Outside of time Chapter 257: Very evil



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The old wooden door, with the mottles left by the years, reveals the vicissitudes of life, like an old man who has experienced the passage of time and sees through the hearts of people.


The decay contained in the blackness of the wooden door; like the helplessness in the heart of the old man for this tragic world.


Depressed, eerie, eerie.


This is the door, giving Xu Qing the feeling.


And at the moment when the black door opened, Xu Qing had a clear understanding. He felt that everything around him seemed to be quiet and the sound disappeared.


The wind is no longer moving, so are the clouds and mist. Even the heartbeat seems to be stopped at this moment. If everything is like this, it also includes his body that is rapidly retreating and Sheng Yun standing above this door. son.


It seems that the power of this door is too vast and too bizarre. No matter whether it is the user or the user, there is no exception to this mighty force, and they will be deprived of the right to all activities.


Xu Qing once had this feeling. It was four years ago, when the singing came from the restricted area of ​​the scavenger camp, and he saw the pair of women’s boots and the fog walking in the jungle.


At that time, he was feeling the way he is now. At the same time he couldn’t move, there was a chill that penetrated the soul, as if it could freeze people’s thoughts.


Xu Qing’s breathing stopped, white frost appeared on his eyebrows, and his hair agreed with this. The extreme cold from the inside to the outside invaded all of his body. At this moment, in his eyes, everything was lost, only the fan was left. The door is slowly opening.


A creaking sound was heard, and the black door gradually opened.


It was pitch black inside, and there seemed to be nothing there, except for the meaning of ice cold, which spread more strongly, and you could even see bursts of thin white air spreading from the inner edge of the door to the outside.


The Saint Yunzi on the door, at the moment with a grim expression and strong murderous intent, this door is called Xuanling Yongyi Gate, and to him, it is also a treasure, but since he obtained it, he has used it once.


Because both enemies and allies will be suppressed when using it, so after the last use, he did not dare to use it lightly. The most important thing is that using this door requires consuming his own soul.


And this door is very strange, its origin is mysterious, and what will appear from the door after opening is uncertain, so the lethality also varies from person to person, his grandfather once told this.


And the last time he used it, a rotten tongue appeared, which made him extremely uncomfortable, because his grandfather said that what came out of this door was a spiritual manifestation.


At this moment, he wanted to know what would appear in the door when Xu Qing faced the open door.


“It’s better to have a demon, a demon that will tear it apart!!”


And at the moment when Sheng Yunzi roared in his heart, inside the black wooden door, in the endless blackness, there was a sudden change at this moment, actually…


There is a light!


This light was very weak at first, just a point, but it continued to spread and expand in the blink of an eye, and finally turned into a sea of ​​light, extremely bright and bright.


From the inside of this door, it suddenly erupted outwards, becoming countless paths, which were completely released.


Wherever I passed, the sky outside the door changed from black to bright, so did the surrounding earth, countless plants and trees, and Xu Qing’s figure was also shrouded in this bright light at this moment. submerged in the sea of ​​light.


In this sea of ​​light, Xu Qing felt indescribable pain all over his body, as if his whole body was being burned, his skin was like this, his flesh and blood were like this, and his internal organs were like this.


This piece of light penetrated his body, penetrated his soul, penetrated everything about him, and the pain was so amazing that it made Xu Qing’s whole body rise, as if to be wiped away Going, his body couldn’t bear it, and because of the appearance of this light, he regained the power of activity and suddenly backed away.


The speed exploded in full force, but it still couldn’t stop the burning of this light, as if he became the night, and the light turned into light, and under this light, the night was torn apart.


His skin was burnt to pitch black, his flesh and blood lost moisture, and his hair and eyebrows turned into fly ash. Whether it was a life lamp or an emperor-level exercise, he was fighting with all his strength at this moment.


At the same time, he also took out a jade slip and held it in his hand with a hint of expression


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Blink hesitated quickly, but in the end it didn’t break, and accelerated backwards.


And in his impersonal retreat and hesitation, the holy young man at the door noticed this scene, but there was not even a shred of joy on his face, on the contrary, he showed disbelief, and even his expression showed incredible, There was a strong sense of absurdity in my heart.




“After the Xuanling Yongyi Gate opened to you, it actually released light!!”


“How is this possible, you kill countless people like me, walk out on dry bones, you are better at evil poison, devour soul fire and cultivate, black fire radiates from your body, even the life lamp is black, say you are The devil is not an exaggeration, the image in your heart is actually light!!”




“In the dark, with a bright heart, Holy Yunzi’s eyes are red, his expression is hideous, and he yells. He has lost his temper and can’t control his emotions. Everything is because of the light that radiates after the door is opened.


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His name is Sheng Yunzi, the word Shengyun represents light, but what appears when he opens the door is a rotten and disgusting tongue. In this comparison, the killing intent in his heart is once again overwhelming.


So at the moment when Xu Qing stepped back, seeing that the other party had withdrawn from the range of the light in the door, the Holy Young Master slammed the door, and the door suddenly closed, and then blurred for a moment, and when the direction of the door was clear, it was not clear. Then it was facing Xu Qing, but Saint Yunzi.


At a critical moment when he was poisoned and could only be suppressed for a short time, taking out this door was not just for the purpose of killing Xu Qing. His real intention was to use this door to suppress his own poison.


This door, the one time he used it, was similar to today’s situation. At that time, he used this door to erase the curse that he had been planted by humans.


At this moment, with the rotation of the Xuanling Yongyi Gate, the black wooden door opened to the Holy Yunzi. It was still black inside, but in the blink of an eye, there was a rotten and disgusting tongue. The inside quickly stretched out, went straight to the Holy Young Master, and slammed into his body.


Suddenly, Sheng Yunzi’s body trembled, his expression was painful, and his body rotted directly under the touch of the tongue. At this moment, his handsome face seemed to be a zombie, his hair was falling, and a stench filled the air. Come.


But he was very satisfied with the results in exchange for these costs.


At this moment, most of the poison in his body was dispelled in an instant, and the rest were dim, as if they had lost their vitality and were suppressed, but the only thing that shocked him was the one hundred and twenty magic orifices. The shadow, under the power of this strange door, was safe and sound.


Not only that, but he even showed a small eye and cast him a contemptuous look.


“What is this!” Sheng Yunzi’s whole body shook violently, but he didn’t have time to think. At this moment, he was suppressed by the poison on his body. He put away the wooden door and dared not continue to use it. Rush out of Xu Qing.


Xu Qing, who was in the distance, also raised his head at this moment. His whole body was in a state of embarrassment, but his murderous intention was still strong. Although he was seriously injured before, the purple crystal was recovering rapidly, and he also swallowed a lot of healing when he just retreated. of Dan.


At the same time when Sheng Yun is rushing, Xu Qing also has his right foot on the ground


The face is ruthless – stepping, as the soil under his feet explodes, Xu Qing’s body rises from the ground, drives straight in, and fights with Sheng Yunzi again in mid-air.


The sound of roaring reverberated around the restricted area. Countless plants and trees collapsed, and a large number of jungles collapsed. The beasts in this place all fled one by one. .


Even if Jin Dan arrives, it will be incomparably horrified.


In the roar, the speed of the two of them was astonishing.


In this continual staggering, Xu Qing raised his right hand and slammed it, and suddenly a crystal was thrown out by him. Strangely, he slammed into Saint Yunzi.


It didn’t end. The next moment, there were three more crystals, which were also thrown by Xu Qing. They burst open one after another, and flew out a bunch of twisted black hair, a withered hand, and a white eyeball. not


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This dead-like item is exactly what Xu Qing obtained from the pocket of Sima Ling, the God of Wealth of Wanggu. At this moment, he used it all in one breath, and suddenly the surrounding was extremely heterogeneous, and Xu Qing gritted his teeth and threw it out. Lots of black pills.


As the sound of bang bang reverberated, the heterogeneity in this place erupted in an instant. At the same time, it was extremely rich, and it also attracted one after another malicious intent in the depths of this restricted area.


Saint Yunzi’s expression changed, and he waved backwards, but the four strange things were like a duck in water in this rich heterogeneity, and they actually merged with each other after they appeared.


The Ku Ling’s hand grew on the neck of the cow, the eyes flew and embedded in the palm, and the hair grew around the cow. And go.


The Holy One was about to avoid it.


Xu Qing showed a decision in his eyes, and waved his hand to take out most of the magical instruments in Sima Ling’s storage bag, and throw them all out.


In an instant, these magical weapons burst open, blocking Sheng Yunzi’s retreat, making Sheng Yunzi unable to dodge, and being directly thrown on his body by the strangeness.


Miemeng neighed, but with the state of Sheng Yunzi, it was also damaged, especially when it was stared at by the Golden Crow. As soon as it was dispatched at this moment, the Golden Crow arrived in an instant, and the two sides fought again.


Xu Qing was also approaching, and with a dagger in his right hand appeared in his hand, while Sheng Yun was too tired to deal with it, he slashed directly on his neck.


Saint Yuna raised his head, and the dagger passed quickly in front of his neck. Although he avoided ~IndoMTL.com~, the evil fire came and enveloped him, but Holy Yunzi was just as good. Block, but can not stop Xu Qing’s madness.


He raised his head in an instant and bumped hard.


Sacred Yunzi’s eyes were red, and he hit him with the same head.


With a bang, both of them were dizzy, and each retreated.


Ke Xu Qing’s cruelty still made Sheng Yunzi feel great, but his murderous intention did not diminish. Today, he will kill Xu Qing and take his lamp.


So in this retreat, Sheng Yunzi slapped his right hand between his eyebrows, and his body shook. I don’t know what secret technique he unfolded, but his right hand actually penetrated between his eyebrows and entered his body. Grab a **** pen!


This pen was very small at the beginning, but it became bigger in an instant. The head of the pen was like a head. The head looks exactly the same as that of Saint Yunzi.


“Brother, I was sleeping. You woke me up to play with me.”


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