Star Odyssey Chapter 1081: Family

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From all directions, people from the White King’s lineage gathered, all with anxious expressions. They prevented the Night King’s lineage from interfering in the battle between Lu Yin and the Zhenwu Night King. They didn’t know what would happen in the future.

Zhuo Baiye looked at Lu Yin pleadingly, “Can you save my lineage of King Bai?”.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at the starry sky, “It should be okay.”

Outside the Night King, Dijiang’s Night King’s expression was as gloomy as water, and he was terrifyingly calm. His eyes were filled with endless chills when he looked at anyone. “You two, the decisive battle is over. I, the White Night Clan, want to repair the Night King, so I won’t give it away.” .

Shangsheng Shenwei looks at Shangshengren.

Shang Shengren said, “We want to take away the White King’s lineage.”

The eyes of Dijiang Night King suddenly widened, and the majestic power roared into the starry sky, “Come to Holy Rain, don’t go too far. The White King’s lineage is a branch of my White Night clan. Any conflicts we have are internal conflicts and have nothing to do with you.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei also felt that Sheng Ren had gone too far, “Junior brother, I don’t want to bully others like this.”

Shang Ren pointed at the scorching white night on Nocturnus, and said to the Holy God, “Brother, that girl may be a family in the future.”

Shangsheng Shenwei is confused.

Shang Shengren pointed at Lu Yin and then at Zhuo Baiye, “Senior brother is so smart, you understand.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei puffed up his chest and said with confidence, “I understand.”

Shang Shengren looked at King Dijiang Night provocatively, “We want to take away the White King’s lineage. Just say whether you agree or not. If you don’t agree, I will give you a chance to fight.”

The Night King Dijiang stared closely at Shang Shengren, “Will I challenge you to a duel?”.

Shang Sanren sneered, “You are challenging the two of us alone.”

Emperor King Dijiang was extremely angry and said, “Shang Ren, please don’t go too far.”

Shang Shengren roared even louder, “King Dijiang Night, don’t go too far.”

The starry sky was silent for a moment, and everyone looked at the two people. Shang Shenwei felt a little unreasonable and unreasonable, but looking at Shang Shengren’s sad and angry expression, he felt that it might be the Night King. That’s too much. He must have done something to offend his junior brother.

“King Dijiang Ye, I, Changtian Island, want to take away the White King’s lineage, please give me a message,” Shang Sheng Shenwei said.

Dijiang Yewang clenched his fists. He did not expect that he would encounter such a thing when he woke up once in a while. He had not experienced this kind of frustration since he became the leader of the White Night Clan. It had been many years.

He looked at Ye Wang Xing unwillingly, at the white-haired Zhuo Bai Ye, at Lu Yin who stood beside Zhuo Bai Ye with an unyielding gaze, and then at the many sad and angry Ye Wang people and the numb Bai Ye. The royal family finally sighed, “Let’s go, let’s all go.”

On the Night King, Lu Yin breathed a sigh of relief. He was afraid that someone would support the White Night Clan. Fortunately, the White Night Clan had a great reputation in the inner universe. The more domineering they used to be, the less people would help them when they suffered. At this time, if the White Night Clan dared to follow Lei The En war group is locked in a deadly fight, and the result is that both sides will suffer losses. The White Night clan will also face provocations from other forces in the inner universe, and the losses will be immeasurable.

Zhenwu Night King originally wanted to bury the White King lineage. Whether the White King lineage existed or not did not matter to Dijiang Night King. He just couldn’t afford to lose this person.

Now, he finally succumbed to the pressure of the divine power.

However, things will not be settled like this today. Whether it is Zhenwu Ye Wang’s hatred or the shame of the White King being taken away, Lu Yin will be blamed.

The King of Dijiang Night looked at Lu Yin with cold eyes, this person must be killed.

Lu Yin raised his head and looked at King Di Jiang Ye for the first time. His eyes were calm and showed no fear. So what if he had a combat power of 800,000. In the invasion of the Sixth Continent, he had encountered a strong man with a combat power of one million. .

It is a pity that the jade given by Mr. Mu shattered with the force of one finger, otherwise the Baiye clan would be gone if the master summons the spell.

Going to Saint Ray’s Landing and landing on Night King, he stood in front of Lu Yin and Zhuo Baiye, and patted Lu Yin’s shoulder very hard, “Good boy, you didn’t embarrass my Rain Warriors, hahahaha.”

Lu Yin met Shang Shengren for the first time. He will always remember the words that the ghost uncle brought to him. The original words from Shang Shengren, ‘Little guy, don’t be afraid, play as you like, toss as you like, no matter who bullies you. Let me help you find your place, remember, you have me behind you.

Although this sentence was rude, it made him feel warm and protected.

That was the rare feeling of being protected that he had ever experienced, Pirate King, Go to St. Rennes

“Thank you” Lu Yin said sincerely.

As soon as he finished speaking, Shang Shengren slapped him on the shoulder hard, almost knocking Lu Yin to the ground, “Why are you being polite to me? You are my man. Whoever dares to bully you, I will not let you go.” If you go beyond him, the Baiye clan is an example.”

“Please use less strength, Xiao Yin was seriously injured, and he was almost knocked apart by you.” In the distance, a beautiful woman walked out and shouted coldly. Although her tone was tough, her eyes looked at Lu Yin with some distress.

Lu Yin was confused, “Who are you?”.

The beautiful woman got angry, took out a cigarette and put it in her mouth, “Xiaoyin, do you want to be whipped?”.

Lu Yin was horrified, “Big, big, big sister?”.

“What’s your expression?” The eldest sister slapped Lu Yin on the head and knocked him down.

Going to St. Ray’s was speechless, “Take it easy.”

Zhuo Baiye supported Lu Yin and looked at the two of them in confusion, wondering what their relationship was with Lu Yin.

At this time, the void cracked, and figures appeared one after another, including a five-meter-tall muscular man with a nose half a meter long, a beautiful woman with swirling water on her body, a weirdo whose whole body was like a stone, and a body There were seven fish-men covered with fish scales, including the eldest sister and Shang Shengren, there were nine people.

These are the top combat capabilities of the Rennes Legion.

Pirate King Saint Rayne brings the captains of the seven subordinate battle groups and the eldest sister of the reserve group.

If people in the inner and outer universe could still see Neptune at this moment, they would definitely be shocked. The top people in the pirate world in the entire universe have appeared. These people are enough to command hundreds of millions of pirates.

The Blackbeard Pirates, whom Lu Yin did not dare to provoke at first, can be beaten to death by anyone here.

The existence of these people made the pirate king Saint Rayne, and also created the Rayne War Group, one of the four hegemons of the universe sea and the leader of the four hegemons.

The Ren En Battle Group is enough to challenge the White Night Clan alone. This is Lu Yin’s confidence.

He is a person with background.

The eldest sister began to introduce Lu Yin, and Lu Yin said hello one by one.

“This is one of the seven battle groups under the Rennes Group, the leader of the Chongxiang Group, the Elephant King,” the eldest sister introduced.

Lu Yin said hello and looked at the Elephant King’s nose curiously.

“This is one of the seven battle groups, the leader of Feiliu Battle Group, Sister Fei,” the eldest sister introduced.

Lu Yin said hello and curiously looked at the water swirling around Sister Fei. He saw the terrifying rune numbers. This woman had at least more than 300,000 combat power.

“This is one of the seven war groups, the leader of the Cross Chapter, Big Stone,” the eldest sister introduced.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows. His name was so random, and his appearance was also very casual. He was just like a piece of stone.

“This is one of the seven war groups, the leader of the fish-men war group, Brother Hao,” the eldest sister introduced.

Lu Yin said hello with respectful eyes. He must not be disrespectful at all to this mutated human race, otherwise he would be a mortal enemy. Such people have high self-esteem.

“This is one of the seven battle groups, the leader of the Ghost Doctor Group, Ghost Doctor” the eldest sister introduced, her tone was a little cautious, not as casual as before.

Lu Yin looked at the ghost doctor.

The ghost doctor was a man with a stooped figure and an ugly appearance. He could not even tell his age. He stared at Lu Yin with a strange smile and said, “Little guy, your injury was treated by me.”

Lu Yin was confused, “What injury?”.

The ghost doctor wanted to say something, but was interrupted by the eldest sister. She pointed at the man who was posing all the time and said unhappily, “This is one of the group leaders. You can just call him Yao.”

Lu Yin’s eyes widened, waist?

The man was dissatisfied, “What the hell, call me handsome guy, I am the leader of the handsome guy group.”

Lu Yin was amazed that there was such a shameless person, whose appearance was not even close to handsome.

Finally, the eldest sister solemnly introduced to Lu Yin, “This is the leader of the Thunder Sword Chapter, Liu Feng.”

Lu Yin looked with awe-inspiring eyes at the man holding a long sword not far away. This was the Star Envoy.

He said hello quickly.

Liu Feng looked at Lu Yin and asked, “How do you feel about having fought against Thirteen Swordsmen?”

Lu Yin thought for a while, “It’s very powerful, every sword is unique.”

Liu Feng said lightly, “Everyone’s Thirteen Swordsmanship is different, but there is one thing in common. The last sword cannot be avoided or blocked.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “How to deal with it?”

Liu Feng stopped talking and turned to look elsewhere.

Lu Yin was speechless, who are these people? They are all freaks!

Shang Shengren grinned and patted Lu Yin’s shoulder again. Lu Yin endured the pain and finally survived.

“Everything that needs to be solved has been solved. This time I played very well and felt comfortable.”

Lu Yin smiled bitterly. A lot of people probably died in this war, and he didn’t know what happened to the people in the outer universe in the Yanlan Realm.

“By the way, boy, I’ll introduce you to someone,” Shang Shengren shouted. On the side, the void opened, and Shang Sheng Shenwei stepped out.

Lu Yin quickly saluted, “Junior Lu Yin, thank you senior for saving me.”

Shang Shengren laughed, “You’re welcome, he is my senior brother, one family, absolutely one family, hahahaha.”

Shang Sheng Shenwei was also very happy. He looked at Lu Yin with admiration and said, “Little guy, looking at the younger generation of the Fifth Continent today, you are the top one. Even if you face the group of people in the New Universe, you are not bad. sharp”.

Lu Yin is humble, “I’m lucky to get some opportunities, and I’m so praised by my seniors.”

Shangsheng Shenwei looked at Shangsheng Ren in a strange way, “Why does he speak so politely? Isn’t he your son?”.

Lu Yin was stunned.

Others were also stunned.

The eldest sister blew out smoke and said, “Of course not, Xiao Yin is so beautiful.”

The leaders of the surrounding battle groups looked strange and suppressed their laughter.

Shang Shengren was first stunned by the words asked by Shang Shengwei, and then was hit on the head by the elder sister. He was a little confused and didn’t know who to reply to first.

“What? Not your son? Are you so concerned? You dragged the entire Rennes War Group and all the pirates here, and started a war that swept the entire White Night World.” Shangsheng Shenwei was surprised.

Shang Shengren said, “Not a son, but better than a son.”

Lu Yin was shocked. The words “Go to Saint Ray’s” made his whole body warm up. Just like the promise he had given before, it was the first time that he felt that these people were his family members. The look in his eyes when he saw Saint Ray’s Everything has changed.

Shang Sheng Shenwei nodded, “I understand, illegitimate child.”

Lu Yin was speechless.


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