Star Odyssey Chapter 1366: Yuchen

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No matter which powerful family there is, there are many dandy children. It is impossible for all of them to be elites. The same is true for Hanxian Sect. Being able to come to Yinshan District, it seems that this Mogaohe does not have a good reputation in Hanxian Sect.

If you look at his strength, he should not be a playboy. After all, he is in the hunting realm.

This strength is placed at the top level of his peers in the Fifth Continent, and is enough to enter the top 20 in the Supreme Competition.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to report to Fourth Uncle.” Fatty Bai patted Lu Yin’s shoulder enthusiastically and led him into the headquarters.

The rest of the people also dispersed.

The headquarters in Yinshan District is very ordinary. It is far less elegant and grand than the buildings in Baishan of the Bailong Tribe. It is like an ordinary house embedded in the mountain.

With many twists and turns, Lu Yin was led by Fatty Bai to the highest floor and met the fourth uncle he mentioned, the sect leader Zhuo Si.

Lu Yin quickly saluted and said, “Junior, I am lining the river to see the master of the sect.”

From Long Kui’s mouth, Lu Yin knew that Zhuo Si was lazy and didn’t care about other people’s business, but he didn’t expect him to be so lazy. He was lying on the window edge drinking alone, with a few side dishes, pouring and drinking by himself, and holding an unknown book in his hand. Reading the book, he looks like he is enjoying himself. It is hard to imagine that as a sect leader, he does not care about the melee among the hundreds of people under his command.

“Fourth uncle, this is the newly reported brother. From now on he will be my younger brother, Marshal Wang.” Fatty Bai shouted loudly.

Lu Yin raised his eyes and looked at Zhuo Si.

Zhuo Si finished his glass of wine, turned to look at Fatty Bai, and glared, “What kind of place do you think this is, little brother? This is a poor family.”

Fatty Bai sneered, “Yes, yes, fourth uncle, hurry up and prove his identity. I want to help my brother.”

Zhuo Si sighed, looked sideways, looked at Lu Yin, “raised his head.”

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at Zhuo Si.

The moment he saw Lu Yin’s appearance, Zhuo Si’s pupils shrank inconspicuously, then returned to normal, waving his hand, “That’s it, from now on he will be a member of my humble family in Yinshan District,” he said and pointed. When he came out, a symbol appeared on Lu Yin’s arm, which was the symbol of a poor family.

“Take good care of your brother, and don’t forget the lesson learned last time,” Zhuo Si said calmly.

Fatty Bai’s eyes turned cold, “Don’t worry, fourth uncle, that **** Mo Gaohe will never succeed again. If he dares to mess up again, I will let him know how to write the word “death”.”

Zhuo Si waved his hand.

Fat Bai pulled Lu Yin out.

After the two left, Zhuo Si frowned and looked toward the clouds in the distance, not knowing what he was thinking.

Lu Yin originally thought that Fatty Bai would take him to visit Yinshan District, but in an instant, Fatty Bai took him into Yinshan City and then to a place called Hanxiang Tower.

The feasting and feasting before my eyes, the scent of everything I smell, and the company of two exquisite beauties beside me, life is really full of wonders.

Lu Yin never imagined that he would be with Long Xi and the others in the morning, and then come here at night.

He swallowed, so nervous!

Fatty Bai was obviously a veteran of flowers. He had fun with several close brothers and completely forgot about Lu Yin. When he came to his senses, Lu Yin was still drinking there, and the two beauties accompanying him had long since disappeared.

“Brother, why are you not satisfied? Or do you have other hobbies? Tell me, although Yinshan City is not a very nice place, it has everything you need to eat, drink and have fun. You name it, you can do it here.” Fatty Bai patted his chest. The fat on his face swayed twice.

Lu Yin smiled bitterly, “I’m tired of playing and don’t want to play anymore.”

Fatty Bai was stunned, looked at Lu Yin, raised his thumb, “This is absolutely amazing, hahahaha, brothers, if you say this when you see Mo Gaohe coming out to play in the future, we will kill him.”

“Kill him to death” everyone toasted in celebration.

Lu Yin didn’t even know what made them happy. Fatty Bai must have thought he was faking, but he wasn’t.

“Brother, when you are tired, just rest for a few days. As a man, there is no day when you don’t want to play, and you are not a eunuch.” Fatty Bai patted Lu Yin on the shoulder and said in a familiar tone.

Lu Yin pursed his lips and looked outside.

Nearly all the customers in Yinshan City are cultivators who have come from afar, and quite a number of them are from poor families, and they are all playboys.

According to Fatty Bai, this Yinshan City was built by those dudes who came to Yinshan Mountain to get gold, and they had everything to do.

After several hours, Fatty Bai and the others left without feeling satisfied and walked on the street, “Brother, I will take you to visit this Yinshan City.”

“No need, I’ll go shopping by myself,” Lu Yin said.

Fatty Bai said, “That won’t work. This Yinshan City is not for casual strolling. People from our Marshal Wang can only go to the North City, and people from Mogaohe can only go to the South City. No one should break the rules, otherwise it will be a fierce fight.” , when he said this, he remembered something and gritted his teeth, “Back then, a newly joined brother didn’t know the rules and went to Nancheng. He was severely humiliated by Mogaohe. He left Yinshan District the next day and quit the poor family. Mo Gaohe That beast Gao He can do anything, so don’t let him scheme against you.”

Lu Yin nodded, “Thank you, Brother Wang.”

Fatty Bai waved his hand, “Brother, don’t be so polite. Your Linjiang clan also has friendship with my Wang family. Although we have never met, we have a bond with the White Dragon clan. I, Marshal Wang, will definitely take good care of you.”

“Shuai Wang, you don’t think you are embarrassed enough? You have thrown me into the Zhongping Realm.” A pleasant female voice came from behind, her tone full of ridicule.

Fatty Bai and Lu Yin turned around and saw a beautiful woman coming not far behind them at some unknown time, her eyes filled with contempt and disdain.

The woman is beautiful, wearing a smart outfit, and has an irrepressible sense of strength. Her legs are long and slender, and her skin is so white that it is dazzling.

Seeing the woman, Fatty Bai’s face suddenly changed, and he revealed a smile that was uglier than crying, “Yun, sister Yun, when did you come back?”.

The woman ignored Marshal Wang, but looked at Lu Yin, frowning, “New here? Have we met before?”.

Fatty Bai quickly said, “Mei Yun, his name is Linjiang Yi, he is from the Linjiang clan, and he has recently joined our Yinshan District.”

Lu Yin looked at the woman, and he was very sure that he had never seen this woman before, but the look in her eyes made him inexplicably disgusted, and he didn’t know why.

The woman was surprised, “Linjiang clan?” She looked at Lu Yin carefully and felt that this person looked really familiar, but she just couldn’t remember him.

Lu Yin smiled and said, “My name is Linjiang Yi.”

“Have we met?” the woman asked.

Lu Yin recalled, “Maybe, it looks familiar to me too.”

The woman still didn’t think about it and stared at Fatty Bai, “I heard that you had a fight with Mo Gaohe again. Don’t cause trouble or make yourself uncomfortable.”

Fatty Bai said quickly, “No, no, no, no trouble. It’s the boy who is asking for trouble. He actually dares to take advantage of you, Sister Yun. Isn’t he seeking death? He doesn’t even look at how much he weighs. Bai Shaohong is still Pretty much, looking at Hanxian Sect, only Bai Shaohong is worthy of you, Sister Yun.”

The woman snorted, passed the two of them, and left directly.

After the woman left, the fat man said loudly, “What the hell?”

Lu Yin was surprised. He thought the fat man liked that woman. What did this mean? Falling out so quickly.

“Brother, remember, anyone can be offended in this Yinshan District, but don’t offend this woman,” said Fatty Bai.

Lu Yin was confused, “Why?”.

Fatty Bai said, “Her name is Wang Yun, and she is also from my Wang family. She has a complicated background. The reason why Mo Gaohe came here is actually to pursue her.”

“Why did she come to Yinshan District?” Lu Yin asked strangely. This woman does not look like a playboy.

Fatty Bai said, “I don’t know the specific reason. I heard that he made some mistake and has to serve in Yinshan District for twenty years.”

Twenty years is not a long time for a cultivator. The fact that this woman was sentenced to serve here proves that the mistake she committed is not trivial. Even if she cannot be forgiven because of her background, it also shows that this woman has an extremely deep background. The punishment was not too severe.

There is no danger in Yinshan District, and together with this Yinshan City, it is simply a resort.

Lu Yin successfully joined the Yinshan District and mixed with Fatty Bai. In the Zhongping Realm, a dark place, Elder Qingxing of the Hanxian Sect raised his hand, and the Yuntong Stone vibrated. Then, a pair of long, narrow and dark eyes The item appears.

“The target joins a poor family, the price has changed, it will be increased five times.”

Elder Qingxing was angry, “You Wujie failed to do it yourself, allowing him time to join the poor family. Why should we pay the price?”

“The information you gave is inaccurate. The target’s energy and spirit are not weak, otherwise he would have died long ago.”

“Don’t you have your own intelligence network in Wujie?” Elder Qingxing said angrily.

“If we need to use our intelligence network, the price will be five times higher than at the beginning. We have not held you accountable for the loss of intelligence, and asking for compensation is already good.”

Elder Qingxing said in a cold voice, “People who have no boundaries are the most trustworthy. I can’t see it like this.”

“Elder Qingxing, be careful with your words, otherwise Wujie will make you regret it.” The long and narrow eyes were darker and more penetrating.

Elder Qingxing’s eyes flickered and he said, “Give me time to think about it.”

“Okay”, after saying that, the image disappeared.

Elder Qingxing clenched his fist. If it wasn’t Young Ancestor’s intention, how could he contact Wu Jie? These despicable killers can do anything. To have any contact with them would be to play with fire and burn oneself, but he had no choice.

After thinking for a while, he contacted someone with Yuntong Stone. Soon, the image of a pure-looking girl appeared. She was obviously just a girl, but Elder Qingxing’s attitude was very respectful, “Miss Yuchen, Wujie asks for five dollars.” Double the price, I wonder what Young Master means?”

The girl said calmly, “The information we gave was unfavorable. It is right for Wujie to demand a price. However, since he joined the Han Clan, he cannot use Wujie’s power to assassinate him. Otherwise, if the Han Clan pursues the case, Young Ancestor will inevitably be in trouble. “.

“Please give me Miss Yuchen’s advice,” Elder Qing Xing said.

The girl said, “You don’t have to worry about this matter.” After that, she ended the call.

Elder Qingxing was stunned and looked at Yuntongshi silently.

On the other side, after the girl ended her call with Elder Qingxing, she directly contacted a person, Mo Gaohe.

Mo Gaohe’s status in Hanxian Sect is not low, but it is not high either. His influence is limited to the disciple level, even if he has the strength of the hunting realm, so he wants to pursue Wang Yun and reach the sky in one step.


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