Sinmonger Chapter 24: Countdown to Destruction (Part 2)



Before this blow, Samuel instinctively felt that the danger was imminent, but his snake eyes did not look at the blood owl, but in another direction.


In an instant, a beam of brilliance passed by, and a stunning figure appeared out of thin air.


Where the shadows pass, the trail of light is like a misty rain, but there is a murderous intention hidden in the bright trail.


Samael’s snake head was cut off by that flash of light, the incision was flat, and the blood was pouring like rain, like ink. The snake’s head was cut off and fell off, just in time to meet the blood owl who rushed to kill.


“It’s unnecessary.” Although the blood owl said so, the punch still slammed into Samuel’s severed head.


At this moment, from the fist face of the blood owl to the other end where the snake’s head was cut off, every inch of the snake’s head was crushed into dust by the violent energy, and the black liquid was is directly evaporated.


No matter who bears the power of this punch, surprise will be the only reaction they can make, and death is the bitter fruit they have swallowed before they can taste it.


But Samael is not human.


It’s no exaggeration to call it a demon.


Blood Owl, Lord, Shadow, Jefferson, Sean, Paperman. There were six capable people present, and no one thought the battle was over. Oh, by the way, after seeing this gang of ferocious gods and evil spirits appear together, he took the opportunity to get away and is now swimming in the sea.


Looking back at the sky, the paper storm rolled up the remaining snake body and began to nibble from the outside to the inside, and the lord used his ability to disintegrate the black snake from the inside to the outside.


Thousands of knives are not called completeness at all. To get Samael. That’s a molecular-level fight. At least it has to be in a state that is invisible to the naked eye to be considered complete.


“It’s not enough to destroy the body, the mask must be destroyed.” Blood Owl reminded.


The lord seemed to understand something in his heart. His ability did not stop, and he shouted to Jefferson: “Warden, help find the space rift.”


Jefferson had several dealings with the lord many years ago, and the other party always called him the warden, although the Tide Prison no longer exists, but the title has not changed.


“Already looking.” Jefferson replied, his quantization ability has the ability to find cracks. But the efficiency is not high, but at this moment, he is exploring quickly without hesitation.


“Don’t bother, I’m right here.” Voices sounded from mid-air, and a mirror mask floated in the sky. In that world in the mirror, a snake face speaks.


“It’s arrogant to show up by myself.” At this moment, Jue Ying has returned to its best state. Before coming here, for some reason, the lock ability of the **** key suddenly disappeared, and the energy of the **** key changed. It is also nowhere to be found.


Black liquid spurted out of the mask, and quickly turned into a complete black snake. It seems that the body was destroyed just now, which has no effect on Samuel.


“Arrogant? Hehe…his…” Samuel laughed: “I am a god. You and other mortals, what is the difference between clouds and mud?” He did not think that this situation of being besieged Meaning: “Do you want me to teach you **** me? Hehe…” He looked at the blood owl: “You need a large-scale attack of pure energy, and the strength of each energy particle must be the same as his previous one. That punch was the same or stronger, then swallowed me instantly with that energy, hissing… clear enough? Can it be done? Mortals? Hahahahaha…”


Several people turned their attention to the lord, but unfortunately, he couldn’t do it either. His ultimate move “One Inch Risk” did have this power. But to deal with a human-sized individual at most, it is meaningless to a monster the size of a black snake.


“It turns out to be that simple.” Blood Owl said, “Is that what you mean?” As he spoke, he gathered a black energy ball in the palm of his hand. At first, it was only the width and diameter of a palm. After condensing, it skyrocketed rapidly, and within a few seconds it became a black ball with a diameter of about ten meters. He was held on top of his head by the blood owl with one hand.


Samael’s laughter ceased and he was speechless as the snake froze there. At this moment, he fully realized that ten meters is called playing with fire.


What is this about? Vitality bomb? Everyone was stunned.


“Are you kidding…” Even the lord’s eyes widened, unable to believe that this was happening. If the energy of this black ball was as described by Samael just now, then the blood owl would turn it towards the center of the earth. If you throw it in the direction, it is estimated that it will run all the way to the core of the earth, causing the destruction of the earth.


“Paper Man, Sean, don’t let him fly away,” said the blood owl.


As soon as the voice fell, the paper and cobwebs in the sky gathered and contracted from different angles, controlling Samuel within a certain area. Paper Man and Sean have grudges against Blood Owl, but they all did what he said at the moment. When faced with monsters like Samael, they decided to rely on blood owls, because only monsters can deal with monsters.


“You’re bluffing…hiss…” If Samuel had sweat glands, he would have been sweating all over his body, but he still pretended to be calm and said, “Do you want to bluff me by just making an energy ball out of it? It’s just a trick that anyone with crazy abilities can play, the energy of that black ball can’t be that strong…”


“Then don’t move.” Xue Xiao grinned, already aiming at the target.


“Goo…Damn it!” Seeing that the other party was serious, Samuel didn’t dare to care so much, so he quickly turned the snake into a human shape, and a large amount of black water returned to the mirror, and the rest became the mirror face again. state, just to avoid this blow. His knowledge has long been not limited to this world, so he is very clear that an attack of this intensity will block progress in any dimension, and it is possible to tear the space, so it will never have high speed. As long as he turned back to human form, even if the black ball flew in front of him, he would have time to dodge.


Seeing the other party’s change, the blood owl sneered, and the energy in his hand suddenly dissipated: “Hmph… Another guy who claims to be a **** in front of me, but is completely stupid.”


At this moment, Jingyan understood that he had been tricked, and his heart was full of anger, but there was no chance to fight back again.


Before the mirror face moved half a step, a hand was placed on his shoulder. Jue Ying appeared behind him and said coldly, “In your current state, I know that someone can kill him instantly without leaving any dust behind.”


“Just because you want to capture me?” Mirror face didn’t know when he had a dagger in his hand, and before he could finish his words, he turned around and swept away. The speed of his sword might be difficult for even the lord to avoid. But facing Jueying, he just waved in the air, breaking a visual afterimage.


“Why capture your wrecked body.” Jue Ying replied.


After hearing the words, Jingjian was shocked to discover that his body had been dismembered, his arms fell to the ground, his legs were severed, the wound didn’t even feel any pain, and his limbs fell to the ground.


Several shadows cut people without sharp blades. Speed ​​is power. When he exerts the highest speed, he can split gold and crack stones with his fingertips, and he can cause cannonball-like damage in the distance with a single blow.


Mirror face’s torso was still floating in the air. He felt that the situation was not good and wanted to fly away, but found that the lord had also come before him.


“Blood Owl!” the lord shouted, he was clearly in front of the mirror face, but shouted to the blood owl in the distance: “Look at my move! An inch of danger!” He believed that this move was a sure-fire technique. The lord’s meaning is, let the blood owl see, if this trick was used on you just now, can you stop it.




The pearl in Cao Shuo’s hands has become dim, the potency of the Dou Shen wine is disappearing, and the energy is also unsustainable in the constant consumption. He broke the water dragon again and again in defense, but the water dragon kept reuniting. Tian Yi was just yawning in the air, looking down at the time from time to time, completely ignoring this Xing Tian’s sect master.


Cao Shuo also tried to directly attack Tianyi on the opposite side of the “dividing sea line”, but whenever he wanted to do so, the water dragon’s offensive would intensify, and there was really no way to push him back again.


“Almost…” Tian Yi said, “You should have noticed it too.”


Cao Shuo’s breath is already in chaos, which is a sign of exhaustion: “You actually gave this water dragon slightly stronger power than my moves…”


“It still changes in real time, see how kind I am. Don’t you want to test your own strength?” Tian Yidao: “I will give you a mirror, let you try it enough, how high can you raise the limit, I can immediately raise it to a level that is enough to stop and restrain you. Whether there is a battle **** wine or not, that’s all.”


“Are you despising me by not doing your best?” Cao Shuo replied.


Tian Yi shrugged, “All strength? Hahaha…” He turned his head with a smile, pointing to the sunrise behind him: “Can you see the end of the sea? How strong I am depends only on how strong my opponent is. No one can see the real limit no matter how far you look.” With a wave of his hand, all the moat and water dragons on the sea disappeared: “The time is up,” he said suddenly.


“Time?” Cao Shuo asked in confusion. At this moment, Tianyi didn’t explain why he wanted to stop him, but in the next second, Cao Shuo instantly understood.


A white light came from outside the sky, right in the middle of the sky, covering the entire floating island, straight into the sea, all matter was destroyed in this white light of’ attack, almost silent, affected The range is only covered by the light beam. Even if it is a few meters away from the edge of the light beam, it will not be damaged, but the area covered by this blow is much larger than the overlooking area of ​​the floating island. People can be spared.


“Okay, now you can do it yourself, go wherever you like.” Tian Yi said.


“You… actually…” Cao Shuo was so shocked that he couldn’t make a sentence.


“Ah, I killed them all, yes.” Tian Yi, “Is there anything else?”


“Human life is precious, how can you be despised!” Cao Shuo shouted.


“Well said.” Tianyi replied, he paused, there was only a smile on his face, no remorse or pity, he is such a person, he has always been like this, “in order to prevent you from using preaching I’m so sick of or disgusted, I’ve decided to die immediately to thank the world.” He wiped his neck with his fingers, and laughed wildly while doing it, then rolled his eyes and fell straight into the sea. (To be continued. If you like this work, you are welcome to vote for recommendation and monthly tickets. Your support is my biggest motivation.)


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