Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 468: Look for Mu Yue when you are in trouble


Chapter 468: Looking for Mu Yue when in doubt

“I think the Third Hokage should be asked to give the police force the power to take the initiative. It is no longer limited to maintaining security in the village. We can fight against the enemy independently and let those in other villages know how powerful our Uchiha clan is!” Uchiha Mori Qing revealed the purpose of his clan meeting.

He is not satisfied with the existing rights of the police force and believes that Uchiha deserves greater rights.

Uchiha Shengqing felt that his idea was very good. When the time comes, Konoha will eliminate its enemies, and the Uchiha clan will gain fame and fortune, and everyone will benefit.

Uchiha Fugaku’s expression changed slightly. He didn’t expect Uchiha Shengqing to be so crazy.

What is the concept of the right to take the initiative? It is equivalent to the police department being able to summon manpower to build troops for war at any time. Uchiha Fugaku couldn’t even think of Sarutobi Hiruzen with his feet. This is a right that only differentiates the Hokage.

“I support Elder Shengqing’s proposal. It makes so much sense. Our Uchiha clan is so powerful that it would be overkill for us to only be responsible for the security of Konoha Village.” An Uchiha jounin immediately expressed his position.

“I also think what Elder Sheng Qing said is very reasonable. The more enemies we Uchiha kill, the safer Konoha will be, and the security of Konoha will be protected.”

“Not only the right to take the initiative, but also the police department should have greater autonomy and be able to add positions freely.” Some Uchiha ninjas even feel that they can ask for more.

“I support it. War can train ninjas and help improve their strength.” Uchiha Inari also chose to support Uchiha Shengqing.

Although he does not hate the work of the police department, Uchiha Inari feels that the work of the police department is too comfortable, and he can leave the village to fight at any time if he has the power to attack independently.

“The hawkish power in the clan has raised its head again.” Uchiha Nobuhiro sighed imperceptibly.

Since the failure of the Uchiha Setsuna coup, the Uchiha hawks have suffered a major blow, and the core members have basically been arrested and imprisoned by Senju Tobirama.

Uchiha Nobuhiro originally thought that it would take decades for the hawks to recover, but he did not expect that the hawks’ power would grow again so quickly.

“I object. The Third Hokage will never agree to this proposal. It will only make the top management of Konoha more wary of us Uchiha.” Shisui stood up and said directly.

He is only eight years old now. Sitting on the futon, he would be submerged in the crowd. In order to let everyone know that the person speaking was him, Uchiha Shisui, Shisui chose to stand up and speak.

When Uchiha Shengqing heard someone completely denying his proposal, his eyes immediately focused on looking for opponents. When he saw that the speaker was actually Uchiha Shisui whom he had just praised, Uchiha Shengqing’s face became a little ugly.

He was just praising Shisui as the pride and genius of the Uchiha clan, but in the end, Shisui completely denied him, which was not giving him any face at all.

“Shisui, you are still young and you don’t understand many things. It would be good to listen to your elders more at this time.” Uchiha Mingqing tried his best to maintain a kind expression.

Although he felt that Shisui didn’t appreciate praise, Uchiha Mingqing really couldn’t say anything to Shisui now.

Because it was Uchiha Shengqing who promoted Shisui just now. If he belittles Shisui now, then Uchiha Shengqing is slapping himself in the face, so Uchiha Shengqing has to endure it even if he is unhappy.

But this time Uchiha Shengqing saw Shisui clearly. Shisui would not recognize the hawkish philosophy. Uchiha Shengqing would never mention Shisui again in the future, and he would choose to support Obito.

Obito seems to be easier to persuade. He takes the initiative to exaggerate Obito’s achievements. Obito has to correct him. This kid is too straight.

“That’s right, Shisui, at your age you should read and listen to more family history.” Uchiha, a hawk, followed.

“I don’t remember that the clan has a rule that young people cannot speak. Although I am only eight years old, I am a jounin like Elder Shengqing.” Shisui retorted clearly, emphasizing his ninja grade.

Some of the hawkish Uchiha who were about to say something about Shisui immediately shut up, because many of them were Chuunin and were lower than Shisui’s ninjas.

Although Uchiha Shengqing once said that Shisui was the youngest jounin, Shisui’s height and appearance were so deceptive that it was difficult for everyone to imagine that he was a Konoha jounin.

“Anyone who is a ninja in the clan association can speak freely.” Uchiha Fugaku thought for a moment and nodded.

Uchiha Fugaku is neither a hawk nor a dove. The patriarch does not say this. He only stands on the side of Uchiha’s interests.

Uchiha Mingqing’s proposal is really ridiculous. Proposing this suggestion to Sarutobi Hiruzen and other Konoha senior officials will only be wary and will not bring tangible benefits to Uchiha, so Uchiha Fugaku spoke for Shisui.

Uchiha Shengqing glanced at Uchiha Fugaku, then looked at Shisui and said:

“I really can’t guarantee that the proposal will be passed 100%, but I think failure to pass does not mean that our efforts are in vain. We must let the top management of Konoha know the demands of our Uchiha clan. We Uchiha must receive treatment that matches our strength. ! ”

Shisui secretly thought something was wrong. Uchiha Morisei was too good at talking. He bound his starting point to the entire Uchiha, as if Shisui wanted to destroy the good things of the entire Uchiha clan, and characterized Sarutobi Hiruzen’s rejection as The unfair treatment of Uchiha, even if it really fails, will not affect the reputation of the Uchiha Shengqing clan.

As Shisui expected, many Uchiha ninjas became excited instantly, and some Uchiha who were silent became biased towards Uchiha Shengqing.

Shisui’s mind was racing, thinking about how to refute Uchiha Mingqing and how to make this absurd proposal stillborn.

The history and politics that Shisui learned from Mu Yue finally came in handy. After combining with the actual situation of Uchiha, Shisui quickly came up with the answer.

There are two key points for him to complete his idea. The first one is to make the Uchiha ninjas realize the unfeasibility of this proposal. It may not pass and it will definitely not pass are two different things.

The second is to obtain the status of competing with Uchiha Mingqing, otherwise the first point will not be carried out.

To make the Uchihas realize the unfeasibility of this proposal, Shisui must explain it in detail, so that even political idiots can understand that this is impossible.

If he did not have the status of competing with Uchiha Shengqing, the Uchiha would be prejudiced against his words and think that he was just mindlessly refuting their favorite elder. Uchiha Shengqing could also use sophistry to refute Possible gaps in his words.

Shisui knows the Uchiha clan very well. This family is not a family that can be justified by reason.

But status equivalence is actually very difficult, because becoming an elder does not happen overnight.

Although Shisui made meritorious service in the war, the credit for the village and the credit for the clan are two different things. It is basically impossible for Shisui to become an eight-year-old elder.

But Shisui had a trick in mind.

Uchiha has his own family ties here. As long as Shisui defeats Uchiha Shengqing in battle, even if Uchiha Shengqing is an elder and Shisui is only an eight-year-old child, everyone will feel that Shisui and Uchiha are not the same. Sheng Qing is an equal being.

“Are you going to challenge Uchiha Shengqing directly here? Wouldn’t that be a bit extreme?” Shisui hesitated.

Shisui is not worried about not being able to win. He feels that he has a high probability of winning. With his breakthrough in breathing techniques, he is now confident that he can kill seven people with a Ninja Sword alone. Even Uchiha and Uchiha cannot have many ninjas of this level. Bo Shengqing’s hard strength is at best about the same as him, and the probability of being stronger than him is very small.

Shisui’s confidence actually comes from his huge intelligence advantage.

It is impossible for Uchiha Shengqing to understand the Breath of Fire Chakra Mode and Armed Color Haki. On the contrary, Shisui knows the Uchiha clan ninjas well.

What Shisui hesitates about is that if he directly challenges Uchiha Shengqing and wins, it will cause Uchiha Shengqing’s mentality to collapse, and he will eventually desperately want to go against Shisui and ultimately affect Shisui’s follow-up plans.

In other words, Shisui does not want to expand the internal conflicts of Uchiha, he wants to unify all the power of Uchiha.

Uchiha Nobuhiro was ready to speak out in support of Shisui. He could not sit back and watch the Uchiha clan’s hawks expand.

“The matter of taking the initiative is a serious matter. The clan meeting will be suspended and will be held again in a week. We will discuss it again then.” At this time, Uchiha Fugaku spoke.

At this time, an elder from the dove faction stood up to refute Uchiha Mingqing.

Because Uchiha Shengqing put himself on the whole Uchiha clan, Uchiha Fugaku, as the clan leader, could not stand on the opposite side of Uchiha.

But no matter how Uchiha Fugaku hinted, the dove elders only showed helpless expressions to express their powerlessness, so Uchiha Fugaku had no choice but to use the drag tactic to terminate the clan association and then postpone it. As the clan leader, he has this right .

“Come on, Patriarch, this matter is indeed of great significance to our Uchiha clan. It is indeed better to think about it for a week longer, but even important matters cannot be postponed forever. Hesitation is a taboo.” Uchiha Shengqing directly agreed. accepted Uchiha Fugaku’s proposal.

Uchiha Shengqing’s thinking was very clear. He could not prevent Uchiha Fugaku from exercising his rights.

Unless he can concentrate most of Uchiha’s power to propose the abolition of Uchiha Fugaku’s position as clan leader, this is impossible because Uchiha Fugaku’s ability and strength are recognized by everyone.

Rather than talk nonsense, Uchiha Shengqing chose to follow Uchiha Fugaku’s words, and then lifted Uchiha Fugaku up, so that Uchiha Fugaku could no longer play this trick next week.

Uchiha Fugaku could only nod his head. One more week would be enough. Maybe he would have thought of a solution in this week.

“Then let’s adjourn the meeting.” Uchiha Fugaku announced the end of the clan meeting.

The Uchiha people all went out together with their familiar clan members, excitedly discussing the content of this clan meeting.

“Obito, the clan meeting is over, you can go back.” Zhisui slightly poked Obito, who was wandering next to him.

Ever since Obito had a conversation with Uchiha Moraki, he had been in a daze and it has continued to this day.

“Oh, it’s over, let’s go back.” Obito stood up and nodded after coming back to his senses.

After realizing that Uchiha Mingqing was a boring adult, Obito directly used the mystical technique to immerse himself in his own world, ignoring any comments from the outside.

“Obito, please go back first, I have something to do here.” Shisui shook his head and replied.

Although the clan meeting is suspended, the crisis has not been resolved yet. He has to find a way to solve this crisis without exacerbating the Uchiha conflicts as much as possible.

“Okay then, I’ll go back first, see you Shisui, see you Uncle Nobuhiro.” Obito nodded and waved goodbye.

Then Shisui looked at Uchiha Nobuhiro, “Uncle, you should go back first, I have something to go to other places.”

“Well, if you need help with anything, you can come to my house and see me directly.” Uchiha Nobuhiro replied.

He also wants to go to the dove Uchihas to discuss the current Uchiha situation.

Finally, Shisui glanced at Uchiha Fugaku, who had not yet left.

According to Uchiha Fugaku’s performance at the clan meeting, Shisui judged that Fugaku was not optimistic about Uchiha Mingqing’s proposal, but was forced to not say more for him later due to some reasons.

“Is there something wrong with you, Shisui?” Uchiha Fugaku asked after noticing Shisui’s gaze.

After this clan meeting, Uchiha Fugaku admired Uchiha Shisui even more. Although he was young, his thinking ability was already better than that of many adult Uchiha, which was much worse than Obito.

“No, see you Uncle Fugaku.” Shisui shook his head and left.

Although Uchiha Fugaku also opposed Uchiha Shengqing, Uchiha Fugaku obviously had no good solution, otherwise there would be no need to delay it for a week.

After leaving Nanga Shrine, Shisui walked directly to the main city of Konoha and walked to Muyue’s house.

Zhi Shui is not alone. Since he can’t think of a good way, he should look for his trusted teacher Mu Yue.

Zhishui knocked on Muyue’s door, and after entering Muyue’s home, he told Muyue unreservedly about the difficulties he encountered.

“There is nothing wrong with your general idea.” Mu Yue said after listening.

“You want me to challenge Elder Sheng Qing within this week and then explain it at the clan meeting?” Zhishui asked.

Mu Yue shook her head in denial, “Since you don’t want to become a mortal enemy with Elder Sheng Qing, then you can’t be so direct.”

“Isn’t Uchiha Fugaku supportive? Meizhi? You can let Uchiha Fugaku hold a martial arts competition on the grounds of improving the quality of ninjas in the clan. The members who perform well will receive guidance from the elders, and the elder who gives guidance to you ‘happens’ to be Sheng Qing Elder, you can defeat him now with a “slightly better” attitude.”

If Shisui really challenged Uchiha Shengqing at the clan meeting and directly defeated Uchiha Shengqing, Muyue felt that with Uchiha’s mental state, it was possible for Uchiha Shengqing to go crazy.

After understanding Mu Yue’s words, Shisui suddenly felt his eyes light up, so that even if Uchiha Shengqing lost, he wouldn’t hold a grudge against him too much.

After all, all this is a coincidence, but Shisui is too strong. After Uchiha loses, he will not complain that the opponent is too strong, but will only feel that he is not strong enough.

“Don’t have high expectations. It depends on the individual. No matter what happens, some people will still hold a grudge because you have embarrassed them.” Mu Yue reminded.

No matter how tactful he is, as long as Shisui defeats Uchiha Shengqiu, in full view of the public, humiliation is inevitable.

“Well, I understand.” Zhisui nodded, and then asked himself a puzzling question.

“I feel that Elder Sheng Qing is very quick in thinking. He should know that this matter cannot be successful. Why would he still do such a thing?”

Shisui didn’t believe that Uchiha Mingqing could not understand this matter with the level of speech he showed.

This is not a trivial matter of increasing wages and benefits, but involves a certain core right.

“Sometimes things that are not good for the group may not be bad for him.” Mu Yue said sincerely.

“You may think that this incident is very serious and will arouse the vigilance of Konoha’s top brass towards Uchiha, but from the perspective of Uchiha Shengqiu, it seems that Uchiha is already wary of Konoha’s top brass, and it doesn’t matter if it’s one more point. As long as there is no coup, the top management of Konoha will not do anything to Uchiha.”

“Looking at Uchiha Shengqing, after being rejected by Konoha, he can further arouse the emotions of Uchiha ninjas and expand the power of the hawks. This is a beneficial and harmless thing for him.”

Shisui remained silent, he realized that he still underestimated Uchiha Shengqing, and now he still lacks too much experience in all aspects.

“Fortunately, I have Teacher Muyue.” Zhishui was glad in his heart. If he had done it according to his own ideas, he might have made a mess in the end.



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