Raid That Scum Chapter 64: Beloved concubine’s shield (3)

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When she saw Mu Yuanxiu, although Rong Si was a little reluctant, she still stepped forward to bless him. Without waiting for the other party to say no, she raised her head and looked at him, “Why are you here today? You don’t want to go. At Concubine Yu’s place? I met her in the morning and said you were going to her place for dinner in the evening…”

Yes, Mu Yuanxiu favored many women in this palace. In addition to his true love Shao Qingwei, Xue Yuqiu, the jade concubine who looked innocent but was actually more ruthless than anyone else, was also the woman he stayed with from time to time. When Shao Qingwei did not come, Previously, that woman was said to be the most popular one in the entire harem. Not only was she the co-manager of the Sixth Palace, but she also had the true love of Mu Yuanxiu. She also had a father who was a cabinet scholar and came from a scholarly family.

For a long time, she has been the most popular candidate for the queen, and she has always looked down on Rong Si, who is stupid and unaware of herself. Even though she seems to be the most favored by Mu Yuanxiu, he has always looked down on her.

It can be said that Mu Yuanxiu hesitated between Shao Qingwei and Xue Yuqiu for a long time, and even now he is still hesitating, but later Xue Yuqiu’s pure white lotus skin was torn off after being framed by many harems. After coming down, it becomes even more rare that Shao Qingwei, who looks like Zhen Bailian, is even more valuable.

Yes, Shao Qingwei never takes the initiative to harm others. Everything she does is passive defense. If others fall because of harming her, it is their own fault. She has no regrets.

As soon as he heard the word “Jade Concubine”, Mu Yuanxiu’s expression softened a little. Although Shao Qingwei held a very important position in his heart now, she was just as equal as Xue Yuqiu. After tomorrow’s Shangyuan Festival, he Only then will the balance in her heart gradually tilt towards Shao Qingwei.

When he saw Rong Si acting like he didn’t care where he went, Mu Yuanxiu frowned inwardly, but still took two steps forward and held her hand, “What? Is my little Si jealous? ”

Hearing this, Rong Si conveniently threw away Mu Yuanxiu’s hand, “I don’t know how. You are the emperor, and you should favor everyone, right? I just can’t stand the way Concubine Jade talks, Her nostrils are pointing to the sky. Oh, by the way, she said you gave her a tribute horse, right? I don’t care, I want it too, and then I will make a set of clothes for Lianqiu and Fudong.

“Nonsense!” Mu Yuanxiu patted the table lightly and turned to look at Rong Si, “How can your maid be compared to Concubine Jade? If she goes out and is seen wearing clothes like yours, all the maids How can she get a foothold in the palace with the same clothes?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Mu Yuanxiu was stunned when he looked at Rong Si in front of him.

Just because he yelled at her, her eyes suddenly became misty, and the tears inside her quickly gathered, and she looked at him accusingly, as if he was so heinous.

Rong Si is undoubtedly beautiful, but her beauty is too gorgeous, too enchanting, and too aggressive. At first glance, she may seem very stunning, but after looking at her for a long time, she can’t help but feel that she is nothing more than that.

But at this moment, she looked at him with a pair of tearful eyes, showing a different mood.

Mu Yuanxiu had never known that Rong Si could cry so quickly, almost in the blink of an eye, the tears were about to fall.

“You yelled at me!” When a woman is unreasonable, her ability to find the key point is first-rate.

“I’m just talking, you yelled at me for Jade Concubine. You clearly knew that there was no way I would do that, and you still yelled at me. How could I not know that my girl can’t be compared with Jade Concubine? I just Because she was so angry, she said that she wanted to do that, just to say it happily. If you yelled at me for such a thing, then why are you here with me? You go find your jade concubine. You go, you go!”

As she spoke, Rong Si’s tears fell, and she reached out and pushed Mu Yuanxiu in front of her.

The force used was so small that it didn’t even push him.

But Mu Yuanxiu just stood there awkwardly, so well, how could it be his fault? This woman is so unreasonable!

But when he saw Rong Si crying, he couldn’t ignore her because he had always doted on her, so he had no choice but to step forward and gently hugged Rong Si.

“Okay, okay, it’s my fault! It’s my fault. I shouldn’t yell at you. I know that you are just outspoken and quick-hearted at the moment, and you don’t have such thoughts at all… Stop crying… Yunwuxiao, right? ? This year I offered eight horses, but I only gave one to Concubine Jade. The remaining six…seven are all for you, okay? As long as you don’t make clothes for your little palace maid, you can make whatever clothes you want, okay? ?”

While Mu Yuanxiu patted Rong Si on the back and coaxed her, a hint of impatience flashed deep in his eyes.

It seems that he will not give it to Qingwei, otherwise if this woman sees the clothes on her body, she will really be able to take off people’s clothes in public. As for Jade Concubine, he also I need to remind you, don’t keep teasing the imperial concubine next time. She has always been unruly, and it’s not like the imperial concubine doesn’t know it. When the time comes, she will be really embarrassed, and he won’t be able to get her back.

Hearing this, Rong Si quickly wiped her tears, raised her reddish eyes, and widened her eyes, “Really?”

Seeing Rong Si like this, even Mu Yuanxiu’s action of patting her on the back froze for a moment. He had never seen Rong Si in such a lowly manner, let alone after crying just now. It also has a delicate and pitiful beauty.

Mu Yuanxiu’s Adam’s apple moved slightly and he smiled, “Of course. I’ll rest here with you tonight…”

No, I’m a little nauseous.

Rong Si said this in her heart, but there was still a look of surprise on her face. She nodded, then asked someone to open the window and pointed to the plum tree outside happily, “Look, I passed by today. I dug a plum tree in a yard. Does it look good? I don’t know which palace it belongs to. When I asked people to dig it, the palace ladies and eunuchs looked like they were trying to dig out their own hearts. It was disgusting to watch. , Oh, by the way, I met a palace maid in the Plum Garden today. She was wearing all white on a snowy day. Can you find her for me? If she is a palace maid, please send her to me to be on duty. If she is a concubine, please send her to me. Demoting her to a palace maid, and then sending her to my place on duty, who asked her to train me today…”

Rong Siwu was talking happily, but she didn’t notice that Mu Yuanxiu’s face was gradually turning darker. When she first heard her talking about plum trees, she already felt something was wrong. She said she wanted him to demote Shao Qingwei as a palace maid and send her to be tortured, and he almost couldn’t control himself and shook off Rong Si’s hand.

The little desire that had just arisen was really wiped away by Rong Si.

Who is she? Ask Qingwei to be her palace maid and let her do whatever she wants, but she doesn’t even look at whether she is worthy or not!

But Mu Yuanxiu is a master of acting for many years. He looked down at Rong Si, who was making serious suggestions, and asked a little erratically, “How did that person offend you, the imperial concubine?”

“Nothing? That’s just me. My father never taught me a lesson when I grew up. Why should that woman teach me a lesson? The most important thing is that she is too ugly, with small eyes and a big nose. I Let me tell you, I even saw the green vegetables on her teeth. Hey, it makes me sick just thinking about it. I don’t know who her future husband will be. How miserable she is. I don’t know if I will see the green vegetables on her teeth when I kiss her. Green cabbage leaves…” As she spoke, Rong Si trembled.

Yes, she was slandering. From such a distance, she couldn’t even see Shao Qingwei’s appearance very clearly, but that didn’t stop him from spreading rumors. It just depends on whether Mu Yuanxiu will recall this episode of her when he favors her in the future. Words come.

“What nonsense are you talking about?”

“Why am I talking nonsense? Both Xu Chun and Nian Xia saw it, right?”


“Forget it, forget it, I don’t want that person anymore. It’s an eyesore under my nose, and it makes eating unappetizing…”

“I remembered that there are still some memorials that have not been corrected, so I will not rest here for the night.”

Mu Yuanxiu frowned and said in a cold voice.

Hearing this, Rong Si raised her head and glanced at him, then lowered her head, “Well, then, I’ll send you off to the Emperor!”

“Congratulations to Your Majesty!”

Everyone in the room knelt down and shouted in unison.

Looking at Mu Yuanxiu’s hurried back, although Rong Si still had a worried and annoyed expression on her face, she was already laughing so hard in her heart. Could this person be looking for Shao Qingwei for confirmation? Come on, in my impression, Mu Yuanxiu seems to be a bit of a germophobe.

When Rong Si was secretly happy, she suddenly smelled the fragrance of magnolia on the tip of her nose, so she immediately waved to all the palace people in the room to go out.

When the door was closed, he immediately excitedly threw himself into the arms of the man in black behind him.

“Lian Xuan, come to see me!”

Completely different from the perfunctory way she dealt with it when she saw Mu Yuanxiu, Rong Si’s eyes seemed to be shining with stars. This was the most normal reaction to seeing her sweetheart.

The man in front of him is different from Mu Yuanxiu’s cold and sharp aura. Instead, his whole body is filled with a strange warmth, like a warm jade that has been warmed for a long time. It exudes a touch of warmth and can make people feel happy with every move. You felt comfortable from the bottom of your heart. You were looking at Rong Si in your arms with a faint smile on your lips. Then you raised your hand and patted Rong Si on the head, “Naughty, how could you be like this?” Are you teasing my royal brother?”

“Huh, I just don’t like him, I like you!” Rong Si raised her head and looked at the man in front of her seriously, seeing that he always maintained a standard smile, with a touch of emotion in his eyes. .

But the system prompt sound was directly received in his mind.


System prompt: The scumbag Mu Lianxuan has been found. The system score is 98. He can be regarded as a key target. Do you want to enable the favorability query?

…Mu Lianxuan’s current favorability: -40.

-40? Um? -40?

These people named Mu are really more annoying to her than the last!

So it’s no wonder that the original owner was played to death by these men in the original plot. They all pretended to be affectionate on their faces, and they looked like they were deeply in love, but in fact, they all hated her to the extreme in their hearts.

Who will die if she doesn’t die?

Yes, when the original owner first came into contact with Mu Lianxuan, he did tease and even beat him because of his pursuit. Not only that, he seemed to have whipped him and asked his subordinates to beat him. Who called him? It’s like a piece of candy that can’t be driven away no matter how hard you drive it away. If she gets annoyed, why don’t you just hit someone.

But just this one fight may have directly remembered this stingy man to the present. In addition, now he still needs to coax her and support her, and the feeling of disgust in his heart is even worse.

I remember that if this man hadn’t protected Rong Si for three days and nights when the victims of the Feicheng disaster were making trouble, I’m afraid Rong Si wouldn’t have been tempted later, but even those three days when he was about to die might have These were the three most embarrassing days of Mu Lianxuan’s life, and those three days were brought to him by Rong Si.

How could he not hate her?

Listening to the system prompts, Rong Si smiled more and more sincerely, and then twirled the other party’s clothes and said, “Tomorrow is the Lantern Festival, will you take me out to play? I’m wearing a mask, so there must be no one around. If you find me, I will ask Lianqiu to lie on the bed and pretend to be me, and no one will find me, okay?”

“Rong’er, don’t be ridiculous. You are now a concubine in the harem, how can you leave the palace as soon as you want? Lianqiu has a similar figure to you, which is good, but who can think of what will happen? We are now It’s a critical moment in the discussion, so we can’t make any mistakes.”

Do you think I’m stupid? That day, all three of you Mu brothers will gather in Canghai Tower to watch the heroine act cool. Can’t I just join in the fun even if I want to?

Rong Si rolled her eyes in her heart, but her mouth couldn’t help but pout unhappily. She threw away the other party’s clothes and turned around angrily.

Behind her, Mu Lianxuan’s eyes flashed with cold stars, but he still gently put his hand on Rong Si’s shoulder, and the other party brushed it away, and then put it away and brushed it again.

He smiled, took out a white object from his arms, and then stretched it out in front of Rong Si.

It was a white jade ringing hairpin with extremely exquisite workmanship. You could tell at a glance that it was made by Mu Lianxuan.

Yes, Mu Lianxuan can make hairpins, especially jade hairpins. The jade hairpins that pass through his hands are all very delicate and elegant. A girl’s name is engraved on it, and it is made by his own hands. It is a great tool to seduce girls. ?

Seeing this, Rong Si immediately took the hairpin in front of her and turned to look at him in surprise, “Is it for me?”

“Well, that makes up for the fact that you can’t go see the Festival of Lights.”

“Thank you, Lian Xuan, you are so good to me.” Rong Si stepped forward and hugged her again, then tentatively raised her head and kissed Mu Lianxuan’s chin gently.

“Okay, I won’t go…” That’s weird.

“I will stay well in the palace.” Impossible.

“Please remember to bring me a mask with a green face and fangs tomorrow? Oh, yes, yes, there are also lanterns, the biggest and most beautiful one, and there are also various snacks…”

When Rong Si lowered her head and counted her gifts, Mu Lianxuan always looked at her with a smile, without any sign of impatience.

The favorability level dropped by two points again.

This man doesn’t mean what he says!

Rong Si sneered in her heart and continued to pester him tirelessly.

At the same time, on the other side, as Rong Si expected, Mu Yuanxiu went to Shao Qingwei’s side by accident after parting with Rong Si. Shao Qingwei was a little surprised to see him coming.

When Mu Yuanxiu didn’t see the green cabbage leaves on Shao Qingwei’s teeth, he finally breathed a sigh of relief, and felt a sense of boredom when he thought of Rong Si.

But when I kissed Shao Qingwei at night, I couldn’t help but think of Rong Si’s disgusting little expression, and almost softened because of it.

On the second day, Rong Si had just woken up when he heard his spring, summer, autumn and winter come over to him happily and tell him that the emperor had indeed given them seven pieces of Yunwuqiao. Not only that, but also because it was the Lantern Festival. , and also rewarded many other things.

A few little girls were chattering and discussing, looking extremely happy.

I remember that in the original plot, these four endings didn’t seem to be very good.

Indeed, without Rong Si as a support, these beautiful little girls will not be welcomed in any palace, and Rong Si, a person with this appearance, doesn’t care at all about putting the most beautiful ones around her. The palace maid may even find it pleasing to the eye.

It can be said that the people in Rong Si’s Ningcui Palace come with their own special effects. One is more beautiful than the other, and each is more attractive than the other. They are a sight to see standing there, let alone other things.

After breakfast, Rong Si also heard a piece of gossip from the little girls, saying that Concubine Yu heard that the emperor rested at her place last night, and she gave all the remaining Yunmuzhi to her. After seeing Rong Si, she directly gave the clothes made of Yunmist silk that she had just worn to the little palace maid who served her tea.

The current Jade Concubine is becoming less and less calm. After all, no matter how stupid Rong Si is, Mu Yuanxiu favors her time and time again, even gives her the position of noble concubine, and rewards her from time to time. , no matter how calm people are, they will inevitably become calm.

A person’s expression cannot be deceived, and Mu Yuanxiu was clearly moved.

But what she didn’t know was that although the emperor often came to Rong Si’s place, he often secretly went to Shao Qingwei’s place after sitting for a while. He did a good job on the surface, so that the jade concubine was not interested in Rong Si at first. Si didn’t care or not, but as time passed, he started to hate her.

It can be said that because Shao Qingwei was so well protected, Concubine Yu had framed Rong Si countless times overtly and covertly. If Shao Qingwei hadn’t gotten pregnant later, she might not even have noticed that she had been staying in the noble position. A small role, but unfortunately it was too late by that time. Shao Qingwei had already firmly grasped Mu Yuanxiu’s heart, and no matter how much she did, it would be in vain.

It was also at that time that Xue Yuqiu realized that Rong Si was stupid, but she was even stupider than Rong Si. Later, when she was preparing to hide her power and bide her time, Mu Yuanxiu died, and she, the jade concubine, could only be sent back to the family and became An abandoned son who always accompanies the ancient Buddha of the Green Lantern.

Unlike Rong Si’s wanton behavior, she had never been happy in her life, and then died in depression in her family temple.

After Rong Si recalled the life of this beauty, she raised her eyebrows. Maybe this person is also a good helper!

After all, everyone is talking about love, so it’s very interesting for her to keep fighting in the palace, right?

The day passed quickly.

As soon as night fell, Rong Si knew that Shangjing City should already be a bustling scene.

Mu Yuanxiu had already taken Shao Qingwei, who was pretending to be his child, out of the palace. Even Mu Lianxuan and Mu Yuchen went to Canghai Tower together, and even Rong Si’s ruthless brother Rong Si Feizhou is also there.

At this time, Canghai Tower can be said to be a place where the male protagonist, the female protagonist, the male supporting role, and the cannon fodder are gathered together. Yes, the cannon fodder she mentioned is Mu Yuchen. He has no intentions towards the heroine and is only thinking about treason. Cannon fodder?

Of course she, the second cannon fodder, should join in the fun!

“Are you ready with everything I asked you to prepare?”

“Okay, empress!”

Following her were spring, summer, autumn and winter, who were eager to wear green men’s clothing. They still remembered that before the empress entered the palace, they had gone out to enjoy the mountains and rivers with her, disguised as men. Later, when they entered the palace, there were rules for everything in the palace, and their tempers were reduced a lot. Now the empress said that she would take them out of the palace, why weren’t they excited? Besides, the empress is the biggest in the world, she is the most If the favored concubine was really caught, the emperor would not blame her. Even they, as long as the concubine begged for mercy, he would not blame them either.

Because the group of little girls have grown up around Rong Si since they were young, the master’s brains are not that good, and they are also simple and naive.

However, unlike the original owner, Rong Si was confident that she could protect these innocent little girls. Besides, their group of five handsome men walking outside was very attractive.

At this time, Rong Si was dressed in white, with a fine white jade hanging from her waist. She held a folding fan pretentiously in her hand, her hair stood up high, her face was free of makeup, and she revealed an androgynous face. The face of argument comes.

As soon as she clapped her hands at the folding fan, she took the little girls out of the house. She had a special waist badge given to her by her father. She originally wanted to go home and see it whenever she wanted. Mu Yuan Xiu also knows.

While Rong Si was going out, Shao Qingwei was dazzled by the bustle and bustle of Shangjing City, and even his eyes could not see clearly.

As soon as she traveled through time, she was already in the palace. These things were things she had never seen before. The original Shao Qingwei was also a pretty girl who never left the house. Fortunately, she followed Mu Yuanxiu out. Otherwise, she would miss such a grand occasion.

Who said the nightlife of ancient people was monotonous? It shouldn’t be too rich!

Really, everything was sold on the street, and the aroma of food penetrated her nose one after another. Many of them were even something she had never seen before in modern times.

At this time, there is a private room in Canghai Building.

Mu Lianxuan glanced at his men kneeling in front of him and sipped the tea in the cup, “Are you ready?”

“Master is ready, he will definitely make that man embarrassed.”

“Go down.”


In another special private room, Mu Yuchen changed his silly attitude that Rong Si had seen before and glanced at the man in black hanging on the beam.


“King Jing has arrived, and the emperor is coming soon. Our people heard King Jing’s plan in the private room and were ready to make the emperor look embarrassed.”

“They don’t need to pay attention. Where is Rong Feizhou?”

“No trace has been seen yet.”

“Pay attention to his tracks and report to me immediately if you see him.”

At this time, Rong Si was standing in front of a roadside stall. She had just put on a mask of Kunlun Slave for herself, when she was startled by the system’s prompt tone. She turned around and saw a clear and handsome man. Standing not far away from her, he frowned and looked at her.


System prompt: Found a scumbag Rong Feizhou, the system score is 98, it can be regarded as a key target. Do you want to enable the favorability query?

…Rong Feizhou’s current favorability: -50.



Whether it is the target of the attack or the opponent’s favorability, Rong Si wants to use foul language at this time!

What’s going on?

No, -20, -30, -40, -50, are these scum playing arithmetic sequences for her?

Also, can a creature like my brother be conquered?

Rong Si was glad that she was wearing a mask now, otherwise the shocked look on her face would have been extremely stupid!

If you want money, you are also someone who can do great things… Well, the system!


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