Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 467: Uchiha returns to glory?


Chapter 467 Uchiha returns to glory?

After the day’s practice, Shisui took the initiative to invite Obito to walk back to the Uchiha clan.

On the way, Shisui asked: “Obito, are you going to attend the clan meeting at eight o’clock?”

Uchiha will notify them in advance when holding a clan meeting. Shisui received the notice last night that the clan meeting will be held today, and it stands to reason that Obito will also receive it.

Because there is only one threshold for the Uchiha clan, and that is ninja status.

Whether you are a genin, a chunin, or a jounin, any ninja can attend the clan meeting.

On the contrary, ordinary people or Ninja School students do not have the right to participate in the clan meeting. This is why Shisui was besieged at the clan meeting and did not refute, which indeed violated Uchiha’s rules.

“The clan meeting, if you didn’t tell me, I would have forgotten it. The eighth generation elder came and told me yesterday.” Obito then remembered that there was a clan meeting tonight.

“I don’t want to go, it feels boring. If I have that time, I might as well practice more.” Obito replied.

Obito has only participated in one clan meeting, that time with Shisui. He felt that the Uchiha ninjas in the clan meeting were very boring. They were just self-righteous adults who only wanted to hear what they wanted to hear. if.

Obito’s answer was expected by Shisui, because the last clan meeting did leave a bad impression on them all.

If he didn’t want to change Uchiha, I’m afraid Shisui wouldn’t want to deal with those tribesmen who were immersed in the glory of the past.

They gave Shisui a feeling, as if Uchiha was everything and things outside the family were unimportant.

Shisui believes that this kind of thinking is incorrect and too extreme. Uchiha is also a part of Konoha.

“If possible, can you come with me? I want to attend another clan meeting.” Zhisui invited, he wanted Obito to go to the clan meeting with him.

It’s not that Shisui is worried about being nervous when going alone, it’s that Shisui wants to use Obito’s momentum to increase his voice.

If Shisui goes alone, then he is just a genius. If Obito is willing to go with him, then there are two geniuses. Others will regard them as a small group and count their strength together.

“It’s okay if I go with you, but it’s a bit lonely if I go alone.” Obito readily agreed.

He didn’t think too complicatedly, he just thought that if his friend invited him, he would go.

Obito has a way to deal with this situation. When he doesn’t like the class, he will concentrate on fantasizing about a certain thing, so that he can’t hear what he doesn’t want to hear. When he comes back to his senses, the class has already Finish.

Obito is going to use this mysterious technique to deal with the clan meeting. If you don’t like hearing it, just don’t listen.

“I will go find you when the time comes.” Zhisui said with a smile.

After arriving at the Uchiha clan, the two separated. Obito went home directly, while Shisui went to a nearby market to buy food.

Shisui lives alone, and since he just came back from the battlefield, there are no prepared ingredients. If he wants to cook, he has to buy groceries first.

After buying groceries, Shisui returned to his home.

Shisui’s home was very quiet, with only the sound of Shisui’s slight footsteps and the noise of playing with pots and pans.

Dong dong.

While Shisui was preparing dinner, there was a knock on his door.

“At this time, does Obito have something to do temporarily?” Shisui put down the kitchen utensils, took off his apron and walked towards the door.

It was dinner time, and basically no one would come to him at this time, because he had just agreed to go to the clan meeting with Obito, and Shisui thought something had happened to Obito.

When Shisui opened the door, he showed an expression of surprise and joy when he saw the figure outside the door.

“Uncle, you are back.” Zhisui greeted.

The person who came was none other than Shisui’s uncle, Uchiha Nobuhiro.

“Well, I just came back today, so I came to see you.” Uchiha Nobuhiro replied with a smile.

Since Shisui lost his parents very early, Nobuhiro Uchiha has always been worried about whether Shisui can grow up normally, and he will come to take care of Shisui when he has time.

Uchiha Nobuhiro has heard some information about Shisui recently. When he learned that Shisui had won the title of Shunshen Shisui on the battlefield, Uchiha Nobuhiro was excited and relieved.

At the same age, Shisui’s grandfather Uchiha Kazuto was far inferior to the current Shisui, and he had gained a reputation on the battlefield at the age of only eight.

“Have you had dinner? If not, I will make some for you.” Uchiha Nobuhiro asked.

Shisui invited Nobuhiro Uchiha into his home and shook his head and said, “I haven’t eaten yet, but I was just doing it, so I don’t need to bother you, uncle.”

Uchiha Nobuhiro finally came here, Shisui didn’t want to trouble Uchiha Nobuhiro too much.

“Uncle? If you haven’t eaten yet, I’ll make more.” Shisui turned around and asked.

“Then I will try your craftsmanship today, Shisui.” Uchiha Nobuhiro laughed and said.

Shisui has this heart and Uchiha Nobuhiro is willing to accept it. After all, Shisui is no longer the child who needed his care before. He is an instant Shisui who can kill enemies on the battlefield.

While eating, Shisui took the initiative to tell some of his experiences on the east coast battlefield.

In the past, Nobuhiro Uchiha talked about his mission experiences, so Shisui also wanted to share some of his own things.

“It’s really dangerous to encounter ninjas of the level of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.” Nobuhiro Uchiha sighed after listening to Shisui’s account of the encounter.

The encounter in the Konoha newspaper was about the incomparable bravery of Konoha ninjas killing Kirigakure, while the description of Shisui’s personal experience is that the situation was full of dangers, and every teammate had to exert themselves to the extreme or even break through the limit to barely deal with the enemy.

In the end, if Mu Yue hadn’t arrived in time, Zhisui and his entire team might have died there.

Although he has never fought against the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, Uchiha Nobuhiro has heard of the brutal reputation of this elite team. Uchiha Nobuhiro feels that he can only defeat one at most.

“It is indeed a good thing for you, Shisui, to meet a teacher like Lord Mugetsu.” Uchiha Nobuhiro said while eating.

A good teacher can provide a lot of help to students, not only giving guidance on cultivation, but also providing personal network resources.

Uchiha Nobuhiro discovered that Shisui was really a bit like Uchiha Kagami, the same genius, and also had a good teacher.

Although Mu Yue is not Hokage, Uchiha Nobuhiro believes that with the ability Mu Yue has shown, he will at least be a high-level Konoha executive in the future and will definitely not be bad.

“I am indeed lucky to have met Teacher Muyue.” Zhisui showed an expression of approval.

He couldn’t imagine what he would be like without meeting Teacher Muyue, would he be able to get rid of the influence of the extreme teachings in the Uchiha clan, would he be as strong as he is now, and would his life be so happy.

Shisui imagined it for a while and found that he couldn’t imagine it at all, because just thinking about it, he felt that it must be a bad story, and he sincerely resisted and continued to think deeply.

After Shisui finished speaking, Uchiha Nobuhiro also talked about his recent mission experience, and did not stop until it was close to the time when the clan meeting was about to start.

“Uncle, do you want to attend tonight’s clan meeting?” Zhishui looked at the time and asked proactively.

Uchiha Nobuhiro has just returned, and he is not sure whether Uchiha Nobuhiro is interested in participating in the clan meeting.

“Well, Shisui, do you want to go with us?” Uchiha Nobuhiro nodded and answered.

When in Konoha, Uchiha Nobuhiro usually goes to clan meetings. He wants to observe the atmosphere in the clan to prevent the Uchiha Setsuna incident from happening again.

“Okay, but I have to ask a friend to go with me first. We made an agreement before.” Shisui explained.

“Then let’s set off now and go to your friend’s house. It’s almost time.” Uchiha Nobuhiro suggested.

Then the two went to Obito’s home and met with him.

“This is my uncle Uchiha Nobuhiro.” Shisui briefly introduced Uchiha Nobuhiro.

“Hello, Uncle Nobuhiro.” Obito smiled and greeted Uchiha Nobuhiro.

Before Shisui could introduce Obito, Uchiha Nobuhiro smiled and said:

“Obito, I know you are the great genius of our Uchiha.”

“Hehe, it’s okay, he’s just an average genius.” Obito scratched the back of his head and replied with a smile.

He likes honest people like Uchiha Nobuhiro.

On the way to Nanga Shrine, the three of them chatted and got to know each other better.

As he was approaching Nanga Shrine, Obito saw Uchiha Inari, who was barely an acquaintance.

After Obito and the others walked into Nanga Shrine, they found a few futons and sat down.

There are no rules on where to sit during clan meetings. Only the clan leader needs to sit at the front and face everyone.

“Elder Shengqing, please start.” Uchiha Fugaku looked at a middle-aged ninja in the first row who looked serious.

There are two types of Uchiha clan meetings. One is the regular clan meeting, which is a clan meeting held at a fixed time every month.

The second type is that the clan leader or elder takes the initiative to hold a clan meeting, or a large number of clan members show a strong desire to hold a clan meeting, and a clan meeting can also be held.

This time the clan meeting was the second situation. An elder named Uchiha Moriqing took the initiative to convene the clan meeting.

Uchiha Mingqing nodded slightly, stood up, walked to Uchiha Fugaku and sat down, facing many Uchiha ninjas.

“Today, first of all, I want to praise the two tribesmen. They are the pride of our Uchiha.” Uchiha Shengqing said with a smile.

The Uchiha ninjas at the scene looked at each other, wondering which two clan members were worthy of being named and praised by the elders at the clan meeting.

“There will be no rice fire, I remember he worked very hard.”

“That shouldn’t be the case. How could he be named and praised at the clan meeting for such a reason?”

The Uchiha ninjas discussed with their familiar clan members.

Some Uchiha ninjas who were more concerned about battlefield information focused on Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Obito.

Although it sounds a bit absurd, the two most famous Uchiha in recent times are Shisui and Obito who were in the Konoha newspaper.

Because most ninjas of the Uchiha clan work in the police department, there are currently very few Uchiha participating in the war, and there are even fewer capable Uchiha among them, which leads to this result.

“These two people are Uchiha Shisui and Uchiha Obito. They showed the style of the Uchiha clan on the Kirigakure battlefield. One of the famous Ninja Seven Ninja Swordsmen, the Watermelon Mountain Blowfish Demon, is He was killed by Obito in the recent war,” Uchiha Mingqing said loudly.

Some Uchihas who had not paid attention to the recent war news looked at Obito and Shisui in surprise.

Some young genin may not know it, but the knowledgeable chunin and jounin basically know the reputation of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen. These seven people are all elites among the jounin, and everyone is not It’s easy to deal with, and the seven of them together are even more powerful.

“Obito actually killed the Watermelon Mountain Pufferfish Ghost.” Uchiha Inari was extremely shocked.

Recently, he has been immersed in work and practice, and has not read too much news from the outside world. He never expected that Obito’s strength would reach such a state.

“Well, I didn’t kill him alone, Kakashi and I teamed up to kill him together.” Obito corrected.

Although he was pleased with the shock on the faces of the tribesmen next to him, Obito did not want to take all the credit on him alone. At that time, he and Kakashi could be said to have tried their best to barely kill the Watermelon Mountain Fugu Demon.

Obito loves a little vanity, but he doesn’t take credit for the hard work of his teammates, even if it’s Kakashi.

“Well, I believe it must have been thanks to your efforts, Obito, that you and Kakashi Hatake killed the Watermelon Mountain Blowfish Ghost.” Uchiha Mingqing said without changing his expression.

Obito actually wanted to say that their contributions were about the same, but Kakashi was still in charge.

But after thinking about it, he felt that there was no need to explain it like this, so he didn’t say anything.

Shisui frowned slightly. He remembered that the report was very clear. It was Kakashi who killed the Watermelon Mountain Puffer Demon himself. Why did Uchiha Shengqing insist that Obito had the greater credit and divided the two into one? High and low.

“Now they have all become Konoha jounin. Shisui even broke the record of Konoha’s youngest jounin and became the first eight-year-old jonin in Konoha’s history.” After finishing speaking, Obito Uchiha Moriqiu started talking about Shisui again.

“This is the ninja of our Uchiha clan. It can be seen that our Uchiha clan has never lacked geniuses. We just lack a stage and an opportunity!” Uchiha Shengqing stood up excitedly and waved his fist.

The sitting Uchiha ninjas couldn’t help but applaud Uchiha Mingqing.

“This is proof that we Uchiha have always been the strongest ninja clan.”

“If the opportunity comes, we Uchiha will definitely be able to return to the glory of the Warring States Period.”

Many Uchiha ninjas expressed their opinions, making Shisui frown.

Shisui subconsciously looked at Nobuhiro Uchiha, and found that Nobuhiro Uchiha was also frowning. Then he felt relieved. At least his uncle was still a normal Uchiha and was not affected.

Obito’s expression also became a little unhappy. When Uchiha Mingqing praised him just now, he thought this person was okay, but now Obito found that Uchiha Mingqing was not only bad but also a bit hateful.

It was obviously his and Shisui’s efforts, but it proved that Uchiha never lacked geniuses.

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