Reigning Supreme With Pets Chapter 1146: Number 10 Gold Items



Latest website: When Li Miaozhen retreated and cultivated, accumulated strength and realized the opportunity to realize the Tao, Qin Feng was not idle.


Although he didn’t spend all his time cultivating, the accumulation of hundreds of years has not only completely stabilized his realm, but also made a lot of progress in his original Taoism.


After all, he is just in the beginning, and his understanding of the Great Dao is at a stage of rapid progress.


Although it is impossible to superimpose the insights of the nine avenues on one avenue, so many insights have also inspired him. In addition, the laws of his own avenues complement each other and can promote each other, so the speed of progress is beyond the original. Expected!


However, even with so much progress, he is still in the realm of the middle stage of good fortune. Even with the blessing of “The Great Compassion of Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth” and the complementary increase of the laws of the nine avenues, his combat power can be comparable to the late stage of good fortune. , but it is still a long way to go to raise the realm to this level.


Fortunately, he is not in a hurry, not to mention that when it comes to this level of Taoism, the progress is slow, but it is not possible to improve in a hurry.


Otherwise, it is like the Buddha Amitabha Buddha, who is a Buddhist master who has cultivated from the ancient times to the present. If it is so simple, how could it be that he is still at the peak of creation and has no further progress!


The higher the cultivation base, the slower the progress will be. At this time, the comparison is based on the background of the personal cultivation base, and then the degree of understanding of the Dao, and the extent to which the Dao’s laws are applied.


Except for special circumstances, you can only rely on time to slowly boil it, and it may not even be in the early stage!


And the special situation here either refers to a special opportunity, or it refers to the favor of the world!


Opportunity can be a congenital treasure obtained by chance, or it can be a big world that has just opened up and has not yet been finalized, or a special treasure born in some mysterious place in the universe.


Of course, none of these things are unusually hard to find.


After all, not every world is as strong and powerful as the ancestral world of the Great Wilderness. It can breed countless treasures. Even the number of innate treasures cannot be counted with both hands, let alone the chance to meet the newly opened up. There is no big world where innate gods are born and people are not occupied!


As for the favor of heaven, it is equally rare!


This favor does not mean Qin Feng, Li Miaozhen, and the others participated in the trial of the Five Regions when their cultivation was superficial. Later, they were selected as the sons of Biluo Qi Luck to receive the blessing of the Heavenly Dao Qi Luck. They were just a few good fortune ancestors thinking It is necessary to motivate the junior cultivators in the cultivation world to deliberately seek benefits from Heavenly Dao.


The favor here is to support a monk with the power of the whole world, and raise it to the realm of the strongest.


But it’s too difficult, not only will the world’s heritage be consumed a lot, but it’s also very likely to lead to the exhaustion of the power of heaven and the weakening of the world’s will, which often requires billions of years of recuperation to recover, and during this period The world can’t break out too big doomsday, can’t cause too big war!


So under normal circumstances, no Heavenly Dao of the great world would choose to do this.


But it’s not that there are no holes in it!


For example, if the world is in a catastrophe, and facing a life-and-death crisis, the world’s will at this time can’t care about the future, and of course it chooses to focus on the present!


That’s why many powerhouses in the big world will launch expeditions by various means, not only to plunder the resources of other worlds for their own use, but also to enhance the heritage of their own world with the resources of the world.


There are still a lot of people who are secretly trying to provoke powerful opponents. When their world is in crisis, they may use the catastrophe to achieve their own path, and even go further and advance to a higher realm!


Of course, this is only the thought of the top powerhouses in the big world.


This also causes the most fighting in the Daqian universe is often not the small and medium worlds, but the big worlds!


The stronger the world, the stronger the desire to fight.


On the contrary, those who are strong in the small and medium world may not dare to leave the world to travel to the void, let alone frequent expeditions to other worlds.


This point can be seen from Bi Luo, in the past few thousand years, they have attacked and occupied countless worlds, hundreds of high worlds, and even the big worlds have been captured several times, otherwise how can it be so short Not only does it make up for the source of Bi Luo’s wear and tear, but it also has a deeper foundation than before the ancient catastrophe!


So many worlds have been attacked by various factions. If it is placed on the powerhouses of the ordinary world, it is simply unimaginable, because such a large-scale war is beyond the understanding of the powerhouses of the ordinary world!


When Qin Feng and Li Miaozhen were in retreat and practice, the entire Imperial Beast Sect was not idle. Except for an immortal golden immortal to lead the disciples in the sect to go out to sharpen, the rest of the cultivators, elders and disciples, did not use their minds In terms of cultivation, it is to cultivate spiritual beasts to sacrifice and refine magic weapons, and try their best to improve their combat power.


Because with the passage of time, the time until the arrival of the expedition army of the four worlds of the demons, demons and gods is getting shorter and shorter, and no one knows when they will fight with the former mortal enemy, so not only the beast sect, but all the monks in the entire cultivation world. There is a sense of urgency!


Under such circumstances, how could the monks of the Beast Master sect try to improve their cultivation and combat power!


As Biluo’s new overlord-level force, although compared to the old-fashioned forces of Shifang Ghost City and Spring and Autumn Academy, the foundation of the Imperial Beast Sect is still slightly insufficient, but they can’t hold back their crazy expansion speed!


Especially in recent years, since Qin Feng’s return, in a short period of time, the Imperial Beast Sect not only gained several golden immortals, but also brought in a large number of monsters and demon gods from the abandoned land, among which the immortals surrendered In addition, there are dozens of monsters and demon gods who have achieved immortality through tribulation, and the strength of the senior officials of the Imperial Beast Sect has been increased several times at once!


Of course such a huge power cannot be left alone, so when the war with other big worlds was not launched, the Beast Master Sect stepped up its conquest of other small and medium-sized worlds, occupying many The world, the resources captured are countless!


Therefore, although the background of the Imperial Beast Sect is a little insufficient, they can rely on resources to gather it, not to mention that they have fought countless worlds over the years and captured countless cultivation methods from all walks of life, especially from the wizards, the race that is best at cultivating in the microscopic world. There, a large number of shamans and cultivators were brought in, which benefited many monks from the Beast Sect.


So over the years, the sect has also produced many geniuses, and there have been many eccentrics. From time to time, a few disciples who have taken a different approach will emerge and become the shining stars among the disciples.


And the elders have benefited even more, and now that the catastrophe is approaching, the top management of the sect has almost opened up the supply of resources, allowing all the elders of the nine meridians to make great progress.


In addition, including the ancient ancestors, the immortal golden immortals and the eternal ancestors will open the altar to give lectures whenever they are free, preaching and dispelling doubts, so that all the immortals in the door benefit a lot.


Under such high-intensity and high-quality training, the elders who have accumulated richness in the sect soon began to advance.


In the past 100 years, not only tens of thousands of immortals have been born, but hundreds of them have been promoted to Xuanxian, and they already have Xuanxian cultivation base, and they have also accumulated strong people. With the strong support of the door, and even the rewards of the innate source, a group of immortal golden immortals soon appeared.


Not one, but a batch!


When the realm reaches a certain level, it is possible to greatly improve a group of strong people by consuming the corresponding resources.


Just like the Five Regions Trial that year, 20 children of luck were forcibly promoted by the power of heaven, but all those who survived have been promoted to Jinxian.


Nowadays, the Beast Master Sect uses a similar method.


Although they don’t have the blessings of the gods and the gods, there are divine objects that contain laws that they have taken from other worlds, and there are innate sources taken from the heart of the world that can be cultivated.


With so many resources allocated, if you can’t advance, you’re really a pig!


Especially Elder Long Qian!


This once strongest elder of the spirit snake lineage was not only surpassed by Qin Feng and Liu Xuanling, but also caught up with him by Ning Wuxu, and then the Xuanxian elder of the spirit snake lineage. The number is more and more, even with the calm nature of Elder Long Qian, it is inevitable to give birth to a sense of impatience.


But sermons can be accomplished with immortality, especially with impatience?


On the contrary, the more impatient his temperament is, the more difficult it will be for him to advance. Instead, he is stuck at the peak of Xuanxian. After several battles, he finally regained his calm attitude and is planning to sprint to break through the realm again. At that time, it turned out that the sect was rewarded with a lot of resources. Although he was allowed to advance to Jinxian first, in addition to him, there were many elders who professed the Tao.


This made it impossible for Elder Long Qian to hold the Golden Immortal Ceremony, which was supposed to be glorious.


Ning Wuxu and Yu Hualong are the two elders who follow him to preach the followed by Liu Wuxiang of the Viper branch, not to mention the entire imperial beast There are hundreds of branches of Zong Jiu!


While Elder Long Qian smiled bitterly, he was secretly happy for the sect.


It’s just that I still have some regrets in the dark. I shouldn’t have repeatedly suppressed my cultivation for the sake of accumulation. Now, although it is considered a strong player among the new Jinxian, it is too inconspicuous.


In addition to these veteran elders, they are similar in age to Qin Feng and Li Miaozhen, and they are almost the same group of talented disciples, and there are also many Jinxian proving Taoism.


For example, Lian Xing, the first genius of the fortune line, Lin Jingxin, who was born with Taoism, Kong Xuan, the Suzaku line, Qi Wushang, the wild beast line, Gu Wumo, the Xuangui line, and strange insects. Wei Yan of the veins, and cousins ​​Qin Xi and Wen Qinger who are closest to Qin Feng, and so on!


In more than 100 years, the Imperial Beast Sect has cultivated dozens of immortal golden immortals, and the visions of preaching that appear one after another, in addition to amaze the other sects, they can only secretly admire in their hearts, such a scale. The Royal Beast Sect is worthy of the title of one of the Biluo Overlords!


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