Raid That Scum Chapter 63: Beloved concubine’s shield (2)

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As for the abandoned prince, although the original plot did not focus too much on this person, Rong Si still learned about his past and even his personality in some details.

For a long period of time when he was young, due to poisoning, he was really stupid. He occasionally woke up and it was only for a very short period of time, so he would eat people in the Mu family without spitting out the bones. He has lived intact for so many years in front of his brother.

Later, it was considered his good luck. He foolishly followed Mu Yuanxiu to worship heaven, and asked an old monk who was friends with the late empress to see him like this. He felt soft-hearted and secretly asked his friend to detoxify him. But Mu Yuchen, who was nine years old at that time, had lost a lot of opportunities. Military power had nothing to do with him, and government affairs had nothing to do with him. And because he was addicted to drugs at the age of seven, he didn’t even read too many books. He still carries a blood feud on his body.

It can be said that the old monk was not only his savior, but also his mentor, and even resolved a lot of the hostility in this man.

After that, he pretended to be crazy and stupid in the palace while studying and practicing essays with the old monk. He even used his advantage of being a fool to follow Mu Yuanxiu, who was studying various courses at the time, every day. While he was studying inside, he would watch ants move around outside or dig up earthworms, but his ears were completely absorbed in the various theories of the master, and he tried hard to absorb them.

As soon as Mu Yuanxiu finished his homework, he immediately rushed up with the bugs in his hands, smiling and asking him to play with him, because he was a fool. Countless people had verified it a long time ago, and not many people cared about him. He is always following behind Mu Yuanxiu, calling him brother every day.

Even the Taifu, who was the only one who saw some signs, remained silent.

He is old and can’t control that much anymore.

When the Taifu died in the end, Mu Yuchen kowtowed three times in his direction.

Except for the old monk, the old master taught him the most. He had to kowtow to all three of them.

Then he continued to live a life of pretending to be crazy and acting stupid, but privately he had begun to recruit his own talents. Often the Canghai Building that students loved to go to was managed by his people.

Shao Qingwei’s song “The Case of Green Jade” completely became famous in Canghai Tower.

Rong Si looked at that silly smile, but out of the corner of her eye, she accidentally caught a glimpse of the pink and white clothes in front of the door to one side of the courtyard.

“What are you doing?”

She asked softly.

Who knew that those little eunuchs waved their hands without looking back, “You have nothing to do with it.”


Before Rong Si could speak, the little eunuchs who had slipped behind him immediately rushed forward. Judging from their posture, each of them knew a little bit of boxing and kicking skills. They took two steps forward and surrounded those who had not yet reacted. The little eunuchs were kicked to the ground. I don’t know if it was because of their evil deeds or because everyone in this world is just like this. Those people actually kicked the opponent three inches below the navel. The little eunuchs were all kicked. Lying on the ground, his face was pale and he covered his lower body. When he saw Rong Si standing by and smelling plum blossoms, he didn’t even dare to say any unnecessary words or cry out in pain, so he immediately behaved himself one by one. He knelt down, faced Rong Si’s direction, and started to fan his mouth.

“The slave deserves to die, the slave deserves to die…”

Repeated continuously.

What else could they be if they weren’t damned? She actually said “you have nothing to do” in front of the imperial concubine. This is not only because she dislikes her own longevity, but also the longevity of her family members. There is no place in the entire harem that this person can’t control. Apart from Your Majesty, there is nothing she can do about it. She can take care of everything, she can take care of everything, even if she takes your life, it is a grace given to you, and you still have to thank her.

They really bullied the deposed prince to such an extent that he lost his mind. No matter how happy the bullying was, it still didn’t make life happy. It was over now, it was all over!

The more the group of young eunuchs thought this, the more fiercely they started fanning themselves. After a while, blood was drawn from the corners of their mouths and noses from the slaps, but they still fanned numbly, numbly. Admit your mistake, as long as you can survive, nothing else is a big deal.

Behind them, Mu Yuchen, who was holding a cake, was sitting on the ground, looking blankly in the direction of Rong Si, as if he was frightened.

Rong Si turned her head and glanced at him, then broke off a plum blossom in full bloom in front of her and played with it for a while, “Okay, don’t do it now. You haven’t answered the question I just asked. What are you doing? You seem very happy…”

As soon as Rong Si spoke, the people in the row stopped almost at the same time, and a person kneeling in the middle quickly knelt forward and said, “Back to your Majesty, the slaves are playing tricks on Prince Rui, slaves. I didn’t expect to disturb the empress, Feng Jia. I apologize.”

Hearing this, Rong Si glanced at the white cake covered in mud and snow in Mu Yuchen’s hand, “Oh, the way of playing is quite unique.”

“The slave deserves to die, the slave deserves to die…”

This Prince Rui of Mu Yuchen was also given a title by the later emperor because he felt pity for him, but it was just a false name. Everyone knew that this Prince Rui was someone who was stepped on by everyone in the harem. When he has nothing to eat, he will follow you like a dog, letting you play with you as you please. They were really kicked in the head by a donkey before. They clearly know that the imperial concubine gave orders to the palaces and highnesses yesterday, and tomorrow she will All the people who were enjoying the plum blossoms and other idlers had dispersed. How could they have the luck to think that this place was too remote and the imperial concubine would never come over? Well, now, everything is over for the sake of temporary happiness!

“You, come here…”

Rong Si stretched out the plum branch in her hand and pointed it directly in the direction of Mu Yuchen. When the other party saw that something was wrong, he stuffed the cake into his mouth and tried to escape, but unexpectedly, he was caught in front of Rong Si. Almost all the way, she screamed like a slaughtering pig. When Rong Si stepped forward, the scum in her mouth almost sprayed all over her skirt.

Is this retaliation? This is definitely revenge!

Her current father is his mother-killing enemy, so he is also very resentful and hates her, but it’s okay, with a -20 favorability degree, it can be considered that this man has some thoughts in his own mind, and maybe he mainly feels that It’s not as sinful as your children.

Mu Yuchen was almost pressed down and fell at her feet. He kept trying to struggle, but couldn’t. Rong Si knelt down and looked at him.

There is a faint scar on the other party’s face. You can’t tell what it was caused by. The clothes on his body are very thin, and his hands are already covered with frostbite. It can be seen that such a dignified prince has frostbite on his hands. What kind of life does he usually live? One of the shoes under his feet was lost when the little eunuchs were teasing him, and the other was lost when her men dragged him over, revealing a pair that was red with cold. His feet also had a few scars standing on them.

With round eyes, he was eagerly waiting for Rong Si’s direction, “Go ahead…”

Because there was something in his mouth, the sound of letting go was unclear. Rong Si smiled and lightly scratched his face with a plum branch, and then scratched it again.

But the other party kept staring at her, mumbling without knowing what he was talking about.

At this moment, the woman who had been standing behind the courtyard door finally frowned, thought about it, and walked out.

“Concubine, see the empress.”

The woman stood in a half-blessed posture, like a tall and straight cedar.

Rong Si continued to tease his subordinate Mu Yuchen without any intention of answering, and kept smiling.

Seeing that Rong Si did not answer her, the woman frowned again. After thinking for a long time, she still looked up and said, “My dear concubine, as the saying goes, a scholar cannot be killed but cannot be humiliated. Although His Highness Prince Rui is mentally ill, his life experience is pitiful. , innocent heart, and suffered the humiliation of these eunuchs, why should you…”

Shao Qingwei revealed her innocent little face, which was completely different from Rong Si’s enchanting beauty. The perseverance in her eyebrows gave something else to the delicate and pitiful appearance of her figure.

The heroine is a creature that always carries a strange magnetic field that is different from ordinary people. She can always find countless outstanding or outstanding men and offer them a helping hand, even say a few nice words and ask for help. Love, or accidentally saved them, cared for them, and eventually developed them into various male supporting characters, or even male protagonists.

I remember that in the original plot, Shao Qingwei saved the three brothers of the Mu family, including Mu Yuchen, more than once. Even when they met in the palace, Shao Qingwei would give him something to eat and two warm clothes. .

Do you think she knows that Mu Yuchen is pretending to be stupid? Of course she doesn’t know.

But the heroine has this kind of magic power. Anyone who shows her kindness plays an extremely important role in the development of the plot. Otherwise, why would she turn a blind eye to the row of little eunuchs who slapped her with nosebleeds? Otherwise, Why didn’t she pay attention to some of the palace ladies who were about to freeze to death, were killed by others, were beaten to death, and died in various ways? Isn’t it because they were all backgrounds? The heroine’s magnetic field told her that saving her would be in vain. , it is better to protect oneself wisely.

“What’s wrong with me? Let go of your hands…”

Rong Si puffed up her cheeks and felt a little unhappy. Then she helped Mu Yuchen up from the ground and wiped the corners of his mouth with a close-fitting handkerchief. “We are joking, don’t you think so? Isn’t it fun?” ?”

“Not fun…”

Mu Yuchen stretched out his hand to push her away, but Rong Si grabbed his waist first, “It’s fun!”

“It’s not fun, it’s not fun, I don’t want to play with you!”

“Xiaoluzi, where are my pastries!”

“Here you are, my lady…”

“I will give you all these to eat, and you play with me.”

Hearing this, Mu Yuchen glanced at the cake in Rong Si’s hand, and then at her smiling face.

“Give it all to me?”

He seemed a little unconvinced.

“Of course, you can try one. It’s very delicious. They are my favorite!”

As she spoke, Rong Si stretched out her hand, picked up a piece, and stuffed it into Mu Yuchen’s mouth without any explanation.

The cold fingers directly brushed the other party’s soft lips. Rong Si didn’t react at all, but Mu Yuchen couldn’t help but feel excited, but he quickly reacted. He smacked his lips and immediately started gobbling it happily.

Prince Rui likes to eat sweets, and almost everyone in the harem knows this.

Seeing that he was eating deliciously, Rong Si glanced at him with a smile, then turned to look in the direction of Shao Qingwei, “I haven’t asked you yet. I said I wanted to enjoy plum blossoms in the plum garden. Where are you?” Why are you here? No, who are you? I have never seen you before. Are you a palace maid? Are you looking for money? Why did you go out in such mourning clothes? There is only one ugly girl behind you. I have to say that you are quite thoughtful. There are so many girls in the palace. Why are you afraid of the emperor? Fall in love with your palace maid? Forget it, I think the emperor may be a little bit embarrassed that he even falls in love with you. What are you worried about? Okay, okay, I count to three, you little eunuchs, and you two little ones. The maid, immediately disappeared in front of me, one!”

As soon as Rong Si finished speaking, the little eunuchs over there rushed out in a hurry. They didn’t even care about Shao Qingwei and her maid who were squatting at the entrance of the courtyard. They rushed forward quickly, almost missing her. Knocked to the ground.


“Master, let’s go!”

When the little palace maid behind Shao Qingwei heard this, she turned pale and pulled her.

She closed her eyes, stood up, and ran out with the little palace maid.

Seeing this, Rong Si smiled and stuck out her tongue in the direction the two people left.

Unexpectedly, her appearance fell directly into the eyes of Mu Yuchen beside her, and she was stunned.

Feeling the eyes next to her, Rong Si turned her head, “Eat it, don’t you like it? I don’t know if there are more in this palace, and I don’t know where this kind of cake is delicious? It’s hard, and besides being sweet, it’s not a bit sweet. There is no other flavor.”

Rong Si waved her hand carelessly.

Then she watched the man in front of her holding the cake and running out. When he ran to the door of the courtyard, he actually stuck out his tongue at her.

Rong Si was stunned for a moment, and then she laughed, and her bright laughter spread almost throughout the plum garden.

Mu Yuchen, who was holding the pastries, paused and continued running forward. Shao Qingwei, who had not walked away for long, turned and glanced in the direction of Meiyuan.

It’s just a spoiled little girl. With such an attitude, after her father dies, she doesn’t know how she will die in the future? What does she have to argue with her? Just live your life well. It’s not certain who will have the last laugh in the future!

Unexpectedly, when she returned to her palace, she found that the only wintersweet in her yard had been dug up by the roots and thrown away.

After asking, I found out that the plum blossoms were actually from when Concubine Rong was walking outside the wall. She saw the plum branches sticking out and dug them up because they were an eyesore. She also said that they were not allowed to plant them in their yard in the future.

After listening to the palace man’s words, the little palace maid who had just been with Shao Qingwei for a short time couldn’t help but said something that was too deceiving.

“Lvfu, that’s enough…”

“Master, I have always heard from the palace people that this imperial concubine is overbearing. Who knew she could be so overbearing? In the plum garden, even if she said you were a little palace lady who was not favored by the emperor, she even dug up our plum trees. , Master has no relationship with her, how could she treat you like this? Obviously, the emperor comes to see you every day, I think even though the imperial concubine is favored, she must be…”

“Green Lady!”

Shao Qingwei shouted sharply.

The little palace maid suddenly covered her mouth in fear.

In fact, only the entire Cuiwei Palace knew that the emperor came to see his master every day, and they were still hiding it from the outside world. In fact, this was also the emperor’s intention. He wanted to protect his master, but now he was so embarrassed by her. He said it out loud, if the walls had ears, then…

“Master, Lu Fu knows that she was wrong, please punish me.”

“Go to the side hall and reflect on your own. You are not allowed to eat at night.”


“You all go out, I want to sit for a while by myself.”


After a while, the door was pushed open from the outside. There was no charcoal fire in the room, so Shao Qingwei directly felt a cold wind blowing towards her along the crack in the door.

“I said I wanted to be alone for a while, but why can’t you understand me?”

Shao Qingwei was a little irritable.

“What’s wrong? Qingwei.”

But the person who didn’t want to speak turned out to be a man. Shao Qingwei turned her head sharply.

Zhang Ju saw a man wearing a dark satin robe standing at the door, looking at her with a smile.

“You…why are you here?”

“I just finished correcting the memorial, and when I had some free time, I happened to come over to take a look. I didn’t want to happen to see your palace people standing outside, so I came in to look for you. What’s the matter? I saw that you were not in a good mood… …”

“It’s nothing, I just encountered some troublesome things. Do you want to eat here tonight? I’ll cook!”

“No, I’m going to the imperial concubine tonight. She’s been a bit noisy lately. I’m afraid she’ll make trouble for you sooner or later, so I’m going to comfort her tonight.”

As soon as Shao Qingwei heard the word “noble concubine”, her expression immediately froze.

Mu Yuanxiu paid close attention and when he saw Shao Qingwei’s appearance, he immediately stepped forward and held her arms, “Did she find an excuse to attack you? I know that unruly woman…”

“No, it’s not really a big deal…”

At this moment, Lu Fu, who had been standing outside, finally couldn’t stand listening any more. She just heard people outside saying that the emperor was coming, so she walked out of the side hall. When she heard that her master was ready to kill the emperor, she After I swallowed it, I felt like I wanted to redress the injustice.

“Master, don’t be so bully, Lu Fu can’t bear to hear it anymore.” After saying that, Lu Fu knelt down in front of Mu Yuanxiu, “Your Majesty, I forgive you, Lu Fu didn’t mean to offend, but In fact, the master was attacked by the imperial concubine, in the plum garden…”

The little girl may have a talent for storytelling. She enthusiastically told Mu Yuanxiu everything about what Rong Si had done. She did not mean to add insult to injury. It was her master who suffered the loss. Why bother to add fuel to the fire?

My master is still easy to bully, and he doesn’t even complain to the emperor, but how can this be done?

The biggest taboo is not fighting in the harem, my silly master!

It would be good to ask Your Majesty to go to the Imperial Concubine to help you beat it!

After listening to the narration of the little palace maid, Mu Yuanxiu looked outside, and sure enough, the beautiful plum tree outside the window that he had boasted about yesterday had disappeared, leaving only petals on the ground, which was a waste of natural resources.

This Rong Si has to say, it is really too presumptuous! Do you really think that she alone is the master of this harem?

As soon as Shao Qingwei saw that Mu Yuanxiu’s expression was wrong, she immediately motioned Lu Fu to go out, and reached out to hold Mu Yuanxiu’s hand, “Yuanxiu, I’m fine, it’s just what she said, the plum tree was It’s a pity to dig it up, but winter is almost over, and I just want to plant some orchids. It’s nothing. Don’t get angry with me. You are so busy on weekdays, and I don’t want you to have a headache on my side. These harem jealousies.”

Hearing this, Mu Yuanxiu turned his head and glanced at Shao Qingwei. His eyes were full of seriousness. She did think so.

In her opinion, Mu Yuanxiu’s heart is with her, and there is no need for her to worry about these small things. Anyway, I will not offend others unless they offend me. She just got a few words today, and No matter how she was treated, being more generous would make Mu Yuanxiu feel more sorry for her.

When it comes to her real interests in the future, she will also let the spoiled little girl see what her methods are.


Mu Yuanxiu held the other party’s hand with some emotion, and then took her into his arms, “I have wronged you, but don’t worry, sooner or later I will…”

Before he could say anything, Shao Qingwei reached out and covered his lips, “There are some things that we don’t have to think about all the time. I believe in you. I just believe in you. Our relationship is not that vulnerable, right?”

Hearing this, Mu Yuanxiu gently held the other person’s hand, put it to his mouth, kissed her gently, and then put her hand to his chest, “How lucky am I to meet you in this life?”

Shao Qingwei smiled but said nothing.

At night, Mu Yuanxiu left anyway, just to pamper Rong Si.

A shield should be treated as a shield.

In the evening, because in ancient times there were only two meals a day, Rong Si only drank some soup in the evening, just when she felt a little tired.

Two voices sounded again.

“The Emperor has arrived!”


System prompt: Mu Yuanxiu is found to be a scumbag. The system score is 96. He can be regarded as a general strategy target. Do you want to enable the favorability query?

…Mu Yuanxiu’s current favorability: -30.

Hehe, his favorability is even lower than that of Mu Yuchen’s mother-killer. What’s wrong? Rong Si dug up his ancestral grave?

After thinking about it, I saw a man in long dark clothes walking in with a cold air.

With his straight nose, narrow eyes, and thin lips, you can tell at a glance that he has a mean, unfeeling face that is prone to premature death.

Rong Si slandered in her heart.


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