Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 471: Matekai Pokémon hatching


Chapter 471 Metkai Pokémon Hatching

[Disciple Uchiha Shisui’s strength has increased, his reputation has increased, and his voice within the clan has increased. He has taken a small step on the road to eliminating the conflict between Uchiha and Konoha, and received progress rewards – Chakra +1000, bloodline improvement scroll, and Nirvana Essence. The Art of Giving Up (Mastery Level)]

Maybe because they are all Uchiha clan ninjas, and they also have some things in common. Shisui’s progress rewards don’t seem to be much different from Obito’s life mission rewards at the same progress level, except that master level fire escape has been changed to master level. Level illusion.

Mu Yue has a slight impression of the Nirvana Jingshe technique. In the original Konoha Chunin Examination, Yakushi Kabuto used this jutsu to put a large number of Konoha ninjas into sleep. This is a large-scale group. Illusion.

However, although the Nirvana Jingsha Jutsu is large enough in scope, it has a drawback. As long as a ninja is proficient in illusion, even a genin can break this ninjutsu.

However, this is a normal thing among Hokage. Generally, ninjutsu can only be outstanding in a certain aspect, and it is difficult to achieve perfection.

Mu Yue then looked at the bloodline enhancement scroll, which was a pretty good reward.

After he upgraded Byakugan last time, he not only improved Byakugan’s various abilities, but also gave Byakugan an additional ability to release invisible small shock waves.

Although it does not improve Mu Yue’s combat power, it proves that his Byakugan is really evolving towards a higher level, which is different from ordinary Byakugan.

No matter how pure the Byakugan of the ordinary Hyuga clan is, it only has ordinary abilities such as perspective and enhanced vision.

Mu Yue clicked on the bloodline improvement scroll. The only upgrade option was White Eyes. Mu Yue chose White Eyes and clicked to confirm.

Immediately after, Mu Yue concentrated her breathing into a state of transparent world, sensing the detailed changes in her body.

First of all, the strength of the body has increased. Although it is not high, it has definitely increased. Mu Yue estimates that the increase is about the same as the effect of a month of regular training in Rock Breathing.

The increase in chakra amount is very clear. After all, the specific number is clearly displayed on this panel, which is an increase of 1,500 points of chakra.

Neither physical strength nor chakra amount was the focus of Mu Yue’s attention. Mu Yue casually rubbed a rasengan to consume part of the chakra, and then immediately refined the chakra.

“Sure enough, it’s the same as last time, a little faster.” Mu Yue nodded with satisfaction.

Chakra recovery speed has always been a big problem for Mu Yue. Since most of the chakra is directly increased by the system, his chakra recovery speed has always been inconsistent with the total amount of chakra.

For a long time, Mu Yue had a shadow level chakra and a recovery speed of an ordinary jounin.

Mu Yue has been studying the Yang Seal for this reason. Sufficient spare chakra can largely make up for the slow recovery problem.

As for the radical cure, Mu Yue currently has no good solution. She can only rely on breathing exercises to slowly improve her body, or the bloodline improvement, which is a reward for transforming the body.

There is actually no quick way, but the risk is too high. The problem can be completely solved by asking Orochimaru to transplant Hashirama cells, but this is equivalent to Mu Yue giving his life to Orochimaru. Mu Yue would rather continue to study the use of Yang Seal. Breathing method sharpens the body.

First, at this period, Orochimaru was obsessed with immortality. Mu Yue, who had many secrets, was somewhat self-inflicted when she sent herself to Orochimaru.

Second, Orochimaru has not fully mastered the experiment of transplanting Hashirama cells, which is extremely risky. Even if Orochimaru helps Mu Yue perform the transplant operation without any selfish intentions, there is still a high probability that Mu Yue will die in the experiment. .

As a serious person, Mu Yue has no need to gamble like this.

In the end, Mu Yue gathered chakra in her eyes and opened her Byakugan, wanting to see if she would have new abilities this time.

After a test, Mu Yue found that this time only the observation range was improved, and no new abilities appeared like the last time.

After completing the test, Mu Yue closed her eyes and looked at the panel again, clicking on Shisui’s life mission.

[Name: Uchiha Shisui]

[Life Mission: Uchiha and Konoha]

[Main goal: eliminate the conflict between Uchiha and Konoha and allow Uchiha to integrate into Konoha]

[Task progress: 6%]

Although he was the first disciple to start his life mission, due to the special nature of his life mission, Shisui had the fewest progress settlements among the disciples, and has only completed one settlement so far.

Currently, Obito is the one with the most settlements. He has settled three times. Metkai and Kakashi have settled twice. However, it is worth mentioning that Metkai is very close to 30%. It will be settled soon. Make the third settlement.

Because Nagato was late in accepting disciples, he has not yet started his life mission.


Southern Forest.

Kakashi was looking seriously at his recently hatched brown puppy, thinking about how to help it become stronger.

Kakashi discovered that the ninja beasts hatched from the ninja beast eggs given by Mu Yue grew much faster than normal animals. The rock dogs only hatched for a few days and were able to run around on their own, without any energy or physical strength. Not like a newborn puppy.

So Kakashi decided to take the rock dogs to practice together. After all, Mu Yue said before that the rock dogs have great potential and their careful cultivation will be a great help.

“Hongyan, please run with me later. Don’t stop until I stop, until you run out of strength.” Kakashi knelt down and touched the head of the rock dog and said.

Kakashi thought about it for a long time, and finally named the rock dog based on the rock on its neck.

Kakashi believes that physical strength is a very important ability for both ninja beasts and humans. Exercise may not be the best choice, but it is not wrong.


The rock dog nodded quickly and rubbed Kakashi’s palm.

“Don’t get lost.” With the final reminder, Kakashi immediately started running.

While taking care of Iwago, Kakashi discovered that Iwago is very smart and can understand and execute words as long as they are not too complicated.

The rock dog quickly followed after Kakashi ran, running side by side with Kakashi.

Kakashi saw this and sped up his running speed until the rock dog could only run behind him.

It’s not that Kakashi minded running side by side with his own psychic beast, but he wanted to test the ultimate running speed of the rock dog.

“It’s so cute when you work out hard.” Nohara Rin, who was tired from the special training and took a rest, said while looking at the rock dog chasing Kakashi with all its strength.

In order to keep up with the pace of other disciples, Nohara Lin wanted to pass the Jonin examination and be promoted to Jonin in one go. Recently, she basically practiced until she was exhausted and then rested and practiced again.

“Xiao Lin, are you talking about Kakashi or that white-haired dog?” Obito on the side couldn’t help but ask.

This issue is quite important to him.

“Obito, don’t you think it’s cute that the little mane rock is running hard to catch up with Kakashi on its four little legs, and its big white tail is still bouncing.” Nohara Rin asked doubtfully.

Of course she couldn’t be praising Kakashi. The word cute is indeed a bit inappropriate to describe Kakashi. Nohara Lin prefers adjectives such as calm and handsome.

“It’s okay, I don’t think it’s as good as the Rhubarb in the clan.” Obito felt relieved, but he still made a disparaging comment along with Iwagou.

“Just bring your psychic beast to practice. You will definitely win the next civil war!” Obito cursed in his heart.

Obito feels that he won’t be able to use the psychic beast before the next civil war. He got the ninja beast egg later than Shisui, and Shisui hasn’t hatched the ninja beast yet, so he can only get it later. .

Even if they were hatched before the civil war, the newly born ninja beasts would not have fighting power and would not be useful in battle.

So although Obito is anxious for the ninja beast egg to hatch, he also knows that now is not the time to be anxious about it.

At this time, Kakashi and Iwagou happened to be running near Obito and the others. When they heard that someone was saying bad things about him, Iwagou became angry and rushed towards Obito with a headbutt.

Because he was communicating with Nohara Rin, and he didn’t expect the Iwago to be so smart and vindictive, Obito didn’t notice the incoming Iwago in time and was knocked to the ground.


After knocking Obito down, the rock dog raised its head proudly, and then flew towards Kakashi again.

“Kakashi, you are a real dog.” Obito’s face turned red and he couldn’t stand it.

Obito almost wanted to enter the Fire Breath Chakra mode and fight to the death with the rock dog.

Nohara Rin covered her mouth and snickered, patted the dust off Obito as he got up, and said comfortingly:

“Little Zongyan was just born and is still ignorant. Obito is angry.”

Hearing that Nohara Rin was still speaking for Iwagou, Obito became even redder and warmer, as if the words of warning were uttered in the void.

Because this will give him the illusion that his status in Nohara Lin’s heart is not as good as that white-haired dog.

“It is a dog, of course it is a dog.” Kakashi raised the corners of his mouth slightly and replied while running.

“Yan!” Yan dog barked happily.

Looking at the person and the dog getting further and further away, Obito was itching with hatred, wishing that the person and the dog would step on the trap and fall into the pit in the next moment.

“A naturally evil white-haired puppy, when my ninja beast egg hatches, you will be beautiful!” Obito couldn’t help but touch his unhatched ninja beast egg.

Now Obito really can’t wait for a moment, he can’t wait to fast forward to the day when the ninja beast egg hatches.

“Teacher Muyue, is there any way to make this egg hatch quickly?” In the end, Obito approached Muyue.

He felt that the almighty Mu Yue Immortal would be able to find a solution. After all, Mu Yue Immortal was omnipotent!

“It should be faster if you keep it with you more.” Mu Yue thought for a while and replied.

The Pokémon eggs Obito and the others received were bound to them, and only they could hatch them. There would be no change at all when placed in Muyue’s hands.

“Is this really okay? I see that Akai takes the egg with him to exercise every day, and it doesn’t hatch.” Obito glanced at Metkai, who was holding the egg in one hand and doing push-ups with one finger, and then said.

As soon as Obito finished speaking, a fierce white light enveloped Metkai.


Obito was dumbfounded when he saw the same special effects used when the rock dog was born.

“What is going on? Have I become Kakashi?” Obito was very confused.

In his impression, only Kakashi was like this.

“Kakashi must have infected me, **** Kakashi!” Obito made another note for Kakashi in his heart.

“But what will Kai’s ninja beast be?”

Obito’s eyes were fixed on the white light, but he was still unable to see through the rich white light and see the Pokémon hatched in it.

The sudden change also caused Metkai to stop exercising, and he quietly maintained the egg-lifting movement and waited for the white light to disappear.

Kakashi, who was running, noticed this phenomenon and quickly ran to the side to watch silently.

“There is also white light. Could it be that the ninja beast eggs that Teacher Muyue prepared for us actually come from a certain group of psychic beasts?” Kakashi thought as he looked at the mysterious white light.

After Kakashi returned to Konoha, he checked many classics in the library, but he didn’t gain anything.

Kakashi found neither a dog that laid eggs nor a ninja beast similar to the rock dog.

However, Kakashi felt that Muyue would definitely not harm them. These psychic beasts should have never appeared in a secret place, so there was no information.

Finally the white light dissipated, and a black and blue puppy appeared in front of everyone.

“It’s a dog that lays eggs again. Are all ninja eggs like dogs?” Kakashi looked at Riolu with a thoughtful expression.

He guessed that Mu Yue might have accidentally found the habitat of a secret group of canine psychic beasts, so he obtained these ninja beast eggs.

“Looks even weaker than Kakashi’s dog.” Obito said in his heart as he looked at the thin blue and black puppy.

The newly hatched Riolu was so thin that Obito felt that if he just flicked it with his finger, the other person might faint.

“They can’t all be dogs. I hope my dogs will be taller and more powerful.” Obito held the ninja egg in his arms and prayed.

He doesn’t really like thin dogs like Riolu. If he had a choice, he would still want a stronger and more handsome one.

I don’t know if it was an illusion, but Obito felt that Riolu gave him a dissatisfied look.

“Haha, it looks like you have the potential to work hard.” Metkai raised Riolu and laughed, showing two lines of big white teeth.

Metkay was not dissatisfied because Riolu was thin, because Metkay was not strong before. He only became strong through exercise day by day.

In fact, no matter what ninja beast is hatched, Metkai will not hate it, because no matter how weak the ninja beast is at the beginning, Metkai will always train with it and become stronger together with it.

Riolo felt the pure emotion from Metkai, his red eyes shining brightly.

“Leo.” Riolu shouted happily.

It wants to work out with Metkai to become stronger.

“Riolu is quite suitable for Akai.” Mu Yue thought after recalling Riolu and Lucario’s skills.

Lucario not only has the power of a waveguide that can act as a sensory ninjutsu, but he also has many powerful attack skills. The most important thing is that Lucario also has healing skills.

Healing skills are very important for Metkai, because Metkai usually does not team up with Nohara Rin and the others. Metkai is usually with Ebisu and the others, and there is no one in Teacher Chen’s team. A medical ninja.

PS: There will be another chapter later, it will be late, and I will collect Riolu’s name by the way.



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