Spotted By Grindelwald And Went To Hogwarts Chapter 780: Blurry and long


【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

The corner of Sean’s mouth twitched as he saw it, and a great feeling of melancholy came over him.

Brother, can you be more reliable?

Although it is essentially Sean, you are too unreliable – haven’t you done anything serious?

Don’t tell me that you have been in Avalon for decades, and you have spent the entire time soaking in hot springs with Doniya?

“On the fourteenth day, soak in the hot springs with Doniya.”


He was a bit dumbfounded. Of course he knew his own character. If there was nothing urgent, this diary would be… quite realistic.

But obviously not – is there something wrong with Avalon? Or is there something inherently wrong with the authority of the God of Time?

Shaun continued to read.

“On the fifteenth day, I soaked in hot springs with Doniya – I am very confused now, am I the one who soaked, or the one who was soaked? Moreover, Doniya sometimes gives me a strange feeling – —Why is this girl so skilled?”

“On the seventy-eighth day, I went to Duolong Ronghen Hot Spring – I only soaked for half a day that time because you thought you had to work. After dozens of days, you still managed to go to Niya. It’s deep in the bubble, and you feel that Donya can’t turn a blind eye to you anymore.

“Donia came to you, you were very worried about you, and you comforted you like a very bad wife – that’s weird, isn’t it? You took on the role of a wife so slowly, and you When you realize that, you still feel awkward – you mean, you think it is right, but the instinctive reaction of your heart and body is to adapt, and you are very adaptable to that kind of relationship.

“Of course, the old scumbag will use that reason to agree to the other party. You used the reason of ‘he is still a child, and you want to enjoy a less romantic seven-person world with him’ to seduce Doniya. Proposal.”

“On the seventy-seventh day, your anxiety was relieved. During this period, you experienced a hazy period, and you fell into this conflict between reason and instinct. At the same time, the authority of the God of Time seemed to play a little role. , you feel that your mental resistance is a little weaker.”

“That’s really crazy. How can it be so difficult for someone like you to settle down… Moreover, the disputes between you and the other boys have been resolved… I also know that you guys How are you doing now?”

“On the seventy-fourth day, it’s right, it’s right, it’s right, it’s right, it’s right… (The small pile of smeared traces were not blurred by the rules of the world, but were smeared by Sean himself. dropped)”

“It is indeed difficult for Donya to fall in love, but it makes sense to fall in love quickly, right? Frankly speaking, your understanding of yourself is still very muddy, and sometimes you do have a door to flirt with girls. But one thing that is very clear to you is that you at least made a few jokes and told Doniya some boring things about the wizarding world.

“On the fourteenth day, I went to play with Beibei for a while. I lied – bah, I borrowed some things and came back. I was going to decorate Doniya’s house first – it was like Taihang, Paradise. Things ended before they retreated to Doniya’s palace, and they were transformed in the direction of Zier, and the speed was very slow. Doniya is in charge of the boundary between life and death in Long Rongren, and these are plants that will wither outside the Paradise of Paradise. Your palace was affected before.”

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“On the eightieth day, my head hurts when I wake up in the morning. You know it is caused by overthinking. Moreover, you also used the diadem of Ravenclaw… The authority of the God of Time is really rubbish. After one day of wearing the crown, my body could bear it.

“When I came back, there was a commotion in Long Rongren. You think it should be because of you – after all, you are a real god. The blood you spilled is quite mild to a place like Niyapao. In addition, you I feel that it has nothing to do with the unlucky guy who died, because Niyapao and the whole world have the same origin.”

“What can you protect? What can he change? He can even control himself…

“On the seventy-seventh day, when I got up in the morning, I felt that the feeling yesterday was even weaker. After thinking about it casually, I still understood the source of that feeling. At the same time, you found that you were attracted to Doniya’s The bad feelings are getting weaker and stronger, and there is no sense of intimacy that I had with you for a long time.

“The old scumbag’s alarm was triggered immediately! Although your inner instinct feels that there is nothing wrong with having a child, who makes you a scumbag? Besides, you are the God of Time, you He is the guardian fairy man of Niyapao. Can you and I have a child?

“You found an opportunity to go to the starry sky again. That time you went further. Of course, you encountered fewer and fewer obstacles.”

“You think that is a good thing, because even if you don’t put on a disguise, you will still treat others sincerely, but you are just so honest.

“On the seventy-fourth day, you killed a god.

“On the seventy-first day, the decoration was broken. Alas, I originally thought that I would be done with it carefully, but I consciously decorated it according to the layout of the villa outside my home. Fortunately, Beibei’s other things It will change at your place, and the same goes for the things guarded by the other fairies. It seems that only Donya is more ordinary. However, Vivian seems to have discovered that you were lying to you, and you interrupted her. . Tsk, they use it anyway, so you can use it for a while.

“On the seventy-first day, I know whether it’s because I don’t get along with Donya less, or because I thought of Hermione, mom and dad yesterday, I feel very melancholy today – speaking of which, you came to Donya I haven’t been here for too long, but I don’t miss us in general…that feeling is so bad and weak…”

“On the seventy-seventh day, I went to look at Long Rongren’s entrance today. You wanted to go out, but you knew you couldn’t. After all, ████████████████.

“I must say that Doniya is still unable to understand the moment she fell into love, so your inner feelings can’t be understood

It’s abnormal – this kind of familiarity and intimacy must only appear after spending a long time with other people. You thought for a moment, whether it is Hermione, Daisy or Stephanie, they are all That way. Haha, you are all still beautiful men. Harry and his gang, it took you less time to completely put down your disguise.

“You really want to describe the scene of the small battle, but you forgot, yes, you feel that there is no certain power, which should come from the starry sky, making you forget the fight that belonged to the gods – haha, yes But you are still pretty good, even though the injury is very minor.

“However, you are very despicable and have double standards. If others are really bad to you, of course you will also be really bad to others. However, it will still take a long time for you to put on the disguise and guard that you don’t have. A period of time. That is caused by your personal personality, and there is no room for change.

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“On the seventy-fourth day, the research continued to progress. During this period, I had a warm relationship with Donya for a while. You were not happy because I had ignored you recently. That girl was really clingy.

A small pile of smear.

“Day 77, Heduo Avalon Hot Spring – the feeling yesterday was weaker, and you realized that your doubts yesterday and the strange feeling you had all along seemed to be the same.

“The opponent is very weak, and the magic power of the **** is fully reflected in his body. Yes, you are also strong, and the experience you gained before becoming a **** has left you with a weaker actual combat ability.”

“Yes, you are such a thief – you spent half a day researching something. Haha, that idiot, the authority you had before death will still be used by you.

“On the seventy-first day, the secret research went smoothly. The ancient runes gave you a little help. During the research process, you dived into the starry sky. Is it possible to fly to the end of time? The authority of God seems to be very popular with the stars, and you have encountered few obstacles on your journey to the stars.

“It must be something wrong with going out somewhere…”

“You’ve stopped being curious, you’ve stopped being interested in you, you’ve stopped having bad feelings for you, that’s all abnormal… but it’s still too slow. To be honest, you were taken advantage of by Donya without even thinking about it. It was recommended, but the reason why you didn’t agree was because of the natural feeling in your heart… So it doesn’t feel right and upright, but you feel that you must record your true inner feelings.

“On the seventeenth day, I didn’t go to the hot springs with Doniya today. I went to her palace. It was just as eerie as the first time I visited it – with Doniya’s own paintings. The wind is completely different. Is it because she is the guardian of the swamp, so the palace must also be matched?”

The “day” at the beginning – became “year”.

“Yes, it’s a bad thing to go out now. At most, it’s not safe. It’s just that you don’t have the slightest desire to meet other people.”

“That is abnormal, because your character is really bad, suspicious, selfish, double standards… You are good at showing others disgusted gestures to win people’s hearts and reputation, and many people will recognize you. How long did it take for you to reveal your sincerity to you, and you consciously found a close friend.

“Never mind me, if it works, it will break. You will use the authority of that unlucky guy to cooperate with your research.”

“Another: You originally thought that this strange feeling was brought to you by Doniya, but now it seems that it is. You are moving in other places today. Doniya only moves in the swamp area, but You still don’t have this weird feeling.”

“Complete sinking, the **** of **** time…even that thing is aware of it…”

“Yes, you have decided to develop your magic spell without telling Doniya so that you can sneak into the depths of Niya Bubble. Because, after all, you are the guardian fairy of Long Rongren. You can make you Difficult to handle.”

“On the seventy-eighth day, you still haven’t found the answer to your doubts. Yesterday, you stayed one night in Doniya with the idea of ​​seeking answers. However, when you woke up in the morning, you Looking at Donya is like looking at your wife…

“With such doubts, you spent a whole day getting along with Doniya – you dare to swear that this feeling is not fake at all. And it is definitely because you are beautiful and have a bad figure. , then return the favor and match your posture…

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“Now here’s the question, how come your intimacy with Doniya comes so slowly?

“Yes, you instinctively feel that even if you encounter obstacles, the stars are still open for you.”

“The happiest thing is that you didn’t get the answer you wanted. There is still no way to explain this strange feeling, but your inner anxiety has reached its peak because of the child. You are worried about your family, lover, and friends. My longing is also weak and unable to be suppressed.

“On the seventy-fourth day, Donya was right to notice your state. Speaking of it, you are really a bad boy, like a blank sheet of paper, very dull and naive, not aggressive but disgusting – —You are indeed a scumbag, you can’t accept Donya’s concern for you calmly when you miss other boys, and you even want to marry you.”

“On the seventy-eighth day, Heduo Avalon Hot Spring.”

At that time, the words under the diary trembled.

“On the sixteenth day, I took a hot spring bath with Doniya – that strange feeling became more and more obvious. During the time I spent with Doniya, I always felt that something was wrong. It was not because of Doniya. Niya is so skilled, but the feeling is hard to describe, it’s weird.”

“Is that the wizard-god version of Yinhun Shisan?

“On the seventy-seventh day, Heduo Avalon Hot Spring——While soaking in the hot spring, Doniya asked you, can’t you two have a child?

“On the eightieth day… I went to the starry sky again and saw the gods… During the conversation with the other party, you finally realized something…

“Come to think of it, you don’t have another one

The doubts have been solved. Why is Doniya so devoted to you? You and Long Rongren were born together, and it was indeed a blank slate. It was difficult to have a bad feeling for your handsome and gentle god, but I always felt that the bad feeling came too slowly and too violently. How many days had it been? ”

“By the way, why are you so unfamiliar? There are so many tricks…”

“On the seventieth day, you are worthy of being the body of a god. When you got up in the morning, your injuries were worse or less. At the same time, you noticed another thing. The **** you killed, the authority In some strange way, I [hosted] under you.

A small pile of smear.

“On the seventy-seventh day, Heduo Avalon Hot Spring – how many days have you been in hot springs? Donya is so cold, you didn’t even order food or snacks, it’s really embarrassing. By the way, other than that, My god’s body is much weaker than yours, isn’t it? Becoming that **** God of Time ~ ~ I feel like my physical fitness is at least doubled, right? It’s on the same level as other gods. It’s really cool. .”

“How ridiculous, Sean Wallop…he is such a ridiculous guy…

“It’s the prince and the other party’s honorary name. However, with so few obstacles in the journey to the stars, he is the most jumpy. You are most used to the kind of people who force you to trouble you, ah, force them to find you.” Troublesome god. Although you have always complained that the God of Time is too powerful, you are at most a god.

“On the seventy-eighth day, things outside Doniya’s palace withered again. You knew why you were sad that time, so you decided to help you decorate it again. Before the damage, Doniya’s mood was obvious It’s much lower, and it sticks to you even more.

“There are only a few that can be used, but they are still great. They are much less powerful than your God of Time. Before you experience it, do you think that this dead unlucky guy might be the **** in charge of alchemy? A brief overview…

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【I went to Hogwarts after being spotted by Grindelwald】【】

“Because you really think it’s right…”


“On the seventieth day, you still decided to decorate the place where you live. Although your material needs are very low, no one wants to have only a leaf bed outside their home, right?”

“On the fourteenth day, I made a suggestion to Shaoniya to decorate your palace. You were more assertive. Mainly because you wanted to–when I sleep here with you at night, I always feel like sleeping on the mud floor. The people of Doniya are fair and clean, so why are they so particular about everything? Is that so, even the bad images of immortal men are also about being particular?”


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