Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 470: Shisui Life Mission Settlement (6k)


Chapter 470 Shisui Life Mission Settlement (6k)

“I, Shisui, fight…” Uchiha Inari was still a little confused until the referee announced the result.

This battle was too sudden for him.

“Inari, I’m sorry, I have to use all my strength this time.” Shisui silently said sorry to Uchiha Inari in his heart.

Under normal circumstances, even a stranger, Shisui, would not let him lose too badly and would try his best to let him go.

But this time is different. This time Shisui wants to tell all Uchiha that he, Uchiha Shisui, is very strong, stronger than many Uchiha jounin!

Uchiha Fugaku’s eyes flickered. He didn’t expect that Shisui could give him a little surprise.

The strength Shisui showed before was actually enough to defeat all Uchiha and win the first place in the martial arts competition.

“Elder Sheng Qing, it seems that Shisui will probably be number one in the martial arts competition. Today’s young people are really outstanding. It would be very stressful if I were to give guidance.” The elder of the Dove Faction said with a smile.

The candidates for guidance are not decided by the elders themselves, but are decided by drawing lots before the official start of the martial arts competition. There are two groups of one, four and two and three. Under the secret operation of Uchiha Fugaku, Uchiha Mingqing is ultimately responsible for the first and fourth. .

Originally, giving guidance to the number one player is a good thing, and it may leave a deep impression on the outstanding juniors. However, if the number one is too strong, it is not necessarily a good thing. It is difficult to give guidance if the strength is not much different.

“Shisui is indeed excellent.” Even if he didn’t like Shisui very much, Uchiha Shengqing had to admit that Shisui was one of the outstanding ones among the geniuses of the past generations of Uchiha.

“But based on my many years of practice experience, I think I can still provide him with some help.” Uchiha Shengqing said lightly.

He also has the Three Magatama Sharingan, which he has trained for more than ten years. Shisui’s Sharingan illusion that can instantly kill Uchiha Inari is useless to him.

He didn’t believe that after decades of ninja career, he could lose to eight-year-old Shisui. When the time came, if he won, it would be a good mentoring battle if he just talked a little bit.

As time continues to pass, one Uchiha ninja is eliminated, and the martial arts competition continues to advance.

During this process, Shisui showed terrifying suppression. No matter who his opponent was, Shisui would just open the three Magatama Sharingan and use genjutsu to kill him instantly.

Some Uchiha ninjas try to fight Shisui by lowering their heads or closing their eyes. However, if this fighting method is not specially trained, it will seriously affect their own combat effectiveness, and they will still be killed by Shisui instantly.

“The final of the martial arts competition, Uchiha Shisui vs. Uchiha Yami.”

Uchiha took a deep breath and walked towards the fighting venue. He had already decided in his heart that he was not Shisui’s opponent, and he just wanted to lose less embarrassingly.

Shisui calmly walked to the opposite side of Uchiha Yao. The martial arts contestants were just a warm-up for Shisui. There was always only one target he wanted to defeat, and that was the elder Uchiha Mingqing.

“The battle begins!”

When the referee gave the order, Uchiha opened the second Magatama Sharingan instantly.

Faced with Shisui and Uchiha, Uchiha didn’t dare to exaggerate. If he didn’t open his Sharingan immediately, Uchiha was worried that he would fall into Shisui’s illusion like those Chuunin.

But something unexpected happened to Uchiha Yaowi.

Shisui opened the three Magatama Sharingan just like in the previous battle and then looked at Uchiha Yaowei, and Uchiha Yaowei also looked at Shisui, and the two pairs of Sharingan looked at each other.

Boundless blood appeared in front of Uchiha Yaowei’s eyes.

“You lost.”

When Uchiha recovered from the smell of medicine, Shisui walked up to him at some point and pointed a kunai at his neck.

“How is that possible!” Uchiha Yaowei was shocked in his heart.

He is not a genin chuunin, but an Uchiha jounin with double magatama sharingan eyes. How could Shisui kill him with just one glance?

The entire scene became silent again, and everyone looked at Shisui in shock.

“Has Shisui actually reached this level? Even Brother Yaowei, who is a Jonin, is not his one-in-one enemy.” Uchiha Inari was greatly shocked.

The impact this brought to him was too great. With just one glance, Shisui actually killed Uchiha Yao, who was also a jounin.

If this was a real battle, Uchiha Yaomi would have died in Shisui’s hands.

“Something’s wrong, his illusion and eye power shouldn’t be so strong.” Uchiha Shengqing was puzzled.

It’s okay to kill a chuunin instantly, but killing a sharingan jounin instantly is too exaggerated. Uchiha Shengqing couldn’t do this after decades of training.

If it were an ordinary foreign jounin without the Sharingan, he might have succeeded, but the Uchiha clan with the Sharingan turned on were very capable of dealing with illusions.

“It seems that Shisui is stronger than Obito when it comes to genjutsu and fire escape.”

Uchiha Fugaku was also secretly frightened. He originally thought that Shisui would no longer be surprised after that day, but Shisui could always give him new surprises.

“Thanks to Teacher Muyue’s ninja tools.” Shisui calmly paid attention to the expressions of the Uchiha ninjas and nodded with satisfaction.

His current level of genjutsu is indeed not enough to instantly kill the Uchiha jonin with Sharingan, but Shisui has the ninja tool given by Mu Yue.

Shisui cleverly used the fighting mechanism of the martial arts club, constantly injecting chakra into the curved spoon during rest to enhance the Yin Escape, and then refining the chakra to restore the state.

Before the final started, Shisui injected most of the Chuck in his body into the curved spoon, which created the terrifying effect of killing Uchiha Jonin with one glance.

If Shisui fights Uchiha Uchiha normally, the chakra required to defeat Uchiha Uchiha will not be more than the one that just strengthened the ninja, but Shisui pursues the shock of defeating the enemy with one blow, so he uses this method.

After the first place appeared, it did not immediately enter the coaching phase. Instead, the senior management scored and selected the third and fourth. Then the senior management said something about learning from the top four, and then it was the mentoring phase.

Shisui was also happy to do this, and this time was just used to strengthen the bending of the spoon.

If it were a civil war between his disciples, Shisui would never use this trick.

But if the target of the battle is a family elder who harms the family’s interests in exchange for his own interests, Shisui doesn’t mind using a little trick.

“Elder Sheng Qing, please give me some advice.” Zhishui said politely.

“I can’t give you much advice on your strength. I can only teach you the experience you have honed over time.” Uchiha Mingqing said conservatively.

The strength shown by Shisui in the last battle really made Uchiha Shengqing a little confused.

When the battle was about to begin, all the Uchiha ninjas present looked at the battle clearing, looking forward to the next battle.

On one side is Shunshen Shisui, who has recently become famous in Uchiha, and on the other is a powerful elder of the Uchiha clan. No matter which side they are, they are very interesting.

“I feel like the battle will be exciting. Shisui can kill the poison instantly with just one illusion. It won’t be easy for Elder Sheng Qing to win.”

“It’s hard to say. After all, Elder Shengqing is a senior jounin who has been practicing for decades. Shisui illusion will definitely be of no use to him. If illusion, the strongest skill, loses its effect, it will be difficult for Shisui.”

Most Uchiha are optimistic about Uchiha Shengqing. Shisui is a genius, but geniuses are those who have not yet become strong. Although Uchiha Shengqing cannot be called a strong person in the entire ninja world, in Uchiha is still considered strong in the Jonin circle.

“How does your fire escape compare to your current genjutsu?” Uchiha Inari fell into thinking.

Before fighting Shisui today, Uchiha Inari had the impression that Shisui was best at fire escape.

If Shisui’s strongest skill now is Fire Release, Uchiha Inari felt that even if Uchiha Mingqing could win, it would not be an easy win.

“Shisui, what surprises can you bring me next.” Uchiha Fugaku looked at Shisui, but he thought of Hanyu Mugetsu, who was in the limelight recently.

After the night when he talked with Shisui, Uchiha Fugaku thought for a long time. He had been wondering how Shisui had grown to this extent. For this reason, he even asked Shisui’s uncle Uchiha Nobuhiro.

In the end, Uchiha Fugaku came to the conclusion that Mu Yue’s teachings accounted for a considerable part.

Many of the abilities Shisui displayed could not be learned in Uchiha at a ninja school.


Uchiha Shengqing immediately concentrated chakra in his eyes and opened his Sharingan, and the scarlet three-magatama Sharingan appeared.

Shisui also opened the three Magatama Sharingan, but this time he did not use illusions directly as usual, but used the teleportation technique to rush forward.

“It seems that he is not immersed in the constant victory.” Uchiha Mingqing also burst out chakra in his legs and rushed out.

If Shisui wants to use illusion to solve him, it will appear that Shisui is not good at fighting and only relies on hard power to crush him.

Bang bang! !

Within half a minute, the two of them kept flashing and had several physical collisions.

“Sure enough, you won’t be weak if you can be an elder.” Shisui tested and found that Uchiha Mingsei’s level of taijutsu was not weak.

If Shisui’s feelings were expected, then Uchiha Mingqing was on the contrary unexpected.

“His physical skills are so outstanding. How did he practice them?” Uchiha Shengqing frowned and wondered.

His original thought was that Shisui’s genjutsu and fire escape were excellent, so he shouldn’t have much time to practice his physical skills. After a while, he realized that this idea was completely wrong. Not only was Shisui’s physical skills not bad, but his physique was far superior. People of the same age are incredibly strong.

Of course Uchiha Mingqing didn’t know that Shisui’s breathing method had already reached normal level, which not only had a strong exercise effect, but also strengthened his body at all times.

In the end, Uchiha Shengqing could only think that Shisui’s talent was too abnormal, which led to Shisui’s outrageous strength.

After discovering that the original combat plan was not feasible, Uchiha Mingqing adjusted the combat plan and returned to the previous normal combat rhythm.

“Fire Escape: Fireball Technique!”

Uchiha Shengqing quickly distanced himself and formed a seal to condense chakra and spit out flames at Shisui.

The orange flames piled up together to form a huge hot fireball that hit Shisui.

“Fire Escape: Fireball Technique!”

Shisui followed the seals with a nonchalant expression and spit out flames to form a fireball.

Boom! !

Two huge flaming fireballs collided and erupted into violent flames. The terrifying flames rose and the dazzling flames hit the faces of the surrounding Uchiha who were watching the battle.

The two fireballs refused to give an inch, and eventually dissipated into the air together, leaving only a scorched black ground.

Uchiha Mingqing’s expression changed. The best way to see the level of nature change is to fight against the same nature change ninjutsu, which means that Shisui Fire Release may be almost the same as him.

The ninjas of the Uchiha clan are basically fire-attributed, so when they saw this scene, they opened their mouths unconsciously.

“Fire Escape: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique!”

Uchiha Mingqing suppressed his emotions and immediately threw himself into the battle again.

“Fire Escape: Phoenix Immortal Fire Technique!”

Shisui seemed to have transformed into the mirror of Uchiha Mingqiu, and he also used the Phoenix Fire Jutsu to offset Uchiha Mingqing’s fire escape again.

Uchiha Mingqing began to sweat on his forehead. If he continued like this, it would be embarrassing even if he didn’t lose. This was a coaching battle.

But Uchiha Shengqing knew that the more this happened, the more calm he had to be, otherwise he would make mistakes and have flaws.

“Think carefully about the possible shortcomings of Shisui.” Uchiha Mingqing’s mind was spinning rapidly.

“No matter how talented Shisui is, he is only an eight-year-old boy. His chakra and physical strength must not be comparable to mine!” Uchiha Shengqing suddenly had an idea in his mind, and then the more he thought about it, the more he felt right.

Although the tactic of beating up a child is a bit embarrassing, if he really loses to Shisui, then Uchiha Mingqing will be even more embarrassed.

After thinking about this, Uchiha Shengqing relaxed and used all his ninjutsu to fight against Shisui, and then used his Sharingan to pay full attention to Shisui’s condition.

As Uchiha Shengqing thought, as the intensity of the battle continued to increase, Shisui’s strength gradually declined with the loss of chakra and physical strength.

Seeing this, Uchiha Mingqing increased his strength in excitement. He had already seen the scene of his victory.

“Fire Release: Dragon Fire Technique!”

Facing Shisui who was trying to get closer, Uchiha Mingqing wanted to continue using fire escape to consume Shisui’s state.

What surprised Uchiha Shengqing was that Shisui did not stop and use fire escape to block his fire dragon, but ran towards him quickly.

“What is he going to do?” Uchiha Shengqing was confused, thinking about whether to control the fire dragon to avoid Shisui. Shisui seemed to be using his body to resist Ninjutsu.

The Dragon Fire Technique is different from the Fire Ball. It can control the flying fire dragon to a certain extent. However, there are gains and losses. The attack range of the flexible Dragon Fire is very small.

Although I don’t like Shisui, Shisui is the super genius of the Uchiha clan after all. If something goes wrong, it will be a big loss to the entire Uchiha clan.

But before Uchiha Shengqing could make a decision, Shisui collided with the fast-moving Fire Dragon due to his high-speed movement.

Every Uchiha on the field shrank, and Uchiha Fugaku rushed out directly.

The next moment, something happened that shocked and puzzled everyone.


A dull crash sounded.

Uchiha Mingqing flew out like a kite with its string cut off, and fell to the ground hard.


Then a kunai flew out and hit Uchiha Shengqing.

Zhisui stood there, patted the flames on his clothes, and exhaled lightly.

His chakra is not enough to cover his whole body with armament. Fortunately, the dragon fire has a small range, otherwise he would not dare to break through the fire dragon and launch a surprise attack like this.

From the beginning, Shisui deliberately guided Uchiha Mingqing to fight a war of attrition. The purpose was to make Uchiha Mingqing relax his vigilance and finally win the battle by surprise with armed force.

If Shisui wants to rely on fire escape and illusion to defeat Uchiha Shengsei, it will be really difficult and there will be many variables.

But with the reinforcement of the curved spoon, his armament color is stronger than the normal state, so Shisui formulated this tactic that has a high chance of winning by surprise.

“Shisui, are you okay? Do you want me to take you to Konoha Hospital now?” Uchiha Fugaku hurriedly stepped forward and asked with concern.

Although I don’t know what ninjutsu Shisui used, Shisui just couldn’t completely block Uchiha Mingqing’s Fire Release.

“Uncle Fugaku, I’m fine, but Elder Shengqing doesn’t look well.” Zhisui shook his head and said.

In order to end the battle with one blow, Shisui’s punch just now really didn’t hold back at all.

Uchiha Fugaku breathed a sigh of relief and went over to check on Uchiha Mingqing, and found that Uchiha Mingqing was in good condition, with just a few broken bones and a coma.

Uchiha Fugaku felt that it was a good thing that he was unconscious, otherwise Uchiha Shengqing would be in a bad mood when he saw so many Uchiha watching him being defeated.

“Send Elder Shengqing to the hospital.” Uchiha Fugaku called two Uchiha ninjas to send Uchiha Shengqing away.

The referee on the side didn’t know what to say at all. Uchiha Shisui won? He didn’t want to be hated by Uchiha Mingqing.

In the end, the referee could only shout to guide the battle to end.

Shisui walked towards the group of Uchiha watching the battle. Every Uchiha looked at Shisui with very complicated eyes, including admiration, shock, confusion, and envy. At this moment, Uchiha Shisui The image in their minds will be more than just genius.

“Even the elders lost to him. It seems that my loss is nothing.” Uchiha Yaowei felt a lot more relaxed.

At first, he was quite depressed. After all, he was still a Jounin of Konoha, but when he saw the elders losing to Shisui, he immediately felt balanced.

Even the elder lost to Shisui. He lost obviously not because he was not strong, but because Shisui was too strong, so it was reasonable for him to be killed instantly by Shisui Sharingan.

The fall of Uchiha Mingqiu did not affect the continuation of the martial arts competition. Another elder gave instructions to the second and third place in turn, and the fourth place was delayed because of the fall of Uchiha Mingqiu. .


Naga Shrine.

The Uchiha clan meeting will be held on time at eight o’clock in the evening.

This time Shisui still called Obito as he did last time.

Although performing martial arts will make him famous among the Uchiha clan, Obito’s influence does not go in vain.

Uchiha Shengqing also came to the clan meeting, but Shisui could tell from his actions that Uchiha Shengqing had not fully recovered and came to the meeting with injuries.

“Asking for the right to take the initiative is of great significance to the police department and even our entire Uchiha clan!” Uchiha Mingqing sat next to Uchiha Fugaku and said seriously to the Uchiha ninjas like last time.

“If we succeed, we Uchiha can…”

“Elder Sheng Qing, what if this proposal is destined to be impossible to succeed?” Zhishui stood up and interrupted.

A large number of Uchiha ninjas looked at Shisui, but no one stopped him from speaking. They just waited quietly for Shisui’s explanation.

Shisui defeated Uchiha Mingqing in the battle and was a super genius who made his name on the battlefield at the age of eight. He was qualified to question Uchiha Mingqing’s proposal.

Uchiha Shengqing looked at Shisui’s abdominal pain, and his face darkened slightly.

“I said before, I can’t guarantee success, because even reasonable demands may not be adopted. The final decision lies with the Hokage and the top management of Konoha.” Uchiha Shengqing thought. Want to say.

“Shisui, Lemon Thief? Rui Jun? But you have spent all your time practicing. You should study more before participating in other matters.” Uchiha Shengqing persuaded as if I was doing it for you. .

Shisui smiled faintly, he came prepared, Uchiha Shengqing’s tricks would not be difficult for him.

“Elder Shengqing, being strong does not mean that you have not learned anything else.” Shisui sent the information he had prepared long ago to every Uchiha, including Uchiha Shengqing.

The moment Uchiha Shengqing saw the content of the information, his expression became extremely ugly. His eyes roamed back and forth between Uchiha Fugaku and other Uchiha elders, trying to find out who arranged all this for Shisui.

He had reason to believe that someone was trying to build momentum for Zhisui. How could an eight-year-old Zhisui do this?

The other Uchiha were curiously flipping through the materials Shisui handed out, and found that most of them were about explaining rights, what the right to take the initiative is, what it means to have this right, and the differentiation of rights. What does it mean? What kind of suspicion will the Uchiha who proposed this proposal suffer? There is even a corresponding historical story attached.

In order to prevent any Uchiha from not understanding, Shisui walked to the other side of Uchiha Fugaku and began to explain.

Because he wrote it by his own hand, Shisui didn’t even need to read the manuscript, and smoothly told the entire content without changing his expression, while answering questions from other Uchiha ninjas.

“This proposal is too unreasonable. It is not a right that the Ninja clan should have. It will seriously affect the Hokage’s rights, so its probability of passing is zero! This kind of proposal will only make the higher-ups more afraid of us Uchiha.” Shisui Finally draw a conclusion.

Uchiha Fugaku looked at Shisui with admiration. He knew the sensitivity of this right, but he could not explain it to Shisui point by point so that every Uchiha could understand.

Some Uchiha must be chewed and fed like this, otherwise they will not understand at all. He only felt that what Elder Sheng Qing said made more sense.

“I didn’t think enough this time. I didn’t expect that there were so many things I didn’t notice. It was my mistake. I’m sorry, I’m sorry to everyone.” Uchiha Shengqing stood up directly and bowed to all the Uchiha ninjas. Bowed.

“Elder Sheng Qing, you are also doing it for the good of the family, but there are some things you didn’t expect.”

“Yes, yes, Elder Shengqing, you don’t need to apologize. We haven’t mentioned it yet. Fortunately, Shisui reminded us.”

Some Uchiha were greatly moved when they saw the elder taking the initiative to apologize, so they comforted them one after another.

“Anyway, it was indeed my mistake this time, and I will reflect on it.” Uchiha Shengqing gave Shisui a deep look, then sat down with his head lowered.

Shisui looked at this scene with an indifferent expression. I have to say that Uchiha Shengqing’s move of retreating in order to advance is indeed good, but Shisui’s purpose has been completed, and he has his own right to speak in Uchiha.

At the same time, news of the settlement of Shisui’s life mission finally came from the Muyue panel.



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