Returning after 10000 Years Cultivation Chapter 3107: :Red face and white face

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“Qiluo, I didn’t expect you to be a drunkard who doesn’t care about drinking!”

The fire dragon elder laughed.

The red-bearded old ghost was also stunned, but then he realized that Yan Qiluo seemed to be using a long knife to break through Jin Yan’s formation mask, but in fact, he was using the long knife to cover up and inject demonic energy into the mask. among.

Really thoughtful.

“Damn it, Yan Qiluo, you vicious woman!”

Seeing his brother being infected by demonic energy, Jin Shuo was so angry that he cursed.

At this time, Jin Yan was surrounded by endless demonic energy, and his whole body seemed to have fallen into magma, and he was in excruciating pain.


Jin Yan roared angrily and dispersed the formation mask around him.

He was in a state of embarrassment and looked around at everyone fiercely, “Since you are seeking death, I, the sect leader, will send you on your way first!” “This Jin Yan is so angry that he may want to stab us!”

The red-bearded old ghost’s voice trembled slightly and he was shivering.

“Then we will take control of the city defense formation of Lieyang City, and then buy time for the master!”

With that said, the fire dragon elder was about to take action.

“I’m afraid it’s useless!”

Luo Qingyun shook her head.

Everyone looked at Luo Qingyun.

Luo Qingyun explained: “This formation is so complicated that even Jin Yan can’t completely control it in a short period of time, let alone you?”

This “you”, of course, refers to Yan Qiluo and Elder Fire Dragon.

The two of them were silent. What Luo Qingyun said was absolutely correct.

Why is Jin Yanxiu so profound?

Even he can’t completely control it in a short period of time, let alone them?

“Are we just waiting to die?”

Yan Qiluo gritted his teeth, his face full of reluctance.

“The master is in danger because of us. We can all die, but the master cannot die!”

Elder Fire Dragon is a straightforward person. If he has any ideas, he will speak them out immediately.

Luo Qingyun frowned slightly.

The reason why she appeared in Yanzhou was entirely because she followed Jiang Tian.

This matter of Lieyang Sect really has nothing to do with me.

But in front of everyone, she couldn’t say much.

Can only remain silent.

The red-bearded old ghost felt that he had been wronged.

The reason why he returned to Yanzhou in the first place was entirely because of Jiang Tian’s instructions.

Unexpectedly, not long after he appeared, he was caught by Jin Yan.

Not only that, he was almost killed by Jin Yan.

But even so, with Jiang Tian pressing down on him, he didn’t dare to say anything.

“If it doesn’t work, just fight him!”

A look of determination appeared on Yan Qiluo’s charming face.

Luo Qingyun frowned. As the head of a sect, she often thinks about problems much more than those elders.

Now there is only half a stick of incense left before Jiang Tian can regroup his physical body.

It would be too unworthy to fight to the death now.

We have to find a way to hold Jin Yan back.

“It seems that the only thing left today is death!” the red-bearded old ghost said in frustration.

Luo Qingyun frowned slightly.

The red-bearded old ghost said these discouraging words at this time, which will not help the situation at all, and will also make Yan Qiluo and Elder Fire Dragon lose confidence.

It’s really going to hold you back.

She was about to look away from the red-bearded old ghost, when she suddenly frowned and said:

“Old ghost with a red beard, everyone has tried their best to stop Jin Yan. It seems you haven’t, right?”

After the words fell, the eyes of Yan Qiluo and Elder Fire Dragon all fell on the red-bearded old ghost.

“It’s good that I have advanced cultivation, but trying to stop Jin Yan is nothing more than a dream!”

The red-bearded old ghost spread his hands and said in a very embarrassed tone.

“I don’t care, now it’s your turn!”

Luo Qingyun didn’t give the red-bearded old ghost any chance to refute.

Now as long as it lasts for half a stick of incense, it will be possible to make a comeback.

“Senior Hongxu, now is not the time to talk about this. The only one left among us who has the strength to fight against Jin Yan is you!”

Yan Qiluo begged: “Senior Hongxu, please!”

“Hongbeard, don’t you want the master to live?”

The fire dragon elder said coldly.

One of them is a good guy and the other is a bad guy, hoping to get the old man with a red beard to take action.

“How could I not want the master to live?”

The red-bearded old ghost frowned and said in a rogue manner: “But I really can’t do it!”

No matter what people say, I just don’t want to do this.

“Hongxu, aren’t you afraid that Jiang Tian will come to settle the score with you after he condenses his body?”

Seeing that Jin Yan had dispersed the formation patterns and demonic energy all over his body, Luo Qingyun scolded in a deep voice.

“Even if the master kills me, I can’t do it!”

The red-bearded old ghost squatted on the ground and hummed: “I am gone, and I am no longer the enemy of Jin Yan!”


Luo Qingyun was so angry that her face turned red when she saw that Jin Yan refused to eat.

Is this hurdle really insurmountable?

In the void, Jiang Tian frowned slightly.

The red-bearded old ghost tried to escape several times, but he was not ignorant.

On the contrary, he has always seen it in his eyes, and even waited for the end of this battle to settle the score with the red-bearded old ghost.

But now, we can only rely on the red-bearded old ghost.

“Hong Xu, as long as you can stop Jin Yan from burning incense for half a minute, I can help you lift the restriction in your body and set you free!”

At this time, Jiang Tian’s voice fell from the void, “Not only that, I can also make you the Supreme Elder of Lieyang Sect, how about it?”

As the saying goes, the emperor is not short of hungry soldiers. If he wants his men to fight with their lives, he must provide enough benefits.

Jiang Tian, ​​who has returned from cultivating for thousands of years, naturally understands this truth.

“Master, this is true!”

The red-bearded old ghost was stunned and jumped up excitedly.

Ever since he met Jiang Tian outside the secret land, he has been living in Jiang Tian’s shadow.

I always feel like there is a pair of eyes staring at me, tingling all over my body.

Now Jiang Tian not only agreed to lift the restrictions on him, but also allowed him to become the supreme elder of Lieyang Sect!

Wealth can be obtained through danger. This overwhelming “wealth” must be fought for with one’s life!

“You think I’m kidding?”

Jiang Tian’s voice suddenly became cold.

The red-bearded old ghost’s heart trembled, he nodded and bowed with a smile: “How dare you, how dare you, since the master said it, so what if the red-bearded man risked his life?”

“Don’t worry, Master, the red beard will definitely delay the time of this golden flame and half a stick of incense!”

Looking at the fawning look of the red-bearded old ghost, Luo Qingyun and the others were stunned.

The three of them were talking about the red face and the bad face. Their mouths were dry and Hong Xu didn’t agree.

Who knew that as soon as Jiang Tian opened his mouth, the red-bearded old ghost immediately agreed.

This awareness is really too big!

“Hmph! You want to delay me for half a stick of incense, Hongxu, do you have the ability?”

At this time, Jin Yan paid a heavy price and finally dispelled the demonic energy surrounding him, staring at everyone coldly.

“Jin Yan, when I started practicing, you were not even born yet!”

The red-bearded old ghost raised his foot and stood up in the air. He put his hands behind his back and sneered: “I was just playing with you before. Do you really think that I am not your opponent?”

“Oh, don’t you have any trump cards?”

Jin Yan’s tone was filled with sarcasm.

“What do you think!?”

The red-bearded old ghost sneered, put his hands behind his back and stared at Jin Yan coldly: “Jin Yan, do you dare to make a bet with me?”

“What to bet on?”

Jin Yan was sure that everyone was no match for him, so he didn’t panic.

The red-bearded old ghost said calmly: “I bet on whether you can catch me!”

“Ha! Hongxu, how many times have you been caught by me, and you still dare to bet on this?”

Jin Yan sneered.

“Since you don’t dare to gamble, forget it and get out of here!”

The red-bearded old ghost waved his hand in disgust.

“Brother, this old guy probably has some trump card, you must be careful!”

Jin Shuo looked at the red-bearded old ghost and reminded him in a deep voice.

“Does this old man with a red beard really have a trump card?”

Luo Qingyun frowned and asked.

“The red-bearded old ghost has lived for tens of thousands of years, how can he not have the ability to save his life!” Yan Qiluo said with certainty in his tone.

The fire dragon elder nodded slightly and said: “That’s right!”

“Okay, this sect leader will bet with you! But you must know that if you lose, you will be dead!”

Jin Yan’s tone was unprecedentedly cold, and then he raised his hand and waved, and a ray of fire struck at the red-bearded old ghost.

“Oh my God!”

The red-bearded old ghost was so frightened that he turned around and ran away.


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