Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 1363: Meat will never die



There is no doubt about the preciousness of congenital spiritual treasures, not to mention the cultivators of the immortal Tao, who have traveled through countless star fields in the thousands of universes, and the powerhouses of any world have a strong pursuit of innate spiritual treasures.


It’s just that ordinary high worlds can only give birth to one or two innate spiritual treasures. Even in a big world with strong origins, it is impossible to give birth to too many innate spiritual treasures.


As for the floods, that is the exception!


As the place where Pangu opened the sky to break the chaos and end an era, and when he opened up the Great Desolation, he buried too many chaotic gods and demons here. It is only by combining the corpses of many chaotic gods and demons and the Great Desolation of the Great Dao, it is possible to nurture the future. A congenital treasure beyond other worlds.


But even so, many strong people in the prehistoric wilderness still have a very strong desire for innate spiritual treasures.


After all, there are too many great powers in the Great Wilderness, and most of the innate spiritual treasures have been occupied by the powerhouses born in the ancient and ancient times.


But now, the precious and unusual innate spiritual treasures in the outside world have been destroyed one by one by Qin Feng, and they have been integrated into his own Taoist magical powers to enhance his own strength!


At this time, his conventional combat power has reached a very terrifying level. After combining the two spiritual treasures containing the Innate Divine Thunder, he can play the power of the twenty-eighth Innate Dao Ban with a single palm of his hand.


After the innate divine cone containing the breaking law is integrated into the magical power of the broken air finger, a single finger can pierce the barrier of a higher world’s protection, and integrate the town boundary stone tablet of a big world into the shaking In the Heavenly God Fist, with one punch, he can unleash the power of the 33rd Innate Dao Ban.


In addition, he also integrated a solar furnace into the flame supernatural power, so that his flame supernatural power has the power to burn everything, and integrated the vine of creation into the law of life, relying on this spiritual treasure to give him endless vitality. , has a stronger power of creation, and integrates a strange innate spiritual treasure called soul babble into the curse magic power, so that his curse power rises straight up!


Even the shadow-transforming supernatural power, which is no longer in use, possesses the magical power of the twenty-fourth innate Taoist forbidden under the blessing of a shadow-type innate spiritual treasure. If he is invisible, even if he is a saint. If you don’t care, you may not be able to see through his hiding place.


As for Ruyi’s Spiritual Transformation Gold Wind, it is even more of a priority.


This is not only the first supernatural power he has mastered since he cultivated, but also the most powerful of all supernatural powers. In the past, it was also the supreme Taoist technique of Yin and Yang, which was evolved from the “Heaven and Earth Crossing Yin and Yang Great Compassion Fu”. The grinding disc pressed down.


In order to transform this magical power into a stronger state, he did not hesitate to turn around in the void for a long time, and finally found a wind-type innate treasure with unparalleled power in line with his mind.


Even if the person who held the innate treasure was a supreme powerhouse, he did not hesitate at all, so he had to kill it even if he suffered some injuries, and finally regained the treasure.


This is a treasure with thirty-eight levels of innate Taoism. The body is a pair of black wings. Once fanned, it will set off an endless storm, fanning out endless gusts of wind. The stars are dim and the sun and moon are dull. , even the stars can be blown into dust!


After merging the pair of innate divine wings into Ruyi Spirit Transformation Golden Wind, the power of this already tyrannical supernatural power skyrocketed, and it suddenly became a supreme supernatural power comparable to the forty-four levels of innate power forbidden. It’s only a step worse than the Yin-Yang Great Grinding Plate.


But it’s tyrannical enough, after all, Ruyi Hualing Jinfeng doesn’t have the “Heaven and Earth Crossing Yin and Yang Great Compassion Fu” to bless it.


Although it is really distressing to destroy such innate treasures, it is extremely satisfying for Qin Feng, who is addicted to the process of strength growth.


He took out the innate spiritual treasures one by one, relying on the destruction law of the world-destroying black lotus to destroy many spiritual treasures, and took the opportunity to integrate them into his own Taoist magical powers.


After raising the power of Xiantian Ruyi’s Spiritual Transformation Golden Wind, he reached out and grabbed it again, and took out a stick that was as heavy as a mountain and pitch black!


Of course, these sticks are not ordinary things, but a giant pillar that naturally derived from the formation of a strange big world!


The big world is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is the heaven, and the lower layer is the earth. The middle is supported by these giant pillars. However, later the world was attacked by the strongest army led by a chaotic **** and demon, and the heaven was destroyed. The boundary of the earth was broken, but the giant pillar that supported the sky was not damaged in the slightest, and was regarded as a treasure.


This treasure can be big or small, long or short, heavy or light. It can not only be transformed into a giant pillar to support the sky, but also can pierce the sky with a stick, smash the earth, and destroy the mountains. Even more indestructible.


Thinking about it is right, even the Great World Destruction has never been damaged, which shows how strong it is.


However, Qin Feng was having a hard time holding this stick for a while. What kind of magical powers should this dark baby be integrated into?


If you just look at its power, it is really suitable for several supernatural powers, but he does not care too much about those supernatural powers, and feels that it is overkill to integrate these forty-two innate treasures.


After a long while, Qin Feng finally decided to integrate the stick into his body instead of integrating with some magical power.


Although he was also proficient in the supernatural power of changing the size and size in the early days, it was only later that this supernatural power was promoted to the law of heaven and earth.


Qin Feng feels that Fa Tianxiangdi is tyrannical, but the foundation of this tyranny is based on the strength of his own body. Only when the body is tyrannical, will he have stronger power after casting Fa Tianxiangdi.


If you simply integrate this treasure into the dharma, heaven, and earth, it will certainly increase the power of this magical power, but if you die, it will only increase a bit.


But it will be different if he is integrated into his own body. Every time his body increases one point of strength, his power will increase to 10 points after casting the magic, so only by integrating into his body can the effect of this treasure be maximized!


Thinking of this, Qin Feng no longer hesitated, and immediately began to sacrifice the Optimus Pillar, and then continued to manipulate the world-destroying black lotus to exert force!


That is to say, the grade of the world-destroying black lotus is high enough, the power of the forty-eight innate treasures, and this treasure is the ultimate treasure of destruction derived from the unwillingness of chaos when it was destroyed. The original intention of its birth was to destroy the world and destroy it. The universe, let the world return to chaos.


Rahu, the ancestor of the devil, also obtained this treasure directly because his mind was extremely compatible with the world-destroying black lotus.


It’s a pity that Luo Huqi missed a move. He failed to destroy the prehistoric land twice, nor did he return the universe to chaos. Instead, he was frustrated everywhere, and even himself was trapped in the Sword of Immortal Zhuan and lost this treasure. .


Now the world-destroying black lotus is in the hands of Qin Feng, because he successively urged him to destroy the innate spiritual treasure, and he immediately got any of the world-destroying black lotus. Qin Feng, who has completely sacrificed, completely controls all the power of this innate treasure.


In this way, under the destructive power of the world-destroying black lotus, even though this giant pillar with forty-two layers of innate Taoism is said to be indestructible and supports the sky, it will eventually be damaged under the destruction law of the world-destroying black lotus. The body began to collapse, the power of the law was crumbling, and Qin Feng took the opportunity to incorporate it into the body, refining the forty-two Innate Dao Bans into his own supreme Innate Dao body.


Even he didn’t even let go of the body that began to shatter after the power of the law was pulled away. He swallowed it directly into his stomach, used his stomach to evolve the yin and yang grinding disc, gradually absorbed and refined it, and absorbed the energy of the Optimus Pillar’s body to continue. Tempering the physical body really squeezed the benefits of this treasure to the extreme.


But as a result, his physical body also became extremely tyrannical.


After the forty-two Innate Dao Physique, which was originally powerful, gained the forty-two Innate Dao Forbidden, I am afraid that its strength is not weaker than the Innate Treasure of the 48th Innate Dao Forbidden power.


Although it can’t be compared with the Primordial Realm, which is immortal, it is similar. Even if the universe is destroyed and returns to chaos, with his tyrannical body, he can resist hard times and never die. I am afraid that one step can break the shackles and prove the Dao with strength.


At this point, even if it is hit by the innate treasure, it will only be regarded as a Even Qin Feng thinks that even if he goes to the Zhuxian Sword Formation, he can resist for a while without being damaged!


Of course, I’m just thinking about it, but it won’t really swell to the extent of going to the Immortal Execution Sword Formation to seek death.


At this time, under the control of the four Primordial Saints, the power of the Immortal Execution Sword Formation has reached an unrivaled level. No matter how strong his physical body is, it is impossible to carry it all the time. Even Luo Hu is not an opponent of the Immortal Execution Sword Formation. I haven’t proven Dao Primordial yet!


It’s just that the treasure of the forty-two innate Taoist prohibitions can make him improve so much. If the Chaos Clock, one of the three great treasures of the Great Desolation, is integrated into his body, how powerful should it be?


He took out the Chaos Clock and glanced at it, then gave up the idea.


You must know that this is not only one of the three great treasures of the Great Desolation, but even in the endless universe, it is a treasure that ranks in the forefront.


Besides, even if he wants to merge, it’s impossible!


Because the Chaos Clock is the supreme treasure of the forty-ninth innate Taoist consummation, it has the characteristic of being indestructible.


Although the world-destroying black lotus is a world-destroying treasure born when the chaos is broken, it embodies the last bit of luck in the chaos era, but it is also suppressed by the great universe, which makes it unsatisfactory when it was born. The last level of Dao Ban failed to become the supreme treasure, but it did not have the power to destroy the Chaos Bell!


However, Qin Feng doesn’t care, it’s already very powerful to be able to do it now!


Just as he took out an innate spiritual treasure and was about to continue to fuse and enhance the power of other Taoist magical powers, he suddenly sensed a wave from outside the cave.


With a swept away, it was Taixuan Patriarch who cast a spell and sent a sound transmission to inform him that the war was over and that the saints had returned, and he was going out to meet him.


Qin Feng did not dare to neglect, took back the spiritual treasure, got up and left this cave, and fled to the sky with the ancestors of Taixuan and Zulong, Yuanfeng, and Xingtian.


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