Star Odyssey Chapter 123: Breakthrough in Fusion

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If it is upgraded again, it can reach the black hole level, and its speed is a hundred times that of ordinary spaceships. It can protect against hunter attacks and tear open black holes in the universe. It is an excellent travel weapon.

It is rumored that there is a Zhouguang class above it, but Lu Yin cannot find out the details. The Aurora spacecraft’s external promotion slogan is – jumping is the same as flying, which means that ordinary spaceships need wormhole jumps to reach long distances. It doesn’t need to be. The two take about the same amount of time, which shows the confidence of Aurora Company.

Lu Yin touched the spacecraft. The material was cold and solid. It was a good thing. The price of this Aurora spaceship started at least 50 billion cosmic coins. With it, he would be considered a rich man!

With no plans to go out for the time being, Lu Yin left the space station and headed to the rain viewing platform. It was time to break through the melting realm.

On the top of a tree far away from the teleportation device, on a bluestone platform, Lu Yin took out the Body Shaping Art. This Body Shaping Art belonged to Tres. In the battle of Jinling, Tres died and Lu Yin got him. The body shaping technique has been waiting to be used to break through the harmonious environment.

Originally, he wanted to find the corpse on Neptune and obtain a better body shaping technique. Unfortunately, he did not expect that Qingyu was not dead, which led to a series of things.

Sitting on the bluestone platform, looking at the dark green rain curtains, Lu Yin took a deep breath, slit his finger, pressed the body shaping tool on his fingertips, break through, and merge into the realm.

The next moment, severe pain swept through his body, and the familiar pain made Lu Yin’s eyes shine. His whole body was undergoing inhuman torture, and his cells were burning and reorganizing. At this moment, he seemed to see the starry sky, and saw the invincible strong man heading towards He came under pressure, and felt the universe with every breath he took. His whole body was adapting to the universe, and the star energy originally filled in his body became extremely scarce. His body was longing for star energy, longing for the boundless irrigation of star energy.

Lu Yin’s eyes were firm, and he felt his own strength getting stronger and stronger. This was the power of the fusion, and he was about to break through.

Suddenly, his shirt tore, and runes flashed across Lu Yin’s back, turning into lock shapes and penetrating through his shoulder blades, as if locking his body. This was a seal that had appeared before.

The moment the seal appeared, Lu Yin’s body was shattered, unable to withstand the pressure from the seal.

Lu Yin’s eyes widened in disbelief. At the moment when the Body Shaping Art was shattered, his brain was shocked and he almost fainted. He failed.

In the rain, Instructor Guanyu walked out and stared at Lu Yin with a frown, “The seal is preventing this child from breaking through. Who placed the seal? So cruel?”

At this time, on the other side, the ragged old man stepped out of the void and pressed a palm on Lu Yin’s back. The terrifying power spread, instantly filling the entire tenth courtyard, and even reaching the starry sky, making the surrounding stars tremble. He was suppressing Seal, and at the same time, the other hand passed through the void, slowly condensing into a new body shaping technique, which was directly integrated into Lu Yin’s body.

Lu Yin was close to fainting. He didn’t expect that he would fail. He clearly had the feeling of breaking through the fusion realm, so why did he fail? Just when he was desperate, another huge force appeared and continued to oppress his body, allowing his body shaping to continue.

Cells are burning, blood is being rebuilt, Lu Yin grits his teeth, body shaping has not failed yet, although he doesn’t know where this new power comes from, as long as it exists, he can continue to shape his body.

After Lu Yin, the old man’s eyes were dull, like stars spinning in the sky. He exerted force with his right palm, and a crack appeared on the lock-shaped seal, gradually spreading, and finally shattered with a bang.

At the same time, the entire starry sky shook.

Looking at the sandy sea in the river, a middle-aged man looked up with surprised eyes.

In Treasure Pavilion, Mr. Cai was shocked and confused.

At the entrance to the realm, the old man opened his eyes, looking thoughtful.

In the Star-Zhaing Tower, a person looked up.

Under the rain curtain, the rain-watching instructor was shocked.

Lu Yin, who was breaking through the melting realm, saw the jade finger crushing the void again at the moment when the seal was shattered. This time, he saw something different. He saw the endless distance behind the jade finger. Her pair of dazzling eyes reflected the stars in the sky, extremely beautiful and noble.

At the same time, his body surface showed light, and his body seemed to come to life again.

The ragged old man looked at Lu Yin quietly, his eyes thoughtful.

Instructor Guanyu hesitated, “This is an ancient seal.”

“It’s a very ancient seal. I can only break it with brute force. Unfortunately, I only broke one,” the old man said calmly.

Instructor Guanyu’s eyes changed, “Is there more than one?”

The old man nodded, raised his head, and recalled with his eyes, “It seems that I have seen this kind of seal before, but I forgot that it is very ancient and very terrifying to put such a seal on a child.”

“What’s the effect?” Instructor Guanyu was curious.

“The physical body, the seal, sealed the physical talent of this child, turning this child from a talent unique to his family into an ordinary person. Now he has begun to show his true power. Unfortunately, it is only It’s the physical body.” The old man looked at Lu Yin and said.

After saying that, the old man sighed, “It’s very difficult to break the seal below. Last time I went crazy and almost killed this child. This time, I just want to repay my debt. The plastic body I created for him will definitely be enough to make him come back again.” Shape your body once, as long as that seal doesn’t appear again.”

The old man left. This time, he didn’t go crazy.

It took a full day before Lu Yin’s breakthrough was over.

When he opened his eyes, the rain curtain he saw had changed. Breaking through the fusion realm, his feeling of power increased again. He didn’t know how much he had strengthened.

Clenching his fist, Lu Yin felt something was wrong. His body seemed to have changed, becoming tougher, and his strength had increased a lot.

He thought it was an illusion that he had just made a breakthrough, so he didn’t pay attention. He stood up and suddenly noticed that there was an extra body shaping technique in his body. He was surprised and quickly looked towards the rain curtain, “Teacher Guanyu, are you there?”.

In the rain curtain, Guanyu Instructor sent a message, “The body shaping in your body can definitely help you shape your body again. Go to Wangchuan Sand Sea to practice. The Rain Watching Platform will not be able to help you much in the short term.”

Lu Yin bowed and thanked him, recalling what happened when he broke through. He remembered that Tres’ Body Shaping Technique was shattered and he failed. It seemed that Instructor Guan Yu saved him.

Lu Yin was glad that he was admitted to the Tenth College, otherwise no one could help him.

In order to feel the strength of breaking through the fusion realm, Lu Yin immediately went to the entrance of the realm. The battle of the realm is the best platform to test his own strength.

“Gray night, six wins and ninety-two defeats” Lu Yin heard the results as soon as he arrived at the entrance to the realm.

Hui Baiye walked out of the range of the boundary stone with an ugly expression.

Lu Yin arrived and glanced at him. He had improved. Originally he had three wins and seventy-two losses, but he had six wins and ninety-two losses in one day. He had made a lot of progress.

Michelle stepped into the boundary stone range and appeared after a while, “Michelle, thirteen wins and fifty-six defeats.”

Lu Yin was surprised. She had also made progress. It seemed that she was not the only one making progress. Everyone else was making progress. Although the Tenth Institute did not have a tutor to teach specifically, whether it was the Rain Viewing Platform or the Wangchuan Sand Sea, they were all very good. A good place for cultivation, and the mysterious Star Reaching Tower.

Lu Yin crossed Michelle and slowly stepped into the range of the boundary stone. This was his first battle after breaking into the fusion realm. He hoped not to encounter a pervert walking in the starry sky.

The scene in front of him changed, and Lu Yin appeared on a grassy field.

The breeze is gentle and the fresh smell of the grass is intoxicating.

In front of him, a figure appeared. As soon as he appeared, he attacked Lu Yin. A strange purple sticky substance descended like a spider web. This was his talent.

Lu Yin was surprised, this was a strange talent.

The purple viscous substance closed the void and smacked directly at Lu Yin. Lu Yin stepped out with his right foot, and his body disappeared in the air. The next moment he appeared in front of the strong man in the opposite fusion realm. He raised his hand and used six times the six-fold wave wave palm. , with a bang, the Fusion Realm expert was shattered and defeated.

With the defeat of the strong man in the Fusion Realm, all the purple goo that filled the void disappeared.

Lu Yin looked at his palm in surprise. It was so easy when he just used the Six-fold Six-fold Wave Palm. Every time he used it before, his palm felt like it was cracking. That was a sign that the body could not bear it, but this time he used it It’s as easy as breathing, without any burden on the body. How could it be like this? Does breaking through the fusion realm make one’s body so much stronger? There is also an air flash, which more than doubles the speed.

Under the boundary stone, Lu Yin opened his eyes with confusion. He knew about the fusion realm. The biggest change from the exploration realm to the fusion realm is the intensity of star energy. The fusion realm can crush the exploration realm, and other aspects will also improve, but It shouldn’t be such an exaggerated improvement. He felt that his body was a bit strangely strong.

Come again, thinking about it, Lu Yin continued to enter the battle of the world.

In front of me, another Fusion Realm powerhouse appeared.

Most of the people who appear in the Battle of the World are Fusion Realm, followed by Extreme Realm, and the least powerful ones are Exploring Realm and Walking in the Starry Sky.


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