Star Odyssey Chapter 1056: Grade skipping assessment

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Ku Wei couldn’t describe this feeling. He waved his hand, and star energy spread across the sky. The star energy that was originally very familiar now looked different, as if it was illuminated by a microscope with tens of millions of times.

Ku Wei raised his hand and fiddled with the star energy at will. The star energy was running more smoothly than before. He looked into the distance and towards the starry sky. The entire starry sky was full of star energy and he could see it.

Lu Yin kept staring at Ku Wei with curious eyes. He raised the water of Dilong Lake fourteen times. To be honest, he didn’t dare to use it himself, so he used Ku Wei for experiments. Now it seems that the experiment is not bad. .

“How do you feel?” Lu Yin asked.

Ku Wei was shocked, “Your Highness, this, this is Long Lake spring water? This is too magical.”

Lu Yin’s eyes lit up, “How does it compare to other language-decoding weapons?”

“It’s not on the same level at all. Let’s put it this way, it’s like I’ve shrunk countless times to look at the starry sky. I can see the stars clearly,” Ku Wei said excitedly word for word.

Lu Yin was satisfied.

“Even an ordinary person can see the star energy clearly when dripping into the spring water of Long Lake, and he can practice it. Any ordinary practitioner can rely on this explanation. This, this is amazing. I guess even the Tianxing Sect There may not be such a miraculous speech-deciphering weapon. I feel that the level of control that can see through star energy should be in the realm of divine eyes.” Ku Wei said excitedly, and then looked at Lu Yin, “Your Highness, where did this drop of Long Lake spring water come from? ?”.

The commentator focuses on the degree of control over the star energy, dividing the realms into micro, Xingyun, Tiancong, Divine Eyes, World, and Ulchuang. Kuwei once reached the Tiancong realm at most, or even not. Now, with his A drop of Long Lake spring water directly reaches the realm of divine eyes.

“It was given by someone else,” Lu Yin said, feeling a little distressed in his words. A good thing was ruined by Ku Wei. This was a treasure that had been improved fourteen times and consumed 560,000 cubic meters of star energy essence.

Although he is used for experiments, it is a good thing after all. It can improve the control of star energy to the level of divine eyes, which is quite precious.

Lu Yin is quite willing to burn bridges, and even wants to get this debt back from Ku Wei.

Ku Wei was still immersed in the excitement of the spring water of Long Lake and had no idea what Lu Yin was thinking.

When Lu Yin arrived at Shuiling Star, he was naturally greeted by Sohar, Delin and others.

Yi Feng has also arrived. He is the trump card of Weirong’s Split Outer Universe Interpreter Research Association. He was once a member of the Wei family. As Weirong returned to Lu Yin, the group of Interpreters he took with him naturally merged into Water Lingxing.

No one wants to mention what happened back then.

Lu Yin came here to test his language interpretation level.

He is now a one-star intermediate interpreter. Sohar and others originally thought that he would participate in the assessment of a two-star intermediate interpreter, but who knew that Lu Yin directly wanted to take the assessment to become a five-star intermediate interpreter? He listened to what he said and wanted to challenge Haoran’s advanced interpreter level.

Lu Yin’s appetite shocked Sohar and others.

“Leader Lu, since ancient times, almost no one has directly jumped from the one-star palmistry intermediate level to the five-star palmistry intermediate level. The difference is not just a numerical difference, let alone the advanced level of Haoran.” Sohar was confused.

Lu Yin said, “No, it doesn’t mean it’s impossible. I want to try.”

Sohar, Delin, Yi Feng and others looked at each other, and finally had no choice but to agree.

The language interpretation assessment is evidenced by videos and cannot be faked. Even if Sohar and others intend to help Lu Yin, it will be useless, so no one is worried about him cheating.

“Your Highness, what about me? Shall I take the test first?” Ku Wei was eager to give it a try, his eyes bright.

Lu Yin looked at him and said, “You go first.” He originally wanted to increase the Long Lake Spring Water, but he only increased it by one drop before, but it was used by Ku Wei.

“This little brother, please show me your interpretation level,” Sohar said politely.

Ku Wei showed it, five-star bright eyes at the primary level.

It is very good to reach the primary level of Five-Star Bright Eyes at his age, and Sohar also takes a high look at it.

“Delin, arrange for this little brother to participate in the one-star master intermediate interpreter assessment” Sohar ordered.

Delin responded, and at this time, Ku Wei spoke, “One star? Too little, I want three stars.”

Sohar and others were stunned for a moment, then their expressions turned ugly, and they stared at Ku Wei, “Little brother, don’t just talk nonsense, the interpretation test is not easy.”

Ku Wei waved his hand, “It’s okay, come on.”

Sohar was dissatisfied. Lu Yin was already dissatisfied with Lu Yin’s desire to directly participate in the five-star palm intermediate interpreter assessment, but he did not dare to vent it out. Now this guy wants to skip the assessment. What does the interpreter assessment mean to him?

Not only him, but the interpreters around him are also very dissatisfied. The assessment of interpreting is serious and sacred. Many people even practice in seclusion before the assessment, burn incense and kowtow, etc. They can do all kinds of things. These two people in front of them are What a nice guy, just jump to the next level.

“It doesn’t matter, let him take the test,” Lu Yin said calmly. After saying that, he let Yi Feng lead the way, found a hidden secret room, and began to roll the dice to raise the water of Long Lake Spring.

Delin had a very bad attitude towards Ku Wei, and specially selected a Yuan Bao with serious murderous intent for him to assess.

Ku Wei was very excited. What he saw in front of him was completely different from before.

On the other side, Lu Yin successfully used the three points of the dice to increase five drops of Long Lake spring water, consuming 2.8 million cubic meters of star energy essence. It was a lot of consumption, but it was worth it.

The water dripped directly into the Long Lake spring. Lu Yin opened his eyes and his eyes were shocked. What he saw in front of him was indeed different. This was the realm of divine eyes.

I remember the first time I used the Giant King’s third eye to look at the starry sky, and I had this shocking feeling. However, as time passed and my cultivation deepened, the effectiveness of the Giant King’s third eye could no longer keep up and could not be improved. .

Now, this reliance on external objects to help decipher language appears again.

Foreign objects are prohibited in the language analysis assessment, but some foreign objects cannot be banned even if they want to. For example, no one can find out the spring water of Long Lake.

Of course, it is not easy to improve the level of interpretation with only consumables such as Longhu Spring Water. Moreover, the higher the level of interpretation, the higher the level of the original treasure of interpretation, the more dangerous it is. Few people risk their own lives. joke.

Lu Yin asked himself that he could always use the spring water of Long Lake, so there would be no problem in explaining the language based on this.

Under the personal leadership of Sohar, Lu Yin came to the Secret Room of Interpretation. This is the largest secret room of Interpretation of Interpretations on Shui Ling Star. It comes completely from Taiyuan Planet and was moved here along with a piece of land.

This secret room is specially used to assess intermediate five-star palm interpreters.

The Outer Universe Interpreter Research Association is not qualified to assess the intermediate five-star palm masters, but as long as you apply upward, it is still possible under special circumstances. For example, now, Lu Yin cannot travel across the galaxy to the inner universe to take the assessment, so he can only take the assessment here. .

It is said to be a secret room for interpretation, but it is actually a closed underground space. The surrounding walls are covered with thousands of spiritual crystals to prevent the murderous intention of the original treasure from leaking.

Walking into the secret room, what Lu Yin saw was, uh, a piece of soil?

Even though Lu Yin had been mentally prepared, even though Sohar had already greeted him in advance, Lu Yin was stunned when he saw the original treasure that he needed to explain. It turned out to be a piece of soil.

This is an intermediate five-star palm treasure, second only to Haoran’s high-level original treasure.

Lu Yin calmed down. Although it was a piece of soil, the number of runes contained in it was very large. Moreover, Lu Yin’s eyes were solemn. This piece of soil made him feel the pressure. The murderous intention of the original treasure was enough to pose a threat to the strong people in the Enlightenment Realm. .

This is just the murderous intention of the original treasure. If the complexity of the solid energy exceeds any original treasure that Lu Yin has explained before.

If Lu Yin had read Gu Yue’s Notes and visited the Shijie Platform, even if Lu Yin could block Yuan Bao’s murderous intention, it would be difficult for him to succeed in deciphering the language. But now, he could see the context of Yuan Bao’s solid energy at a glance, and he could clearly understand the origin of Yuan Bao’s murderous intent. Where to interpret the language, as if it has been carefully calculated.

At the same time, in the inner universe, a woman with long dark green hair walked out of the secret room. She was greeted by cheers and endless eyes of admiration. Her name is Mo Yu, a two-star palm intermediate interpreter. No, now No longer, she is now a three-star intermediate Interpreter. She is one of the five outstanding figures of the Interpreter Research Association, alongside the Saint of Love.

The news that Mo Yu succeeded in taking the three-star intermediate interpreter’s exam shocked the interpreter research association. It is not easy for her to reach the level of three-star intermediate interpreter at her age. She is a rare genius in history.

The older generation of interpreters are feeling emotional.

“As expected of one of the five outstanding figures of our research association, it is not easy to successfully pass the examination.”

“Yes, my research institute is full of talented people, haha.”

“By the way, when will the Qingsheng test take place?”


Mo Yu looked at the oncoming cheers and felt unhappy in her heart. She would never forget the scene of the Universe Sea.

She also participated in the Baiyan District battlefield and saw with her own eyes that on the general stage, Fu Kong, one of the three great sources of the Sixth Continent, used the original treasure formation to instantly defeat the masters of the Ten Jue and the New Universe. None of those masters could It was not something she could resist, and she was knocked off the general stage by Fu Kong.

At that moment, the original treasure formation gave her an unparalleled shock, and being able to master the original treasure formation was the sign of Haoran’s advanced interpreter.

Both are of the younger generation, Bu Kong is already an advanced interpreter of Haoran, and he is still in the process of assessing an intermediate interpreter of the Three-Star Master. The gap is too big.

Not only Bu Kong, it is said that Qiu Shi, the four most beautiful goddesses in the new universe, can also use the original treasure formation. It was Qiu Shi who used the original treasure formation to return the dianjiangtai into the universe, and the dianjiangtai was not destroyed by the sixth The mainland took him away and was eventually snatched by Zhenwu Night King.

These people are all senior interpreters of Haoran. Do you have anything to be proud of?

Mo Yu closed her eyes and was silent for a while, then finally opened her eyes and said, “Please ask the instructor to start the four-star palm intermediate interpreter assessment.”

After the words fell, everyone in the Interpreter Seminar was shocked.

In the outer universe, Shui Lingxing and Lu Yin are approaching the earth-shaped original treasure step by step. The closer they are, the greater the pressure. The earth-shaped original treasure is releasing its gravity. At the same time, the air is filled with soil, and every grain of soil has a mysterious power. The weight of the description is like planets the size of tiny dust particles, smashing towards Lu Yin.

Every step Lu Yin takes, the pressure he bears becomes heavier. Outsiders cannot see clearly. Only those in Sohar know how much pressure Lu Yin is under now.

An ordinary enlightened person might not be able to get close to the earth-shaped original treasure. Although the original treasure is inconspicuous and its murderous intention is not grand, it is so heavy that ordinary people cannot imagine it.

It was just pure weight. Lu Yin felt like he was competing with the entire land, the entire planet, and even the entire starry sky.

The soil seems to be rooted deep into the ground.


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