Star Odyssey Chapter 120: Phoenix

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Lu Yin looked at Tutor Guanyu and asked hopefully, “Teacher, can you help the students deduce the nine stars?”

Instructor Guanyu was indifferent and said, “I’ll wait until you leave your name on the rain list.” After saying that, he turned around and disappeared.

Lu Yin’s eyes were excited. The Heavenly Star Technique can only allow him to move eight stars. The ninth one must be the next Heavenly Star Technique. He knows that he may not get it in this life. If Guanyu Mentor can help him deduce it, , that’s great, but can it really be deduced? Lu Yin always felt that it was impossible. This was the Tianxing Technique. Even if he didn’t have much experience, he could still feel the terror of this technique.

“To leave a name on the rain list, I can only try after breaking through the fusion realm.” Lu Yin murmured to himself. He didn’t intend to sit on the rain viewing platform. He still had to find a way to make money, integrate with the strong, and experience the strong. This is a shortcut to the strength of the person. Now, he is going to the entrance of the trial realm and participate in the battle of the realm.

After Lu Yin left, in the rain, Instructor Guan Yu murmured to himself, “The art of moving the stars, whoever explains it, haha.”

Under the boundary stone, a figure walked out with an ugly expression. It was Meng Yue.

In the distance, the old man shouted, “Meng Yue, eighty-three defeated.”

After hearing this, Meng Yue’s face turned even darker.

Not far away, Zhao Yilong entered the boundary stone range and soon came out, “Zhao Yilong, one victory and fifty-eight defeats.”

As soon as Lu Yin arrived, he heard Zhao Yilong’s record and was quite surprised. He actually had a victory. As a detective, it was really rare.

Only Meng Yue and Zhao Yilong were around the boundary stone at the moment.

When Meng Yue saw Lu Yin arriving, his eyes showed fighting intent, “Lu Yin, let’s fight.”

Lu Yin was funny, “Have you not been tortured enough in the Battle of the World?”

Meng Yue snorted coldly, “Don’t you dare?”.

“Wait, I want to enter the battle of the world first” Lu Yin said casually.

Meng Yue’s eyes lit up and he didn’t stop him.

They didn’t play many games during this period, but there were nearly a hundred games. Only a few people had hardly been here. Lu Yin was one of them. In a month, he also wanted to see what Lu Yin had to offer. Progress, after all, he also practiced in Wangchuan Shahai. He has made a lot of progress, but he still lost eighty-three games in a row, which is too tragic.

“By the way, who has the best score among everyone?” Lu Yin asked curiously.

“Heixu, thirteen wins and forty-seven losses, including four consecutive victories,” Meng Yue said enviously.

Lu Yin nodded and stepped into the range of the boundary stone.

Zhao Yilong didn’t have much interest in Lu Yin and turned around to leave.

At the same time, Michelle arrived. Her score was six wins and twenty-nine losses. Now she wanted to challenge a few more times. When she arrived, she saw the back of Lu Yin entering. Her eyes flashed and she stood not far away. Watch quietly.

The last time he came, Lu Yin challenged five times and failed five times, which was still fresh in his memory. Although his strength has increased a lot now, he doesn’t think he can do it well. There is no limit to the realm in the battle of world transfer. , as long as the younger generation touches the boundary stone, they can step into it. Michelle, Heixu and other fusion realms have failed so miserably. Lu Yin only hopes that he will be lucky enough to have a three-game winning streak and let him complete it. The highest task of exploring the Treasure Pavilion.

As soon as his eyes flashed, the roar of the waves could be heard in his ears. Lu Yin looked around and saw a fishy smell coming from the sea.

“It’s actually the sea.” Lu Yin murmured to himself. A figure appeared in front of him, followed by violent star energy, which rolled over unscrupulously, causing the sea to boil and sweep across the world.

Under this star energy, Lu Yin was like a boat that could capsize at any time.

“Extremely powerful” Lu Yin secretly thought that he was unlucky. After the figure appeared in front of him, he did not stop and immediately attacked. His body quickly appeared in front of Lu Yin and he punched out.

Through the Heavenly Star Technique, Lu Yin could see the trajectory of this person’s movements, but he could not avoid it. The person’s star energy condensed into an entity and blocked the surrounding area. The only way to avoid it was to attack him. He now has two The choice is, one is to attack this person to block the surrounding star energy, or the other is to attack that person’s body.

Lu Yin did not hesitate, raised his palm, and waved the palm six times six times.


The air waves violently tore through the sea. Lu Yin was shattered by the opponent’s punch and failed immediately. The opponent paused for a moment.

On the sea, the strong man in the extreme realm was surprised, “Tanjing can actually stop my attack. He is another monster.”

“Lu Yin, six defeats” the old man’s voice sounded in his ears.

Lu Yin had no choice but to walk out and happened to be face to face with Michelle.

Michelle ignored him and directly entered the range of the boundary stone.

Meng Yue walked to the opposite side of Lu Yin and said, “It’s our turn.”

“You are no match for me,” Lu Yin said.

Meng Yue said coldly, “How will you know if you don’t try? I’ll take action.” As he said this, he was about to attack. Suddenly, he was pressed to the ground by an invisible force. It was the old man in the distance, “No fighting at the entrance to the realm. “.

Lu Yin didn’t care about Meng Yue and kept looking at the boundary stone.

After a while, Michelle walked out with a calm expression.

“Michelle, six wins and thirty losses.”

Meng Yue was still pressed to the ground by the old man, and Lu Yin followed Michelle in.

Michelle did not go far, still waiting.

This time, Lu Yin appeared on a huge gravel platform, and the figure on the opposite side had already appeared.

Lu Yin looked around and was pleasantly surprised to find that he was actually in the Tanjing Realm. The chance of encountering the Tanjing Realm in the Battle of the World was so small that he didn’t expect to encounter one.

In the distant and unfamiliar starry sky, in the dark forest, the boundary stones are dotted like stars in the sky above the forest. Under one of the boundary stones, a young man sits quietly, and there are scattered people waiting outside the boundary stone.

“Based on time, Junior Hart has already won one or two victories. Today he is very likely to win three consecutive victories and complete the highest task of exploring the realm,” a young man said lightly.

“Of course, the only one who can win three consecutive victories in the World Transmission Battle as a detective is Brother Hart. He is the younger brother of that Lord and has the bloodline of the Phoenix.” Someone next to him immediately agreed.

“Even if you encounter a strong person in the Fusion Realm, you have a great chance of defeating him, unless you are in the Extreme Realm.”

“As long as Junior Hart completes that task, the reputation of our Fifth House will be even greater, and the Tenth House Competition will surely go a step further.”

On the gravel platform, Hart was surprised. He had already won two games, but he didn’t expect to encounter an adventurer in the third game. He was so lucky.

Hart Phoenix? Lu Yin looked at the name on the head of the figure across from him. This was not a code name, but a name. This person was quite confident and started the World Transmission War directly with his real name.


The two of them took action at the same time. Lu Yin’s palm turned into a claw, and what came up was a twenty-style heavenly beast claw. Anyone who enters the battle of the world should not be underestimated, especially if he appears under his real name, he has strong confidence in himself. , Lu Yin could feel the threat posed by the person opposite.

Hart raised his hand, and the scorching high-temperature flames surged out, drowning the beast’s claws.

With a bang, Lu Yin’s heavenly beast claws were turned into nothingness by the high temperature. He was surprised, talent? Such a strong talent, this high temperature is difficult for even the Fusion Realm to withstand.

Hart had no reaction to the Celestial Beast Claw, and rushed towards Lu Yin with roaring flames. No one was his opponent in any exploration. This was the invincibility belief from his Phoenix family, and he was invincible at the same level.

The gravel platform was melted by the high temperature.

Lu Yin dodged in the air, but the flames twisted the void. Hart was wrapped in flames and attacked Lu Yin at extremely high speed.

Both of them are extremely fast. Lu Yin’s air dodge incorporates some of the extremely fast skills of the White Night clan, while Hart’s extremely fast speed makes him feel like he is swimming in fire. He can teleport wherever there is fire. Coming soon.

For more than ten consecutive blows, Lu Yin has been passively defending. He is feeling the bottom line of the opponent’s strength.

Hart was surprised that this man could hold on. Very few explorers could fight with him in the flames for so long. But it was time to end. Thinking, Hart paused and clasped his palms together. Then it unfolded, and a cry resounded through the space. In his palm, a bird transformed into flames appeared, causing the air to twist and burn, and slammed into Lu Yin.

Lu Yin dodged in the air, but the flying bird was faster, as if it could travel through the void.

Lu Yin turned around, raised his palm, and waved his palm six times six times, bang!

Scorching hot air waves rose into the sky, distorting the air. The huge air pressure blew the flames away, causing Hart to take a few steps back and look not far away in shock.

Lu Yin retracted his palm and stared at Hart. This man was very strong.

Hart’s eyes were excited and interesting. There was someone in the exploration area who could block one of his combat skills.

Lu Yin did not allow Hart to think too much. This time he took the initiative to attack and appeared in front of Hart with an air flash. It was also a six-fold and six-fold wave palm, which concentrated the air pressure and distorted the void.

Hart’s eyes widened sharply, and the flames in his palms screamed. He was from the Phoenix family. How could the Phoenix be destroyed so easily.

Bang bang bang bang bang

With several shocking explosions, the gravel platform was completely shattered, and the two people rose into the air. One controlled the flaming bird to bake the earth, and the other compressed the air and used the six-gravity method to blast each other fiercely, with dazzling light shining.


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