Star Odyssey Chapter 1059: Looking forward to it

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On the giant ship, several enlightenment-level experts stood on the deck and looked at the galaxy. “Although the separation between the inner and outer universe is only a few short years, it seems like a long time has passed.”

“Yes, the inner and outer universes are isolated, the sixth continent invades, and the outer universes are unified, everything seems like a dream.”

“Who would have thought that a small cruise realm cultivator could unify the outer universe? It’s a joke. The outer universe has been weak for too many years, and its overall strength is probably not as good as that of a small flow realm in the inner universe.”

“Don’t underestimate that little guy named Lu Yin. He defeated the Ten Jue Gods and possesses the power of the Enlightenment. Even you and I may not be our opponents.”

A few people were silent, and a young man surpassed them, which really frustrated them.

One of them sneered, “So what if I surpass you and me? Among the masters who went to the outer universe this time, there are several who have a combat power of more than 300,000. There is also an old senior among them. That old senior has lived for a long time. , it is said that he also received guidance from Master Yuan.”

“Master Yuan? Is that the old man from the Hall of Glory?” someone exclaimed.

“Not bad”.

“But I heard that Senior Yuanshi admires Lu Yin very much. The reason why Lu Yin became the commander-in-chief of the outer universe alliance is because of the support of Senior Yuanshi.”

As soon as these words came out, several people fell silent again.

At this time, a sharp shout came from the depths of the giant boat, “Don’t speak nonsense, senior Yuanshi is not someone you can discuss.”

Several Enlightenment Realm cultivators were shocked and quickly bowed and retreated.

After a few people left, an old man appeared on the deck. He had a weathered face and dark red skin. He looked quite strange. He was a strong man from the Fire Realm, with a combat power of more than 400,000. He was one of the strongest men in the Fire Realm. one.

“I thought that after retreating from the Sixth Continent, I could practice in peace, but I didn’t expect that I would have to come to the outer universe.” The old man sighed, and then looked in the direction of the outer universe, “Just a junior, he actually sent me out, but I can only **** forward, It’s your honor, if you can’t kill it, then just abolish it.”

As he said that, the stars in the outer universe were approaching, and the giant boat was about to arrive.

The old man stared at the stars in the distance with a sharp gaze. There was a person there.

The giant galactic boat is huge and slowly approaches the starry sky of the outer universe.

On the giant boat, millions of cultivators were excited, showing the arrogance from the inner universe.

The inner universe is naturally arrogant towards the outer universe. It is common sense that their strength is enough to crush the outer universe.

As the giant boat shook, millions of cultivators took the spaceship and headed towards the starry sky. There were also quite a number of cultivators making physical leaps in the starry sky. They were in the exploration realm, cruising realm and hunting realm. At the front were nearly ten A strong person in the enlightenment realm.

Such a huge power is enough to sweep across the outer universe. This is the understanding of Yanlan Liujie.

Lu Yin stood alone in the starry sky, watching the giant ship of the galaxy docking, watching the countless spaceships taking off, looking at the cultivators walking in the starry sky, those strong in the enlightenment realm. He took a deep breath and shouted, “Welcome to In the outer universe, Lu Yin, the leader of the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, is waiting for you.”

The starry sky was silent, and Lu Yin’s voice drowned out the millions of cultivators on the opposite side.

All the cultivators looked at Lu Yin blankly. They knew that the purpose of coming to the outer universe this time was to deal with this person, and they came quietly this time, but he was waiting here, and he had been waiting for a long time.

The dozen or so powerful men in the Enlightenment Realm looked at each other, a little confused.

One of the old men with a combat power of over 300,000 tore through the void and appeared not far from Lu Yin. He stared at Lu Yin and asked, “Junior, are you Lu Yin?”.

Lu Yin looked at the old man and narrowed his eyes, “A member of the Dawei Demon Dragon Clan?”

The old man shouted sharply, “I’m talking to you, answer me.” As he spoke, his voice shook the starry sky in an attempt to oppress Lu Yin.

Lu Yin did not move. Beside him, Elder Tie walked out and clenched his fist, “Old guy, who are you threatening? It’s just a mixed-haired dragon.”

The old man was furious, “You are so bold, you dare to insult my Dawei Xiaolong clan”, and he was about to take action.

Elder Tie is not afraid at all. He also has a combat power of over 300,000, and he comes from the Sea of ​​Fallen Stars. In terms of strength, he is by no means weaker than the Dawei Xiaolong.

And deep down, the people in the inner universe don’t actually look down on the Dawei Xiaolong clan. This family betrayed the Behemoth Star Territory and came to seek refuge. They are traitors. In many people’s minds, the Dawei Xiaolong are the For riding, Elder Tie, as the elder of the Chongshan Dojo, how could he allow a big polder dragon to be so arrogant.

“Wait”, there was a loud shout, and the old man Dawei Xiaolong and Elder Iron paused for a moment. An old man appeared in the starry sky again. He had a solemn face and was wearing an armor with obvious characteristics of the Ross Empire. He looked at Lu Yin carefully. “Leader Lu, do you want to be our enemy?”

Lu Yin stopped Elder Tie and said calmly, “If you come by invitation, you are a guest, if you come without warning, you are an enemy. This senior, you, belong to the latter group.”

The old man frowned, “There are millions of powerful cultivators from the Yanlan Realm gathered here. Not to mention the rest, they can surpass ten people in the Enlightenment Realm alone. Leader Lu, can you stop them?”

Lu Yin clapped his hands, and in the void behind him, figures appeared one after another. Gong Ling, Ke Yun, etc. were all there. There were no less than ten people from the Enlightenment Realm from the outer universe, plus those from the Enlightenment Realm supported by the Chongshan Dojo, a total of There were more than ten people lined up in a row, and among them was hidden Wu Sheng, a black-faced killer who hid in the void and issued threats.

The old man was shocked. They knew that Lu Yin had unified the outer universe, but it was only a short period of time. They never thought that this person had such great appeal and suddenly attracted more than a dozen powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm.

Reaching the state of enlightenment can be called powerful. Such powerful people are superior to others even in the inner universe, which is equivalent to a watershed in cultivation.

There are many powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm in the inner universe, but they only come this time to masters from the Yanlan Realm. The number of powerful people in the Enlightenment Realm from one flow realm to fight against the entire outer universe is a little too small, not to mention that they cannot find Yan Lan. All enlightenment masters in the world.

Lu Yin clapped his hands again, and in the distance, countless spaceships appeared.

These belong to the Eastern Xinjiang Alliance, a coalition that Lu Yin formed when he unified most of the outer universe. They have already been placed at the edge of the galaxy to prevent the inner universe from taking action against the outer universe. Now they come in handy.

The number of spaceships is only a lot more than that of the inner universe. If we look at the number of people, it would at least exceed tens of millions.

Such a large-scale gathering of spaceships represents Lu Yin’s influence and the determination of the outer universe.

Lu Yin deliberately publicized the fact that the inner universe was invaded by the Sixth Continent, threatening that the major forces in the inner universe would plunder the resources of the outer universe, scaring the scalps of all major territories in the outer universe. Judging from the countless years of subordination between the inner and outer universes, , not impossible.

Lu Yin mobilized troops in the name of the Commander-in-Chief of the Allied Forces in the Outer Universe, and the major territories in the Outer Universe followed the trend and fully cooperated with him. If Lu Yin failed in the end, they could blame it on the Hall of Glory and it had nothing to do with them.

It can be said that Lu Yin’s ability to successfully gather the power of the outer universe to deal with the threat from the Yanlan Realm this time is inseparable from the dominance of the inner universe for countless years.

The starry sky fell into silence again.

Even the fiery-tempered Great Fairy Dragon stopped making a sound. Lu Yin was obviously not frightened. He had already been prepared. If they fought head-on, they might not be able to win. Moreover, this was an outer universe, and they would trigger a war. The Hall of Glory cannot be explained.

They came here secretly.

“Alliance Leader Lu, what do you want?” the old man from the Ross Empire asked.

Lu Yin looked at the giant ship of the galaxy and said, “Stand back and let the people with the decision-making power talk to me.”

The old man raised his eyebrows, “I can decide everything.”

Lu Yin laughed, “That’s right, but I want to talk to that old man with a combat power of more than 400,000.”

The old man’s expression changed, “How do you know?”.

Of course Lu Yin would not tell him that he could tell it through the rune numbers.

There is a very large number of runes on the giant ship of the galaxy. With Lu Yin’s many years of experience in fighting with the number of runes, he can recognize at a glance that the number of runes exceeds 400,000 combat power, but it is not as good as Beimen Taisui, it should be It looked like he had just stepped into the 400,000-strong fighting force.

The old man from the Ross Empire looked back at the giant ship of the galaxy, waiting for something.

The next moment, the starry sky was distorted, and the scorching high temperature swept over. After spreading towards Lu Yin, the originally dark starry sky turned red visibly to the naked eye.

Lu Yin’s eyes suddenly widened and he was furious. A strong man with more than 400,000 combat power actually attacked the army behind him. This high temperature could not only destroy the spaceship, but also melt the strong man walking in the starry sky. He immediately wore The cosmic armor, put on the giant’s right arm, and punch out.

The giant’s right arm exerted force, and the starry sky was dented, as if it was collapsing. The terrifying power shocked the old man of the Ross Empire and the big bald dragon. At this moment, they felt extremely dangerous. This blow could not be blocked, and it would definitely exceed the combat power of 400,000 people.

This was the first time Lu Yin used his giant right arm to attack with all his strength. Even when he fought against Yu Mu, he did not fully unleash his fighting power.

The combat power of this punch was close to 500,000. This was Lu Yin’s most powerful punch.

The starry sky was torn apart, and the red-skinned old man walked out with an ugly face. He raised his hands and said, “Fire God.” As the words fell, endless flames burned from the starry sky, and the heat of the surrounding stars was drawn away. The endless flames turned into giants and stood tall. Starry Sky punched out, colliding with the power of Lu Yin Giant’s right arm punching out.

The void completely collapsed, countless space cracks spread out, and strong star energy swept across all directions, accompanied by extremely high-temperature flames.

The armies of both sides kept retreating, and even those who were strong in the Enlightenment Realm could only retreat and did not dare to approach.

After a while, the starry sky returned.

Lu Yin’s expression remained unchanged and he looked across calmly.

Opposite, the red-skinned old man stared at Lu Yin with downcast eyes, full of murderous intent, “Junior, are you Lu Yin?”.

Lu Yin sneered, “Nonsense.”

“You are so courageous, how dare you make an enemy of my Yanlan Realm,” the old man said coldly.

Lu Yin stared at the old man, “Old guy, you are even more courageous. You actually dare to take action against our extraterrestrial coalition forces. Do you know that you are betraying the Fifth Continent?”

The old man’s pupils shrank, “Junior, what are you talking about?” Not everyone can wear the hat of betraying the Fifth Continent. It can be regarded as a serious crime. Let alone a cultivator with more than 400,000 combat power, even a star Even a strong man with a combat strength of more than 800,000 cannot bear it.


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