Rise From Doomsday Chapter 1444: 、One punch to kill





The sound waves were like waves, and the tiger’s roar shook the entire battlefield, and irregular distortions appeared in the void.




Dozens of players spurted blood, with no trace of blood on their faces. They looked at the ghostly white tiger roaring in the sky in horror. Just one roar of the tiger caused 60% of the players to suffer internal injuries of varying degrees. It was terrible!


The Netherworld White Tiger stared at the remaining three guest ministers, and even planned to pick three, beasts are beasts, and they don’t care how many humans there are.


“Respectfully invite the four elders to take action!” Lu Gengyang’s idea was very good, using more to bully the less, with absolute numerical advantage, to kill the Nether White Tiger, however, the reality is very cruel.


When the four Supreme Elders fell outside the city, the second, third, and fourth terrifying breaths flowed across the earth like a tide. In the depths of the dense forest, the trees fell down, and three ghostly white tigers emerged one after another. , plus the previous one, there are a total of four ghost white tigers, the entire battlefield seems to have calmed down all of a sudden, all the players are cold and even breathing!


Oh my God!


Since the establishment of “Miluo Ancient City”, it has never encountered so many level 6 monsters.


The four ghostly white tigers released their auras without restraint. The four terrifying auras collided and blended over the battlefield, causing the situation to change. On the top of the city, many players with insufficient strength vomited blood one after another, slumped to the ground, and more Some players fainted directly, their faces turned pale, even if they fainted, there was still a deep fear between their brows, and their fingers trembled unnaturally.


Without Lu Gengyang’s instructions, someone had already carried down the unconscious and injured people who could no longer fight, and the city walls were suddenly quite empty. Lu Gengyang’s face was dignified, and the four ghostly white tigers were indeed beyond his expectations. His gaze turned to the city, and a dozen figures or Yu Jian, or volleyed, or spurted.


The two leaders were Shi Daolin and Peng Xiong. The rest of them had never met, but they were strong enough to not lose to the two. Liu Wei’an’s eyes flashed, “The Ancient City of Miluo” is really not simple. With so many masters, it is even more rare that these masters are very conscious and take the initiative to take action when they encounter a crisis, rather than stand by.


The masters are rebellious, they regard themselves as high in force, they don’t ask for help, they don’t save others, and they cultivate themselves. Full of justice.


The earth-shattering loud noise came, and there was already a fight outside the city. The energy collided, and every blow had an overwhelming power. The ground was cracked, and the third-level monsters did not dare to approach. result of fracture.


When the three guest ministers dealt with a Nether White Tiger, it was only a draw. The original opponents, the three Level 4 Demon Beasts, retreated far away, lest they anger the Nether White Tiger. The four Supreme Elders were obviously weaker than the three Netherworld White Tigers. Fortunately, the addition of Shi Daolin, Peng Xiong and others turned the balance around. However, this situation did not last long. The Nether White Tiger is too powerful to attack the unparalleled.




A strong expert was hit by a paw, and the whole person flew out. After landing, he lost his breath, his chest was blurred, his ribs were completely broken, and his internal organs were all smashed. He let out a low moan. sound.




In the screams, Yu Jian’s master was bitten off by the ghost white tiger, and his body below the chest was swallowed by the ghost white tiger. Only the part above the ribs remained, and he didn’t die for a while. Chilling.




The head of the expert who used the hammer shattered, and he fell to the ground without saying a word.



The masters died one after another, and the Nether White Tiger also suffered a lot of attacks, and there were several wounds on his body, but the Nether White Tiger was a monster with thick skin and thick flesh. His fierceness, roaring in the sky, his eyes shooting out divine light, faintly reddish, faster and more powerful.




Because Shi Daolin’s reaction was a little slower, he was slammed by the claws of the Netherworld White Tiger, and one of his left arms disappeared. The fracture was as smooth as a mirror, and the Netherworld White Tiger’s claws were terrifyingly sharp.


Shi Daolin didn’t say a word. He tied his broken arm with a ribbon to stop the bleeding. He stared at the ghostly white tiger with a chilling expression. The stone knife in his hand was glowing with green light.


Seeing that Shi Daolin was injured, some masters began to back off. Lu Geng raised his brows and whispered a few words to a follower beside him. The direction is the location of the Lu family’s mansion.


At this time, among the four supreme elders of the Lu family, the eldest elder let out a scream and staggered back a dozen steps. After all, he couldn’t stand still, and he sat on the ground slowly. Slowly stopped breathing. Everyone was horrified to find that there was a hole in his vest, which was transparent from front to back, and blood was gurgling. There should have been a beating heart in that position, but now it was gone.


The elder Taishang was already invincible, and if one died, the rest would be no match, but the Netherworld White Tiger became more and more mad, the tiger roared again and again, and in an instant, three more masters were injured. A master snorted, one leg was missing, and he had only one leg left. His movements were inevitably unbalanced, and when he realized that something was wrong, he slashed with a backhand and slashed in the blank. When the blade fell, the ghostly white tiger came as promised.


I have to say that a master is a master, and his reaction speed and combat experience are top-notch. If he hadn’t encountered the Nether White Tiger, the one who died would definitely be a monster, but it was the Nether White Tiger.




The incomparably sharp platinum heavy knife chopped off hundreds of hairs that were harder than pure gold, and cut a three-foot-long incision in the head of the ghostly white tiger. .


“Be careful—” Several masters exclaimed anxiously, and three swords and two swords broke through the air, but it was too late, the Netherworld White Tiger had already opened its **** mouth.


At the critical moment, everyone felt a murderous aura erupting from the city, and they turned their heads to look at each other.




The sound of arrows rubbing against the air resounded throughout the audience. It was thrilling. The sky-shattering rainbow pierced through the void outside the city.


The Nether White Tiger suddenly stood still, and its wide open mouth couldn’t close, as if someone pinched its neck. After a while, the Nether White Tiger’s hooves softened and he fell heavily on the ground.




The ground shook for a while, and then he looked at the Netherworld White Tiger. It had lost its breath, and its reddish eyes had turned gray. The battlefield suddenly quieted down, not only the players’ heartbeats stopped, but the monsters were shocked.


One shot and killed a ghostly white tiger, instant kill!


With the death of the Netherworld White Tiger, the terrifying aura faded like a tide, and the resulting void caused some third- and fourth-level beasts to feel restless.


The master with a broken leg touched his head, and then looked at the dead white tiger, his expression was both fearful and happy, and even more shocked.


On the top of the city, Liu Wei’an was somewhat relieved, but also somewhat dissatisfied. He was relieved that the platinum arrow was indeed domineering, but he was dissatisfied that there was only one. want to live.




Lu Gengyang let out a long sigh of relief, and now he realizes that he truly understands the reason why the ancestor was unwilling to make enemies with Liu Wei’an. What the ancestor feared was not Liu Wei’an’s potential, but Liu Wei’an’s current strength.


He believed that the strength of his ancestors would definitely be able to kill the Netherworld White Tiger, but to kill it with one arrow in such a clean and quick manner, I’m afraid, I’m afraid, no!


“The Netherworld White Tiger is handed over to me!” Liu Wei’an’s voice was not loud, but it spread throughout the entire battlefield, and then everyone saw that the sky suddenly darkened and then lit up again, a cloud of silver like a The scorching sun shone in the sky.




Under the fierce sunset, the place where Haoran disappeared was the head of the Netherworld White Tiger. The restrained energy erupted, and the head of the Netherworld White Tiger suddenly fell softly, like the erect body of the sea suddenly lost its strength and turned into Yan eggplant.




The huge body of the Netherworld White Tiger smashed to the ground, and the ground shook violently. The Netherworld White Tiger’s four hooves were still twitching unconsciously, but the breath was gone, and strands of red blood overflowed from the nostrils and mouth. Come.


He killed the Netherworld White Tiger with one punch. Peng Xiong, who was close at hand, gasped, and his back was covered in cold sweat. He remembered the scene of provoking Liu Wei’an at the Stone Casino~IndoMTL.com~ I only know now, I don’t know how many times I have walked before the gate of hell.


“The Great Judgment Fist!”


Under the horrified gazes of the masters, Liu Wei’an took the initiative to rush towards the Netherworld White Tiger, and the two sides met in mid-air. At the moment when they were about to collide, everyone was surprised to find that Liu Wei’an was gone, replaced by a group of Silver light, the light tapped on the head and eyebrows of the Nether White Tiger, and then disappeared. Liu Weian, who reappeared, fell to the ground. After a few seconds, the Nether White Tiger fell from the air, and the terrifying aura faded like a tide. .




When the Netherworld White Tiger smashed into the ground, all the breath just faded away and nothing was left. The Netherworld White Tiger’s eyes were shedding blood and tears, and it was no longer alive.


The ordinary masters on the top of the city couldn’t see anything, but Shi Daolin, Peng Xiong, and the Supreme Elder of the Lu family were all horrified. Liu Weian punched, seemingly without waves, but in fact all All the energy is introverted, hidden in the fist, and not leaked at all. It is easy to say, but it is not easy to do. They can’t do it for hundreds of years, but Liu Wei’an did it.


The advantage of this is that it can turn ten percent of power into lethality. They thought that only legends existed in this realm, but Liu Wei’an brought legends to reality.


Not paying attention to everyone’s horrified eyes and ups and downs, Liu Wei’an delivered a third punch. The fist touched the head of the Netherworld White Tiger lightly, and they separated immediately. Then everyone saw the Netherworld White Tiger as if he was drunk. Shaking from side to side, the last end was picked on the ground, smashing a black armored wolf into serious injuries.


Three punches, killing three ghostly white tigers, the shadows shrouded over everyone’s heads dispersed.


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