Restricted Doomsday Syndrome Chapter 2233: Fleet Transformation



The beam of light that pierced the battlefield left a deep crack on the barren battlefield. The structure around the crack was degraded by some weird force and became as soft as mud. As soon as the super-giant body life was shot down, the heavy body began to sink, but within the time of breathing, the part below the knee was buried by the degraded structure. Its humanoid body loses its center of gravity, but the next moment, this huge body rises upward.


Like a white dwarf star, the super-compressed solid giant loses its gravity, suspended in mid-air, with a heavy and light contradiction, giving people a huge impact, just like seeing those huge planets rotating along their orbits in the universe-huge The silhouette of occludes the light cast from above from an unknown height, and the shadow expands on the battlefield, extending to the distant lunar repeater with a fuzzy outline.


At this moment, the Nazi’s lunar repeater sinks into the dark curtain like a lunar eclipse.


The Universe Joint Experimental Fleet is like a leaf being beaten by a huge wave, and the mysterious experts staying in it are almost unsteady. The weird force penetrates the protective layer of the fleet, and the strands spread through the ship, which has a little impact on everyone, creating different illusions in their perceptions and feelings. Fortunately, each of them bears it. After more severe trauma, the current blow is not enough to drive them crazy.


“This is–?” Someone has recovered, and when he looked at the screen, he couldn’t speak for a while.


In the sight he could see, the super-giant body life made people feel no chance. The huge body was like a huge mountain range in front of the fleet. Can oneself and others climb over this mountain range? He couldn’t find the answer in his heart. He didn’t even want to think about this kind of thing, as long as he thought about it for a while, that kind of helpless despair would continue to destroy his will.


His instinct, his reason, all his thinking and judgment abilities are warning him.


He subconsciously searches for the beam that saved the entire universe joint experimental fleet before, just like grabbing the last straw, he is also unwilling to imagine too much, for fear that the answer is not satisfactory.


However, when he saw the scene traced on the screen clearly, the flames of hope ignited again deep in his heart.


One after another ray matrix blooms on the screen, just like opening doors. Every mystery expert is familiar with huge outlines passing through these doors and rushing from above the side of the Universe Joint Experimental Fleet. Up here.


“Sanxian Island!!!” he cried: “It’s Sanxian Island! It’s Gaochuan!”


All the awake mysterious experts could not help but raise their heads, as if the ship itself is responding. The thick armor is becoming transparent, showing a panoramic view in a more immersive way. Everyone It’s like standing in the air. The red light warning that kept flashing and beeping ceased, and a fine and long mechanical sound-that is the sound made by the most familiar man-made machinery in their common sense-was echoing in every ship.


Whether it is the sound of stopping or ringing, the light of hope in the mystery expert’s heart is brightened, letting them know that they have not failed. A real person who can lead everyone to meet the final war, finally caught up.


“Sanxian Island!”




As if stepping on clouds and rainbow lights, it slowly approached the huge outline of the Universe Joint Experimental Fleet, which was bigger than the Sanxian Island in the memory of mystery experts. The overall shape has also changed drastically, but these changes are all It didn’t stop them from realizing what this big guy who returned to the team was. They do not perceive their identity by appearance, but from the humanistic beauty emanating from this completely different shape-although it is the elegant beauty embodied in Asian culture and art, it can also represent humanity. civilization.


The system of the Universe Joint Experimental Fleet has already operated on its own, and a high-privilege application from outside has awakened all ship functions except for “executing engineering components.”


——New permission access, approved, Valpus Night “Witch VV” completed registration.


——The second-level authority passed, the entire dock popped up, and the temporary engineering renovation was completed in three seconds.


——Warning, the highest level of authority has been invaded, and temporary data hedging has been detected… against… hedging… the firewall is off… off…


——After the correction of the highest authority is completed, the firewall will restart within one second.


Each ship of the Universe Joint Experimental Fleet has opened its hull from the side, and small unmanned spacecrafts are scattered like fish eggs. Before landing, they hatch into huge schools of fish and fly over the battlefield. Cruising. They circled the fleet for half a circle, and rushed towards the super-giant body life.


The super-giant body life seems to be still adjusting itself. The red-hot lines entwining its body constantly burst into flames. It moved its arms slightly, and the fish spaceship rushing towards it was suddenly dissipated by the invisible huge waves. The dense fire light made the shadow that enveloped the entire battlefield faded for a while. However, under its feet, the degraded structures that were as soft as mud quickly decomposed, and the gray mist began to fill the entire battlefield. Even the impact of the super-giant body life could not completely disperse the gray mist.


When it slapped again in the direction of the joint experiment fleet of the universe, the entire fleet shattered like a phantom. It could not hit anything. The huge shock wave stirred in the gray fog, but The fog has become denser and denser.


On the battlefield where a layer was cut off, in the gray fog in all directions, some small silhouettes emerged. They multiplied rapidly, and within a few breaths, they became a large group.


The security guard, who looks like a human but crawls forward with a weird shape, is more like a human, but is fierce and evil Nazis, once again filling the battlefield with large-scale swarms.


The war has restarted.


The mysterious experts in the Cosmos Joint Experiment Fleet did not have the mind to pay attention to the changes on the battlefield. Everyone returned to their posts and assisted in the merger of Sanxian Island. They had experience because Sanxian Island was originally a joint cosmic experiment. A member of the fleet, they also have tools, “executive engineering components” can complete tasks that cannot be done under normal circumstances.


This time, they will not only reintegrate Sanxian Island, but also integrate the new Valpus Night “Witch VV”. The biggest difficulty is the access to the new Valpus Night. The mystery experts are not familiar with this once one of the three giants of doomsday truth. Of course they know the name “Witch VV”, but they don’t have many opportunities for direct contact. What’s more, today’s Witch VV has obviously changed in shape.


In any case, no one will give up this cooperation even if the collaborator is a former enemy. They need hope, strength, and possibility. They once put their hope on the former Valpus night “Sha”, but “Sha” failed to respond to this expectation, and it even collapsed earlier than the space joint experimental fleet.


The plan once envisaged had to be revised due to changes in the actual situation. The desperate charge of the Joint Space Experimental Fleet has become impractical, and Sanxian Island seems to have cancelled the plan for independent operations. Therefore, the survivors can again try to complete the ideal universe joint experimental fleet’s strongest form:


The Universe Joint Experimental Fleet with executive engineering components is no longer a dispensable The ship carries many mysterious devices with unknown functions. It is these devices that make the fleet in the universe. And the moon Nazis played a matchless back and forth. Now these mysterious devices seem to be out of order, but it does not mean that they are ineffective. They are actually still working, otherwise the Universe Joint Experimental Fleet will not be able to rampage on this mysterious and complex battlefield, and will survive to the present.


Every mystery expert believes that his fleet has greater potential that has not yet been tapped. It is also a last resort to use collisions to assault the lunar repeater. They hope to trigger this collision through this collision. Kind of potential. Now that Sanxian Island and Valpus’ Nights join in, there is obviously a better way:


Just like what Sanxian Island did in the past, with Sanxian Island as the core, all ships are deeply integrated, and then through the night of Valpus and the execution of engineering components to awaken those sleeping mysterious devices. In the past, there was only Sanxian Island, which failed to achieve the ideal situation, but now with a full cooperation of Valpus night, there is greater hope.


Pipeline access, lever access, system access, function access, mysterious access-in just a few seconds, the space joint experimental fleet went from a real physical structure to a non-specific spiritual consciousness. They are all undergoing some kind of unspeakable transformation.


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