Star Odyssey Chapter 104: Sniper

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The three of them passed by, and the others were also attacked at the same time. The short-legged man was directly bombarded to death. The Starry Sky Battle Academy showed no mercy, and dozens of invisible attacks landed around him.

Lu Yin opened his personal terminal and found that one by one his combat power had disappeared.

In the first attack, everyone who wanted to continue the assessment realized the horror of the Starry Sky Battle Academy. It was an attack that ignored death, and ordinary people simply could not withstand it.

The same is true on the road to integration. Except for Xiuzi and Xia Luo, everyone in the Dayu Empire failed.

“I give up, I give up, I give up,” someone shouted. The first attack was like this, but the next two attacks would only get stronger and stronger, and many people gave up.

The road to explore the realm is long, but it will eventually end. Some of the first batch of practitioners who participated in the assessment have already reached the end. They even saw the beam of light in the distance that connected the sky and the earth. As long as they stepped into that beam You can pass the assessment.

And here, the high temperature almost melts the ground.

Several thirsty cultivators hid in the shadow of the mountain wall. From time to time they took out water and drank it wildly, but they became thirsty again after a while.

“I won’t give up, I won’t give up, I want to enter the Starry Sky Battle Academy, I must go in.” A woman murmured to herself, looking firmly at the beam of light in the distance, hope gradually showing in her eyes.

No one wants to give up at this point. They are closest to the end, and even if the next two attacks will kill them, they don’t want to give up.

At this moment, another attack came from the void, and the woman hurriedly dodged. Although her speed was not as fast as Lu Yin and Lulu, she was not slow either. It was far faster than Lu Yin’s swimming step. The first She dodged the first attack, but she couldn’t avoid the second attack. She screamed and endured it, and her body was smashed into the ground.

There were more than a dozen cultivators in the distance who suffered the same fate, but no one could dodge.

The woman coughed and slowly rose into the air. There was still one attack left. She looked towards the end of the road, her pupils suddenly shrank, and a figure appeared at the end of the road. It was a man who looked ordinary, but his body was faintly hidden. It emits light and generates scorching heat, just like the sun descending on the earth, looking down at all living beings proudly.

The man’s coat was not damaged at all. He just put his hands behind his back and glanced over quietly, passing by the woman and many people.

The woman felt her body heat up and her eyes were horrified. That person was far more powerful than her. Who was it? Are you from the Starry Sky Battle Academy? It must be, otherwise she would not have been attacked. She did not believe that anyone could avoid the second attack.

Far away from the road to explore the realm, Lu Yin and Lulu once again avoided the second attack, but this time it was not as easy as the first time. The third attack was absolutely unavoidable.

On the other side, Keke is still holding the syringe. In that posture, he should keep holding on and resist three attacks.

Speaking of which, the syringe is so hard that it’s beyond imagination. The two attacks didn’t hurt a single bit. The syringe is so hard, and the needle must be too. Only a ghost would be willing to touch such a hard needle. This girl will never be able to find one in her life. to someone willing to accept her treatment.

Just when Lu Yin was looking at the syringe curiously, the third attack came. In an instant, Lu Yin knew that he couldn’t avoid it. The third attack was nowhere to be found. If he couldn’t find it, he couldn’t avoid it. He used the Tianxing Gong, but he still couldn’t see the attack trajectory. He only felt that his body was instantly hit by a terrifying force and hit the mountain wall heavily.

The same goes for Lulu, who was smashed into the ground.

Keke hugged the big syringe tightly and refused to let go. His body was blasted directly into the bottom of the mountain.

At this moment, I don’t know how many people were killed and how many people were eliminated.

At the end of the road, the woman screamed, her face as pale as paper, severe pain swept through her nerves, the third attack was so fierce that she could barely bear it, and right in front, the man who looked like the sun was also receiving the attack, scorching hot The high temperature turns into a raging sea of ​​fire, which is fleeting.

The woman gritted her teeth and knelt on her knees, hurriedly taking out the medicine to treat the injury. At the same time, she looked at the man in the distance in shock. That man had withstood the attack. In other words, he was also a practitioner participating in the assessment? Why stay there and not leave? Why not go this way?

The man waved his hand, and the scorching heat swept into the distance. He looked up and said, “This is the third attack. It is really strong. Those who can withstand it are really capable. Unfortunately, no one can join in. The Tenth Courtyard is destined to disappear.” After saying that, he looked at the personal terminal and curled up his mouth. “Are there seven more people? That’s right. In that case, let me bring you the final despair.” After saying that, the man rose into the air. .

At the end of the road, a total of seven people, including the woman, passed through three attacks. At this moment, all seven people looked at the man.

The corners of the man’s mouth raised, and he raised his head, “My name is Aqino. I come from the fire realm of the inner universe. No one can pass this road. You will all fail.”

The seven people were shocked, “Inner Universe Fire Domain? That huge fire domain? Why are there disciples here?”.

The woman trembled, she was actually from the Fire Realm. No wonder it was as hot as the sun. The Fire Realm was a huge force in the inner universe, and its inheritance was extremely ancient. Why did there appear disciples? And prevent them from entering?

No matter what they think, Aquino doesn’t care. He has only one mission, to prevent anyone from passing this road. Not only him, there are final guards on the ten roads in order to make the Tenth Court unable to recruit. to a student.

In the starry sky, Dolan Yushan’s expression changed drastically, “What? There are huge forces in the inner universe attacking this assessment? Why are you saying it now?”

Rock Ona said bitterly, “Your Majesty has just received the news. It was passed back by the fifth princess. Through Wanjian Mountain, the fifth princess learned that the three major forces in the inner universe want to replace the Tenth House and gain the power to enter the trial realm. Therefore, I sent my disciples to take part in the assessment and guard them at the end, in order to ensure that no one passes this assessment.”

“What forces are there?” Huo Qingshan asked in a deep voice.

Rockona said in a low tone, “Fire Territory, the Ross Empire, and the Great Dragon Clan.”

Dolan Yushan’s face suddenly turned pale. These three forces are all behemoths in the inner universe. Compared with them, the Daewoo Empire is like the earth facing the Daewoo Empire. There is no comparison.

Huo Qingshan’s eyes were shocked. He had been to the Fire Realm before, experienced the terror of the Fire Realm, and was deeply impressed by this force. If someone really came from the Fire Realm, who could pass through the outer universe?

Jue Lang said in a low tone, “Is the Ross Empire that huge empire that is said to have received the legacy of ancient technological civilization?”

“The most terrifying thing is the Great Mir Dragon Clan, which is a terrifying clan that defected from the Starry Sky Behemoth Star Territory to the Human Star Territory. Any adult Great Mir Dragon is unmatched,” Duolan Yushan said in a deep voice. .

The three major forces are like three mountains weighing on everyone’s mind. At this moment, not only the Daewoo Empire, but also many outer universe forces have received the news, and the atmosphere suddenly became silent.

The Tenth Academy of Starry Sky is the hope for the rise of the outer universe, but it is sniped by three major forces. What they are after is not the outer universe, but the Tenth Academy itself. In their opinion, there is no need for sniping in the outer universe, but right now Because of this, the major forces are even more angry, and this is the only way for them to climb.

At the end of the ten roads, there is a beam of light connecting the sky and the earth. Through the beam, you can enter the tenth courtyard of the starry sky.

When the three major forces appeared, someone in the tenth courtyard said, “Are you so impatient to make us disappear?”.

“As assessors, you cannot expel them.”

“They did not cheat and complied with all requests.”

“Then let’s consider them as the most difficult test. Originally, the difficulty of the test in the outer universe was relatively low. With the addition of them, the difficulty this time is comparable to that of the first nine battle academies.”

“I’m afraid not many people in the outer universe can pass, maybe even none.”

“Everything is determined. If the Tenth Hospital is really allowed to withdraw from the stage, then withdraw. After all, this place is also a cage for us.”

On the way to explore the realm, Lu Yin walked out of the ruins of the mountain wall and raised his head. The last blow was extremely powerful, but it was still within the range of endurance. He turned his head and looked aside. Lulu also walked out of the ground. At the bottom of the mountain, Keke hurt. He grinned, but still carried the syringe and flew out. Seeing that Lu Yin and the others were fine, he was disappointed at first, and then happy, “As long as you are fine.”

Lulu curled her lips and said, “You just hoped that something would happen to us.”

“No” Coco shook her head immediately and carefully put the syringe away. She really hoped that the two of them would be injured so that she could get a shot, but it was a pity.

Lu Yin looked around. After experiencing the beast tide, many strange beasts went to the other end of the road. The difficulty for them to get to the end of the road was greatly reduced, and after three attacks, the cultivators who could participate in the next assessment There shouldn’t be much left, “Let’s go, we shouldn’t be far from the end.”


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