Star Odyssey Chapter 102: Cocoa

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On a giant tree a few kilometers away, a cute-looking girl looked at the battlefield through the branches, sticking out her tongue from time to time, “It’s so scary. It’s not safe here. Do you want to stay further away? No, stay further away.” There’s no time for treatment.”

When Lu Yin and Lulu arrived at the battlefield, the number of cultivators who explored the realm had increased to nearly a hundred, and they all besieged the alien beasts.

The two of them looked at the alien beast with surprised eyes, “This alien beast is quite extraordinary. It surpasses that group of people in terms of defense speed and combat experience. And can you tell, its attacks have the faint shadow of combat skills?” Lu Yin said solemnly.

Lulu grunted and clenched her fists, “It looks like it’s going to be difficult to fight. Why are these people fighting against it?”

Lu Yin’s eyes scanned the battlefield, and finally focused on the soles of the alien beast. No matter what the battle situation was, the alien beast never stepped on the raised soil under its feet, “There is something there.”

Lulu said excitedly, “We’re coming too. I don’t know how many punches this guy can take.” After speaking, she rushed out.

Lu Yin originally wanted to wait and see. He estimated that there were many strong people in the dark, and they must be waiting for the opportunity, but Lulu had already rushed out. He couldn’t watch Lulu go up alone, so he had no choice but to rush over. , secretly pay attention to your surroundings.

Nearly a hundred explorers besieged an alien beast with the ability to explore the realm. It sounded incredible, but it did happen, especially when the alien beast avoided Lulu’s punch. Lulu was really excited. This alien beast could Perceived danger.


The alien beast roared and swung its huge tail. Lulu easily avoided it. More than a dozen realm-exploring practitioners were hit. Nearly half of their bodies were broken and died immediately, while others were seriously injured and flew out.

Lu Yin was surprised. Such a ferocious attack was by no means inferior to the five-star Heavenly Star Palm.

The biggest difference between humans and alien beasts is imagination. Humans know how to create better, while alien beasts rely on their bodies and talents. Alien beasts are far more powerful than humans under the same conditions, because alien beasts are fully adapted to natural evolution, but humans think Change nature. Before nature can be changed, it will be difficult for humans to defeat alien beasts. If they want to change, they can only use talent and combat skills.

Lulu yelled, disappeared, and appeared on the back of the alien beast. She raised her right fist and punched out. The alien beast quickly turned around and bit down, trying to force Lulu to give up the attack, but Lulu had no intention of attacking in the first place. , she was creating an opportunity for Lu Yin. Lu Yin appeared above the alien beast with an air dodge, struck out with both palms at the same time, triple triple wave palms, and twenty types of heavenly beast claws.

With a loud bang, Lu Yin struck **** the top of the alien beast’s head with both palms, smashing the alien beast’s body into the ground. It was very spectacular to knock down the body that was 100 meters high. The air waves were like a tsunami and pushed away dozens of explorers. The practitioners were shocked and retreated.

Everyone looked at this scene in shock. They knew how powerful that strange beast was. Not only was it difficult to break through its attacks, but it also knew how to avoid danger. However, such a creature was knocked down by one person. It was an absolute strong man.

Lulu appeared in front of the raised soil on the ground. With a wave of her hand, she revealed a small glowing tree with several fruits on it. It was light yellow and very attractive.

“What?” Lulu was confused.

The alien beast roared and shook its head vigorously to crawl out of the ground. Lu Yin suddenly shouted, “Lulu, be careful.”

Lulu dodged with a white dodge. On the same spot, a figure appeared out of nowhere. She looked at Lulu in surprise and raised her hand to grab the small tree.

Lulu was angry and kicked him away. The figure didn’t care about the crossbar of his left arm. If Meng Yue was here, he must be familiar with this scene. This is how he was severely injured.

Sure enough, the next moment, the figure flew out.

Lulu snorted, grabbed a few fruits and left.

Lu Yin was surprised, but didn’t ask any more questions and jumped into the air.

After he left, the alien beast roared out of the ground. At this time, more than a dozen practitioners hiding in the dark came to the side of the small tree and wanted to seize it. However, they were frightened by the roar of the alien beast and avoided it at the same time. .

“How many pills did you take?” Lu Yin asked.

Lulu casually threw five fruits to Lu Yin, “There are ten fruits in total, half for each person.”

“Didn’t you get more?” Lu Yin was confused.

Lulu said seriously, “There is always a silver lining in everything, especially when it comes to natural resources and treasures. This is our family motto.”

Lu Yin nodded and didn’t ask any more questions.

At this time, dozens of people appeared around. “Friends, please share some of the things you brought,” someone said gloomily.

Lu Yin disdainfully said, “Let’s do it, let’s fight quickly.” After saying that, his body disappeared, and Lulu disappeared at the same time. The next moment, shadows of people fell from the sky like dumplings, all of them were cultivators defeated by the two. .

Many cultivators in the distance were trembling with fear, and they were secretly glad that they did not take action. It was not so simple for someone who could defeat a strange beast with one strike. He was definitely one of the strongest in this assessment.

In the distance, on the big tree, the petite girl exclaimed, “It’s so awesome. I don’t know how it compares to Sister Zola.”

So many realm-exploring cultivators are still besieging the alien beasts. From time to time, some people **** the fruits. Dozens of fruits from a small tree were picked. The alien beasts finally broke out. The condensed star energy swept across the four directions, allowing everyone to Avoid.

At this moment, the sun in the sky was frozen again, the cold breath swept across the earth, and the world became dark again.

Lu Yin and Lulu left immediately without stopping.

The **** the big tree in the distance thought for a moment and followed her.

The assessment of the Starry Sky Battle Academy is not simple. If it is just a road full of extreme weather and strange beasts, many people can pass it, especially a huge team of dozens of people. This obviously cannot filter out the elite, everyone in the starry sky. Watching with breathless concentration, the real test is about to come.

The extremely cold weather sweeping across the land still failed to stop everyone from grabbing the fruits. However, soon, everyone discovered that something was wrong. The alien beast had changed and suddenly became extremely manic. It attacked unscrupulously. It no longer even cared about the small tree and crushed it with one kick. .

Many practitioners who explored the realm were extremely angry. The next moment, roars came from all directions, more and more, whether in front or behind, there were endless beast roars spreading, like a signal, the earth began to shake.

Lu Yin stepped on the ground and his expression changed, “No, it’s a tide of beasts. Alien beasts have broken out. Hurry and hide.”

The two of them accelerated towards a mountain peak in the distance.

I don’t know when hundreds of flying beasts appeared in the sky, attacking the two of them crazily. Not only them, but all the cultivators in the air were within the attack range. After a while, blood spilled into the sky.

Both Lu Yin and Lulu had extremely fast speeds. They calmly avoided attacks and were getting closer and closer to the mountain. At this time, Lu Yin exclaimed and turned to look. It was a cute-looking girl. She should not be too old. He was about sixteen years old, his face was pale, and he was staggering to avoid attacks.

Lu Yin frowned and said, “You go first.” After saying this, he dodged towards the girl.

Lulu glanced at him and accelerated towards the mountain.


The girl yelled, fearfully watching a flying mutant beast attack. At the critical moment, she was caught by Lu Yin, held in her arms and rushed towards the mountain.

The girl gasped, leaned against Lu Yin, and carefully looked around. More and more flying beasts appeared, almost covering the sky. At the last moment, Lu Yin took the girl to the mountain and hid with Lulu. In the recessed cave, the entrance is covered.

At this time, the sky was completely obscured by flying beasts, and the originally dark land became even more bleak. Only blood dyed the ground red, and screams were heard everywhere.

Lu Yin narrowed his eyes and looked outside. This is the assessment of the Starry Sky War Academy. There are millions of candidates. This beast tide is expected to wipe out a large number of them. It is too cruel. Facing such a beast tide, no one can survive. How much, but again, those who survive are definitely the elite.

“Thank you, thank you” the girl looked at Lu Yin carefully and whispered, feeling a little uneasy and uneasy.

Lu Yin glanced at her but said nothing.

Lulu looked at the girl, then at Lu Yin, her eyes lit up, “So you like this type of person.”

Lu Yin was confused, “What?”.

Lulu laughed.

The girl’s face turned red and she whispered, “I, my name is Coco, from Xuanfeng Hall, hello.”

Lu Yin nodded.

Lulu was surprised, “Xuanfeng Hall? Inner Universe Xuanfeng Hall?”.

Keke nodded and pursed his lips, like a wounded deer.

Lu Yin looked at Lulu, “You know?”.

Lulu said, “Of course, Xuanfengtang is helpful to the world and good at healing and rescuing people. Although the number is small, it has a very good reputation in the inner universe. They study medicine like Clover Company, but with different purposes. Clover Company mainly makes money. But I don’t know about them, they feel more like they are full.”

Coco blinked, “No, I can’t hold on, we are practicing.”

“Experience to save people?” Lu Yin was surprised.

Keke expressed his gratitude in a low voice, “Master teaches that the more people you save, the better your luck will be and the longer you will live.”

Lu Yin and Lulu looked at each other, “Your master deceived you quite a bit,” Lulu couldn’t help but say.


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