Star Odyssey Chapter 1: Lu Yin


Countless cracks spread from the broken ground, black smoke obscured the afterglow of the setting sun. On the muddy road, countless people walked hard, their faces were full of despair and fear, and people fell into the cracks from time to time, crying from Never stopped.

A long line of tens of thousands of people lined up with dragons. On both sides, there is a strengthened warrior at every interval. This kind of person is called an evolutionary.

Since the sudden catastrophe of the earth half a year ago, evolutionaries have appeared one after another.

Behind the team, Lu Yin looked up and looked far away. He heard the scalp-numbing chewing sound beside his ears. With a roar, a burning tree rushed out from behind the burning tree with scarlet eyes that were two meters long. The mutant dog roared towards the team with blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

Many survivors in the team saw this scene of horror and screaming. Lu Yin’s eyes dazzled, and he drew a weird weapon from his waist. It looked like an iron rod, but one side was sharpened like a blade.

Lu Yin jumped up and chopped with one hand, and cut off the head of the mutant dog without any hindrance.

Seeing the death of the mutant dog, the team calmed down, and continued to walk forward in fear.

Lu Yin retracted the iron rod and looked at it. There were a few cracks on it. “It doesn’t look like it will last long.”

As the setting sun goes down, the earth plunges into darkness, and all the evolutionaries light up flames and spread all the way along the team, attempting to use this method to drive away mutant beasts, and the team also stopped advancing.

Going to unfamiliar places in the dark is tantamount to looking for death.

The hoarse electric current sounded, and a voice came from the walkie-talkie on Lu Yin’s waist, “The evolutionary with tail number three is looking for food, and the range is one kilometer.”

Lu Yin’s evolutionary code name is 103. He raised his head and looked at the beheaded mutant dog. He picked it up and threw it to the front of the team, “eat it.”

There was a lot of noise in the team, and then a few men stepped forward to deal with it, as they were accustomed to, even if there were human bone residues at the corner of the mutant dog’s mouth.

A mutant dog is enough for more than 20 people. Lu Yin walked out of the fire, clenched the iron rod, and walked away.

The sound of chewing in the ear has never stopped. In the dark, green eyes stared at Lu Yin. This is a mutant mouse. Although it looks ugly, the meat is edible.

Lu Yin picked up the iron rod and killed more than a dozen mutant mice.

Suddenly there was a scream, Lu Yin knew that the evolutionary was dead without looking, and he did not intend to save him. Who knows what is attacking the evolutionary, maybe it is a poisonous snake, a blood-sucking mosquito, or can bite Powerful mutant mice of broken steel, these creatures are not difficult to encounter in the wild.

The team is quiet, everyone is hiding behind the flames, as if a thin layer of flame can really protect them.

Lu Yin looked at these people pityingly, then looked up at the sky, the starry sky was so bright and bright, and the once polluted air was completely restored six months ago, accompanied by countless biological mutations, including human beings.

No one knows the reason for that mutation. It seems that overnight, the creatures have become terrifying, and many people have also become walking corpses, irrational, and devouring living creatures everywhere. Such people are called zombies.

The bodies of the remaining survivors have become stronger. Although they have not changed much, they can become stronger by swallowing the crystals in the mutant organisms. This is the evolutionary.

The earth seemed to have returned to ancient times overnight. The weak and the strong, the huge arsenal that once ruled the earth was almost destroyed. Lu Yin saw the explosion in the arsenal of his city, as if those modern weapons could not be accommodated in today’s era.

The strong wind blew across, and the blood-stained newspaper on the ground was pressed by the rocks, making a rustle.

Lu Yin picked up the newspaper and looked at the headline, “February 3, 2200, a day in the annals of history. On that day, Hua Tiankong 5 landed on Neptune, and Bai Qian became the first astronaut on Earth to explore Neptune. Neptune is a gaseous planet, that day…’, Lu Yin threw away the newspaper, and a little girl carefully handed him a piece of roasted animal leg.

Lu Yin took the animal’s leg and smiled lightly, “Thank you”.

The little girl smiled shyly and ran back to the team.

The legs of the beast are ugly. Even though they are sprinkled with seasonings, they are still very unpalatable, but Lu Yin is satisfied with his food, and he has strength only when he is full.

The flame suddenly fluctuated. Lu Yin suddenly drew out an iron rod and smashed it down, killing a mutant praying mantis that had passed through the flame. Once this mutant praying mantis rushed into the team, it would cause very heavy casualties. That pair of blades Reflecting red light, no worse than Lu Yin’s iron rod.

In one night, Lu Yin only rested for two hours, during which time he killed more than a dozen mutant creatures that tried to attack the team.

There were no casualties on his side, but other locations were different. In one section, dozens of survivors and evolvers were killed, and they were slaughtered by a huge mutant wild boar, which can launch a hard mane. , A round of attack can take away many lives, if it weren’t for the more powerful evolutionists, the casualties would be even greater.

As the morning sun rises, the team continues to move south. They are going to Jinling, to the largest gathering place in the Soviet province, where there are troops, many evolutionaries, and Zhoushan, known as the Chinese Xingsheng. .

In the half-year cataclysm of the end, many evolutionaries were born, and even the most powerful ones called the Seven Sages were born.

Although the information is not smooth now, it is still possible to communicate with each other. Not long ago, the evolvers were clearly divided into levels. They were the ordinary evolvers who had just swallowed the crystal, and the human-level ones who had the power to crush the ordinary evolvers. Those who are above that have the power to destroy the city, are called the earth-shaking-level powerhouse, can also be called the earth-level.

The top level is the Feitian-level powerhouse. As the name suggests, it can fly to the sky and is also called the sky-level powerhouse. The Seven Sages of China are the seven heaven-level powerhouses.

The last half of the year can only be divided in this way. Maybe there will be a more systematic division in a while, but the seven powerful men who can fly to the sky will always stand on top as long as they don’t die. This is also the origin of the word holy. Maybe It is also possible that countless survivors look forward to their protection, so they call it holy.

The Jinling gathering place has a holy, Xing Sheng Zhou Mountain.

The team continued to move forward. They were still more than a hundred kilometers away from Jinling, a few hours away in peaceful times. It will take at least several days now.

A few miles away from the queue, countless wandering zombies approached slowly, as if they could smell alive.

The evolvers on both sides of the team are on guard, and many evolvers have their eyes on fear. Although these zombies are not fast, they are very powerful and contain highly poisonous blood. Once they are touched, even the evolvers will fester until their mind disappears. Becoming like them, this is the scariest thing.

Lu Yin squinted his eyes, squeezed the iron rod, and it was not difficult to fight the zombies. They will always be like that. Unlike the evolutionary, which can become stronger, this is also fortunate for countless survivors. If the zombies can also become stronger, They really have no way to survive.

The biggest enemy of the current survivors is mutant beasts.

Just when Lu Yin and the others were preparing to fight the corpse group, the zombies suddenly stopped, then turned and left. Lu Yin’s heart jumped and a bad premonition surged.

The ground shook suddenly. In front of the team, a huge vine rose from the ground. The branches and leaves caught many survivors as if they were spiritual. With the desperate wailing, all the captured survivors were crushed into blood and watered. In the soil where the vines take root.

All the survivors flee in fear, even many evolvers are the same.

Lu Yin’s eyelids jumped, this mutant vine definitely reached the level of a prefecture level, not comparable to that of ordinary evolvers, even if there were some strong people in their team.

The evolvers in the team didn’t plan to fight hard, all fled to the rear, avoiding the vine range.

After a while, the vines retracted into the ground as if they were full.

Countless survivors cried bitterly and cried out desperately. Many people will have a nervous breakdown in this environment, even some evolving people are the same.

Soon, there was a hoarse electric sound, and a voice came from the walkie-talkie on the waist, “rest on the spot, Xing Sheng will personally come to pick us up.”

Hearing this news, countless people cheered. To today’s survivors, the heavenly powerhouse is like a god, as if as long as the heavenly powerhouse appears, everything can be solved.

Lu Yin is mocking, holy? He covered his left arm with one hand, and until now, half of his body was still aching, piercing pain, as if to remind him of the night’s events forever.

A whole city was abandoned, all the undestructed heat weapons were vented into the city, wailing everywhere, half of his body was burned, and what I saw back was the pair of high eyes and the dazzling golden light.

Liu Shaoge, he will never forget the man called the Light Sage, one of the Seven Sages. He experienced the ultimate pain. Lu Yin vowed to repay this pain ten times.

As the flames rose, the sky turned dark, and Lu Yin was about to rest, and there were screams and crying not far away.

Lu Yin frowned, turned his head and looked around. A hundred meters away, a few girls were surrounded by more than a dozen evolutionaries, making fun of wantonly. Many of the girls had only a little clothes left, and they cried silently.

This scene is not unfamiliar. The catastrophe of the doomsday and the sinking of human nature are normal. Lu Yin has watched it many times. How can I say that it is impossible to be protected in this environment without paying any price.

Lu Yin closed his eyes and slowed down a little.

In the distance, a young girl screamed and was slapped on the ground, “Damn, I will protect you desperately. I have played, but now I beg Laozi to play without playing, get up”.

The girl stared angrily at the evolutionary, her eyes flushed.

The evolutionists all around laughed loudly. They like this era and can play arrogantly. No one can care about them.

A gust of wind blew, and there was an extra person in front of the evolver. It was Lu Yin. At this moment, Lu Yin put an iron rod in his hand on the evolve’s neck, and said lightly “get off”.

The surroundings are silent, only the few girls crying silently.

The evolutionary threatened by Lu Yin had an extremely ugly face, gritted his teeth and said, “The surname is Lu, this matter has nothing to do with you, they are under my protection.”

“You quarreled me,” Lu Yin said lightly, pressing down on the sharp side of the iron rod. Suddenly, the skin of the evolutionary cracked and blood flowed along the iron rod.

The evolutionary was shocked, “Okay, okay, you’re cruel, they belong to you, I won’t move anymore.”

Lu Yin put away the iron rod and walked back to the spot indifferently. Many people in the team watched this scene quietly. They were used to it. Even if the girls were killed just now, no one would help. Lu Yin watched them. It seems weird.

The dozen or so evolutionists looked at each other angrily, but didn’t move rashly, Lu Yin, very strong, they knew that.

The girls ran behind Lu Yin and wanted to say something. Lu Yin closed his eyes and ignored them. They could only watch Lu Yin gratefully and sit down carefully.

Not long after, a bright-looking, revealing young woman came to Lu Yin’s side with a smile, and sternly glanced over the girls, scaring them back immediately and bowing their heads in fear.

The gorgeous woman was satisfied and sat down beside Lu Yin and blew into his ears.

Lu Yin raised his hand to pinch the woman’s neck, opened his eyes, and said coldly, “There will be another next time, die.”

The gorgeous woman’s eyes are cold and she barely smiles, “You are still so ruthless.”

Lu Yin let go and stared at the woman indifferently, “What’s the matter?”

The woman rubbed her neck and gave Lu Yin a white look, “Do you know if you offend others”.

Lu Yin didn’t answer.

The woman continued, “Zhang Tong and those people are plotting to deal with you. There are more than a dozen of them, and you are only one person. If you can’t deal with it, be careful.”

“Thank you,” Lu Yin faintly replied.

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