Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 469: Illusion Instant Kill


Chapter 469 Illusion Instant Kill

After Shisui left Muyue’s home, he first went home and wrote down on paper how he refuted Uchiha Shengqing’s proposal, and then went to Uchiha Fugaku’s home.

The family meeting will be held in a week. In order to leave time to deal with the unexpected, Shisui must get everything done as soon as possible.

“Shisui, have you encountered any trouble?” Uchiha Fugaku asked.

It is almost ten o’clock in the evening. A sudden visit at this time is definitely not something like saying hello or hello.

“Uncle Fugaku, Elder Shengqing’s proposal is impossible to succeed. I want to stop him at the next clan meeting.” Zhisui said straight to the point.

According to Shisui’s observation and Muyue’s analysis, Uchiha Fugaku could be a great help to him, so Shisui did not go around the bush and stated his purpose directly.

“Elder Shengqing’s idea does lack certain aspects of thinking, and its feasibility is very low.” Uchiha Fugaku said euphemistically.

“It’s good that you have this intention, Shisui, but you don’t need to worry about this aspect yet. The most important thing you should do now is to practice hard and become stronger. That’s enough.”

Uchiha Fugaku doesn’t really want Shisui to participate in the fight between doves and hawks. Whether he is a dove or a hawk, he is still an Uchiha. Geniuses like Shisui should practice seriously and continue to become stronger. When they are strong enough, they can feed Uchiha. Wave instead of falling into family strife.

“Uncle Fugaku, please listen to me first.” Shisui asked calmly without becoming anxious because of Uchiha Fugaku’s words.

Looking at Shisui’s calm expression, Uchiha Fugaku’s face appeared in his mind, and he felt an inexplicable emotion in his heart. Finally, he closed his mouth and looked at Shisui quietly.

Even if Shisui’s plan was unrealistic, the end result was just a waste of more than ten minutes of his time, which was not considered a loss.

“I know that the status of a genius is not enough to compete with Elder Shengqing, but we Uchiha respect the strong the most, so I will defeat Elder Shengqing in a fair and square manner and obtain his equal status.” Shisui Tell me the first steps of your plan.

This is the first step, and it is also a crucial step. It is not only related to whether Shisui can stop Uchiha Shengqing’s actions, but also related to Shisui’s right to speak in Uchiha in the future.

“Do you want to challenge Elder Shengqing? Let’s not say whether you can win. Even if you win, you may not be able to…” Uchiha Fugaku shook his head slightly.

If Uchiha Shengqing can become an Uchiha elder, he must be capable. He is a veteran Uchiha jounin with three magatama sharingan eyes.

“Uncle Fugaku, please listen to me continue.” Shisui interrupted.

He understood Uchiha Fugaku’s distrust of him.

After all, the opponent is an Uchiha elder who is supported by the Uchiha clan. Neither ninja experience nor life experience can be compared to Shisui. On paper, it seems that Shisui wants to defeat Uchiha Shengqi but basically refutes his proposal. It’s impossible.

But Shisui is very confident in the plan that Muyue helped to improve. There may only be one mistake in it, and that is that Shisui failed to defeat Uchiha Shengqing.

“After all, I am a young junior who directly challenges Elder Sheng Qing. Even if I lose, my reputation will not be affected, and Elder Sheng Qing will lose face if he loses to me. Considering this, I need to Uncle Fugaku for your help.”

Seeing that Uchiha Fugaku no longer refuted Shisui, he continued and told Mu Yue’s plan for the martial arts competition.

Uchiha Fugaku was slightly surprised. He didn’t expect Shisui to be so thoughtful and consider that a direct challenge would make Uchiha Shengqing lose face and make the internal conflicts of Uchiha more acute.

The martial arts competition plan made Uchiha Fugaku re-examine Shisui. Where did this child learn so many twists and turns, and he doesn’t look like an Uchiha anymore.

At this point Uchiha Fugaku began to seriously consider the feasibility of Shisui’s entire grand plan.

“After all the previous work is completed, I will formally refute Elder Shengqing at the clan meeting.” Shisui handed the information written in advance to Uchiha Fugaku.

After reading the information, Uchiha Fugaku’s eyes changed again when he looked at Shisui.

“If Shisui does not die young, it is really possible for Uchiha to regain the glory of the Warring States Period.” Uchiha Fugaku couldn’t help but think in his mind.

The impact Zhisui brought to him today was really great, even greater than when he heard Zhishui’s various enemy-killing performances on the battlefield before.

Looking at the entire ninja world, there are many geniuses in every period, and Shisui is just one of them.

But what Shisui has shown now is not just as simple as his strength. Shisui’s knowledge and thoughts are not what a normal eight-year-old Uchiha boy should have.

No kidding, the eight-year-old Uchiha Fugaku couldn’t possibly consider Uchiha Mingqing’s face, let alone a plan as meticulous and feasible as Dezhisui’s.

“Uncle Fugaku, I’m done.” Zhisui looked at Uchiha Fugaku calmly.

As long as Uchiha Fugaku is on the side of the overall Uchiha, he will inevitably choose to help him, because now helping Shisui is equivalent to helping Uchiha.

“Sorry just now.” Uchiha Fugaku did not express his opinion immediately but apologized for interrupting Shisui.

Because now he understands that Shisui really wants to do things for Uchiha and has really thought about it seriously, instead of just coming to him when his head is hot and he pats his head.

“You don’t have to worry about anything else next, Shisui, just be ready to fight.” Uchiha Fugaku said in a deep voice.

With such a detailed plan in front of him, Uchiha Fugaku only needs to exercise his rights as the clan leader.

“Shisui, don’t put too much pressure on me. Even if you lose, I have a recovery plan.” Uchiha Fugaku thought for a while and added.

Shisui needs to defeat Uchiha Shengqing to have an equal identity, but Uchiha Fugaku doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Uchiha Fugaku was worried that Shisui would be severely hit if he accidentally lost, leading to a collapse. Uchiha would really suffer a huge loss, even greater than Uchiha Moriqi’s zero-feasibility proposal.

“I will win.” Shisui said firmly.

This battle is very meaningful to him, he must win.

Uchiha Fugaku could only nod in encouragement in the end. Shisui had already said so, and it would be disrespectful to continue to comfort him.

The next day, Uchiha Fugaku summoned the Uchiha senior officials to discuss the martial arts competition.

Uchiha is a martial artist. Although Uchiha Fugaku’s proposal was a bit sudden, no elder raised any objection.

Uchiha Mingqing was even more supportive, saying that if the other elders were busy, it would be okay for him to be responsible for giving guidance.

Of course it is impossible for the other elders to agree. If Uchiha Mingqing is responsible for this alone, it will be a big deal.

“As long as I show my strength and generosity at the same time, more people will support me.” Uchiha Shengqing made a good plan.

Uchiha Fugaku is taking action, and Shisui is also taking action.

Zhi Shui found Mu Yue and conducted special training before the battle, making final efforts for the plan.

It is difficult to achieve a breakthrough in hard power in just a few days. Unless you understand the world thoroughly, there will be no sudden increase in power.

But penetrating the world is the ultimate meaning of the breathing method. Currently, only Kakashi among the Muyue disciples has understood it. Therefore, Shisui was not aiming to improve his hard power from the beginning. What Shisui wanted to improve was his comprehensive combat ability.

In the past few days, Shisui has been fighting Muyue’s body, and every battle ends with treatment and rest at the same time.

In just one day, Shisui unlocked a large number of injury positions. He was instantly killed by the flying thunder god, crushed by Mu Yue’s powerful ninjutsu, and violently beaten by Mu Yue’s taijutsu.

If Muyue hadn’t been able to transform into Tsunade for treatment, Shisui might have been covered in scars that couldn’t be removed.

Several days of high-pressure training gave Shisui a strong ability to withstand stress. The day before the martial arts competition began, Shisui challenged Metkai once.

Shisui lost, but he felt that he had made progress.

“Teacher Muyue, I’m really sorry to trouble you.” Zhishui solemnly thanked Muyue.

He really felt that it was too much trouble for Mu Yue, because this special training not only tested Shisui’s endurance, but also required a lot of control from Mu Yue.

Because Mu Yue must maintain a strength that can put great pressure on Shisui but not completely unable to resist, and the attack must be maintained at a level that can severely damage Shisui but not kill him directly. .

Mu Yue’s continuous control of strength and attacks will definitely consume extra energy and may be more tiring than normal fighting.

“How can a teacher teach a disciple to be troublesome?” Mu Yue smiled gently, then took out an iron spoon from the ninja tool bag and handed it to Shisui.

“This is a ninja tool that can enhance the effect of Yin Escape Ninjutsu. Just inject chakra into it when using it. The more chakra you inject, the more obvious the effect will be. You can use it carefully during battle.”

This is exactly the reward Mu Yue received when Shisui was promoted to Jonin.

The reason why I didn’t give it to Zhisui directly at first was because the other disciples just gave me an egg. Only the eggs in Zhisui’s ninja tool seemed a bit unique, so Mu Yue didn’t give it to him immediately.

After taking the bent spoon, Shisui looked at the ninja tool in his hand curiously. He didn’t expect that this ordinary-looking spoon was actually a ninja tool with such a special effect.

“We must not let down Teacher Muyue’s teachings!” Zhishui’s desire for victory was even greater.

Having troubled Mu Yue so much, it would be unjustifiable if she lost the battle.

[You gave me a curved spoon as a ninja tool. Because the disciple was very grateful for the big critical hit, he received the reward – Earth Release: Mountain Earth Technique (Mastery Level)]

Mu Yue nodded slightly in her heart. The Mountain Earth Technique was considered a good high-level earth escape. It could trap large creatures like tailed beasts, and it had strong attack power against people.

At night, Shisui fumbled with the curved spoon and found that this ninja was really simple and crude, without any skills, and the increase it provided was very pure.

Moreover, Shisui discovered that he didn’t need to hold the spoon in his hand, just put it on his body to ensure that the chakra could be injected into it.


The day the martial arts competition begins.

On the training ground, Uchiha Fugaku and several senior Uchiha officials stood in front of all Uchiha members participating in the martial arts competition and gave a speech about the martial arts competition.

“For ninjas, the most important thing is strength. Strength can help you overcome all difficulties.” Uchiha Fugaku said with a serious face.

“Today we will hold the first Uchiha martial arts competition, and the battle will be conducted by drawing lots. The top eight will be rewarded with rankings, and the top four can receive guidance from the elders on the spot.”

“Whether it’s to become stronger or to get rewards, try your best to fight.”

Uchiha Fugaku didn’t say much. He just briefly introduced the rules of the martial arts competition and added a word of encouragement. Uchiha didn’t want to talk long before the event.

Even with such a brief opening remarks, the Uchiha ninjas present showed extraordinary enthusiasm and looked full of fighting spirit.

Shisui, who was the shortest and youngest, received the most attention.

No one dared to underestimate Shisui, and regarded him as the strongest opponent, because Shisui was not only one of the few Jonin among the contestants, but also had a record of fighting head-on with the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. .

“As long as I can defeat Shisui, I will be the best in martial arts, and no one else will be my opponent.” Uchiha thought as he looked around.

Although there are many jounin in Uchiha, a considerable number of them are ninjas of the same generation as the senior officials. Even if they are not as good as the senior officials, they will not be able to shamelessly participate in martial arts competitions and be instructed by their former contemporaries.

So there are actually very few jounin participating in the martial arts competition, only three in total, most of them are chuunin, and not many genin.

Another Uchiha Jonin, Uchiha Yaowei, knew him. Uchiha Yaowei had defeated him before, so Uchiha Yaowei believed that his only opponent was Shisui.

After quickly completing the drawing process, the martial arts performance will begin immediately.

“Uchiha Shisui No. 1 vs. Uchiha Inari!” the referee shouted after taking a look at the order of the battle.

After hearing the opponent’s name clearly, Uchiha Inabi showed a look of pity. His expected goal was to win against two people, but he did not expect to meet Shisui directly in the first round.

Shisui is an enemy that he cannot defeat no matter what. The gap between them is too big now.

“It’s a pity for Inari that he met the only three jounin in the first round.” The Uchiha ninja next to him who was familiar with Uchiha Inari also felt sorry for him.

With Uchiha Inari’s strength, if he doesn’t encounter three Jonin, he can basically fight a dozen, and most of them can win.

“Shisui, let me experience the strength of a true Uchiha genius again.” Uchiha Inari said with a smile.

His idea is very simple. Now that he has encountered it, let’s test the results of his hard work during this period.

Zhi Shui nodded slightly in response. In order to have the right to speak in the future, he would win to the end with overwhelming force.

“The fight begins!” the referee shouted.

Shisui concentrated chakra in his eyes, rich blood appeared in his eyes, and three magatama patterns appeared in his eyes.

Immediately after, Shisui poured some chakra into the spoon to enhance the Yin Escape, and finally glanced at Uchiha Inari.

Boundless blood appeared in Uchiha Inari’s sight and continued to magnify, and then he lost consciousness


When Uchiha Inabi came back to his senses, he had fallen to the ground, and Shisui, holding a kunai, stood beside him.


The scene was completely silent, both at the battle site and the onlookers and senior officials and martial arts contestants. Even the subtle sound of the wind hitting the grass was extremely noticeable.

This is everyone’s consensus that Uchiha Inari is defeated by Shisui. No one thinks that Uchiha Inari can beat Shisui.

But no one thought that Shisui would instantly kill Uchiha Inari, a slightly famous chuunin among Uchiha, with just one look.

“Isn’t Shisui good at fire escape and teleportation? Why is the illusion so powerful?” Some Uchiha felt incredible about this.

Many of them have seen Shisui’s Chunin exams. Shisui was basically crushed by the Fire Release, and the title given on the battlefield was Shunshen Shisui, which is similar to Genjutsu no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter.

“This guy is too perverted.” Cold sweat broke out on Uchiha’s medicine-scented forehead, feeling that he might not be able to be first this time.

He also has the Sharingan, but it is just a second magatama. There is no way he can kill Uchiha Inari like Shisui with one glance.

“Uchiha Shisui wins!” After the referee reacted, he immediately announced Shisui’s victory.

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