Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1722: Who will attack



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Sage Yanxuan Dao of the Purple Rainbow Sect, what he has to do at this time is actually the same as the Jingqin Immortal Mansion.


Gather the masters of several sects under your command, and immediately go straight to the first stronghold on the opposite side.


Take this big credit.


What Dinghong and others can see, they can also see.


The Immortal Mansion really needs the prestige, why doesn’t the Purple Rainbow Sect need it?


And in fact it’s not just them?


Other camps, the other three camps are also in full swing to summon the masters of the direct line, ready to quickly grab the power.


Especially at the Fengyuan Temple, they directly forcibly pulled Weiheng and Guantao in, as a pathfinder.


The Taoist saints of the five camps stared at each other, tacitly understanding each other.


Dinghong was the first to break the embarrassment.


“What are you doing?”


“Who asked you to assemble and send troops without my permission?”


“Daoist Yanxuan, Taoist Tangmiao, Taoist Xugong, Taoist Yunchi, what do you mean, is it because you want to show the realm of the Ming Dynasty?”


The four Taoist saints named by him are clearly the leaders of the other four factions.


The four of them were calm when they heard the words.


“Daoist Dinghong’s remarks are bad.”


“You are not alone in Ming Yatian.”


“We don’t have your permission, and it’s not a big mistake, let alone an explicit domain.”


“Besides, we also want to ask you…”


“Without the unanimous consent of Ming Yatian, what are you doing now with so many people assembled?”


They’re not wrong.


Ming Zaiyu’s major actions can only be implemented after discussion and agreement between Dao Sages and Dao Zun Elders in Ming Yatian.


Seriously, Daosheng Dinghong himself attacked without permission.




Daosheng Dingxiao can’t do it when he sees it.


Other factions also attack, then how will the credit be divided?


Are all five factions successful?


Doesn’t that mean it’s a waste of time?


“How can you not leave a large army for defense in the important areas in the rear?”


He looked around the audience, no matter the other four factions, or the idle immortals who didn’t know the truth in the distance.


“In my opinion, the Tianlin Army is likely to show weakness on purpose to attract us to attack.”


“Actually, it’s just a slap in the face, sneaking up on our camp while we’re out!”


The Taoists from the other four camps nodded.


“Yeah yeah!”


“It makes sense.”


“It’s a must.”


“It’s really necessary to keep someone to defend the fort, so as not to be attacked.”


Sage Yun Chi smiled.


“Since the defense of the camp is so important, then this important task is left to you. We are the weakest on our side, so let’s go and help everyone explore the truth.”


After he finished speaking, he was about to set off with his direct descendants.


Other people say you take us for fools?


“I think it’s better for us, the Purple Rainbow Sect, to explore the way. You guys are more suitable for the camp.”


“Yanxuan Daosheng’s remarks are bad, your Purple Rainbow Sect is strong, and only you can stop the Tianlin Army’s sneak attack. You are all responsible!”


“Tangmiao Daosheng, what you said is wrong.”


“In the previous missions, you were determined not to give up on the Temple of Fengyuan and were unwilling to attack. Isn’t it just what you wanted to stay here now?”


“What do you mean, Dao Sheng Xugong? We didn’t attack before because the Tianlin Army has repeatedly attacked.”


“And they haven’t attacked very much recently, so we have to attack to find the enemy. After all, we take the most dangerous tasks every time in the Temple of Fengyuan…”


His words made the idle immortals in the distance almost vomit.




Dinghong Daosheng couldn’t come up with anything when he saw this kind of bullshit.


“Just go straight to the order!”


They, Ming Yatian, also have a voting method similar to that of Zhuxian Palace.


“Whoever stays, who attacks, is determined by the number of orders.”


“Each person writes the names of two factions, and the one with the most statistics at the end is the sect that attacked this round!”


The Taoist saints were arguing again, and finally had to agree to this plan.


After a round of advance orders, Jingqin Immortal Mansion was not selected as the Immortal Gate to attack.


Because the Xianfu tree attracts the wind, many people’s second choice deliberately avoids them.


The one who was selected was the Purple Rainbow Sect, who ranked second in strength.


“Hahaha, thank you for your love!”


Sage Yanxuan’s face turned into an old chrysanthemum with a smile.


“We will definitely live up to everyone’s expectations and fight with blood on the front line!”


This time, I will take it down by myself, you all stay behind!


Dinghong Daosheng and Xu Gong Daosheng were extremely unwilling.


With the credit for this ‘capture’ of the stronghold, in the future, the voice of the Purple Rainbow Sect will be even louder.


However, there is nothing they can do. They chose it together.


At this moment, a camp on the side suddenly rushed out first.


“Let’s leave such a dangerous task to us in the Temple of Fengyuan!”


“Follow me!”


With the order of Taoist Tang Miao, the elites of several top sects over there all roared out.


Seeing this scene, Yanxuan Dao’s holy spirit was in a panic.


“Tang Miao, what are you doing?”


“You are here to stay in the Primordial Temple, how dare you disrespect orders!”


Tangmiao Daosheng had already rushed out.


His voice is heard far ahead.


“We don’t share the sky with In order to kill more Tianlin army, we can’t care about the rules…”


The others nearly vomited blood.


Why haven’t I seen you so active before?


Dinghong Daosheng’s response was not slow either.


“Boldly conferring the Yuan Temple, how dare you disobey Ming Yatian’s decision!”


“The immortal mansion belongs to, follow me to capture Tang Miao and others…”


After he finished speaking, he also rushed out with someone hula-la.


To catch something, of course not.


The main purpose is to take advantage of the chaos.


Even if you can’t take the credit for occupying the first stronghold, at least Jingqin Immortal Mansion can’t be absent.


With his exemplary role, Taoist Xu Gong and Taoist Yun Chi also followed suit.


“Fengyuan Temple dares to act recklessly, we really can’t stand it anymore!”


“Follow me and bring them back!”


Seeing them also rushing out, Daosheng Yanxuan was almost dizzy.


The one chosen just now was the Purple Rainbow Sect who was in charge of the offense, and the others had to stay at the base camp for defense.


As a result, the sects of the four factions have all rushed out, but they have left themselves behind.






“What should we do?”


The other Taoist saints around him were anxious.


Everyone else is going to eat meat and drink soup, but you are the only one left, how can you play it?


Yanxuan Tieqing’s face trembled, and he said coldly: “Since they want to break the rules, they can’t blame us.”


“We strike too!”


“Isn’t this base empty…”


If they also attack, then the base camp will only be those small and medium-sized sects without backing.


Although there are a large number of people, there is not a single Taoist saint.


If Tiangong really makes a sneak attack, it will collapse at once.


“So what, we are the ones chosen to attack, and no one can make a mistake!”


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