Star Odyssey Chapter 1135: Opportunity

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Those who participated in the competition for the Star Tower in the New Universe already knew how powerful the Ten Jue was, but they did not expect it to be so powerful that they could compete head-on with Feathered Mebis.

“These Ten Arts of the Inner Universe are too perverted. How can they be practiced in such a field?” In the corner of the mountain and sea world, someone was horrified.

Not far away, Mu Ziying and the others were amazed, Yao Ji couldn’t believe it, are they people from the inner universe?

Hua Xiao bitterly said, “I originally thought that Lu Yin should be the strongest among the ten masters, but now it seems that may not be the case. This person who has not seen the light is even more abnormal. It is really rare to be so strong through field training.”

In another corner, the Qingguang God and others in the Hometown of Gods stared blankly at the high-altitude golden stage. They didn’t care much about the Ten Jue in the Inner Universe, so they kept chasing Jin He, but the Ten Jue were all so abnormal. Of? Jin He was as famous as this person, so he shouldn’t be much different. Thinking about it now, they were a little scared.

Taiyi God looked up at the sky in shock. He knew very well the strength of Feathered Mebis. It was unbelievable that he could achieve this step without seeing the light.

Not only them, but also Lu Yin was shocked. The field that Bujiangguang was performing at this moment was even greater than when he fought with Zhiyi. It seemed that when Zhiyi hid her strength, Bujiangguang also hid her strength. It is his true field power. No wonder Mr. Lian Mu praised him and said that he has the potential to achieve the ancestral realm.

This is the power of the field that can predict attacks.

Such a violent exchange of bombardments affected other battlefields. Even Shangqing and Qiu Shi were looking in the direction of Feathered Mebis. They were both members of the Five Stars. They seemed to be equals, but in their hearts there was also the so-called strongest. This It means that Wen Wu is the first and Wu Wu is the second. No matter how the interests behind them are tied, they will always be the strongest. Only the strongest is the most likely to achieve the ancestral realm.

The violent confrontation shocked countless people, and also allowed many people to see the direction of future development.

The human body has so many mysteries, and reaching the extreme of any one of them is tantamount to transformation.

Here, the battle between the forces of the invisible light field and the feathered Mebis continues, and it seems that the situation will not end in a short time.

Xia Jiuyou took the opportunity to attack Shangqing, and struck out with his Nether Refining Palm. With a penetrating ghostly light, he appeared behind Shangqing along with the echo of his talent.

The airflow appeared behind Shangqing, blocking the Lianyou Palm. He waved his hand, and one airflow hit Xia Jiuyou, and another airflow hit Liu Tianmu. Since it appeared, he did not ignore it. It didn’t matter to him to fight one against two. , this is the first method in the Hall of Glory.

Liu Tianmu’s pride did not allow her to join forces with others, but the upper air flow directly hit her. Either she would withdraw from the competition for the golden stage, or she would fight.

Liu Tianmu’s eyes were awe-inspiring, and his star energy turned into a sword, and he slashed out with one sword. The fourth sword ignored the space and pointed directly at Shangqing.

Each of the thirteen swords is extremely powerful. The fourth sword can ignore the space and land directly, even hitting the opponent. However, the Three Yang Ancestral Qi of the Supreme Purity blocks the surrounding void, and even the fourth sword cannot come directly. It was blasted out of the void by a stream of air.

Liu Tianmu stepped lightly, facing the impact of the airflow, and used the sixth sword to guard against the sword’s power.

In different directions, Xia Jiuyou continued to strike out the Refining Palms. With the help of his echo talent, one strike was equivalent to two palms, and the second strike came from an unknown direction.

Even Shangqing must always be on guard with one air flow, and the attack momentum of the other air flow is significantly reduced.

Two against one, although the situation was temporarily stabilized, it was not able to suppress Shangqing. Shangqing’s three-yang ancestral energy was so magical that Xia Jiuyou and Liu Tianmu did not dare to be collided with.

On the other side, Wen Sansi also took action against Qiu Shi. Compared to Liu Tianmu, he didn’t care too much about two against one, even if he was hitting a woman.

The principle he adheres to is to think twice before acting. Autumn poetry is worthy of two against one.

Wen Sansi’s move is eighty-eight Literal Prison. Of course, having fought with Qiu Shi, he also knows that he cannot trap this woman. The Wen family does not only have Literary Prison, but also has other combat skills, in conjunction with Literary Prison and Star-Collecting Girl. , suppressing Qiu Shi for a while.

It seems that Qiu Shi is the most dangerous on the three-sided battlefield, but Lu Yin below knows that the secret skills of the Tianxing Sect are so terrifying that they can change the situation of the battle in an instant.

The golden stage represents the highest stage for the younger generation of the human star field. On this stage, whoever can stand at the end will be the strongest.

Lu Yin was also envious, but he was defeated by Feathered Mebis. With the strength of the cruising realm, he was really no match for him, unless he broke through to the hunting realm, but it was not that easy to break through to the hunting realm.

While everyone was staring blankly at the battle on the golden screen, a magnificent wave of star energy came from the distance, sweeping across the mountains and seas, causing the sky to mutate, and a disembodied bell sounded.

Many people looked in one direction, where the bells came from.

Lu Yin’s eyes narrowed, what is that?

“Someone broke through to the Enlightenment Realm. Could the bell sound be from the Spiritual Palace?” Lance lost his voice.

Lu Yin also guessed that among the people he knew, only the Spiritual Palace had such grand and ethereal bells.

The next moment, the magnificent Heavenly Palace appeared, like a mirage, shining in the air.

Lu Yin exhaled, it must be the Spirit Palace. This guy actually broke through the Enlightenment Realm at this time. It seems that he also wants to join the highest battlefield, the Tenth Final. Four people joined. He had just been defeated, plus the ones next to him Lance and Jin He who were defeated by him, there were two others who were not qualified to participate. The only one who didn’t show up was the bartender. That woman couldn’t have fallen asleep somewhere!

Lu Yin’s guess was correct. The drunkard was asleep at the moment, floating along the seafloor with the current, showing no signs of waking up. No matter how fierce the battle was, it could not affect her.

On the golden stage, the feathered Mavis looked towards the direction of the spiritual palace to break through the enlightenment realm, and then towards the invisible light,

“Your ten skills are really surprising. It stands to reason that the foundation of the inner universe is not enough to cultivate your strength. Did the ruins of Daoyuan Sect give you a chance to transform?”

The invisible light field fought with green fists, and said with a faint smile, “The new universe has the inheritance of five mountains and five seas, so you don’t care about the ruins of Daoyuan Sect, not to mention that the ruins of Daoyuan Sect will face the sixth continent, and you don’t bother to fight for it. , but I didn’t know there were opportunities there as well.”

Feathering Mavis was curious, “What opportunity did you get?”.

His eyes are complicated, as if he is saying to Feathered Mebis, and also to himself, “The Sixth Continent does not pay attention to the field. However, in ancient times, there was a person who was born in the Sixth Continent and was born with energy. The God is not enough and cannot accept a powerful seal. Even if he reaches the enlightenment state, reaches the star envoy, or even reaches the seal of the universe, he cannot accept the powerful seal. He will be ridiculed throughout his life and disdained by the powerful at the same level. Daoyuan Sect in the six continents does not accept him, and everyone regards this person as an alternative.”

“This person is called Bu Jian Tian, ​​I wonder if you have heard of it.”

Feathered Mavis was confused at first, and then seemed to remember something, and was surprised, “In the ancient battle, with a million combat power, I managed to remain undefeated for a day under the hands of the Half-Ancestor, and allowed the Sixth Continent to safely withdraw from my Fifth Continent. The one who was trapped and finally escaped?”

Bu Jianguang nodded and said complexly, “This man is a hero of the Sixth Continent. Although he has a fighting strength of one million, he is comparable to the Sixth Continent’s All-Heaven Seal, and he has supported the strong half-ancestor of my Fifth Continent. After the attack, he went into seclusion due to the severe injuries. Even in the sixth continent, no trace of this person could be found. He has cultivated the field to the extreme in a certain aspect.”

“What you accepted is his inheritance?” Feathered Mavis was surprised.

Bu Jian Guang Dao, “My real name has been forgotten. The moment I accepted his inheritance, I changed my name to Bu Jian Guang. Although he is an enemy, he is my mentor.”

Feathered Mebis exclaimed, “The enemy is just because we have different positions. We are both human beings. He inherited you. From the perspective of my fifth continent, it is considered as atonement for the ancient war. His inheritance is in the ruins of Daoyuan Sect?” “.

If you don’t see the light, it’s “not bad”.

Feathered Mebis laughed, “The ruins of Daoyuan Sect are of little value in the new universe. Only ten Daopu were preserved from the ancient battle, so this opportunity was given to the inner universe. It seems that it has really created a new world. Some people, it’s a pity that if it’s just the inheritance of the invisible sky, you are still no match for me. The field has its limits, but my power has no limit.” After saying that, she clenched her fists, and the people who originally bombarded the field were The huge green fists vibrated together, and then the green color became purer and more shocking.

Below, Lu Yin’s pupils shrank sharply, “Be careful”, he saw that the number of runes on those green fists actually increased sharply, and they were nearly half as powerful as before. What is this concept? It is equivalent to a surge in combat power.

The green fist slammed down hard. The first punch failed to penetrate the field and was knocked out by the field. The second punch hit the field hard based on the first punch. There was a tightness in the chest and the corner of the mouth was overflowing. Blood, third punch, fourth punch, fifth punch and so on.

Under the bombardment of dozens of punches, the field suddenly collapsed, and a huge green fist hit the head of the naked head.

His whole body was hit by a punch on the golden stage, unable to move.

The people who saw this scene were silent. This is the Mavis family.

On the other side, Shangqing glanced at Feathered Mavis, fear flashed in his eyes. Even though he had practiced the three-yang ancestral energy, the most amazing skill in Yunei, he was still horrified to see the power of Feathered Mavis. The Mabis family The great strength is rare in the world, and the biggest difference between the Shuxin descendants and the ordinary Mabis tribe is that the other Mabis tribesmen have limited strength, but the Shuxin descendants have unlimited power.

The so-called infinity does not mean that there is really no end to power, but it means that from ancient times to the present, no one of his generation has truly measured the bottom line of power possessed by the descendant of Shuxin, even if he used the three Yang ancestral energy to fight against the feathered Mebis The strength of this woman may not be able to measure the bottom line of this woman’s strength.

Maybe she can be defeated with the three Yang ancestral energy, but it is impossible to measure the bottom line of strength. This is the descendant of the tree heart of the Mavis family.

If the Three Yang Ancestral Qi is an unshakable and invincible technique, then the Mabis Tree Heart Successor possesses unshakable power and is truly the ultimate.

Below, on the sea, Lu Yin was shocked. The woman’s power was so exaggerated. It was too exaggerated. She was much bigger than him. Is this the descendant of Mabis’ tree heart?


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