Star Odyssey Chapter 1079: The meeting of the ten finalists

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After listening to Lu Yin’s words, Zhenwu Night King’s pupils suddenly widened, “Sad? You, an ant, actually think I am sad?”, he roared, “Put away your pity, Lu Yin, you have no right to pity me. You are just an ant, just a waste that came in from the outer universe, you have no right to pity me.”

“Kill me, kill me if you can. If you don’t kill me, I will destroy everything you own. I will massacre the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance. I will massacre the earth. I will massacre everyone you value.” Bang With a sound, King Zhenwu Ye opened his mouth and spit out a mouthful of blood. His words were buried by Lu Yin’s kick, including him.

With this kick, Lu Yin did not hold back any force, and used a hundred and fifty force to send Zhenwu Night King away.

With one kick, Night King cracked open, and a huge gap tore open the surface of Night King.

In the starry sky, Emperor Jiang Yewang’s pupils shrank sharply, his eyes staring at Lu Yin with endless murderous intent, and his whole body was so angry that he was shaking.

Shang Sheng Ren and Shang Shenwei looked at each other. With this kick, either the Ye Wang Clan or Lu Yin would be destroyed in the future. They were absolute mortal enemies.

This kick ended an era, the era of Zhenwu Night King.

Zhuo Baiye collapsed and lost all strength.

On the Night King, many people of the Night King’s lineage stopped and looked blankly in the direction of the Zhenwu Night King, a little confused.

Xingkong, Qinglonglong, Lingque, Abroli, etc., all the people attending the night banquet were stunned. Lu Yin personally ruined the hope of the Night King’s lineage. He killed a Shijue. From this moment From now on, as long as he doesn’t die, he will replace Zhenwu Night King and achieve the ten finals.

The star-collecting girl’s eyes flickered. Even if she arrived before the night banquet, today could be the beginning of Zhenwu Night King’s glorious road, but no matter how she calculated, she could not predict Zhenwu Night King’s future, or Zhenwu Night King could surpass her. Divination, or this person is no longer in the universe.

She predicted that the one who could defeat Zhenwu Night King might be the other ten masters, or even the older generation masters, but she didn’t expect that Lu Yin could defeat Zhenwu Night King by himself. This person’s strength has completely exceeded expectations, and his progress is too fast. .

King Yan Qingye rushed towards Lu Yin like crazy. Zhan Long Baiye did not stop him. King Zhenwu Ye was dead. He did not expect it and could not react.

Lu Yin flicked his fingers, shaking the void. King Yan Qingye was knocked back by the strong force, vomiting blood and flew backwards.

Lu Yin lowered his head, watching the Zhenwu Night King’s runes disappear completely, and slowly sat down. At this moment, his clothes were almost torn, and he was sitting naked on the stone, with his head lowered and not knowing what he was thinking.

The star-collecting girl entered Night King from the starry sky, came behind Lu Yin, took out her coat, put it on Lu Yin, and stood quietly behind him.

At the same time, outside the starry sky, a middle-aged man from the Night King clan roared. He would rather bear the opponent’s attack than rush into the Night King and kill Lu Yin. He is the father of Zhenwu Night King and Yan Qing Night King. A man with only more than 200,000 warriors. As a powerful member of the Night King clan, Zhenwu Night King is his greatest pride in life. He himself has no ability, but the existence of Zhenwu Night King makes him superior among the Night King clan.

Now that there is nothing left, he hates Lu Yin and wants to eat his flesh.

Suddenly, a flash of sword light passed by, cutting off his shoulder. The middle-aged man wailed and threw his body into the distance.

The white long sword is sheathed, and the person holding it is a woman with long black hair, wearing a big frame, and she looks a bit cute. She is Liu Tianmu.

Lu Yin stepped on the Zhenwu Night King to death, and Liu Tianmu appeared and entered the Night King.

In the other direction, the huge body of War King Xingkai appeared, grinned, tore open the void, and stepped into Night King.

Lance walked out, came to the Night King, and looked at Lu Yin calmly.

The white knight Linggong in armor slowly walked out and approached Lu Yin step by step.

The flames in the sky burned, turned into a phoenix, and finally turned into a man, none other than Serati Phoenix.

Wen Sansi landed on the ground, followed by Mira, and looked in amazement at Lu Yin, who was sitting on a stone in the distance with his head lowered.

Not far from Wen Sansi, a hungover woman staggered over holding a wine barrel that was taller than a person.

Further away, eyes closed and no light appeared, followed by Murong, walking slowly behind him.

Behind Lu Yin, there was a young man with long hair and a smile on his face. He was approaching step by step. He was Jin He.

Witnessed by countless people in the inner and outer universe, Shijue appeared.

Everyone held their breath and watched this scene quietly.

Lu Yin raised his head, looked around, curled up the corners of his mouth, and stood up.

At this time, all ten members appeared not far away from Lu Yin, all looking at him.

Originally, Lu Yin’s position should be that of Zhenwu Night King. He was assisted by Caixingnu and became the leader of the Ten Battles. Now, Zhenwu Night King was killed and replaced by Lu Yin.

The star-collecting girl stood behind Lu Yin and looked at this man. From today on, this man’s status will be turned upside down. Although he dominates the outer universe, in the eyes of the major forces in the inner universe, his power is limited and not enough at all. To compete with the major forces in the inner universe.

But today, Lu Yin let the whole universe see his influence.

He overturned the White Night Clan, curbed the Yanlan Realm, and affected the Hall of Glory. He was like one person who cut off the future of the White Night Clan. Even if King Dijiang Night, a powerful man with 800,000 combat power, appeared, Useless.

He has the ability to subvert any force in the inner universe.

Through the light curtain, countless people in the universe looked at Lu Yin and saw the birth of an extremely powerful man.

In the literary and romantic world, the disgraced Wen family leader looked away and sighed. He originally thought that the younger generation Zhenwu Ye Wang was bold and willing to release the White King lineage. He even started to admire him and admired this younger generation. This is It has never happened before, but the result is like this. The junior tried to play with human nature and finally suffered the consequences.

The White Night Clan really shouldn’t be able to give birth to prodigies. Such a domineering race cannot keep up with their character. The only one who can possibly come out is the White King. It’s a pity.

In the world of beast mastering, in the Hall of Divine Grades, millions of mountains laughed wildly. Although an extremely evil Lu Yin appeared, he also killed an extremely evil Zhenwu Night King. This scene was great to watch.

Jianzong, Liu Qianjue looked back with serious eyes. This Lu Yin was more terrifying than Zhenwu Night King. He was also a junior. If Zhenwu Night King had the courage to release the White King lineage, he would really take a high look, but It’s a pity that this young man is too stupid and has a dark mind, but this Lu Yin is very capable.

As long as this son doesn’t die young, he will one day take charge of the world.

In addition to these two people in this battle, Liu Qianjue is most concerned about the people of Changtian Island and Liu Feng. This Liu Feng has actually reached the level of a star envoy. He regrets letting this person leave the Liu family in the first place. , if they had not left, the strength of Jianzong would have been even higher, which would be a pity.

Countless people in the universe are sighing, some feel sorry for Zhenwu Night King, and some are cheering.

Even people with poor eyesight can see that Zhenwu Yewang is quite strong, and almost no one among his peers can defeat him. Looking at the ten finals, he is the best, but it is a pity that he met Lu Yin.

The stage set by King Zhenwu Night made Lu Yin successful.

There were hundreds of thousands of powerful warriors fighting, but Lu Yin actually played himself as the protagonist.

On Night King, the Ten Jue meet.

This scene is enough to record in the annals of history. The name of the Ten Jue has always been taboo, and no one knows the appearance of the Ten Jue. Now, the Ten Jue have gathered together and been exposed to countless people in the inner and outer universe. Everyone is nervous.

These ten young people represent not only the younger generation, but also the future.

In the future of the inner universe, these ten people are considered to be the top ones and will influence them for countless years.

“From now on, you will replace Zhenwu and join the ranks of members of the Universe Youth Council, also commonly known as the Ten Final Council.” Wen thought twice before speaking in a calm tone, looking at Lu Yin with admiration.

Behind him, Mira swallowed her saliva. She was the one who brought Lu Yin out of the earth. She had admired Lu Yin at the beginning. Now, this person has reached such a height. It is simply unbelievable. She has sighed with emotion many times. , but it has never been as shocking as now, because this person killed Shijue Zhenwu.

“Defeat Lance first, then Zhenwu, brother, you are ruthless enough.” Xing Kai spoke, his three-meter-tall body was particularly oppressive, and he grinned, very bold.

Lu Yin looked at him, and then looked at Wen Sansi, “Is it so easy to become one of the ten finals?”

Ling Gong said coldly, “Easy? Find someone in the universe who can defeat Shijue and try it.”

“Does the new universe count?” Lu Yin asked.

Ling Gong snorted coldly, she just couldn’t stand Lu Yin’s proud look now.

Lu Yin was very happy, and a big stone fell in his heart.

At this time, a wine barrel was thrown at her. Lu Yin took it and looked over. It was the drunken-eyed woman. She was very beautiful, with a very hot figure, and she was wearing very little. One of the ten finalists – a drunkard.

“If you’re a man, just drink.” The wine man pointed out that Lu Yin drank loudly, his face turned red, and he didn’t wake up at first glance.

Lu Yin burst out laughing, opened his mouth and drank all the wine from the barrel, then threw the barrel away, “happy”.

The drunkard laughed, “I admire you. You are not like that guy Zhenwu Night King. Boy, if you have any trouble in the future, tell me your name. I will support you. From now on, we will be drinking friends, haha.” “.

Liu Tianmu’s tone was cold, and she pushed up the frame, “Don’t talk nonsense,” she looked at Lu Yin, “Joining the Ten Finals Council means you have to fulfill your obligations. The first thing you have to do is to join forces to deal with the people in the New Universe.”

Lu Yin was surprised, “Are you afraid?”.

Liu Tianmu frowned, “You deserve a beating for what you say.”

Lu Yin choked.

Liu Tianmu said coldly, “The new universe has the Hall of Glory, the Tianxing Sect, the Home of the Gods, the Mebis Clan, the Aurora Spaceship Company, and the Big Three of Darkness. They have a large number of people. They must do something first. They will definitely kick us out first. If we don’t join forces, we will be kicked out easily.”

Wen San thought, “This is a regional concept. The New Universe will never allow us to take a share of the pie. After all, the Star Tower has belonged to the New Universe since ancient times. Even if one of us becomes the Five Stars, it is not what the New Universe wants to see.” “.

“King Zhenwu Ye stole the general station and obtained the qualification for the Star Tower alone. They cannot change this, but for us, they will definitely do their best to stop it,” Ling Gong said.

Lu Yin pondered, it seems that the new universe has put a lot of pressure on them, and even the Ten Jue have to join forces.


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