Star Odyssey Chapter 1291: The admitted monster

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Lu Yin stared at the feathered Mavis and saw the terrifying runes. The feathered Mabis at this moment was far better than before. Can’t he be regarded as a human being? This is interesting, thinking, he rushed out, “Punch third”.

Feathered Mavis raised his eyes, expressionless, raised his right fist, and punched out.

It was nothing fancy, just a simple punch. However, in Lu Yin’s eyes, the power of this punch was particularly terrifying. He took a deep breath, released all his strength, and punched out hard.


The loud noise turned into a sound wave visible to the naked eye, destroying all directions. Even the contestants on the first fault, many of them turned pale and looked in fear. The loud noise almost stopped the hearts of some people.

On the second fault, the third fault and even at the foot of the mountain, some people were knocked unconscious by the loud noise.

Although the void was not torn apart, this power spread through the void to the starry sky outside the Supreme Mountain, causing many planets to shake.

This is just pure power, like the six eyes of the Devouring Star, affecting the outside world.

The difference is that just releasing a breath from the Devouring Star is enough to affect the outside world, while Lu Yin and Feathered Mebis are fighting each other. In terms of strength, they are still not as good as the Devouring Star.

With this punch, the two of them did not give in. The air around them reversed, dust flew backwards, and stones shattered at extremely fast speeds. Even though Feathered Mavis had no expression, she was deeply shocked.

She really didn’t expect that Lu Yin could actually match her strength. She exerted infinite power and took advantage of her birth, which was equivalent to cheating. How did this man cultivate? Human There is someone among them who can rival her in strength.

You know, in terms of realm, she is still a head above this man. If this man also reaches the enlightenment realm, he will really lose in terms of true power.

Without any words, the two men retreated simultaneously, then rushed out again with a fourth punch.

With this punch, Lu Yin did not only rely on strength. He did not expect that Yuhua Meibis would also hide this kind of combat skill. He was simply inhuman. It was impossible to win purely by strength, but Yuhua Meibis It would be impossible for Bisi to defeat him with sheer strength.

The pure power ended with the third punch. With the fourth punch, purple-red lines appeared on Lu Yin’s body, and red stripes of fighting spirit, nine lines of fighting spirit, appeared.

On the opposite side, the green leaf mark on the forehead of Feathered Mavis shone, and branches and leaves appeared on the surface of the body again. She rushed towards Lu Yin and punched out.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. The feathered Mavis in front of him was no longer just a feathered Mavis. He vaguely saw a tree with a towering branch hanging down, as if to protect her. At this moment, he His opponent is not Feathered Mavis, but the tree.

Shouldn’t it be viewed by humans?

Lu Yin’s originally clenched right fist vibrated. It was not obvious and could not be seen by ordinary people, but Feathered Mebis could see it. It was superimposed strength. Lu Yin’s punch contained the nine lines of fighting spirit and energy. Superimposed strength.

It doesn’t matter, with this punch, she also used a truly infinitely powerful combat skill.


An even louder collision sound was heard. The contestants on the first fault were well prepared. Many people covered their ears and stared in horror.

In front of the light curtain, many people were startled. The air wave turned into a tidal wave and spread. Neither of them took a step back. It seemed that they were tied again, but only a few people could see that this punch had just happened. start.

Feathered Mavis blocked Lu Yin’s punch with strength and fighting spirit, and Lu Yin also blocked the punch of feathered Mabis with infinite power.

The next moment, Lu Yin’s superimposed strength exploded, and one after another turned into a terrifying force, pushing hard. The green leaves on the forehead of Feathered Mavis shone brighter and brighter, and she became more and more important in Lu Yin’s eyes. Like a tree, that tree appeared slowly, like a seal.

Yes, it is the seal. Lu Yin looked at the sacred tree that appeared behind the feathered Mebis in surprise. Isn’t that the seal? What is different from the cultivators of the Sixth Continent is that they imprint powerful people, while the feathered Mebis imprints a tree.

Can trees also print photos?

He didn’t know if he used the word “printed photo” correctly. It might not be “printed photo”, but it looked very similar. This was the true expression of infinite power.

The superimposed strength explodes one after another. With each explosion, there is a loud noise, and the two people will sink into the earth, and the starry sky is divided into two by this punch, and with the superimposed strength The Tao’s outbursts tear more and more apart.

The sound was like thunder exploding in everyone’s ears, and the sky darkened.

On the first fault, many people want to escape. What the hell? Is this human? It’s not a power they can match at all, and one look at it makes one’s heart tremble.

At the foot of the Supreme Mountain, countless people looked up, watching the void being pushed away, turning into ripples, turning into tides, pushing away layer by layer, and then torn apart.

Countless people were enveloped by the power of the two men, and were so depressed that they could not breathe.

One after another, senior masters appeared and looked at the Supreme Mountain.

Whether it is the Fifth Continent or the Sixth Continent, the old masters all have solemn expressions. They have combat power that far exceeds these young people. But looking back at the time when they were the same generation, could they compete with such people? Totally impossible.


The void tears, then heals, and then tears again, in an infinite cycle.

The punch lasted for ten seconds. The two of them collided and sank deep into the ground. Lu Yin’s superimposed strength was a full 250 weight. Feathered Mavis managed to hold up to 200 weight and took a step back. As more terrifying superimposed strength erupted, she retreated step by step. The whole person was knocked back dozens of steps by Lu Yin’s power, leveling the ground. Finally, the whole person was sent flying out, twisting her body in mid-air, and the rest of her strength Boom into the distance.

With one punch, the ten seconds of fighting finally ended. Feathered Mavis was knocked back a hundred meters, her face turned pale and she was breathing heavily.

Lu Yin slowly soared into the air and returned to the first fault. His right fist was red. He didn’t expect that the Feathered Mebis could hold on with 250 pounds of force. That was 250 pounds of force. Even if Blue Even Si, the God of Ten Jue who is famous for his superimposed strength, cannot reach it. Even if there is no strength, just 250 strength is enough for a person to achieve the Ten Jue.

That punch just now, the entire Supreme Tournament will never be able to take more than ten people.

If it were Lance, life or death would not be decided by him with one punch.



Blood dripped down Feathered Mavis’s fist. She was injured, her right fist was shattered, and the bones pierced the skin. It was very painful, but compared to this pain, she was not willing to lose to Lu Yin in terms of strength.

She even used her true power, and unexpectedly, she still lost.

This monster.

For a long time, the Mavis family has been called monsters, and the descendants of Tree Heart are even called monsters by the descendants of the top forces. No descendant of Tree Heart has ever called others a monster, and even the Supreme Being cannot do it. , his invincibility is based on Chen Zu, Chen Zu is invincible, not Shangqing.

Lu Yin was the first person to be recognized as a monster by Feathered Mavis. He punched her so hard that she lost her temper.

The Supreme Mountain was silent, and everyone could see that Feathered Mavis was defeated by that punch.

Outside the Supreme Mountain, Qin Mebis looked very bad. The legend of the invincible power of the Tree Heart descendants of the Mebis family ended. She really wanted to ask others, what kind of freak is this Lu Yin? What kind of monster can humans possibly exert? Can it produce such huge power?

Mu En was shocked, “This result is very unexpected.”

The Devouring Star woke up. Chen Zu’s knife did not kill it, but only severely injured it.

It saw the punch just now, and it aroused a strong fighting spirit. It wanted to find someone to compare its strength, but unfortunately it had already lost.

These two human beings are definitely inferior to it in terms of real power. Star Eater is confident that he can suppress the two of them in terms of power, but the display of power by these two people is surprising. One is as motionless as a mountain, and the other has super super strength. It’s really I really want to compare.

“Four punches, Lu Yin, compete in strength, you win” Feathered Mebis said, his expression still so indifferent, looking at Lu Yin coldly.

Lu Yin released his right hand and moved his five fingers. This woman was so cruel that his fist was about to break. “Is four punches enough?”

Feathered Mabis said indifferently, “You said before the competition, let’s see how many punches I can take from you. Four punches. Defeat is defeat. But what I lose to you is my strength. I, the Mabis family, have more than just It’s strength”.

Lu Yin looked stern, “Then continue, I am very curious about your legendary talent of the Mavis family, the rhythm of life.”

The green leaves on Feathered Mavis’ forehead gradually disappeared and turned into green light wrapping around her right fist. The originally shattered fist was restored visibly to the naked eye.

Fear flashed in Lu Yin’s eyes, is this treatment? The Mavis family really knows everything.

He suddenly remembered the battlefield log he had seen. The Sixth Continent invaded the outer universe. Yuehua Mebis swallowed a fruit with 290,000 combat power and enlightenment level strength, blocking the Sixth Continent’s sealer Yan. Sheng, this incident left a deep impression on him, and it was precisely after seeing this that he had a strong fear of the Mabis family’s heritage.

Originally, he thought that the so-called infinite power was the same as Yuehua Mebis swallowing the fruit, but the result was completely different.

How many tricks does the Mavis family have?

On the earth, green grass spread, and then condensed, turning into huge green fists one after another, slamming hard at Lu Yin. At the same time, the green grass wrapped around Lu Yin’s feet.

Just as Feathered Mavis said, she will use other powers.

She lost her strength, but didn’t want to lose the game.

Lu Yin’s figure flickered, constantly dodging the green fist bombardment, and glanced at Feathered Mavis, wanting to see what she could do. At the same time, he was also on guard against Feathered Mavis’ talent and did not look at her. s eyes.

Some people have said that when fighting the Mavis clan, you cannot look into the opponent’s eyes. The so-called rhythm of life talent is triggered by the gaze.

Lu Yin was right to be vigilant, the green light flashed in the eyes of Feathered Mavis, but the moment Lu Yin said these five words “the rhythm of life”, Feathered Mavis had no hope of being able to control it through normal means. he.

Lu Yin underestimated her too much. She was a descendant of the Tree Heart of the Mabis clan, not an ordinary Mabis clan member.

The green fists were smashed down one by one, and each fist had a green light. Lu Yin easily dodged it, and moved his fingers, intending to end the battle. Hard to block.

He did not realize that the world had already turned green. From the beginning, green became the main color of the battlefield, coming from the feathered Mebis.


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