Outside of time Chapter 380: Xu Qing’s Fairy Tale


“Little friend, with this expression, did you not receive the letter, or…, didn’t you write the letter?”

Shang Zixuan’s pretty face was flawless, with a pair of dark eyes under the curved willow eyebrows, revealing a playful look.

“Senior, I…”

Xu Qing bit the bullet and was about to explain.

“If you didn’t write the letter, then you are teasing me. I will investigate this matter and see who in the eight alliances has the guts to fool me so much.”

“After I find him, I will bury him here. I think this person is so disrespectful, even his teacher can’t say anything.”

Shangxian Zixuan smiled like a flower, and his voice was soft, but the eyes would indeed do so.

Xu Qing lowered his head and glanced at where the captain was.

The captain who was cleaning the snake bones not far away shrank his body. He heard Zixuan’s words, he blinked at this moment, and looked up at Xu Qing, a little embarrassed.

Naturally, he also heard the seriousness in Zixuan Shangxian’s words, and he wanted to remind him, but his mouth was sealed and he couldn’t speak, and the same was true for his consciousness.

Xu Qing saw this, and felt a little dark in his heart. Up to now, he doesn’t believe that Zixuan Shangxian can’t see the reason, and he doesn’t believe that the other party doesn’t know who wrote the letter. Ancestral realm.

Such a person has experienced too many things, and his scheming is not easy, so it is very likely that the first time he read the letter, Zixuan Shangxian already knew everything.

And now, speaking like this…

Xu Qing could only turn his head and look calmly at Zixuan Shangxian.

Shang Zixuan’s beautiful face, at this moment, burst into a distracting smile, that smile is so beautiful, like a sea of ​​flowers blooming, rubbing his voice.

“Didn’t you promise to tell me about your past experience when you come back?”

When he said these words, the eyes of Zixuan Shangxian showed sincerity.

The same is the case, I’m afraid that Xu Qing will be too upright and expose the matter, after all, Zixuan Shangxian obviously knows everything, but he chooses to acquiesce, and if he exposes it at this time, it will be over.

Xu Qing was silent.

Amidst the captain’s anxiety, seven or eight breaths passed, Xu Qing looked at the sincerity in Zixuan’s fairy eyes, and spoke softly.

“My past?””I am very ordinary. I was born in a small town in Nanhuangzhou. There are crows, sparrows, and pigeons, all of which are beautiful and treat me very well.” “Until one day, the crow attracted an eagle, and all the birds scattered and disappeared, so I left Wushuang City, thinking Going to find them.” “Have you found it?” Shangxian Zixuan said softly. “I already know where the sparrow and the pigeon are, and I will go there to take them home later.” Xu Qing looked serious. “Bless you, so what have you experienced all the way?”

Zixuan looked at Xu Qing, Qingqing was also very serious.

“It’s nothing. I met a lot of vultures. They are very fierce. I saw turtledoves. They were also aggressive and difficult to communicate. By the way, I also met a cuckoo. They were very cunning and were later eaten by vultures.”

Xu Qing spoke calmly.

Shangxian Zixuan looked at Xu Qing silently.

The captain who was anxious below also fell silent at the moment.

Only Xu Qing’s voice was still slightly echoing.

“Then I walked all the way forward and saw a tree with a woodpecker on it. I rested there for a while, then it rained and thundered, the tree was split by lightning, and the woodpecker died.”

“At this time, for the first time in my life, I saw an egret.”

Xu Qing looked at Zixuan, and raised his hand to make a gesture.

“It’s beautiful and holy.”

Zi Xuan nodded slightly.

“But it also died, because its mate was eaten by a falcon many years ago, so it flew there and lingered, unwilling to leave, and finally died of old age. I buried it.”

"Then, I went to a **** forest where the weak preyed on the strong, it was very dangerous, but there, I saw the third egret, and the lark, and the parrot, and the oriole, so many birds, by the way , there is a mad dog in the forest. “”This is my story. “

When Xu Qing said this, he looked at Zixuan Shangxian with a smile. “Where is the second egret?”

Zi Xuan asked lightly.

Remembrance appeared in Xu Qing’s eyes, and he muttered after a while. “The second egret also died, and was killed by a bat. I later killed the bat.”

In the secret realm of the Demon Snake, everything is quiet.

Captain Feng lowered his head, couldn’t see his expression clearly, Wu Jianwu looked dazed, obviously he didn’t understand, he seemed to think that Xu Qing’s house was very interesting, raising so many birds.

Shangxian Zixuan looked at Xu Qing with inexplicable emotions in his eyes, caring and pity. “What about you in the future?” “In the future, I will find the crow.”

Xu Qing smiled without thinking. “And kill it.”

“After killing the eagle, I want to see if I can do anything, and then kill the eagle.”

Xu Qing sat on the snake bone, and when he said these words, he was laughing.

As he spoke, it seemed that the tension and embarrassment in front of Shangxian Zixuan had dissipated a lot. His expression became relaxed, and he even asked a question.

“Senior, what about your past?”


Shangxian Zixuan’s legs were bent, and his hands hugged his knees. This posture revealed his beautiful curves.

At this moment, she looked sideways at Xu Qing, her flower-like oval face was as crystal clear as jade, and her smooth snowy buttocks were as ice-like as snow, but memories slowly emerged in her eyes

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“My past is very simple. I have no impression of my parents.”

“What impressed me the most was that Master raised me up and taught me spells. At that time, Xuanyouzong had not joined the alliance, nor did it have such a large scale.”

Shangxian Zixuan smiled.

“I encountered a lot of things later, and gradually the Xuanyouzong became what it is today, and joined the alliance. Of course, my senior brother is also responsible for this, but…, I hate him very much.”

“Shui said this, since you asked me, I remembered something, I can tell you this.”

Zixuan’s smile is beautiful, her pink cheeks are slightly flushed, especially when she is smiling, her eyes are like crescent moons. “I often have a dream for many years. It used to be every day, then every year, and now it’s every ten years…” “In the dream, it was a dark world. I couldn’t see the surroundings. I could only faintly see a lamp. The lamp, in front of me.””The cover lamp seems to be purple, of course, this is my guess, because it is extinguished, there is no fire light, I can only see it vaguely, I can’t touch it, I can’t touch it, it It seems very far away, but also seems very close.” “But I imagine it should look like a blooming flower with a purple phoenix feather on it.

The wings spread brightly, as if in full bloom. “” This lamp has always appeared in my dreams, and it is extinguished every time, and every time there is no light in that world. “”Perhaps, it is because of this that I have been looking for light. “

Shangxian Zixuan’s voice was soft, and it turned into a whisper after speaking. “I don’t know why this dream is very real, and that lamp is also very real.”

Xu Qing was stunned and remained silent.

Time passed slowly, Xu Qing didn’t speak, neither did Zixuan Shangxian. “Xu Qing, lend me your Xuanling Yongyi Gate block.”

Xu Yue looked at Zixuan, took out a black wooden block from the chasing bag, and put it in front of him. Picking up the wooden block, Zixuan Shangxian just waved it, and suddenly the black wooden block radiated black light, and as the light spread outward, an ancient and vicissitudes of wooden door turned aside.

The appearance of the wooden door gave off bursts of gloomy and cold aura, which permeated the surroundings, and at the same time, the traces of the passage of time seemed to be revealed in the lines of the wooden door.

In front of Xu Qing, Zi Xuansu raised his hand, and lightly touched it with green fingers.

It was pitch black. Like Shenzhou.

This is the inner world of Shangxian Zixuan, maybe it is not empty, but everything is shrouded in black.

There is no light there to illuminate.

Light is needed there, to illuminate all.

Xu Qing has a clue. He knew that behind this door, what radiated from him was light.

Soon, the wooden door dissipated and turned into a wooden block again, falling into the hands of Shangxian Zixuan.

She played with it in her hand, handed it to Xu Qing, and stood up.

Waterfall-like black hair flutters with standing up, very beautiful, and the exquisite shape and elegant posture, people can’t help but think of the dream she said before, and then can’t help but give birth to a little light sigh. “Xu Qing, Li Shang, do you still remember?”

Xu Qing nodded, took out the flute Zixuan gave him, and blew the words gently on his lips.

The gradually melodious sound of the flute whirled in the world like the wind.

I don’t know when, the song ends.

I don’t know when, Zixuan’s figure has disappeared.

She left. It seems that the purpose of bringing Xu Qing here this time is to listen to Xu Qing’s past, listen to the song of Li Shang, and then comment on it. “Not very nice.”

These words echoed in Xu Qing’s ears.

Xu Qing thought for a while, then looked at the captain and Wu Jianwu.

Both shook their heads at the moment, looking really unpleasant.

Xu Qing stood up expressionlessly, took a step forward, and left the secret realm.

It was early morning outside when I went out, and the night had passed before I knew it in the mysterious territory of the monster snake.

At this moment in the morning~IndoMTL.com~Xu Qing is going to the mountain gate to worship the sixth master.

On the way, in his rumor jade slip, the voice of the little fat man Huang Yan came. “Xu Qing, yesterday I told you that I would go back to Nanhuang Continent with my senior sister. We are going to set off and say goodbye to you.” “Are you leaving today, are you in the teleportation array or the port?”

Xu Qing asked. “We set sail immediately without teleportation. We plan to travel by sea and live the world of two people.”

Huangyan laughed, it seemed that he was very happy to return to Nanhuangzhou.

Xu Qing’s body suddenly accelerated and went straight to the port. Not long after, he saw the ship washing of the second senior sister as he approached, and also saw Huang Yan standing there.

Looking at Xu Qing coming, Huang Yan showed a happy smile, and stepped forward to hug Xu Qing.

The second senior sister also came out of the cabin, looked at Xu Qing, and smiled. “Junior brother, I just returned from the mission of the sect last night, so I didn’t have time to attend the banquet yesterday. Congratulations on becoming the sword holder!”

Xu Qing clasped his fists quickly, he was not very familiar with the second senior sister, but he was very grateful for the other party’s rescue in the Qixuetong Liufeng shop, even if the other party was because of Huang Yan, it did resolve some troubles for him at that time.

Second Senior Sister smiled, and soon, under the watchful eye of Xu Qing, her French ship set sail.

From a distance, Huang Yan on the washing ship looked at Xu Qing on the shore, and spoke loudly. “Xu Qing, I have a good brother in the county. I told him to let him take care of you for me, and remember that if the outside is really not fun, then go back to Nanhuangzhou.” No matter how troublesome it is, it’s not a problem in Nanhuangzhou!”

Ying Yan slapped his chest and said proudly.

Xu Yigan didn’t care, he nodded with a smile, and in the sea breeze, he clasped his fists and bowed.


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