Outside of time Chapter 247: Evil spirits


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In the Phoenix Forbidden City, where the three trees formed a corner, the three candles had long since burned out, leaving only a piece of wax oil soaked in the trees, withered into a thick layer.

Xu Qing stood inside the three trees and looked up at the place where the ghost town disappeared. At the same time, the mana is integrated into the storage bag, and the purchased items are still there.

“Things in the ghost workshop cannot be taken out during the day, and can only be used at night.”

Xu Qing murmured in his heart, this is the record of the data he obtained. At this moment, he recalled the scene in the ghost workshop before, and there were many speculations in his heart.

“That monk’s head, said the Golden Crow?”

“Could it be an alien race that was once refined by the Golden Crow?” Xu Qing pondered and left the Three Trees Land. After looking around, he galloped straight into the distance.

Being controlled by the ghost workshop, he feels that in all likelihood, it is as he judged, and it is natural to explore when he has the ability.

So Xu Qing didn’t think about this matter, and at this moment, he speeded up in this jungle.

In addition to the ghost workshop, his mission to Huangjing this time, there are also some places containing highly poisonous beasts and plants, and he needs to pick them up.

“If all goes well, this time I will let the little black worm break through the shackles and start to grow again, so that it will not affect my re-refining plan for the elixir of drug prohibition.”

Xu Qing’s speed is getting faster and faster, and he sometimes compares directions on the way to find the poisonous weeds he needs. Just like that, one day passed.

The level of danger during the day is much lower than that at night.

And Xu Qing’s range is also controlled in the outer area, coupled with his current cultivation base and combat power, so although he also encountered some fierce beasts, he successfully solved them all.

He also found some medicinal herbs, but it was not completely without danger. Xu Qing saw a red grass far away at dusk, where he felt full of danger.

He just glanced at it, and the red grass wriggled strangely, with eyes growing on it, opening them one after another, staring at Xu Qing.

A malice emanated from those eyes.

Xu Qing’s body was shocked. He felt itchy skin all over his body. At the same time as he quickly retreated, the fire of life in his body was burning, and the lamp of life was scattered, which blocked the maliciousness.

After getting away from this place, he lowered his head to examine his whole body. On his arm, Xu Qing saw that half an eye had grown there for some time.

The reason why it is said to be half is because the eyes are not fully grown yet, and they are not open enough.

But the eyelids and eyelashes are very clear, and they look exactly the same as the eyes of the land of red grass.

And these eyes are extremely strange, no matter whether Xu Qingsha is burning or gouging out, it cannot be removed. The shadow can only float out of the body for a short time, but as the shadow moves away, it will grow back up.

And obviously with the passage of time, this eye is still growing, giving Xu Qing the feeling that it seems to be able to open in a few days at most. Browsing *browser *search*: @…fastest update…

Xu Qing didn’t want to know what the result of opening it was, so he manipulated the shadow to separate it for a brief moment, and unfolded the Golden Crow’s method of refining all spirits, and finally the half-grown eye was refined and dissipated.

“This phoenix ban is very dangerous.”

Xu Qing looked at her arm and inspected it carefully, and finally cleared more than 30 eyes from her body.

These more than 30 eyes are still far from the completion stage, and most of them are just like seeds. What makes Xu Qing lingering is that they do not grow on the surface of the body, but grow on the internal organs of the body. middle.

It can be imagined that if you check it late or neglect, once they have time to grow, they will be miserable when they open.

Xu Qing took a deep breath, and as the dusk passed and night fell, he was more cautious, chose a tree hole, and drilled into it.

“The poisonous weed is almost there, and then there are some poisonous beasts…”

He doesn’t plan to go out tonight, and he’s going to wait until dawn, because the time for his next target’s activity depends on the day.

And he is also going to be here tonight, trying to incorporate the evil poison into the little black worm, so while waiting for the arrival of the child, Xu Qing began to arrange the formation and poison powder outside the tree hole.

After making sure he was safe, he closed his eyes and meditated.

Darkness falls, the tree hole is silent, and there will be bursts of strange noises from time to time outside, Xu

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Qing listened and listened, as if returning to the time when he was in the ruined city.

“I don’t know when, I will be strong enough to ignore the forbidden area and forbidden area.” Xu Qing murmured in his heart.

Time passed, and soon the time came. As the cold air around him continued to permeate, white air came out of Xu Qing’s breath when he breathed. This made the cold that he hadn’t felt for a long time resurface.

Xu Qing is afraid of the cold, but since he established his foundation, with the strength of his cultivation and the improvement of his combat power, he rarely feels cold again.

But today…he felt it again.

“Something’s wrong.” Xu Qing’s eyes showed a bright light. At this time last night, although he also felt the temperature in the restricted area drop, it was far worse than it is now.

Xu Qing’s mind moved, and the fire in his body ignited instantly. After the whole person entered the Xuan Yao state, he rushed out of the tree hole to look around, and in the next instant, Xu Qing’s face sank.

He saw the jungle in the distance, and at this moment, a large amount of fog suddenly appeared, and the fog covered all directions. The ghost town of yesterday, silently, came down again.

And this time, Xu Qing didn’t play the ghost flute. He also checked the surroundings, and there was no one to call. This made Xu not hesitate, and galloped towards the distance at full speed in an instant.

Behind him, the ghost town descended in mid-air, and the head of the monk, which was turned into chains by countless arms, slowly turned, looking at the direction of Xu Qing’s escape, his voice resounded like thunder again. Browsing *browser *search*: @…fastest update…

“The Golden Crow refines my clan, and the Golden Crow will die!”

In the course of the words, the head jumped out suddenly, flying straight up, and the chains on the arms were pulled extremely long, but they couldn’t stop it.

After the head jumped up, it was extremely powerful, and when it suddenly fell, it smashed directly into the jungle outside the ghost town. Amidst the collapse of large tracts of trees, the head dashed forward, and it rolled like a sphere. Go forward and chase after Xu Qing!

The speed of its tumbling is very fast, and a lot of trees collapsed where it passed, and the arm chain behind it was also stretched

Twisted, even the ghost town roared, as if to be shaken.

All of this made Xu Qing’s eyes shrink, the crisis arose in his mind, the life lights and fire in his body were all unfolded, and the Golden Crow behind him was even more magically blessed, in exchange for extreme speed, he fled towards the distance like lightning .

But the huge mountain-like head behind him is still rolling and chasing.

At the same time, there was a sharp voice coming from the ghost town, and countless ghost hands stretched out from inside, chasing after the head.

From a distance, Xu Qing is in front, his head is chasing, and the chain is connecting him to limit the speed. At the same time, those ghost hands are reaching out to the ghost town, and they are also chasing it.

“Golden Crow…” In this pursuit, the head was still a little confused and let out a furious roar. “All…”


The last two words, it jumped into the air again, and shouted when it smashed towards Xu Qing in the distance, but the chain on its body was at its extreme at this moment, making the speed of its head falling in mid-air, suddenly stopped.

Seeing that the ghost hands behind him were about to arrive, the head smiled strangely, and his body exploded on its own, turning into countless small heads, and chasing towards Xu Qing between bounces.

Those small heads are no longer restricted by the chains, and their speed is even more astonishing. In an instant, more than a dozen tumbling and jumping approached Xu Qing, opening their mouths, just about to bite.

Murderous intent flashed in Xu Qing’s eyes, and he turned around suddenly and turned into a golden crow behind him.

In an instant, the Golden Crow hissed and sucked very much. The black iron sign also came quickly. The roar echoed, and the small heads collapsed and turned into flying ashes.

But no matter was sucked out.

As if the head was just an illusion and didn’t exist.

And the scattered fly ash reunited and formed again, unscathed, especially when a head appeared next to Xu Qing’s feet and bit his calf directly.

Xu Qing’s life fire spread suddenly, and the heads around him were rolled back, still unscathed.

“Delicious and delicious” “Weak weak weak!”

Xu Qing’s face is gloomy, he knows that it is not the Golden Crow that is weak, but that he wants to show the ultimate strength of the Golden Crow, which is not something he can do with his current cultivation level

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He looked down at his calf, where a piece of flesh was bitten off by the opponent. In the past, it was him who sucked others, and this was the first time he had been bitten.

At this moment, the little head shook, licked his tongue, and showed a strange smile. He was about to charge, but was caught by an approaching ghost hand and dragged directly back to the ghost town.

And some of the other heads avoided the ghost hand and bit Xu Qing again.

Xu Qing’s face was ugly. He found that the power of life fire was also ineffective. Seeing another head smashed, Xu Qing’s eyes showed a cold light.

The shadow sensed Xu Qing’s thoughts and rushed over instantly, very absorbing the heterogeneity of the head, and the ancestor of the King Kong sect was not to be outdone, and quickly penetrated again.

And that head is also ferocious, and it didn’t dodge, biting at the shadow and the ancestor of the King Kong Sect. During the bite, the head collapsed, and countless worms flew out of the eyes.

These are Xu Qing’s little black bugs, who were released by him when they were escaping before, and now they are shooting with the shadow. But still invalid.

Destroy one, and it will form, and there are more around, boundless and rushing from all directions. Xu Qing’s face was ugly, knowing that it was useless to entangle him, he turned around and broke out, speeding away. Just like that, the night passed. Browsing *browser *search*: @…fastest update…

This night, Xu Qing was running wildly. If he was caught up, he would make a quick decision, and then continue to escape without giving those heads a chance to surround himself. go.

Light appeared on the horizon, Xu Qing burst out with all his strength, and after shattering a head, those chasing heads finally disappeared.

All were caught by ghost hands and disappeared as the sun fell.

Only Xu Qing was sitting there with a ferocious expression in his eyes, staring at the location where the ghost town appeared last night~IndoMTL.com~ His clothes were tattered, and although the flesh and blood on his body regrown, the tooth marks dissipated slowly.

“What is this, it’s useless if it’s broken a little, and it can reappear. Only those ghost hands stretching out from the ghost town can restrain them.”

“It gives me the feeling that those ghost hands are like jailers, and the head of the monk is more like a murderer, who forcibly escaped from prison because of me…”

“Especially…” Xu Qing glanced at the tooth marks on his body, and his eyes were more fierce.

“Find a way to try to kill it!” Xu Qing’s eyes were very cold, and the King Kong Sect ancestor, who was watching this scene, snorted coldly in his heart.

“It’s fine to bite me, but if you dare to bite the devil’s head, that head will be finished!”

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