Star Odyssey Chapter 121: A hard fight

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After half a minute, the two separated, breathing heavily at the same time.

For the first time, Lu Yin felt that it was so hard to face Tanjing.

The same goes for Hart, but it’s a pity that only he can hear the words in this space, otherwise he would have wanted to ask where this person is, but he can actually fight with him. Hart Phoenix has reached this point, but it’s time to end. No one can defeat the people of his Phoenix family.

With a bang, golden flames soared into the sky, forming a phoenix flying in the void.

Lu Yin was surprised that the man didn’t use all his strength. At this moment, he showed unbelievable surging power, and the golden flame shocked him.

With a high-pitched cry, the gravel platform evaporated, and the world was filled with golden flames. Hart, like a flame emperor, stepped out, pressed down with both palms, and the golden flames swept toward Lu Yin.

Lu Yin looked solemnly, raised his palm, and the six stars were rotating. It was not enough. Facing Hart’s golden flames, the six-star Star Palm was still a little bit behind. Lu Yin roared, and the golden flames came from all around. The last one The seventh star appeared faintly, not fully functioning, but because of the shadow, the power of the Star Palm increased sharply again.

He rushed towards Hart and struck out with a palm. Seven stars tore through the flames and came to Hart’s eyes. Hart’s pupils shrank and instinctively used the flames to protect himself. Flames from all directions crashed down, boom

Air waves sprayed out in all directions, and the two people’s attacks caused the earth to sink. Lu Yin’s Star Palm failed to attack Hart, but it scattered the flames around him. He raised his left hand and hit hard with six times the six-fold wave wave palm. In Hart’s abdomen, Hart spurted out a mouthful of blood, roared, turned around and kicked Lu Yin back with a side kick. Lu Yin took a few steps back, disappeared in the air, and reappeared behind Hart, raising his hand and using the Star Palm.

Hart turned around, gritted his teeth, and a flaming bird appeared on his body, screaming loudly. This was the phoenix, and he, Hart, would not be defeated so easily.

Lu Yin’s Star Palm struck Hart steadily, not only scattering the flaming birds on his body, but also sending him flying out.

Hart roared, the golden flames melted into the body surface, and the body recovered quickly.

Lu Yin was shocked. This feeling reminded him of Qingyu. He could not be beaten to death. No, he must not be allowed to have a chance to breathe. Thinking about this, Lu Yin immediately dodged in front of him and held the Star Palm with both hands at the same time. .

The golden bird rushed out from Hart’s palm and collided with Lu Yin. The Star Palm collided with the golden bird more than ten times in a row. Lu Yin couldn’t bear it. The same goes for Hart. His talent is very high, but Talent cannot be used endlessly. It will be overdrawn if used too often.

When the golden bird collided with the Star Palm again, Hart couldn’t bear it anymore and his brain fainted. Lu Yin’s internal star energy was almost exhausted. Seeing Hart’s flaw, he struck out with six times the six times wave wave palm again. Break him up and win.

This battle made Lu Yin truly feel the terror of the genius in the inner universe. That person was just exploring the realm, but he could push him to this level now. If his control over star energy hadn’t greatly increased, Guan Yu would have The instructor helped him deduce the superimposed strength. This battle was a disaster, but he thought he was really invincible, but he was too arrogant.

I don’t know what level that person belongs to in the inner universe, he should be from the inner universe!

After winning the battle, Lu Yin opened his eyes and looked outside. He saw Michelle’s searching eyes and Meng Yue’s surprised eyes. His battle took a long time, but it was not over yet. If you win, you can continue. He wants to go in again.

At the same time, in the inner universe, in the dark forest of the fifth courtyard, under the boundary stone, Hart Phoenix stood up, his face extremely ugly. He was defeated. He was defeated by a strong man of the same level. This is a shame. He He is a descendant of the Phoenix family and that person’s younger brother. He actually lost. That person’s name is Seventh Brother? The shame must be washed away.

Out of the range of the boundary stone, many people looked over and said, “Junior Hart, how are you? You have completed three consecutive victories.”

“No need to ask, Junior Hart must have finished it.”

Hart ignored these people. He was going to practice. That Seventh Brother was definitely from the Ten Battle Academy. The other big clan forces that owned the Legend Stone all had obvious characteristics. This person did not. Ninety percent of them were from the Battle Academy. , the academy competition, this person may appear, he must defeat this person.

Lu Yin once again entered the battlefield of the World War. This time it was a swamp, and there were already people in front of him.

Seeing the opponent, Lu Yin’s heart sank, and he felt like he was vomiting blood. Brother Dafeng, the first opponent he encountered when entering the battle of the world, the extremely strong man who killed him instantly, actually met him again.

The moment Lu Yin appeared, Brother Dafeng took action, and the star energy that annihilated the void swept across. Then, Lu Yin was stopped again, without any surprise, he couldn’t even stop him, and he was depressed.

Out of the range of the boundary stone, the old man announced the results in his ears, “Lu Yin, one win and seven defeats.”

“You actually won?” Meng Yue was surprised.

Lu Yin ignored him and looked at Michelle, “You come from the inner universe, have you ever heard of the surname Phoenix?”.

Michelle was surprised, “Have you met someone from the Phoenix family?”.

Lu Yin nodded.

Michelle said calmly, “That’s one of the powerful clans in the inner universe. It’s understandable that they lost.” After saying that, she stepped into the range of the boundary stone.

Lu Yin just wanted to tell her that he won, but thought about it and let it go, Phoenix? He can really afford the word “strong clan”, but a clan member from the “Exploring Realm” makes him fight so hard. He can’t imagine how terrifying his clan members are who are strong in the “Fusion Realm” or even “Extreme Realm”.

It is indeed tempting for Yum Sheng to enter the trial realm in the Battle of the World, but everyone recognizes themselves. Before they are sure, most people practice quietly. Only Lu Yin and the others are at the entrance of the realm.

Not long after, Meng Yue also left. He has not even won a single victory so far.

At the entrance of the realm, only Lu Yin and Michelle were left to challenge the battle of the realm.

Unknowingly, Lu Yin played twelve games and won two, which shocked Michelle. Her winning rate was just like this. The winning rate of an explorer in the battle of world transfer was almost the same as hers, which shocked her. She couldn’t believe it.

Sometimes people still have to rely on luck. Lu Yin played against Tanjing in the thirteenth and fourteenth games in a row, and it seemed to him that they were all freshmen who had just entered the academy. This was good luck. It’s incredible, but the opponent in the fifteenth game is very troublesome, Dawei Xiaolong.

During the tenth college entrance examination, three major forces attacked, including Dawei Xiaolong. However, Lu Yin did not encounter it, and he did not recognize it. At this time, the opponent in the fifteenth battle of world transfer was Dawei. Dragon.

Looking at the huge monster in front of him, Lu Yin was stunned. Are there any alien beasts in the Battle of the World? The **** thing is that this strange beast has a codename above its head, Long Ba.

With a cry, Long Ba rushed towards Lu Yin, pressed down with one claw, and swept away the terrifying fusion star energy, directly compressing the space, trying to make Lu Yin unable to move.

If he were a strong person in the extreme realm, Lu Yin would indeed be unable to move and would either attack the star energy or attack the opponent’s body. However, facing the fusion realm, Lu Yin could easily avoid it with his control over the star energy and break away from the opponent’s suppression.

Long Ba didn’t seem to expect that Lu Yin could avoid it. He was startled for a moment. His huge body stood upright, and then split into two. Two large bald dragons covered the sky, and the sharp giant claws blocked all directions in strange routes. Lu Yin was forced to fight head-on.

Lu Yin raised his palm and waved it six times six times.


The earth shattered and the battle took place in a swamp. Lu Yin and Long Ba fought hard and their bodies were blasted into the ground.

Long Ba took a few steps back, his sharp claws trembling. He was shocked by the blow, and his heart was shocked. An exploration could actually hurt him. It was unbelievable. Could he be a child of the top family in the inner universe?

Lu Yin jumped out of the swamp and stared at Long Ba solemnly. In his palm, six stars were moving. This strange beast was very powerful. It was by no means an ordinary fusion realm. It was worthy of being an opponent in the Battle of the World.

Lu Yin had guessed that his six stars were enough to pose a threat to Gulbach, and when his control of star energy reached the state of ever-changing, the six-star Celestial Palm he used would definitely surpass Gulbach. , even surpassing Xiuzi, which means that his current strength is the first in the Daewoo Empire. Even so, he still loses more than he wins in the battle of the world. No, he can rarely win, which is especially impressive to him. It was a battle with Hart Phoenix, which was quite tough.

Hart Phoenix is ​​definitely stronger than Shutz. He is just exploring the realm. This is how terrifying the inner universe wizard is.

Even if the strange beast in front of me cannot reach the height of a wizard, it is not an ordinary creature. It is a bit difficult for me to defeat him, especially with the terrifying speed of this strange beast.

Suddenly, Long Ba’s body swayed, split in two, and moved at extremely fast speeds. Just as Lu Yin was about to take action, his pupils suddenly shrank, and Long Ba’s body separated again and was divided into five parts.


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