Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 1147: Taiyi was terrified



69 net 69, the fastest update of the beasts and heavens! The Xuanxian elders of the Royal Beast Sect have advanced to so many golden immortals, and of course the original golden immortal elders cannot stay where they are.


Especially the ancestor of the turtle spirit!


Although this ancestor has been slow to enter the realm due to his cultivation of the Way of Heaven, he has accumulated a lot of knowledge, coupled with the many divination methods collected from all walks of life, which inspired him to explode.


The ancestor of the turtle spirit was originally a top-ranking powerhouse among the celestial warlocks. He is one of the indispensable talents of Bi Luo, and will naturally receive special treatment. The sect does not hesitate to use resources. Elder Xian can get the innate source to cultivate, and of course the ancestor of the turtle spirit will not be less here.


So after years of accumulation and cultivation, the ancestor of the turtle spirit has crossed the peak of Jinxian and achieved the eternal realm.


The elder Liuling and Liu Xuanling were also promoted to Eternal.


Although their time to achieve immortal golden immortals is not too long, these two female immortals have accumulated rich experience.


It goes without saying that Liu Xuanling, an elder and a fellow practitioner of Liu Dao, spent hundreds of thousands of years in the Abandoned Land, and his accumulation in the Xuanxian realm is even more than that of Liu Ling, even if he thinks he has accumulated rich Long Qian Compared with Liu Xuanling, the elder is also a bit worse.


So when the two girls were in the Golden Wonderland, they made rapid progress. Coupled with countless resources, their cultivation speed was naturally fast, and they achieved eternity following the ancestors of the turtle spirit.


In this way, the foundation of the strength of the Imperial Beast Sect is truly solid.


In addition to Qin Feng from the Creation Realm, there are six people in the Eternal Realm, namely Jue Tian Patriarch, Guiling Patriarch, Kong Kong Elder, Li Miaozhen, Liuling Elder and Liu Xuanling.


Sixteen immortal golden immortals, there are more demons and demon gods in the immortal realm. Even though the original twelve immortal demons and demons died after several wars in the big world, more than ten immortal gods have fallen. The number of people who have proclaimed the Dao again in each year has reached as many as fifty-eight!


Previously, most of the demon **** preachers came from the abandoned land. That is because the number of strong people in the abandoned land is enough, but these powerful and powerful people from the Beast Master Sect are relatively more trusting in the spirits they have cultivated. Therefore, in recent years, the demons who have been proving the Way are mainly the spirit beasts they have brought with them since the beginning of their cultivation.


Now the number of all the powerhouses above the immortal realm in the Imperial Beast Sect has added up to more than 100, and this momentum is enough to support the name of the overlord-level power!


That’s all, it’s all because of the previous long wars that have lost eight immortal demon gods one after another, otherwise the number would be even greater!


In addition, Li Miaozhen, who is a powerhouse in the eternal realm, has officially become a powerhouse in the half-step creation realm with the help of his previous insights.


In addition, Peerless Ancestor has accumulated a lot of money, not only did he not slow to enter the realm of cultivation after advancing to the eternal realm, but also the cultivation speed was even faster after obtaining the innate source energy. Ancestor’s violent fighting style will be stronger.


Ancestor Guiling and Elder Kongkong are not only extremely important to the sect, but also indispensable strategic talents for the entire Biluo.


It’s just that if you just look at the Immortal Golden Immortal, you can see that the Royal Beast Sect is a newly rising sect.


Because, apart from the elder Zhong Duanshan of the divine cow’s lineage, who has cultivated to the pinnacle of the golden immortal realm, the one with the strongest strength is also the elder Long Qian.


After all, Long Qian has just been promoted, it will take some time to enter the stage, and the rest are a group of Jinxian who have just been promoted, causing the current fault of the Royal Beast Sect to appear in the late stage of Jinxian!


However, this did not damage the prestige of the Imperial Beast Sect. On the contrary, it became even more prestige because the Golden Immortals of the Imperial Beast Sect appeared one after another, attracting countless young and talented young girls who had to break their heads to worship this newly promoted sect. Under the door of the hegemonic power!


Of course, the countless sects in the entire cultivation world are not the only ones benefiting from the Beast Sect. Other large and small sects have also participated in the expedition over the years, and they have also made countless profits. In the cultivation world, what sect is not the strong one.


Especially the original superpowers, they were already powerful. After thousands of years of fighting, apart from Qin Feng’s innate origin, they did not gain as much as Qin Feng, and in terms of other resources, they were no less than the Imperial Beast Sect!


So those superpowers are not only becoming more and more powerful now, there are many strong people, and there are even several old ancestors who have accumulated a lot of knowledge and achieve good luck!


For example, the ancestor of the Wuji Star Palace, the superpower of the Northern Territory, the mountain Changshen of the Taiyue Academy in the Yutai Mountain, and the ancestor of the Qingfengguan Qingfengguan in the Wanshou Mountain in the Eastern Territory.


In addition to Shen Buhu, the Confucian and Taoist great master, all the other two are masters of Taoism. It can be seen that Taoism is prosperous and luck is at its peak!


This made the two Buddhas of Buddhism in the Western Regions sigh.


But they will not be lost because of it, because Buddhism does not lack the ancient Buddha of eternal peak. Although the expedition has come to an end now, there will soon be a catastrophe. As long as Buddhism catches the meeting, it may not be able to stop. A few Buddha statues!


In fact, it is not just the secret preparations of the ancient Buddhas of the Buddhist sect. All the powerhouses in the entire cultivation world in the late eternity are all enthusiastic, and they are eagerly waiting for the coming of the catastrophe, wanting to seize the fate of enlightenment in the doomsday!


With the improvement of Bi Luo’s overall strength, even the most ordinary low-level cultivator families in the cultivation world are more than ten times stronger than before.


The small family that could have been supported by a few foundation-building cultivators was now not even a small family without a few Jindan cultivators.


In the early years, the monks who possessed the Dharma and Yuanshen were called the big family. Now, if there are not a few immortals sitting on the throne, they would not dare to call themselves the big family.


In today’s world of practice, it is true that golden elixir is everywhere, and immortals are flying all over the sky.



Dear, this chapter is not over, and there is another page ^0^ The Beast Sect does not only care about its own strength. Allies such as the Five Poison Sect, the Ghost Sect, and the many sects that vassalize the Beast Sect have also skyrocketed in strength.


For example, the fire sect, the original fire leader was only the peak of Xuanxian, and the sect could only be counted as a high-ranking sect.


But now the Fire Cult is already one of the large forces in the Southern Region. Not only has the Fire Cult Master already found a breakthrough under the guidance of the ancestor of the turtle spirit, and achieved the Golden Immortal Dao Fruit, his disciples have gone through many After thousands of years of war, two people were promoted to Jinxian by coincidence and became powerful.


If before the expedition, Zun Immortal Golden Immortal was considered a very good and powerful sect in all the large sects of the Five Regions, but now it can only be regarded as the weak of the great power.


Therefore, the Fire Cult has followed the footsteps of the Beast Sect from beginning to end, and is the backbone of the vassal forces of the Beast Sect.


In addition, the Royal Beast Sect has also supported eight relatively deep-rooted forces over the years, either through guidance or accidental fate. These sects have more or less Jinxian in charge.


In addition to these major sects, although there are no golden immortals in the small sects under the vassal of the Beast-Fighting Sect, immortals of all levels are also emerging one after another, and there are countless monks under the sect!


Although the vassal forces under the Imperial Beast Sect cannot be compared with the old-fashioned forces such as the Taixuan Taoist Temple in the Eastern Region and the Daleiyin Temple in the Western Regions, they should not be underestimated!


However, some people are happy for the strength of the Imperial Beast Sect and feel that Bi Luo’s revival is promising, but there are also sects who feel pressured about it.


The most stressful one is undoubtedly the Golden Light Cave of Mount Taiyi!


In the golden light cave, the sword immortals gathered, and the sword qi passed through the sky. If the sharp aura was seen by outsiders, they would be shocked.


However, in the deepest part of the Golden Light Cave, the cave house of the ancestor of Qianyuan is another scene!


The Qianyuan Patriarch sat on the high-end, with twelve kendo golden immortals sitting on the left and right sides.


It stands to reason that it is very rare for Taiyi Mountain to cultivate so many immortal sword immortals, and they have even surpassed the heyday before the ancient catastrophe. They should be happy.


It’s just that now from top to bottom, both the ancestors of Qianyuan and other new Jinxians are all ugly, and the atmosphere in the hall is solemn!




Ancestor Qianyuan let out a long sigh: “Who would have thought that the Imperial Beast Sect would be so strong, but one step wrong back then, but it was the root cause of my Taiyi Mountain!”


“No need to worry too much about my ancestors!”


Tianjizi, dressed in a white robe like a teenager, comforted: “There is no right or wrong in what happened back then, after all, we are also for the overall situation of Biluo!”


“That being said, but after the great calamity of ancient times, the hatred between us and the Imperial Beast Sect has become deeper and deeper. After so many years, the right and wrong of the original have long been unclear, and we can’t expect the Imperial Beast. Zong can generously smile all the past!”


The ancestor of Qianyuan did not relax because of Tianjizi’s comfort, but became more and more dull.


The rest of the golden immortals on both sides of the hall also frowned when they heard the words, and their hearts were full of sadness!


“Ancestor, in my opinion, this matter is not really incomprehensible!”


At the time when the kendo masters were in trouble, a clear voice suddenly came out.


Hearing this, the immortals were instantly overjoyed, and they turned their heads to look, and they saw that it was Zhuo Feihan, a newly promoted immortal sword immortal who was speaking!


According to the cognition of the immortals, this son had good luck in his early years. He would emerge from the cracks of the battle of various forces and become the new head of the Taiyi Sword Sect. Since then, he has made rapid progress with the help of the resources of the sect and achieved great success. Sword Fairy.


Although there were many accidents in Taiyi Mountain when he was in charge of the sect, the elders of the sect lost many people, but with the war of the expedition to other worlds, the enmity with the Imperial Beast Sect and other sects was created by several good fortune. After the ancestor was suppressed, there were no more accidents, and the sect was prosperous under his care.


It can even be said that Zhuo Feifei has laid a very solid foundation for the power of Mount Taiyi, so that in the thousands of years since the expedition started, it is not much weaker than the Imperial Beast Sect. After immortality, Taiyi Mountain can still challenge the Imperial Beast Sect head-on with two immortal swordsmanships.


It’s just that Qin Feng and Liu Xuanling returned from the abandoned place, which broke the balance between the two sects!


But this has nothing to do with Zhuo Feihan. After all, no one expected Qin Feng to be so enchanting. He has cultivated all the way to the realm of good fortune, and has benefited the entire Royal Beast Sect!


“What’s your plan, tell me quickly!”


Ancestor Qianyuan sat up straight and leaned forward again, his eyes full of hope!


“Ancestor, in fact, we don’t have to focus only on the grievances between us and the Imperial Beast Sect, we can definitely win over some allies!”




“Nowadays, the Imperial Beast Sect is as powerful as the has a great reputation. Which sect dares to fight with us to offend the Imperial Beast Sect?”


Ancestor Qianyuan and other great sword immortals showed disappointment on their faces. They thought that Zhuo Feifei had some good suggestions, but unexpectedly said such a sentence, and couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing.


“Teachers, please listen to what I have to say!”


Zhuo Feifei smiled slightly, not caring about the faces of the immortals: “In the cultivation world, it is not only us who have enmity with the Beast Sect, but there are many sects in the Five Regions that have had festivals and enmity with each other. It’s just because the fortune-telling ancestor needs a stable situation, so it is forcibly suppressed.


But this has not completely eliminated the enmity of all parties. Sooner or later, it will erupt in the future. In this case, why don’t we take advantage of the impending catastrophe and join those sects with weaker strength to ask Taixuan ancestors together , let Taixuan ancestor help mediate.


Even for the sake of the overall situation, in order to appease us and resist the four worlds of demons, demons, gods and gods, Taixuan Lao


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