Star Odyssey Chapter 1082: Qualifications

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Shang Sheng Shenwei’s words made Shang Sheng Ren grind his teeth, “Senior brother, I don’t even have a son. Where did the illegitimate child come from? Stop guessing. You have become stupid by practicing kung fu. Be careful to tell senior brother that you are bullying me.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei curled his lips and said, “You are not a child, will your senior brother make the decision for you?”.


“No, let’s get down to business,” Shang Sheng Shenwei said quickly, looking at Lu Yin as he said, “Little guy, we heard the conversation you had with those little guys just now. What, are you in trouble?”.

Lu Yin is not polite either. His mentality has changed. Everyone here is family, so there is nothing to be embarrassed about.

“Juniors are not qualified to participate in the Star Tower competition…” Lu Yin said solemnly.

After hearing Lu Yin’s words, Sage Shenwei was surprised, “Are you still the Glory Hall’s method? Whose method?”.

“Yuanshi” Lu Yin replied.

Shangsheng Shenwei exclaimed, “Is this the Yuan Master who has as many disciples as dogs?”

Lu Yin’s face twitched, and he felt that this description was not a good one.

“Xiao Yin, don’t mind, this is how uncle speaks,” the eldest sister whispered in Lu Yin’s ear.

Lu Yin looked at the eldest sister in surprise, “eldest sister, can you still comfort people?”.

The eldest sister narrowed her eyes and asked, “We haven’t seen each other for many years. Are you feeling itchy?”

Lu Yin laughed dryly.

“I didn’t expect Master Yuan to be willing to choose Fa Zi. It’s interesting, but Fa Zi’s identity was deprived and he really couldn’t participate in the Star Tower competition,” Shang Sheng Shenwei murmured.

Go to St. Rayne and stab him.

Shang Sheng Shenwei grinned, “Okay, boy, would you like to go to Changtian Island with me? Become a registered disciple? This way you can participate in the fight for the Star Tower as a disciple of Changtian Island.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Can it be done?”.

Shang Sheng Ren laughed, “Of course, Changtian Island is my disciple. As the saying goes, there are people who are easy to do things.” “Shut up, don’t speak so vulgarly.” Shang Sheng was filled with divine power.

Shang Shengren said, “That’s why it’s called the saying, senior brother, you are becoming more and more like a senior brother.”

Lu Yin was afraid that the two of them would continue to quarrel, so he quickly said, “But this junior has already become a disciple.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei waved his hand, “No problem, I’m just a registered disciple. I don’t really want you to join Changtian Island. If you want to join, Master may not like him.”

“What are you talking about? Master will definitely like it”, Shang Shengren was dissatisfied.

Shang Shengwei curled his lips.

Both of them are beings with a combat power of over 500,000, and Shang Shengwei is a being with a combat power of over 900,000, but they are bickering like children.

People of this level pay attention to majesty and solemnity. This is the first time Lu Yin has seen people of this level get along like this. Is it Changtian Island? He got curious.

“Okay, if you have nothing else to do, let’s go. I don’t want to stay here. The old face of King Dijiang Night is almost dripping with water if I don’t look at it,” Shang Sheng Shenwei said impatiently.

Lu Yin looked at Saint Ren, “Regiment, commander, the White Night Clan will not give up in this battle. Where is the outer universe?”.

The eldest sister said, “Don’t worry, we will keep an eye on you. There will be no changes in the outer universe. Don’t you have a spare galactic boat? Just hide it. We will also help you with the White King’s lineage. Take it to the outer universe, and the most important thing right now is the fight for the Star Tower.”

Lu Yin was grateful, “Thank you, captain, thank you, eldest sister, and thank you all captains.”

Shang Sanren waved his hand, “Okay, let’s go to the new universe with my senior brother. We are waiting for your good news.”

Lu Yin nodded and looked at Zhuo Baiye, who said weakly, “Thank you.”

Lu Yin nodded and looked into the distance again. There was the body of Ellen Galle, the Blazing Ling Tribe, this race is so sad.

In fact, this is the current situation of the universe. If he hadn’t pretended to be a descendant of Zishan King, the same would have happened to the people on Earth. The cultivators would live a life worse than death, and ordinary people would be caught working as miners and so on.

This is the law of the jungle.

Even if he reaches his current level, he is still an ant when faced with the behemoths of the new universe.

Even if we unify the outer universe, we must rely on the power of Changtian Island to overturn the White Night Flow Realm, otherwise we cannot do it with the help of the outer universe alone.

One universe and one sky, and then there is the new universe.

Lu Yin took a deep breath. He had been cultivating for twelve years. He had been in the Universe Sea since he could remember. Then he went to the inner universe and the outer universe. He had never been to the new universe. Here I am.

How many years have passed in ancient times and continue to this day, there has never been such chaos in the White Night Realm.

Night King, the ancestral land of the White Night clan, the entire White Night world was plunged into war.

All this is because of Lu Yin.

The battle between Lu Yin and Zhenwu Night King was directly recorded in history. There are many unexplainable aspects in it, such as how Lu Yin’s poison was removed, why his combat power soared, and what the talent of Zhenwu Night King was. What is it and so on.

The Zhenwu Night King died in battle, and the Night King clan fell into complete silence, allowing the Holy Ray to take away those who caused trouble in the White Night world, including Sister Leng and the reformers who made trouble in the White Night clan’s ancestral land, as well as the White King’s lineage, etc. wait.

After this battle, the strength of the Baiye clan dropped sharply.

However, no one dares to underestimate the White Night Clan, because the true strength of King Dijiang Night has been exposed. He has surpassed 800,000 combat power, which is shocking.

As long as King Dijiang Ye is around, the White Night Clan will always be a behemoth in the inner universe.

And Lu Yin, after this battle, became a being that was feared by all the major forces in the inner universe. His actions almost overturned the entire White Night Realm.

Everyone knows that offending Lu Yin means offending the entire outer universe, offending the Rennes Group, and even more so knowing that it may offend Changtian Island.

It doesn’t matter anything else. Changtian Island is an existence that even the Hall of Glory doesn’t want to offend. Looking at the new universe, although it is not a so-called behemoth, it is also aloof. It does not take the initiative to cause trouble, but it is never afraid of trouble.

There is a common sense in the New Universe: Don’t mess with the people of Changtian Island, because Changtian Island protects their shortcomings.

The planet was retreating rapidly, and in the dark starry sky, a spaceship was heading towards the cosmic sea at a speed beyond ordinary people’s imagination. The speed was so fast that ripples appeared in the void.

This is a small spaceship that can only accommodate less than ten people.

Lu Yin is in this spaceship at the moment. This is the Zhouguang-class Aurora spacecraft. He has only seen it once. It was the car of Dean Qi of the Outer Universe Aurora Spaceship Company. Unfortunately, as Dean Qi died, Killed and disappeared in battle on the border of the Endless Frontier.

Before this, the fastest spaceship he had ever flown on was the black hole-class Aurora spacecraft, which was a hundred times faster than an ordinary spaceship.

This spaceship belongs to the Divine Power.

Lu Yin really couldn’t figure out why a being with a combat power of over 900,000 could cross endless space with a slight movement of his mind, why he would take a spaceship.

Shangsheng Shenwei is relatively lazy. “The spaceship is so nice. You don’t have to move anywhere, and you are not in a hurry. You are calm.” When he said this, he lay down in the hot spring. He built a small hot spring inside the spaceship. , can only accommodate him alone.

Lu Yin could see that he was a person who enjoyed himself very much. There were fine wines and delicious food next to the hot springs.

“By the way, do you want to come in and take a bath? This hot spring water was given to me by the brothel,” Shang Sheng Shenwei said comfortably.

Lu Yin blinked, “Brothel?”.

Shangsheng Shenwei smiled and said, “Yes, brothel, the name is popular.”

Lu Yin seems to remember hearing it somewhere? He thought for a moment, and by the way, when he attended the Sixth Continent’s pre-war mobilization meeting on Starlight Island, he heard people discussing that there were brothels flying in the sky.

“Senior, this brothel comes from the new universe?” Lu Yin was curious.

Shang Sheng Shenwei nodded, “The Brothel is a force in the New Universe. They are all beauties. They are in the brothel business. Their patrons are all over the New Universe. There are Halls of Glory, Tianxing Sect, Aurora Spaceship Company, etc., everywhere. Their benefactor, these women are not easy to deal with, I will take you to see them when I have time.”

“Staying in prostitution?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Shangsheng Shenwei was dissatisfied, “It’s so unpleasant to be a prostitute, it’s called service.”

Lu Yin understands.

“Do you want to come in and take a bath? The women in the brothel all use this kind of water to bathe. Their skin is so smooth and glowing.” Shang Sheng Shenwei held up the spring water and enjoyed it.

Lu Yin was surprised, “Glowing? Isn’t that a sign that the physical strength has reached a certain level?”.

Shang Sheng Shenwei curled his lips and said, “Besides cultivation, can you think of anything else in your mind?”

“Haha, Brother Qi, I have a hunch that this senior can take you to fly to a new world.” Guihou smiled strangely.

Lu Yin is helpless. He has no time to think about this. What he is most curious about now is the fight for the New Universe Star Tower.

“Senior, can you tell me about the fight for the Star Tower?” Lu Yin asked.

Shang Sheng Shen said mightily, “We will wait until we get to Changtian Island to discuss this. You are not the only one on Changtian Island who can represent us in competing for the Star Tower. We will discuss it together when the time comes.”

Lu Yin nodded, “I wonder if the seniors have any advice for this competition?”.

“You want to ask about your opponent?” Shang Sheng Shenwei raised his eyebrows.

Lu Yin nodded, “Know yourself and know the enemy.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei was troubled, “These are matters of your juniors. I don’t know much, I can only tell you some common sense.” He paused, “First of all, it is the Tianxing Sect. This sect is a giant in the new universe. “I don’t know what elite disciples there are in their generation, but one thing is clear.” Shangsheng Shenwei looked serious, “Any Tianxing Sect disciple is a interpreter, and the most elite disciples are likely to reach the advanced level of Haoran.” , and master the original treasure formation.”

Lu Yin thought of Qiu Shi, the Four Heavenly Goddess, fighting in the Baiyan District. She acted very ordinary, but in the end it was she who used the original treasure formation to throw the Dianjiangtai and Fu Kong into the starry sky. If not She may not be able to take back the Dianjiangtai, and the following will not happen.

One of the four unique skills of the Heavenly Girl is the original treasure formation, and her own cultivation is also considered a unique skill. So, what about the other two skills?

“The land of the gods is also a behemoth in the new universe. They are all a group of lunatics. They claim to be gods. In fact, they have inherited the cultivation methods of the ancient Fu ancestors. They can weaken enemy attacks and create things out of thin air. You seem to be able to do that too.” The mighty way of the Holy Spirit.

Lu Yin nodded, “Juniors know better.”

Shangshengshen said mightily, “Don’t try to do anything in front of them. The land of the gods has been studying rune technology for countless years. The power they control must be far more than you. Be careful.”


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