Ninja School Teacher, I Can Become Stronger by Teaching Chapter 424: The Seven Ninja Swordsmen


Chapter 424 Seven People with Ninja Swords

Although she was on the battlefield, Mu Yue’s life became a little easier.

Because here he does not have to take care of the ninja school and disciples, and Orochimaru has not arranged any combat missions for him for the time being.

Not only Muyue, but also Orochimaru himself, many jounin who have recently supported him have not been assigned combat missions.

There is no doubt that Orochimaru wanted to give Kirigakure a hard blow and catch Kirigakure off guard.

In order to pretend to be more reasonable, Orochimaru only restricted most of the jounin, but did not restrict a small number of jounin and all middle and genin.

After all, Kirigakure has already invaded the Fire Country itself, so it would be unreasonable for Konoha not to increase its troops.

Orochimaru created an illusion for Kirigakure. Konoha wanted to enhance Kirigakure’s battlefield power, but the power it could mobilize was limited due to other battlefields.

In order to arouse Kirigakure’s desire for a large-scale attack, Orochimaru even took the initiative to expose information about the troop’s location step by step to lure Kirigakure.

It must be said that Orochimaru’s plan was very good. In the eyes of many Kirigakure ninjas, the Konoha ninja troops fighting them were just paper tigers that looked strong.

That’s right, it’s a paper tiger.

Although it is still the strongest ninja village on the surface, and has won many battles on multiple fronts, it has shown signs of decline in actual battles. There are many ninjas coming out but the quality is low.

If Konoha really still has the power to deal with Kirigakure, then does it need to call Orochimaru from another battlefield? Send a large number of chuunin genin to perform tasks on the battlefield.

“Yakura-sama, some intelligence officers have discovered information about Konoha’s new ninja camp. I think this is a good opportunity to eliminate Konoha’s active forces.” Minazukihan said at the Kirigakure combat meeting.

Although Gotachibana Yagura may not look big, he is a real veteran Kirigakure ninja. Even Minazuki Han, one of the main members of the Kirigakure army, has to use honorifics to Gotachibana Yagura honestly.

“I discovered the information about the new camp so quickly. Can I be sure of the accuracy of the information? This may be a conspiracy of the Konoha ninjas.” Goji Yagura asked calmly without any change in his expression.

He just looks like a boy. He has long passed that reckless age. A reliable adult will not take risks easily.

“I don’t think so. According to the intelligence we have collected these days, although Konoha has sent reinforcements, they are still not as good as Kirigakure in terms of overall strength. It is impossible for them to hope for a large-scale head-on collision with us.” Mizunashi. Yue Han expressed his guess.

Gotachibana Yagura showed a thinking look. Of course he also knew the information that Minazuki Han knew. Recently, it is indeed obvious that there are more ninjas in Konoha, but they are basically middle and genin. There are some jounin, but there are very few. .

According to common sense, this is a manifestation of the lack of strength of a ninja village.

But Konoha’s Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki has not appeared on any battlefield so far, and Gouju Yagura is very worried about this.

If the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki secretly comes to the east coast, then Kirigakure’s power may not necessarily have an advantage.

The destructive power of the jinchuriki is so terrifying that even ordinary jonins, not to mention ninjas below the jounin level, are almost unable to play a role in the battle against the jinchuriki.

Gotachibana Yagura is confident that he can deal with Orochimaru, but he doesn’t think that Minazuki Han and Kito Zangetsu can deal with the Nine-Tailed Jinchuuriki, not to mention that the opponent also has the current Ino Shikacho.

“I don’t want you to think, what I need is the truth.” Goji Yagura shook his head and said.

“If the Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki is in the Konoha camp, how should we deal with it?” Gouju Yagura looked at the Kirigakure and asked calmly.

“We are the only ninja village that has invaded the Fire Country itself. It is not surprising that Konoha uses any means to deal with us.”

Minaduki Han was speechless for a moment. Even though he was the current leader of the Snow Clan, he didn’t have the confidence to say that he could deal with the Jinchuuriki.

Tailed beasts are the ultimate weapons of the five great nations, not to mention the nine-tailed beasts are the best among them.

The other Kirigakure ninjas looked at each other for a while, but no one said anything.

“I can understand that you want to make great achievements, but we don’t need to be too anxious. The one who is anxious now should be Konoha.” Goju Yagura said, breaking the silence.

He did not blame Minazuki Han. After all, not every ninja is good at thinking, and some ninjas are only suitable for combat.

Kirigakure really doesn’t need to be too anxious, because Kirigakure doesn’t have the same three enemies of the Great Ninja Village as Konoha. Kirigakure is currently only at war with Konoha.

Currently, the only person in the ninja world who has the same treatment as Konoha is Kumogakure. Kumogakure also has a war relationship with the three great ninja villages, namely Konoha, Sunagakure and Iwagakure.

However, unlike Konoha, Kumogakure takes the initiative to start wars and cause trouble, while Konoha passively accepts them.

“Don’t do anything?” Shui Wuyuehan was a little unwilling.

I was lucky to get the information this time. If Konoha finds that the problem has moved elsewhere, it will not be so easy to find.

“You are too extreme. War is not just a total war and an armistice. We can test it first.” Goji Yagura said with his arms crossed.

In Goju Yagura’s opinion, Minazuki Han was a little diode. He just said that he would directly send a large number of ninja troops to besiege, but he did nothing.

After making the trial arrangement, Goju Yagura dissolved the meeting, and then sent his cronies to summon the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

Originally, the Seven Ninja Swordsmen were directly under the Mizukage. In theory, only the Mizukage could give orders to them.

However, during the war, special things were done, and the Third Mizukage specially gave Goju Yagura the right to command the Seven Ninja Swordsmen.

“Go and destroy the logistical support of the Konoha ninjas. Most of the Konoha ninjas who have been active recently are Chuunin and Genin. It is very simple for you.” Goji Yagura marked a location on the map for Ninja Sword Seven The crowd took a look.

Kirigakure is famous in the ninja world for its assassination capabilities. As assassins, they also have very good intelligence capabilities and will not lose to the Konoha ninjas in this aspect.

The purpose of Goju Yagura is very simple, that is to carry out a high-efficiency massacre of Konoha’s middle and low-level forces, in order to test whether Konoha really does not have enough power, or is just pretending to be a paper tiger.

He has wanted to do this for a long time, but the Konoha ninjas were very cautious before and did not have so many teams coming out together.

“Tsk, are you a chuunin genin? They are specifically tasked with bullying the weak.” Juzo Juzo, who was carrying a beheading sword, showed a disdainful smile.

Loquat Juuzang can casually kill ten genin by himself, and Goju Yagura actually lets seven of them hunt this kind of ninja team together. Loquat Juuzang can’t think of any other description other than bullying the weak.

“It is true that you are bullying the weak, but you can only carry out the task, right?” Black Hoe Lei Ya looked at Loquat Juuzang and said lightly.

The other members of the Seven Ninja Swordsmen, including Watermelon Mountain Puffer Demon, Kurisu Kushimaru, etc., all looked at Loquat Juzo. They were not companions who were moving forward together. If Loquat Juzo really did not perform the mission for this reason, They were the first to step up and clear the door.

“Tch, do you need to say such a thing?” Loquat Juuzang replied with a mocking look on his face.

Although he was reluctant, he did not refuse the idea of ​​completing the task, because he was a Kirigakure ninja. For Kirigakure ninjas, the highest priority was the task, and everything else could be ranked behind.


“So Akai, you guys are here too, why didn’t you see Teacher Chen?” Obito asked in surprise when he met Metkai’s team.

“Teacher Chen, he has something to do and will come over later.” Metkai answered honestly.

“What a coincidence, then we are now a team without an instructor.” Obito said, scratching his head as he thought about their current situation.

Although Mu Yue was on the same battlefield as them, she was unable to lead them to complete the mission because of her heavy responsibilities.

“Minato-sama, didn’t he come to this battlefield with you?” Ebisu asked curiously.

He felt that Namikaze Minato would not be such an irresponsible person and leave his disciples on the battlefield, and none of Obito and the others became jounin.

“Minato-sensei is on another battlefield. The one who brought us here is Muyue-sensei, but he has other very important tasks and is unable to take us on tasks for the time being.” Obito explained.

“I see, this is the bond between us!” Metkai made an expression of sudden realization, and then looked at Kakashi with excitement.


He didn’t even speak, so why did he become bound to him again?

“Since your instructor is not here, you must be more careful when performing tasks.” Kakashi reminded him as he thought of something.

Since there is no jounin to lead, even if Ebisu and Shiranui Genma have been promoted to chuunin, the Metkai team will not be able to take on B-level and above missions. However, the battlefield conditions are changing rapidly, and even B-level missions are prone to occur. Accidents require constant vigilance.

The main reason is that the Metkai team is not strong enough. Ebisu and Shiranui Genma are considered outstanding among their peers, but the battlefield is not a battle between peers. In a war, no one cares how old you are.

To put it bluntly, it would have been safer for Metkai to perform the mission alone.

If Metkai encounters three Jonin alone, Kakashi feels that Metkai can escape safely with all his strength, but with Ebisu and Shiranui Genma, that is not necessarily the case.

Because Metkai could not abandon his companions, and Ebisu and Shiranui Genma could not escape from the hands of the Jonin, Metkai could only bite the bullet and fight head-on.

“As expected of a close friend, Teacher Chen also reminded us of this.” Metkai gave Kakashi a thumbs up.

At this time, Obito suddenly had a flash of inspiration in his mind. Everyone could not perform high-level tasks without an instructor. So if we form a new team together, would we be able to take on A-level tasks?

“How about Akai? Meiqiang Youyi and Zen-san? In this way, we will be a team of 7 chunin, and we should be qualified to accept A-level missions.” Obito expressed his thoughts.

Obito was really helpless. Before coming to the battlefield, he wanted to outperform Kakashi on the battlefield. As a result, Kakashi always took the lead in taking down the enemy’s most damage with his superior speed.

After several missions, Obito only had a few fights with Kirigakure’s shadow clones in the first mission, and did not do much in the remaining missions.

Because the ninjas I encountered were too weak, I encountered a jounin in my first mission, followed by middle and genin.

Obito knew that this was not their bad luck, but the reason for the mission. It would be normal if they did not meet a jounin on a B-level mission, and it would be an emergency if they encountered a jounin.

So if Obito wants to perform higher-level missions, he will encounter stronger enemies and have more opportunities to perform.

Of course Obito is not stupid. He will not clamor to do S-level missions. Doing so on the battlefield is just seeking death.

“You can’t join other teams casually like this.” Shiranui Genma said with some uncertainty.

“Your tone can be more certain, of course not.” Ebisu shook his head and said.

This is on the battlefield. How could the ninjas be allowed to merge and form teams at will? Wouldn’t it be chaos?

“Theoretically not possible, but I can ask Teacher Muyue.” Kakashi thought for a while and said.

Kakashi feels that integrating with the Metkai team is a good idea and will be beneficial to both parties.

Kakashi’s team has gained the powerful combat power of Metkai, and Ebisu and Shiranui Genma are safer.

With the strength of their seven ninjas, it is no problem to carry out A-level missions. In fact, when Kakashi usually performs A-level missions in Konoha, Kakashi and the others do not need Muyue or Minato to take action, if no accidents occur. .

“Would you like to team up with your best friend? I think it’s okay.” Metkai also wanted to fight with Kakashi.

A few people discussed for a while and finally went to Mu Yue to ask.

“It’s a good thing to want to take on greater responsibilities. I’ll mention it to Lord Orochimaru.” Mu Yue encouraged the disciples and said that he would help them solve it.

This is also a good thing for Mu Yue, as it makes him more relaxed and does not have to spend two energies to protect his disciples in different places.

They are all on the same battlefield. Mu Yue must have a bowl of water to drink, and the disciples must take care of her.

Although Uchiha Madara will definitely not attack Metkai, the tragedy in Metkai’s original work happened to Kirigakure, and he has to guard against it.

Orochimaru was not stingy about his help in making great achievements in the future, and directly agreed, letting Team Metkai and Team Kakashi merge to form a new team and increase their mission authority.

“Since there is no instructor, we need a vice-captain. Originally, I was the vice-captain of our team, but after all, a new team has joined. To be fair, let’s vote again.” Kakashi offered to re-elect the vice-captain. team leader.

This would not be necessary if only one person from Metkai had joined, but now that the entire Metkai team has joined, re-election is necessary. Only then will the recognized vice-captains be truly obedient.

The final election result was that Kakashi was re-elected as vice-captain with an overwhelming six votes. Except for Obito who voted for Nohara Rin, everyone else voted for Kakashi.

Metkai gave people a sense of security, but Shiranui Genma and Ebisu felt that Kakashi was more suitable for the position of giving orders.

Usually, Ebisu is the one who thinks about things that require brainpower for their team. Now that there is a better candidate, Ebisu will definitely not do it by himself. He has no confidence that he can compare with Kakashi.



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