Star Odyssey Chapter 1060: White Night Flowing World

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Lu Yin raised his head, “I, Lu Yin, am the commander-in-chief of the Outer Universe Alliance. Behind me are the Outer Universe Alliance. If you attack them, you are betraying the Fifth Continent. Old guy, have you figured out how to explain it to the Hall of Glory?” “.

The old man was extremely angry, “Junior, you dare to wrongly accuse me, you are seeking death.” As he said this, the flame giant raised his hand and slapped it down in front of him.

Lu Yin rushed out suddenly and hit the flame giant head-on. The old man sneered. This son’s defensive armor can indeed resist the fire god’s attack, but the fire god’s attack relies not only on flames, but also on power. Even if this son can defend himself, Even though the flames were burning, he couldn’t bear the power.

Seeing Lu Yin rushing into the flames, the outer universe coalition forces were uneasy.

Those cultivators in the inner universe are equally nervous. Only those cultivators from the Fire Realm are excited. They are the strong ones in the Fire Realm, the Fire God of Senior Chi Laoguai. I have never heard of anyone being able to come out of the Fire God. This Lu Yin is dead.

Lu Yin was very excited at this moment. Instead of fighting head-on with the Fire God, he rushed into the Fire God’s body through the loopholes in the runes, and then took out the Sky Flame Stone.

Yes, in his eyes, the Fire God is not only not an enemy, but also a resource, a flame resource.

Although the power of the Fire God is far less than the last black flame of the Dark Phoenix Clan, it is not much worse than the previous fourteenth black flame, and even has a higher temperature, which is just right for the Sky Flame Stone to absorb.

Old Monster Chi frowned and raised his hand. The flames in the Fire God’s body gathered fiercely, forming streams of flames that impacted Lu Yin.

Lu Yin kept dodging with the help of his rune numbers, and could withstand the occasional hit. The Sky Flame Stone exploded with power, quickly absorbing the surrounding flames.

Old Monster Chi didn’t feel it at first, but not long after, his face changed drastically. The Fire God was unstable. How could it be possible? He quickly dispersed the flames in an attempt to reunite the Fire God.

Lu Yin immediately took out the one-way mirror to disrupt the star energy. Chi Laoguai is a powerful man with more than 400,000 combat power. The star energy is powerful and cannot be shaken. However, the one-way mirror has been upgraded thirteen times and can absorb star energy to its limit. His ability happened to have just surpassed 400,000, and Old Monster Chi was unlucky. His star energy could not resist the absorption of the one-way mirror, and was forcibly disrupted, unable to affect the Fire God.

Old Monster Chi could only watch the Fire God getting smaller and smaller, until he finally disappeared completely and was absorbed by the Sky Flame Stone.

Lu Yin put away the Sky Flame Stone and said happily to Old Monster Chi, “Thank you.”

Old Monster Chi is confused. He has never encountered such a thing in his long history of cultivating. What does this mean? Was his own flame eaten?

“Junior, what have you done?” Old Monster Chi asked sharply.

Lu Yin shrugged, “Nothing, old guy, you come from the Fire Realm. The Fire Realm has a peerless combat skill called the Tribulation Fire Flame Sword. Do you know it?”.

When asking this question, Lu Yin was full of expectations. He really wanted to absorb the Tribulation Fire and let the Heavenly Flame Stone replenish it. The power of the Tribulation Fire Flame Sword came entirely from the Tribulation Fire. At the beginning, Karl and the others only used a trace. If When this old guy uses it, he will definitely not have just a trace of calamity fire, and the power is also completely different. It is estimated that it can be close to half a million combat power.

The old monster Chi looked at Lu Yin with fear, feeling like he couldn’t make a move. His fire combat skills had no effect on the boy, and he was eaten instead. Other attacks were also ineffective, and the fire combat skills were ineffective. Could this boy be doomed? Is it the nemesis of my fire domain?

“Old guy, do you know how to rob the Fire Flame Sword?” Lu Yin asked impatiently.

Old Monster Chi gritted his teeth, “Junior, what on earth have you done?”.

Lu Yin raised his eyebrows, “Do you dare to use the Tribulation Fire Flame Sword?”.

Old Monster Chi shouted angrily, “First tell me clearly what you did.”

Lu Yin was speechless.

Countless cultivators on both sides were equally speechless and could not understand everything in front of them.

“People say that the older you get, the more you become a thief. Old guy, you are a thief,” Lu Yin said.

Old Chi Chi sneered. He didn’t care about face. He didn’t understand what Lu Yin did, so he stopped fighting. He always felt that the more he fought, the more benefits he would bring to the other party. This feeling was too frustrating.

“Junior, you have natural restraint on fire combat skills. I know that, this time I admit defeat, but next time, the people who come to you will not be from my fire domain,” said the old monster Chi.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes, “Old guy, do you want to escape?”.

Old Monster Chi shouted coldly, “No need to provoke me, I have long passed the age of being provoked. As a junior, I recognize your strength, but you have unified the outer universe and offended the entire inner universe. Even if I, Yanlan Liu, If the world doesn’t take action against you, sooner or later someone will take care of you.”

Lu Yin blinked and looked at Old Monster Chi with a hint of admiration. As a strong man from the older generation, it is not easy to give in so simply. This old guy is really shameless.

Old Monster Chi was really shameless, so he turned around and left. In his opinion, this trip was in vain.

Millions of cultivators in the Yanlan Realm remained silent. It was really embarrassing to retreat like this, but there was nothing they could do if they didn’t retreat. The opponent’s strength was no worse than theirs.

The dozen or so powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm are even more unwilling to do so, but what can they do? If Lu Yin’s punch hadn’t been blocked by Old Monster Chi, they would have been doomed. Now that Old Monster Chi obviously didn’t want to fight, they were just looking for death by staying.

“I let you have a lucky escape, but we will be back soon,” the old man Dawei Xiaolong said unwillingly.

Lu Yin took a long breath, “You don’t have to wait long, you can’t leave this time,” he said, raising his head, “Senior, please.”

The starry sky suddenly became heavy, and indescribable oppression descended, making all cultivators’ hair stand on end.

Old Chi’s pupils shrank, this feeling?

The next moment, a figure stood in the starry sky and appeared above the heads of Chi Laoguai and others. Looking down, it was none other than Elder Neptune Tianhe.

Lu Yin invited Elder He to be the final strongman. He was not sure which strongman from the Yanlan Realm would be sent this time. It was safe to have a star envoy in charge.

Elder He is the Star Messenger, and his appearance has established everything.

Old Monster Chi’s face turned from red to white, and he looked at Elder He in shock, “Senior, we are people from the Yanlan Realm, why are you making things difficult for us, senior?”

The Enlightenment masters such as Dawei Dalong, Rus Empire, and the millions of practitioners in the Yanlan Realm were all shocked. Who would have thought that Lu Yin could even invite the Star Envoy? If he had known this, They must have invited the Star Envoy to come out.

I didn’t speak to the elder.

Lu Yin said calmly, “We are all cultivators from the Fifth Continent. As long as you promise not to resist or do anything unnecessary, this senior will not take action against you.”

Old monster Chi looked at Lu Yin, “Junior, what do you want?”.

The corners of Lu Yin’s mouth curled up, “Please move to the Dark Mist Territory. This junior will accept this giant ship in the galaxy.”

Half a month later, in the inner universe, at the border of Baiyeliujie, Lu Yin and Lance appeared.

Looking at the starry sky on the white night, Lu Yin felt quite emotional.

Ever since he embarked on the path of cultivation, he has been inseparable from the White Night clan. The end of the earth will come from Qingyu Night King. Now, he has finally arrived in the White Night world.

It has been almost twelve years since I started practicing.

“Have you ever been to Baiye Liujie?” Lu Yin asked.

Besides, Lance nodded, “I’ve been here before. This first-class realm where the Flow Realm and the Sword Sect are located is the strongest place in the entire inner universe. In the White Night Flow Realm, there are not only the White Night Clan, but also the Phoenix Family, who gave birth to two Ten Decision”.

Not to mention Lance, Lu Yin almost forgot about the Phoenix family. This family has always kept a low profile. Apart from expelling the Dark Phoenix clan and shaking the universe, they have done nothing else. However, the Ten Battles have appeared, which is quite extraordinary.

“In the Baiye Flow Realm, you can tell from the name that the Baiye Clan is in charge, but the location of the Phoenix family is the only one that separates the Baiye Clan, which is equivalent to a small flow realm within the Baiye Flow Realm,” Lan Si said.

Lu Yin was curious, “Why is the Phoenix family?”.

Lance shook his head, “I don’t know. It is said that people from the Phoenix family are not easy to die. Maybe there is still an ancient strong man alive. He is a phoenix after all.”

“To be able to name the name of a race in the world of elites, the Baiye Clan is indeed powerful,” Lu Yin said with emotion.

Lance said, “It is said that in ancient times, this place was not called Baiye Liujie, but Hanxian Liujie. The name was changed later.”

Lu Yin didn’t care much about things from the ancient times. The place he was going to now was the main star of the White Night Stream Realm – Night King.

The night party is about to begin.

The last time he was invited to a night banquet was a long time ago. At that time, he saw for the first time Beimen Taisui, a being with a combat power of more than 400,000, and also saw for the first time the behemoth from ancient times – Centipede.

It’s a pity that he couldn’t make it to that night banquet, and this one was mainly held for him.

The night banquet was held, and it was less than four months before Shijue and others gathered to enter the new universe to compete for the Star Tower.

Zhenwu Night King wants to deal with himself before going to the new universe. Lu Yin knows very well that he also wants to deal with Zhenwu Night King before that, so as to have the qualifications to go to the new universe to compete for the Star Tower as much as possible.

That is the inheritance of mountains and seas, the inheritance of ancestral realm.

When they arrived at Baiyeliujie, Lu Yin and Lan Si separated.

The location of Night King is hidden, but Lu Yin told the original Jingye King the moment he arrived at Baiyeliujie, and the original Jingye King had already given the location to Lu Yin.

Lu Yin discerned the direction and headed towards Night King.

He is not afraid of Yuan Jingye King plotting against him. The ancient inheritance stone is in his hands and the White Night Clan cannot give up. What’s more, he is the commander-in-chief of the outer universe alliance, even if he is accused by King Zhenwu Ye of being a traitor on the Fifth Continent and is investigated by the Hall of Glory. , this identity has not been deprived, which is why the old monster Chi was repeatedly warned not to kill Lu Yin before leaving the outer universe, and the Baiye clan also did not dare to kill him.

The Baiye Flow Realm is very large. Lu Yin looked at the starry sky in the Baiye Flow Realm curiously. This starry sky has existed for countless countless years. Before the Baiye Clan was born, this starry sky already existed and has gone through too many things.

Sometimes he would think about how big the starry sky is, and what else is beyond the six continents? Will there be a more powerful civilization, and when will mankind encounter annihilation?

Directly in front of Lu Yin, an old spaceship was flying unsteadily. The spaceship was not big, and sparks shone from time to time. Obviously, the spaceship could not last long.

There is another spaceship approaching quickly behind the spaceship. The spacecraft has the White Night Clan logo on it, which is very obvious.


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