Star Odyssey Chapter 1058: Return

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Lu Yin was dubious about Gui Hou’s words, but he didn’t have time to study this now.

He looked at Sohar, “President Sohar, do you still remember the true interpretation of the original treasure that was stolen by the New Humanity Alliance in the Interpreter of the Word competition?”

Sohal’s face changed slightly. He didn’t understand why Lu Yin mentioned that matter. He was settling the scores after the fall? He was also a victim in that incident, “Of course I remember, what does Alliance Leader Lu mean?”.

Lu Yin raised his hand, and a box appeared in his palm. He slowly opened it, and golden light illuminated the world and illuminated everyone’s expressions.

Everyone was shocked, and Sohar was excited, “This, is this the true explanation of the original treasure on that page?”.

Delin and others were shocked.

Lu Yin nodded, “I happened to meet the Corpse King of the New Humanity Alliance some time ago. I killed the Corpse King and got this. Now it returns to its original owner.”

Sohar’s hands trembled with excitement. The True Solution to the Original Treasure not only represented his desire to understand the Original Treasure Formation, but also meant that it could alleviate his sins.

De Lin and others are puzzled, how can Lu Yin return the true meaning of the original treasure with his temperament? He has reached the level of five-star palmist intermediate interpreter. He is only one step away from breaking through to the advanced level of Haoran interpreter. When the time comes, he will understand the true interpretation of the original treasure, master the original treasure formation and enter the advanced level of Haoran. His status will be the same as that of ordinary people. Haoran’s advanced interpreter is completely different, and his combat power is also completely different.

How could he be willing to take it out and give it to the research association?

Lu Yin was making a deal, exchanging the True Interpretation of the Original Treasure in exchange for the Headquarters of the Interpreter Research Association not to pursue the Outer Universe Interpreter Research Association. Even if they did, they would be lenient with him.

Sooner or later, Wei Rong’s matter will be found out. He wants to keep Wei Rong as much as possible. He can use this person smoothly.

Weirong is very smart, but it is a pity that he met him, otherwise his original plan for Taiyuan Star would not have failed. Since he is now his own, he must find a way to keep him, not to mention Yuanbao Zhenjie, he still has five pages , it would be good to be able to comprehend one page of the original treasure formation. It would be worthwhile to turn in one page in exchange for the favor of the Interpreter Research Association.

Zhenwu Night King gave up twenty glory points that were useless to him to force himself into a desperate situation. He gave up a useless page of original treasure true interpretation in order to gain favor from the Interpreter Research Association. The two behaviors are very similar. .

No one expected that Lu Yin would return the true solution to the original treasure.

When the headquarters of the Interpreter Research Association learned about this, everyone was as puzzled as Sohar.

No matter why Lu Yin returned the true interpretation of the original treasure, he has made great contributions to the Interpreter Research Society.

Some of the Interpreters who originally supported the White Night Clan were silent. Only the Interpreters of the White Night Clan were unwilling, but they also knew that it was impossible to deal with Lu Yin within the Interpreter Research Association.

This guy is too smart and good at doing things.

The Baiye clan has been inherited since ancient times, and their influence in the universe is too wide.

Any words spoken by King Zhenwu Ye can make Lu Yin exhausted to deal with them. Fortunately, he has not been in vain all these years. The opportunity is better, so he can withstand it.

The Interpreter Research Society made Lu Yin know that he must destroy the Zhenwu Night King and eradicate the influence of the Night King’s lineage, otherwise he would be in trouble in the future.

The news that Lu Yin became a five-star palmist intermediate interpreter spread quickly, which was no less influential than his defeat of Lance.

The interpreter is originally superior to others. The intermediate level of five-star palm control is out of reach in many people’s minds. However, Lu Yin has reached it at a young age. Everyone knows that it will not be long before this person can reach the advanced level of Haoran. At the interpreter level, at that time, his status will be improved again.

Many people have become immune to Lu Yin’s glorious deeds, from the initial Ten-House Competition to the most powerful competition, to being a candidate in the Ten Finals, to being invincible in the extreme, to becoming famous in the universe, and finally to defeating the Ten Finals God. The hands, piles, and pieces made many people numb, so much so that many people behaved extremely calmly after hearing that Lu Yin had become an intermediate Interpreter of Five-Star Palm Control.

Lingque is one of them.

When he heard that Lu Yin had become the Intermediate Interpreter of the Five-Star Palm, he dug his ears and thought, “Perverted.”

Ling Gong’s eyes turned cold, “The gap between you and him was not big at first, but now he can surpass you by a huge margin.”

Lingque licked his lips, “It seems that he may have surpassed you.”

Ling Gong’s eyes widened sharply, “You’re a bitch, you deserve a beating,” and after saying that, he rushed over.

Lingque was shocked, “No, I won’t fight you.”

“Fight back, this is an order.”

Not long after, Ling Gong left, leaving Ling Que with bruises on his face. He wanted to cry but had no tears. “Who did I provoke? No, we must form a support team, otherwise there will be no fight.” Passion.” After saying that, a lewd smile appeared on his face.

On the other side, the Spirit Palace looked at the personal terminal with cold eyes. The White Night clan held a night banquet, and in the name of the Zhenwu Night King invited the younger generation of elites from the inner and outer universe to gather together. Ten finals, top 100 battle list masters, interpreters, Including Lu Yin, they were all listed.

Ling Gong narrowed his eyes and held a night banquet at this time. Does King Zhenwu want to confirm his status as the top of the ten finals on that day? So if you want to be the leader of the ten finals, I’ll give it to you. I hope you can withstand the pressure from those in the new universe.

Wen Sansi also received an invitation, the night banquet started, and Zhenwu Night King specially invited him.

“Wen Jue, do you want to go to Night King?” Mira asked, standing pretty and seductively.

Wen Sansi said calmly, “King Zhenwu Ye can’t wait any longer. He is eager to establish his position as the first of the ten finals. It’s interesting. Let’s go and see it. But don’t be in a hurry. He will appear last.”

“Finally?” Mira was confused.

Wen Sansi’s eyes fell on a name in the personal terminal, Lu Yin. This person might be the protagonist of this night banquet.

Not only Wen San thought, but many people thought of it.

Everyone knows about Lu Yin’s relationship with the Baiye clan. Whether he was invited to the night banquet or whether Zhenwu Night King personally invited him, the meaning is different. No one knows what his appearance will bring to the night banquet.

Xia Tian calmly looked at the personal terminal, and it became more and more exciting.

Mr. Taiyuan gritted his teeth and stared at the name of King Zhenwu Ye. This **** must be very proud now. He is following the Star Girl and is at the pinnacle of his life.

The Star Tower must work hard to fight for him. It must become the five sons of the stars and win back the star-collecting girl.

In the outer universe, Lance looked at his personal terminal with a calm expression.

The night banquet, as one of the ten finals, he was also invited. The Cangmang Continent was destroyed, but the masters of Neptune Sky were still there, and Neptune Sky represented the Sea of ​​Falling Stars.

With the support of Neptune, his status remains unchanged.

“You are also invited, are you going?” Lance asked, targeting Lu Yin.

Lu Yin’s voice came from the other end of the personal terminal, “Go, of course you want to go, this banquet is very grand.”

Lance pondered for a moment, “Don’t underestimate Zhenwu Night King. This person is hidden too deeply. No one knows what kind of strength he has. The White Night Clan also has a deep background.”

“I know” Lu Yin replied.

Lance laughed and said, “I forgot that you fought against him.”

Lu Yin smiled lightly, “I almost died, but that fight also made me prepare for him. I won’t lose the next time we fight.”

“I hope so,” Lance said, and then hung up the communication.

Lu Yin put down his personal terminal, the night banquet was coming.

What will happen on that day? He didn’t believe what King Yuan Jingye said, saying that the night banquet was to save his face.

This night banquet must have been hosted by the Zhenwu Night King. He invited himself, the proud men of heaven who were qualified to participate in the Star Tower competition, and the elites from the inner and outer universe. It was a star-studded day, and he wanted to do it What?

Even with Wang Wen’s intelligence, he couldn’t guess what King Zhenwu Ye wanted to do.

But no matter what King Zhenwu Ye wanted to do, Lu Yin followed his plan step by step.

On this day, Lu Yin received a message from Bajia of the Xinhuo Alliance. The spare galactic boat appeared directly opposite Bard’s territory.

The giant galactic ship used to be in the Dark Mist Territory. This time it moved, obviously because it did not want the outer universe to know.

Ba Jia’s information is very simple. Almost all the people who logged into the Galaxy Giant Ship this time were cultivators from the Yanlan Realm. A large number of them were experts from the Fire Realm and the Ross Empire. These people all had a grudge against Lu Yin.

Hidden location and heading to the outer universe, the purpose is self-evident.

It’s a pity that Bajia doesn’t know what kind of strength the master who logged on to the giant galactic boat has.

Lu Yin did not hesitate to list a group of masters such as Elder Tie and the Black-faced Killer on the list of people to greet the galactic ship. He thought about finding more masters.

Although the Yanlan flow realm is one of the eight major flow realms in the inner universe and has many masters, it is impossible to send all the masters to the giant galactic boat. Only a small number will come this time, but they can be sent out. It proves that it can defeat the outer universe with confidence.

Nowadays, Lu Yin’s biggest enemy is the Baiye clan, and Yanlan Liujie was his former enemy, and he still has an unbreakable hatred to this day.

For the major forces in the Yanlan Realm, Lu Yin is an enemy that must be eliminated. Whether it is because of the previous conflicts or the fact that the outer universe is now unified by him, it has seriously affected the interests of the Yanlan Realm.

The most intuitive change is that they themselves are not sure who is in charge of the galaxy ship.

In the Fire Realm, the Ross Empire, including the Great Dragon Clan, is the worst among the eight major realms of Yanlan Realm, which is closest to the outer universe, but it has a lot of benefits. Practitioners who travel between the inner and outer universes contribute to them. They have obtained considerable resources, but now, these resources may not necessarily fall into their pockets.

This time the galactic giant ship sets sail, with the determination of Yanlan Flow Realm to control the outer universe, even if it cannot control it, it will disintegrate Lu Yin’s rule. A master of the outer universe who is hostile to them is definitely not in line with Yanlan Flow Realm. Benefit.

The galaxy is rolling, and unknown strange creatures are shuttled in the river. Inside the giant boat, combat detectors sometimes sound alarms and sometimes fall into silence.

The spare galactic boat is not much smaller than the previous galactic boat. At this moment, on the giant boat, countless cultivators are waiting. They come from the Yanlan flow realm, most of them are from the Fire Domain and the Ross Empire, and some are from the Fire Domain and the Ross Empire. There are dozens of big dragons, and many of the rest are casual cultivators, employed in the Yanlan world.

The Yanlan River Realm did not report this operation to the Hall of Glory. Logically speaking, the spare galactic boat belongs to the Hall of Glory, and they should report it. However, their purpose this time is to oppress Lu Yin, and it is best to force Dong Dong. It is in their interests that the Xinjiang Alliance be disbanded.


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