Self-cultivation of the Exorcist Chapter 721: I will replace


The voice that came out after the statue shattered inside Duke Bai Cult was cold and terrifying.

There was a hint of sarcasm in his tone.

The voice is exactly the same as that of Du Wei.

But now, Du Wei has turned into the evil spirit Du Wei, and is in a conceptual battle with the demon **** Paimeng.


It’s Heduvi.

Matthew knelt on the ground, he couldn’t see Hei Duwei’s appearance clearly, but only saw the dense black air, as if the existence that appeared at this moment was not a real entity.

This is nonsense.

Heiduwei has no entity.

Matthew is very curious about where the body of this “His Excellency the Duke” is.

The next second.

He Duwei glanced at him, and said in a strange tone: “You have the power of a demon god.”

Matthew replied: “Yes, that is the power I stole.”

He Duwei nodded, and stretched out his hand to press Matthew’s head. The latter couldn’t react at all, and his eyes widened suddenly, and they burst out violently.

“So, now return to the original owner.”

He Duwei drew the power of the Demon God from Matthew’s body.

There is also an open eye pattern on the palm of its right hand.

But it frowned.

Unhappily said: “Is there only a part?”


He Duwei walked into the darkness.

It can feel that the power that Matthew has stolen is not just this little bit, the rest of the power should be in its other body.

The location of that body.

Du Wei suspected it, but he couldn’t be sure, but Hei Duwei knew it clearly.

Because at that time, before the demon **** Lamer was exiled, the contact between He Duwei and Du Wei was not interrupted. He knew many things, and he also knew who was lying in the remaining sarcophagus.

It is another body of Matthew, or another Matthew.

At the beginning.

The substance similar to the blood of **** assimilated by Matthew is the pattern of a pair of eyes, with twin pupils, and two Matthews are derived.

One old, one middle-aged.

Middle-aged Matthew was imprisoned in a sarcophagus.

The one who did it was Ryan Hamel.

Walking in the dark.

Hei Duwei said in a low voice: “My body is about to take shape.”

Its appearance does not mean that it is hiding in a certain corner of the world.

Instead, it goes back in time, from the Victorian era to the modern day.

In fact, time itself is like this.

What existed in the past will naturally exist now, only in different forms.

It’s like a person has traveled to the past. If he can live forever, then he will definitely exist in modern times.

This is a time paradox.

In the same period, there cannot be two identical existences.

Therefore, there will be information such as the real name being deprived as mentioned in the black book.

Hei Duwei changed into a vest, and has been stalking in secret.

The vest it changed was the Duke whose real name was stripped away.

But now, it has been laid out in the past and has come to the modern age. It knows everything about Du Wei, and what it wants now is to completely take away everything from Du Wei.



Saint Bodia Cathedral, the church headquarters where no evil spirits have appeared for hundreds of years, ushered in the most terrifying and evil existence today.

Archbishop Skadi knelt before the statue of God.

The idol is split.

He looks desperate…

And here.

Kane and other hunters, as well as hunters from other places, there are more than 70 people.

These more than seventy people are all gray-haired, and they are basically old people.

Some have broken an arm.

Some lost an eye.

But everyone looked so indifferent, without any emotion in their eyes.

In the dark sky.

A figure cut through the darkness, getting closer and closer to them.

Kane looked around, and all the hunters looked calm.

“Guys, we are a desperate group.”

“We fight against the evil spirits while fighting against ourselves.”

“From the very beginning, we have no right to choose, we can only go on this road until we die.”

“Today, a terrible existence descended on the church.”

“Maybe we will all die, but this is our fate.”

All the hunters didn’t react much.

Although Kane’s words were encouraging, his tone was too indifferent. The hidden danger of evil spirit transformation had already put him on the verge of losing control.


The hunters sitting here are basically the same.

Someone said: “Needless to say, Lord Kane, when we became hunters, we already knew what was waiting for us.”

Some people say: “We choose, so we bear.”

Some people say: “The existence of hunters is hope in despair, so all the good things in the world have nothing to do with us. We don’t need pity or sympathy. Even if we die, we don’t need people to worship.”

Kane nods in agreement.

He raised his hand and shouted in a cold tone: “So, now let’s do what we should do.”

All hunters have entered the evil spirit.

They launched an attack on the blurry figure that descended.

It can be seen from a distance that the blurred figure just stretched out his hand to grab it.

So the hunter lost control of his body.

Hei Duwei’s figure became clearer and clearer.

It is like a demon god, pulling out all the hunter’s abilities.

Then glanced at Kane.

It’s like looking at ants, without the slightest emotion in their eyes.

Immediately afterwards, it passed over the group of hunters and entered a secret room underground in the church.

Two sarcophagi are placed in the secret room.

Hei Duwei beckoned, and the lid of the sarcophagus was opened.

The upper body of the middle-aged Matthew straightened up, and he looked at He Duwei in front of him with complicated eyes: “You are not Your Excellency the Duke.”

Heduwei said: “No, I am the Duke.”

After speaking, the middle-aged Matthew exploded into a cloud of blood.

On the palm of He Duwei’s right hand, the pattern of the eye opened again.

An eye within an eye.

That is, double pupils.

After Hei Duwei finished these, he turned and left: “My body is formed.”

When it left, it reached out and patted it.

The entire St. Bodea Cathedral collapsed.

Dust is scattered everywhere, and gravel is all over the sky.

Everyone was wailing and crying bitterly, and I don’t know how many people from the church died in it.

The altar underground in the church was also affected.

In other words, Hei Duwei’s shot was aimed at the altar.

The entire altar was smashed to pieces.

The pool of blood, the blood of Jesus, was also ground away.

Heduwei knows that the blood of **** is Minette’s blood.


Inside a museum.

Alex looked at a long sword in front of him.

It was a knight’s sword, but it was actually weird, and it was also Minette’s sword.

At this moment, the sword body was trembling, as if it had been waiting for many years, just for her appearance.

Alex’s eyes were bloodshot and replaced by blood red. She was originally silver-haired, but now she looked even more charming.

“Still not blocking it?”

Alex sighed as she overlapped with another figure.

She reached out and took hold of the hilt of the sword.

Another figure also reached out to hold it.

“Du Wei, I know everything now, it wants to replace you, because it is Solomon’s seventy-two pillar demon god, and it has been entangled with you for too long.”

“If you are replaced by it, then I will kill you with my own hands, or die with you.”

“As for what will happen to this world, don’t have anything to do with us.”


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