Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 2319: The effect of the celestial bead



Those mysterious patterns not only reached the fifteenth level, but also continued to rise automatically.


Although the improved progress bar is still difficult to distinguish with the naked eye, it is more than a hundred times faster than before.


“What’s the situation?”


Mysterious pattern does not need Mysterious Crystal, and it is automatically upgraded as a whole. Of course, it is a great good thing.


It’s just that Jiang Cheng couldn’t understand, how the speed of its improvement suddenly became so much faster.


Have you been enlightened recently?


After thinking for a while, he finally attributed the reason to the transformation of the Nine Treasures.


“My profound pattern will improve with the inner world.”


“And the refining of the Nine Treasures Immortal Orb has completely changed the world in my body. Maybe it’s because of some qualitative changes.”


A large number of mysterious patterns have been raised to the fifteenth level, and the benefit is that the inner world is more stable, and the holy world is stronger because of this.


But not without side effects.


His roots have thus become too deep, and the standard of turning the Tao into a source is higher.


Jiang Cheng has long been accustomed to being difficult to break through, but he doesn’t care much.


The question before him now is how to raise the profound pattern.


Mysterious pattern has been upgraded from level 16 to level 17. Each door requires 300,000 profound crystals.


Jiangcheng currently has 440 million mysterious crystals left, which can be upgraded to more than 1,000 doors.


From level 17 to level 18, each level requires 2 million profound crystals, and can only be upgraded to more than 200 levels.


When the system opened, he temporarily granted him the 3,000-fold source technique. Recalling the power of destroying the world, he decided to continue to stay at level 17 until he had 3,000 doors.


However, a new problem also presented itself.


If you want to perform a thousand-level or even three-thousand-level Origin Technique, you must point the System Origin Technique to the same level.


His current System Origin Technique is only level 600.


When he reached level one thousand, his profound crystals had dropped sharply from 440 million to 400 million.


“The further back this system origin technique is, the more it will consume.”


“Three thousand weights is really not something I can reach now.”


Considering the number of his own disciples, he finally set the system source spell to level 1050.


Then I deliberately picked out all the mysterious patterns they had bound, and they were crazy.


A total of 950 mysterious patterns have been assigned to the 17th level.


In addition to the original 100 doors and 17 layers of mysterious patterns, we finally got together 1050 doors.


At this point, his conventional killer has become the 1050 Heavy Origin Technique!


And outside, the four generations of disciples of Feixianmen have set off one after another screaming.


“What the hell?”


“My understanding of the rules has come a long way!”


“My God, I’m going to break through!”


“I have an epiphany too.”


“It’s the head of Jiang, has he blessed us again?”


They are all bound with mysterious patterns. Brother Cheng has upgraded the mysterious patterns, and they can get the rules perception out of thin air.


In addition, they are now all based on regularization, and the improvement of the mysterious pattern will also increase the overall realm.


“Isn’t this too crazy, Mr. Jiang?”


“How could he improve so many profound patterns at once?”


“That’s incredible too!”


“That’s the head of Jiang. Isn’t it natural for him to do such a thing, why should he be surprised?”


“It’s also…”


For a time, many disciples did not have time to return to the cave, and began to meditate on the spot to break through.


But it’s not without exception.


For example, Ji Linghan, Luo Yuan, Lin Ning and Yin Xueer did not get any insight.


Because of the mysterious patterns they were bound to, they had been promoted to the seventeenth level by Cheng Ge last time.


Looking at the four generations of disciples who were surrounded by Epiphany, they were all a little confused.


After a brief sluggishness, Yin Xueer suddenly looked at Ji Linghan with interest.


“Senior sister, he helped so many brothers, sisters and nephews make breakthroughs this time, but we are the only ones left out.”




She sighed in deliberate disappointment, “We’re nothing but worthless for you.”


“This difference in treatment, tsk tsk tsk… Your brother-in-law has changed his mind, right?”


“If I were you, I would never bear it!”


Hearing these words, Luo Yuan, Qin Chang and others on the side couldn’t help covering their faces with their hands.


Here again.


When these women faced the major events of the sect, they worked together and had a deep sisterhood.


But when it comes to the head of Jiang, it will become another style of painting.




Ji Linghan gently squeezed the ends of her hair by her ear, and gave Yin Xue’er and the other girls a meaningful look.


“Since you know it’s my brother, don’t talk about it.”


Yin Xueer was neither angry nor annoyed, but instead smiled.


“Is it yours? It doesn’t matter what I said, I have to ask Lan Wee, Miao Yu and Cang Ling…”


The brother-in-law, who was busy with ‘hard work’ in the cave, didn’t know that he was being treated as a scrambled cargo again.


After finishing the promotion of the soul and the source technique, he kept more than 80 million profound crystals as a backup.


Then took out the Star Spirit Orb obtained by the Celestial Clan.


In that time, he had a total of 32,267 Star Spirit Orbs.


This is the collection of the Xingyou Dynasty for tens of billions of years. It was originally promoted and used by the younger generation of tens of thousands of people, but now it is all cheaper for him.


When the first pellet was refined, Jiang Cheng was shocked.


Because compared to the Star Spirit Orb, the previous high-level Spirit Fragment tablets were weak.


The spiritual meaning contained in this bead is not only far superior to the, but also has the characteristics of the Nine Treasures Fairy Sand.


Because it can be used to help Tianzu turn spiritual will into the source, it has infinite wonderful uses.


However, it is not easy to refine this bead.


Even if Jiang Cheng had an immortal body, the first one took him a year.


And in fact, that’s a miraculous speed.


Those juniors of the Celestial Clan can only get single-digit Star Spirit Orbs each time they practice, and it often takes hundreds of millions of years to complete them all.


After refining the first bead, Jiang Cheng realized that he was not far from the 12th Heaven Rank.


It makes him elated.


“This effect is more powerful than 100 high-level Spirit Fragments!”


“It’s really developed!”


“It’s no wonder that the Celestials reacted so strongly that time.”


In the following time, he continued to maintain the rhythm of refining.


After three, the spiritual will broke through to the twelfth level of heaven.


Jiang Cheng will naturally not leave the customs, but will continue to move towards the thirteenth level of spirituality.


The chance of the Star Spirit Orb is extremely important to him.


Although from Ling Ling’s Dao source, he also swallowed part of Dao’s will, but that can only help him reach the twelfth level at most.


And the thirteenth level of qualitative transformation, it is impossible to pass through the will of devouring alone.


Time goes by day by day, and Feixianmen is as calm as ever.


Since Xianwu Continent is the site of the Uncertain Ancient Sage, no one dares to come here for the time being.


It’s already turbulent outside, but it’s like a paradise here.


Ji Linghan deliberately moved to Jiangcheng’s cave, and the two would talk through the cave every day.


If it weren’t for the decrease in the spirit of the immortal essence day by day, she would not want to leave here.


It’s not bad to stay in Xianwuzhou like this, and maintain the current daily routine.


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