to challenge Young Ancestor. As long as his identity is correct, this strength is enough.”

In this regard, Lu Yin believed that Long Xi’s strength was recognized by Long Tian, ​​and Long Xi was on the same level as Wang Yi and Wu Taibai. He could be ranked in the top five in the Supreme Competition, but he was not as good as himself. and Shangqing, the gap with the other top ten is not too exaggerated, their strength is enough to enter the eyes of Young Ancestor.

“Where are the others?” Lu Yin asked.

Bi Jianguang shook his head, “If we are scattered, we can’t catch them all in one go.”

Suddenly, Lu Yin remembered something serious, “When did you know about coming to this starry sky? Does Wang Yi know?”.

Bu Jianguang shook his head, “He didn’t know. We also knew before he came. Why, Wang Yi came early too?”

“He was originally from Fang Xingkong, a member of the Wang family,” Lu Yin said solemnly.

Bu Jianguang’s heart sank. He didn’t change his name. Once Wang Yi heard his name, it would be over.

“Fortunately, he was seriously injured in an attack by the New Human Alliance. He will not appear in ten years and will have no chance to dominate the world,” Lu Yin said.

Bu Guang breathed a sigh of relief, “This kind of thing should have been said earlier.” He was really shocked, “But Wang Yi can go to the Fifth Continent. It seems that the Wang family has a passage to the Fifth Continent. This is not a good thing. “.

“How do you plan to go back?” Lu Yin asked.

Bu Jianguang gave Lu Yin an address, “Gather here.”

Lu Yin understood. In fact, he still had many questions, but it was impossible to get the answers from Bishou Guang. “Do you know how this starry sky describes the fifth continent?”.

Bu Jianguang said seriously, “Abandoned place.”

Lu Yin nodded. He had more or less guessed the reason why the Fifth Continent hated the Ancient Du family so much. It was because the Ancient Du family had abandoned them.

“The Hall of Glory can’t help you in this starry sky?”.

Without seeing the light, he had no choice but, “Things have changed. The Yuan Lun Festival is a festival of every era. Do you know how long an era is?”.

Lu Yin pursed his lips, that was too long ago. According to this calculation, Mr. Chan and the others are quite old. No wonder the Hall of Glory cannot help in this starry sky. In such a long time, anything can happen. Maybe the forces arranged by the Hall of Glory in this starry sky have already been discovered and are waiting for them.

“If you can’t plot against me, how can you use Mogao River to enter Hanxian Sect?” Lu Yin asked.

Without seeing the light, I have no choice but to say, “It’s up to people to plan things, and it’s up to God to make things happen. I have no choice but to sell you. What about you? Don’t you want to go to the Dominion Realm?”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “Even if I want to go, I still have to find a way. My current identity is that of a son-in-law seeking protection.”

On the other side, Fatty Bai found Lu Yin happily and patted his chest, “Brother Linjiang, your fourth uncle is very respectable. What is your relative’s name? No?”.

“Not seeing the light”.

“Yes, you can join me in Yinshan District if you don’t see the light. You don’t know, brother, I have worked hard. Fortunately, I am also the captain in Yinshan District, so I have some prestige…”

Bu Jianguang officially joined Han Clan, joined Fatty Bai’s team, and followed Lu Yin.

Mo Gaohe watched with cold eyes, taunting each other every time they met Fatty Bai, and he also had a bad look towards Lu Yin. As for Mijiang Guang, they had never interacted with each other, not even looking at each other, but it was impossible for anyone. His eyes met with Miguang’s, and he closed his eyes.

“Hahahaha, Mogaohe, do you think my team is getting stronger, handsome guy? Look at you again, there are two or three kittens.” The white fat man was very proud, and he chose the route that Mogaohe often took, blocking it. Just a mockery.

Mo Gaohe sneered, “Damn fat man, don’t get too proud too early. The happier you laugh now, the harder you will cry in the future.”

“Hahahaha, just laugh, hahahaha, Mo Gaohe, you are the one who has to cry, hahahaha” The white fat man smiled extremely proudly.

Mo Gaohe didn’t want to talk to him. What he was most concerned about now was Lu Yin. He glanced at Long Qi? The son-in-law of the White Dragon clan? Thinking of this, the murderous intent in his eyes became even more intense. As a high disciple of Hanxian Sect, he tried his best to pursue Wang Yun and reach the sky in one step. For this reason, he did not hesitate to come to the notorious Yinshan District. This guy was so virtuous and capable that he actually married the top man. One of the brightest pearls in the upper world, truly reaching the sky in one step.

But the good days are coming to an end, and it won’t be long before I let this kid cry with the **** fat guy. I thought, I was in a good mood, but I still pretended to be gloomy on the surface, “Let’s go.”

“Hahahaha” the fat man was still laughing.

Lu Yin looked at Fatty Bai as if he were a fool. He was really a pure Fatty. He knew nothing and was as clean as a piece of white paper.

Bu Jian Guang joins Lu Yin, who is still the same as before. He is taken to Yinshan City by Fatty Bai from time to time. Fat Bai is depressed and finds that Bu Jian Guang, like Lu Yin, is not very interested in beautiful women. The answer makes Fat Bai even more Heart-wrenching.

“Practitioners should be calm and not disturbed by external objects.” This is the answer to not seeing the light.

Fatty Bai can’t see the light and his eyes are weird. He can pretend better than Lu Yin, but he closes his eyes and pretends to be a thief. Those who don’t know it would think he is a peerless master.

Lu Yin was confused by the answer of not seeing the light, but then again, this guy seems to be like this. He has lived with his eyes closed for many years for the sake of training. It is quite cruel.

Half a month of stable life has passed, and Fatty Bai is very happy. In his words, Yinshan District has never been so peaceful for such a long time. He and Mogaohe quarrel and fight every few days, and now Mogaohe Gao He hid when he saw him, all because of Lu Yin and Bu Jianguang’s participation, so he had been treating guests grandly and arrogantly in the past few days.

The Yinshan District at night is even more breathtaking. There are all kinds of strange creatures deep underground, some crawling, some entrenched, or running.

The invisible light appeared in a depression, and after a while, Mo Gaohe appeared, “Didn’t Long Qi find the flaw?”

If you don’t see the light, “Don’t worry, he is convinced.”

Mo Gaohe sneered, “I’m a liar, of course I can’t doubt others.” After saying that, he paused and said, “He still doesn’t mean to expose the Zhu family?”

Bu Jianguang shook his head, “When I told him, he just said he would ignore other people’s business. The White Dragon Clan will let him stay in peace for a few months. Then they will give him military exploits and let him retire.”

“Retired with military merit? Dreaming, okay, then if you want to get military merit, give it to him” Mo Gaohe mocked.

An hour later, invisible light appeared in Lu Yin’s house.

“Give me military merit? Is that what he said?” Lu Yin was surprised.

If you don’t see the light, “yes”.


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