Rebirth of Wild Fire Chapter 2396: Fighting the Undead Monarch



The old man Chi Mu was already stunned. Looking at the white flames burning all over his body but not showing a trace of warmth, Lu Yang said in horror: “You, how can you be promoted to the monarch rank, this is impossible?”


Lu Yang stretched out his arm and looked at it with a smile, and said, “I don’t think it’s possible, but I’m just promoted to the monarch rank, thanks to the Blazing Demon God, it seems that my **** is stronger than your god. A lot.”


Without the help of the Demon God of Blazing Flames in the Red Mist Blood Pond, Lu Yang would not have been able to advance so quickly. Without the help of the Demon God’s Heart Fragment in the City of Death, Lu Yang would not have been able to advance to the monarch rank. Besides, he has also learned to be immortal.


“Feel the terrifying flames, I want to see if your two monarch skeletons can resist my flames.” Lu Yang let out a low roar, and the unbearable high temperature in his body suddenly burst into flames. A silent white ripple was emitted.




With Luyang as the center, the surrounding ground within 100 meters was instantly ignited by white flames. Even the ground, under the high temperature of 18,000 degrees, appeared a white liquefaction phenomenon, and the soil and rocks changed. turned into lava.


The earth trembled wildly, which means that the magma underground received Lu Yang’s call, and it is gushing upward frantically, and it will not take long to reach the surface.


The old man Chi Mu never thought that Lu Yang could be promoted to the monarch rank. At that moment, he also thought that Lu Yang was transformed by some kind of secret method, but he shook his head, Lu Yang did not use a secret method. The characteristic must be the real promotion to the monarch rank.


“Kill him~!” The old man Chi Mu gave an order to the two monarch-level skeletons in a cold voice. Immediately, the two skeletons walked towards Lu Yang with a hatchet. On the way, the bodies of the two skeletons were covered with black ripples. , Even in the high temperature, it can’t cause harm to their bodies.


The old man Chimu also had an extra ripple on his body, isolating the high temperature of 18,000 degrees, which made him relieved. He sneered at Lu Yang and said, “Even if you are promoted to the monarch rank, What, I have two here, what’s more, this land is full of undead, and the treasure God gave me absorbs the power of the undead to form a shield, you can’t hurt us at all.”


Lu Yang stared at the two gradually approaching skeletons and ignored the old man Chi Mu. Although he said that the king rank can also kill the monarch rank, but the old man Chi Mu is the primary king rank instilled by the undead **** king with divine power, and the real fighting ability Limited, what really needs Lu Yang’s attention are these two monarch-level skeletons.


He can feel that these two skeletons have no self-awareness, but the natural monarch-level powerhouse aura is very strong.


If Lu Yang guessed correctly, these two skeletons should have been strong men of the monarch rank during their lifetimes. After death, only their consciousness was brought to the earth by the undead **** king. Now that they have been restored to their strength by the undead **** king, their combat effectiveness should not decrease. How many.


“Fire Soul Slash~!”


Lu Yang ejected a white flame from his body, streaked a white light in the air, and hit the skeleton holding a hatchet on the left with precision.




A loud explosion appeared, the black mask was pierced, a crack appeared on the skeleton’s skeleton, and a terrifying white flame burned on his body. With a low roar, he stepped out 30 meters in front of Lu Yang, and slashed down with an axe.


Two Vulcan Warhammers appeared in Lu Yang’s hand, and he raised his left hand to block, but in the next instant, the terrifying force almost crushed Lu Yang’s arm, and the forced Lu Yang was smashed into the ground. in.


“Such a terrifying power.” Lu Yang hurriedly launched a raging flame, turning the surrounding soil into real lava, and then he flew out of the soil and appeared behind the two skeletons. When they hit, the two skeletons turned around at the same time, and the two hatchets swept towards Lu Yang’s body at the same time.


Also thanks to Lu Yang’s vigilance, at the moment when the two skeletons turned around, the hammer changed from an attacking state to a defensive state. The two short axes hit the hammer handle at the same time, and the huge force directly knocked Lu Yang into the air. to an altitude of more than 500 meters in the air.


The two skeletons jumped into the air, and at the same time they slashed with an axe, but this time the attack was not a regular attack, but the two skeletons appeared in phantoms, and the axe in their hands also appeared Purple-black glow.


The old man in the late evening suddenly showed an excited look and said: “Appeared, the monarch-level melee powerhouse’s ultimate move, beheaded.”


The two hatchets came with countless phantoms, and Lu Yang had no way to stop him, but he had treasures on his body. He chanted a spell, and the void pendant on his body flashed a light blue light.




Two short axes with purple light passed through Lu Yang at the same time, without causing any damage to him, which made the two monarch-level skeletons briefly show a surprised look, but in the next moment, the two The monarch-level skeleton reacted and slammed it down with an axe at the same time.


Lu Yang placed the two warhammers diagonally in front of him. He remembered that the Blazing Flame God taught him that no matter what kind of attack the opponent uses, as long as they don’t stab you, using the hammers to protect the body diagonally will be completely free. Hundreds can protect.




The impact of the axe and hammer resounded in the sky, and Lu Yang’s body was once again like a kite with a broken string. This time, it was smashed towards the ground, and the speed was so fast that even the two monarch-level skeletons had no time to chase Lu Yang. kill.


Lu Yang couldn’t stop himself, he slammed into the soil, and he didn’t know how many meters he had penetrated into the ground, which made the old man Chimu frown and scolded: “It won’t be running, hurry up. Find him.”


The two monarch-level skeletons fell to the place where Lu Yang disappeared. They used the power of the undead to explore the ground. Suddenly, a violent black light appeared from the bodies of the two skeletons. At the center, terrifying white magma was ejected from the ground, with a diameter of 50 meters, directly ejecting two skeletons into the sky.


Lu Yang himself also emerged from the magma, a blazing white light emitting from his body, and one after another of Fire Soul Slashes smashed wildly, smashing the body of the skeleton on the left into the air.


When it fell, there was only a pile of debris left in the skeleton, and the remaining skeleton was also unstable. What was even more terrifying was that the ground within ten kilometers of the surrounding area was full of debris. It was magma, especially within five kilometers around Lu Yang. The color of the magma was white. That was because Lu Yang used his own flame magic energy to heat the lava to 18,000 degrees.




Lu Yang roared furiously, venting the suffocation that he had been beaten to death just now, staring at the skeleton standing in the magma, then at the old man Chimu who was avoiding the magma in the distance, and said: ” That’s all.”


Old Man Chi Mu looked at Lu Yang’s eyes and said in a cold voice, “Don’t be too arrogant, they are not as simple as you think.”


As soon as the voice fell, an air of resentment between heaven and earth flew into the magma. The next second, the monarch-level skeleton that was killed by Lu Yang was resurrected. Not only was his body intact, but his magic power did not change in the slightest. .


“Immortal?!” Lu Yang thought to himself.


The old man couldn’t help but be excited when he saw this said loudly: “I can’t think of it, where there is the power of the undead, my skeleton is infinitely resurrected.”


Lu Yang sneered and said, “Does that mean that as long as they are not in a place where the power of the undead is abundant, they cannot be resurrected infinitely?”


He runs immortal skills in his body, leaving only a body, running fast in the distance, trying to escape from this place.


The old man Chi Mu was speechless in an instant. He really didn’t dare to chase. At this moment, a whisper came from his ear and said, “I’ll kill him.”


“Wait, you can’t be sure it’s the real body, he has a clone.” The old man Chimu shouted anxiously.


Unfortunately, his words were slow. Behind a flaming rock hundreds of meters away, a silver-white ray of light quickly flew out, and accurately shot through the back of the neck of Lu Yang, who was running fast.




Lu Yang’s body shattered, and a woman with a long bow jumped out in the distance and came to Lu Yang’s body. This person was none other than Yun Yue, a beautiful woman listed as the seventh felon in the imperial capital. .


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