Star Odyssey Chapter 1290: Infinite power

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Lulu Mabisi was nervous. Both of them were close to her, but of course she wanted Sister Yuhua to win, but Lu Yin couldn’t lose too miserably.

She is from the Mavis clan, and she is very aware of the terror of the descendants of Tree Heart. Lu Yin does not understand what infinite power is. He will definitely lose, but he just doesn’t lose too miserably.

In the new universe, the Mabis family lives on the back of a huge ancestral turtle. At this moment, many members of the Mabis family gathered around the light screen, “Sister Yuhua takes action, let them see what the real power is.”

“Those monsters in the Behemoth Star Zone can only use brute force, and we, the Mavis family, are the representatives of strength.”

“Sister Yuhua is not only powerful, she is our descendant of Tree Heart.”

“That Lu Yin is not weak. It is said that he received the seven punches of Sister Yuhua in the mountain and sea world. He is considered to be very powerful among humans. Unfortunately, he was unlucky and met Sister Yuhua again. His road is over.”

“Sister Yuhua, come on, show your true power and let mankind know what it means to be powerful.”

The ones who know the Mavis family the most are the forces in the New Universe.

Seeing that Lu Yin’s opponent was Feathered Mavis, no one thought he had a chance. Even if he was recognized as the master of the pass, even if he severely wounded the little Arrow Saint with one palm, so what, the Mabis clan was truly terrifying. The place has not been shown.

On Changtian Island, the Shang Sheng Tianshi looked calm. The real supreme competition begins here.

In the world of glory, Mr. Zen looked at him with a smile, little guy, let me see what strength you have.

Supreme Mountain, the first fault, Lu Yin faced the feathered Mebis, raised his hand, pinched three fingers together, and performed “seven punches”.

Feathered Mavis raised his eyebrows, “Are you going to take another seven punches from me?”.

Lu Yin smiled, “I hope you can catch my seven punches.”

Feathered Mebis’s face darkened, “Okay, seven punches, let’s see how strong you can be.”

In the first battle on the highest stage in the world of mountains and seas, Lu Yin used his strength to catch the four punches of Feathered Mebis. The next three punches increased his fighting spirit and superimposed the power of strength. In a real comparison of strength, he could only catch four punches. The punches, of course, are not the full four punches of Feathered Mavis.

If Feathered Mavis had unleashed all his power on the first punch, Lu Yin would never have been able to catch it.

At this moment, he did not intend to explode with all his strength. He stepped lightly and punched Feathered Mavis.

Feathered Mebis’s gaze sharpened, and he also raised his fist. This was a conversation of strength.


With a loud noise, the void around the two people burst open, and the ground shattered. The two people fell into the ground at the same time, and huge air waves swept across all directions, pushing away the void.

From the foot of the Supreme Mountain, it looks like a wave spreading, and then tearing apart countless space cracks, which is extremely shocking.

This scene not only shocked the people on the Supreme Mountain, but also shocked countless people in front of the light curtain.

Even if they did not attend the scene in person, they could still feel the terrifying power of this force.

With just the first punch, the power exerted by Lu Yin and Feathered Mavis already exceeded the power of the seventh punch performed by Feathered Mavis on the golden stage, and this was just the starting point.

When Feathered Mebis punched Lu Yin, every time she punched, her power was slightly stronger than Lu Yin’s. She could suppress him without seriously injuring him, and her grasp of power was extremely good.

At this moment, Lu Yin didn’t bother with that, he just didn’t want to divert his fate from the quicksand

, he believed that Feathered Mavis could catch the strongest punch of a normal body.

The power of one punch is domineering and terrifying.

The first faults of Supreme Mountain are all cracked.

Feathered Mavis’s right fist was red, and her fist collided with Lu Yin’s.

Lu Yin smiled faintly, “Second punch, continue.” After the words fell, he transferred the quicksand of his life. At this moment, all his quicksand of his life were integrated into his heart, and shifted slightly. The terrifying power came, and it was obvious that he relied on The two fists together exerted force again.

The same scene happened. The peaks of the Supreme Mountain trembled, and the air waves swept around, piercing the void and tearing open cracks, like thunder exploding, which frightened many people.

Feathering Mebis took a few steps back, waved his right hand, and hit the remaining contestants on the first fault with the remaining energy.

The contestants were separated by a light curtain, and the remaining energy hit the light curtain hard. Although it was not shattered, the power penetrated the air and still shook everyone’s hearts.

Several exploration realm cultivators immediately started bleeding from their orifices and could not bear the strength.

They looked at Lu Yin and Feathered Mebis as if they were looking at monsters.

Lu Yin raised his right fist. This is his current strength. After breaking through the hunting realm, his strength has increased too much, enough to fight with the corpse ghost in the third transformation of the corpse king. The corpse ghost was originally a fighter. The feathered Mavis and others cannot be saved.

“If you only have this little power, you will be a huge disappointment to me.” Lu Yin looked at Feathered Mavis and said calmly.

Who in the universe can say such a thing to the Mavis family? Looking at ancient and modern times, there are very few, very few. Even the strong ones in the ancestral realm cannot underestimate the power of the Mavis family.

Outside the Supreme Mountain, Qin Mebisi’s face darkened, “It has been so long since the successor of the Tree Heart of my Mabius family has been born. It’s really looked down upon.”

Not far away, Mu En’s expression changed, Tree Heart Descendant, yes, the one below is the Tree Heart Descendant of the Mabis clan, not an ordinary Mabis clan member, she has a different kind of power.

The Mavis Clan has a combat skill called Infinite Power. Everyone thinks that the Mavis Clan relies on this combat skill to use their power. This is true. The Mavis Clan does have this kind of power. Combat skills can exert greater power. However, this combat skill was not first developed for ordinary Mebis people, but was created specifically for the descendants of Shuxin.

This is a combat skill unique to the descendants of Shu Xin.

At the first fault, Feathered Mavis took a deep breath and moved her fist. There was a trace of blood on it. It was hers. To compare her strength, she had just used all of it, just like when she faced the ghoul, she used the human… , the greatest strength.

But she is not an ordinary human being. She is a tree-heart descendant of the Mavis family and was born in the sacred tree. She is both human and not human.

“Actually, the corpse king of the New Human Alliance was very lucky,” Feathered Mebis said calmly.

Lu Yin’s eyes flashed, “What do you mean?”.

The feathered Mabis faced Lu Yin, “The Mabis family has a combat skill called Infinite Power.”

Lu Yin was confused. With his infinite power, he knew, “Back then, you used this combat skill to fight the ghoul, but it seemed like you lost. It’s useless to try to compete with me using this combat skill.”

The feathered Mavis wiped the blood stains on his right fist, “That’s why I said that the corpse king was lucky.”

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed. The meaning of these words was too obvious. She didn’t use that combat skill at all at the beginning.

“No matter what

In the new universe or in history, the descendants of the Tree Heart of the Mavis family have exerted their infinite power very rarely, and there are almost no records. There are very few times when the descendants of the Tree Heart are able to take action. Lu Yin, you are enough to record in the annals of history. “Becoming the first human being in modern times to withstand infinite power, I remind you once, don’t treat me as a human being in the next moment.” Feathered Mebis looked calm, and as he spoke, his face became very soft and pious.

A warning sign suddenly appeared in Lu Yin’s heart. He stared at the feathered Mabis, and the words of Guihou appeared in his mind. In Guihou’s limited memory, the descendants of the tree heart of the Mabis family had almost no failures. Mabis The Si family is amazing.

The Ghost Lord was created by the Supreme Ancestor, which shows the influence of the Mavis family.

The tree-hearted descendants of the Mavis family are truly invincible among their peers.

If he wanted, Lu Yin could take action immediately. Regardless of whether it was energy, spirit or field, he could attack Feathered Mavis, making Feathered Mavis unable to use the so-called infinite power combat skills, but he didn’t. Today, he wanted to suppress the Mavis clan in terms of power.

The feathered Mavis clasped her hands together in a praying posture.

Seeing her look like this, Lu Yin suddenly felt a chill down his back.

Anyone who makes such an action can easily make people jealous. God knows what they are praying for. In this universe, praying means that they can use some power.

What impressed me the most was the battle with Night King. The Chi Ling clan had been in this state before, and they suddenly defeated Zhenwu Night King’s talent.

The whole body of Feathered Mavis shone with green light, and then, branches and leaves bloomed on the soles of her feet, dragging her up, and green leaves bloomed. They were obviously just green leaves, not flowers, but at this moment they were more beautiful and more impressive than flowers. Heartbeat.

The branches and leaves twined around Mebis and shot straight into the starry sky, illuminating the entire Supreme Mountain, the starry sky, and countless people in front of the light curtain.

Everyone was amazed when they saw this scene. Feathered Mavis was like an elf in the tree, beautiful and clear. Different from the fairy like a **** in Shangqing, she was more like a fairy who had fallen into the mortal world. She was aloof but seemed so close. Even through the light curtain, countless people felt that the Feathered Mebis had cleansed their souls at this moment.

The Feathered Mavis was originally beautiful, stepping on the air with bare feet, blooming wherever she went, and now it was even more unstained by the dust. Lu Yin was stunned for a while when he saw it. He felt that if he took action, he would destroy the beautiful scenery at this moment. Became a sinner.

Suddenly, the feathered Mavis opened his eyes and wrapped around his body. The green leaves that illuminated the starry sky gradually disappeared and condensed on his forehead, forming a symbol of green leaves, shining with a faint green light. Then the feathered Mavis landed on the ground, His eyes became unfamiliar. The way he looked at Lu Yin was strange, as if he was looking at an ant.

“I’ve been waiting for a long time” Feathered Mavis said lightly.

Seeing her in this state, from a distance, Shangqing’s face became serious. As the number one method in the Hall of Glory, he also knows a lot about the history of the universe, including the Mavis family. Infinite power is a weapon. Technique, a combat technique specially created for the descendants of Shu Xin. Once used, a person is no longer a person.

If the previous feathered Mavis could be considered a human being and represented the pinnacle of human power, then at this moment, she could not be considered a human being. He did not know what she was specifically, only that it was mentioned in the records.

Looking at the Supreme Competition, the one with truly invincible power is the Star Eater. His eyes widened and the earth shook, which really affected the Supreme Mountain. However, great power is one thing, and it is useless if it cannot be used.

The feathered Mebis will obviously not be unable to exert his strength, and the same will be true for Lu Yin on the opposite side.


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