Opening Reward 100 Million Lives Chapter 1721: This is a great achievement



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“All quiet!”


The Taoist sage sitting at the head snorted.


“You should understand the consequences of lying!”


The dominant sect of Mingzai Domain is Jingqin Immortal Mansion, and this person is one of the disciples of Jingqin Taoist God, Dao Hong Dao Sheng.


His gaze swept across Weiheng and Guantao’s faces like knives.


The two of them were heartbroken and dared not speak.


Dinghong stared at the eyes of the two of them, as if to find out the slightest problem.


Unfortunately, he doesn’t read minds. And at the level of Dao Zun, the rank will not be so low that you will have shortness of breath and eyes wandering under the stare.


So, he didn’t even notice it.


“There are 1032 people in your Crazy Sea Sect, but only 85 people came back this time.”


Sage Yanxuan Daosheng, the head of the Purple Rainbow Sect, also opened his mouth.


His Purple Rainbow Sect is the second largest power in Mingya Tiantian after Jingqin Immortal Mansion, with the support of seven Taoist saints behind him, and his status is similar to that of the Sand Sea Three Saints in Zhuxian Palace.


At this time, he also felt that it was too strange, suspecting that there was something wrong with Weiheng and Guantao.


“And you just said that when you went there, the first stronghold of the Tianlin Army opposite was empty, and there was no battle at all.”


“Then ask Daoist Guantao, why haven’t the remaining 900 people in your Crazy Sea Sect not returned?”


As soon as he said this, everyone else responded.


“Yes, since there’s no fighting, they should all be alive, right?”


“Why didn’t the others come back?”


Because all nine hundred people died.


Killed by a random order from your gang!


Daoist Guantao wanted to slap them.


But considering the plan and the disparity in strength, I can only give up this heroic and tempting idea.


“I left them with the first stronghold.”


He quickly explained: “I was worried that the Tianlin Army would be deceived, so I asked them to stay behind. Once they found signs of the enemy’s ambush, they would immediately call back.”


When he said this, the murderous intent and fierce light in the eyes of the Taoists in the temple dissipated.


“Looking at it this way, you have a heart.”


Dinghong Daosheng gave a rare look of approval.


“The disappearance of the Tianlin Army is too strange.”


“This matter needs to be considered in the long run.”


“You still need to continue to do a good job of defense, and no one is allowed to leave without permission to avoid being attacked by the enemy.”


After speaking, he directly announced the dissolution of the adjournment.


It made Weiheng and Guantao a little dumbfounded.


What’s the matter.


The enemy on the opposite side has disappeared, do you still need to take precautions?


Even if you don’t fight, you still have to move a little bit, right?


This question, after the meeting, Dingxiao Daosheng of Jingqin Immortal Mansion couldn’t help but ask it immediately.


“Senior brother, in my opinion, there must be something wrong with the Tianlin Army opposite.”


“Otherwise it would be impossible to suddenly withdraw completely.”


Dingyang Daosheng, the last Daosheng of Jingqin Immortal Mansion, also nodded.


“Senior brother, are you worried that this is a trap?”


“But the other party doesn’t even have a big formation or a ban, and the more than 900 people of the Crazy Sea Sect are still safe there. The possibility of ambush is extremely low.”


Their expressions were a little anxious.


“Don’t miss this opportunity!”


Yes, in their eyes, seizing the first stronghold of the Tianlin Army is an opportunity.


The reason why Ming Yatian was broken into five factions was that, apart from the absence of the Taoist Jingqin, an important reason was that there were only three Taoist saints in Xianfu.


This lineup is a bit thin among Ming Yatian’s 33 Taoist saints.


It is far less prosperous than the five Taoist sages of Jingzhu Immortal Mansion in Xiaomangyu.


Although Jingqin Immortal Mansion has also attracted seven Taoist saints from other sects, it is still the largest faction, but its deterrence and appeal are far from enough.


When discussing matters in Mingyatian, they are often united against by other factions.


So, their need for prestige is very urgent.


Now facing the attack of the Tianlin Army, the biggest source of prestige is the record.


“If our Immortal Mansion is the first to kill the first stronghold and declare to occupy it, then the prestige of Immortal Mansion in Mingzai Domain will be greatly improved.”


“You can even use this military exploit to redefine the order of Mingyatian!”


“Other sects have no record, how can they compete with us then?”


Dinghong Daosheng deliberately retorted: “But that stronghold is actually empty, and we didn’t take it down…”


“So what?”


Dingyang Daosheng quickly said: “No one was occupied before us, and we also risked being ambushed, the first sect to turn it into its own territory!”




Daosheng Dingxiao also strongly agreed to send troops immediately.


“Whether he is an empty camp or not, the first occupation is the real first!”


Dinghong said lightly: “But the Crazy Sea Sect has already occupied the place.”


“No, they didn’t.”


Ding Xiao’s eyes flashed fiercely.


He made up a script with a sneer while making a killing gesture.


“We just said that the Tianlin Army had an ambush, and unfortunately all of the more than 900 people left by the Crazy Sea Sect were killed, and our Jingqin Immortal Mansion arrived later and wiped out all the enemies, in return for the Crazy Sea Sect Vengeance!”


He didn’t know that the more than 900 people in the Crazy Sea Sect had already been really killed by the Tianlin Army.


The unfortunate killing said at this time is that after the Jingqin Immortal Mansion arrived there, all the more than 900 people were silenced and pushed onto the Tianlin Army.




Ding Yang laughed.


“Hahaha, Second Senior Brother’s plan is great!”


“In this way, we not only really became the first sect to occupy the stronghold, but also won it through a war!”


Although, this battle exists only in their fabrications.


But didn’t they say what they said afterwards?


If Taoist Guantao were present, he would definitely scold these gangsters for being real dogs.


Accordingly, Mad Sea Sect brought back important information this time, which should be regarded as a great contribution.


As a result, after only a few sentences, I was forcibly ‘killed by the script’.


Dinghong Daosheng’s brows widened.


“Pass my order, order the people from Qixianfu, and then call our allies!”


“In a quarter of an hour, let’s strike together!”


“Senior brother, have you really decided?”


Ding Yang and Ding Xiao were both surprised and delighted. Just now, Ding Hong objected. They thought he would not agree, and they were ready to continue persuading them.


Dinghong stood up and said proudly, “I never planned to let go of this fat from the beginning!”


“Just now let them continue to station, just to prevent them from stealing credit!”


The two suddenly realized that the senior brother had long planned to take the great merit alone.


Jingqin Immortal Mansion quickly took action.


In just five minutes, they had assembled a full ten Dao Sages, more than 200 Dao Venerables, and tens of thousands of Immortal Mansion disciples.


As for the others, he was too lazy to bring them.


The soldiers are very fast!


With this elite team of his own, Dinghong was about to attack the opposing stronghold, when he saw that the surrounding camps were also rapidly gathering the masters of his sect.


“Sage Yanxuan, what do you mean?”


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