Mysterious Noble Beasts Chapter 663: : The daughter-in-law is here



God Wa is going to end up as a coach???


Shi Yu said, “Really, that’s great.”


Shi Yu originally thought that this task would fall on his own head. Since God Wa offered it, he could do his own thing while waiting for the results.


“Then for me, I plan to continue practicing for a while.”


“Although the breakthrough has been made, the realm has not yet stabilized.”


“It’s time to find the way to the universe level.” Shi Yu said.


“The road to the universe level…” God Wa said silently, “I wish you success.”


Although the road to cosmic level is very difficult, it may not be so difficult for Shi Yu.


The seventh emperor of the universe… God Wa also recognized Shi Yu’s name very much.


These people gather quickly and disperse quickly. The Blue Star lineage, with the breakthrough of Shi Yu and the recovery of God Wa, has completely become a major force in the universe that cannot be ignored. It is the sixth cosmic level force in the universe.


At this time, for everyone in Blue Star, it is to continue to strengthen and consolidate this advantage.


When Shi Yu was on the blue star, seeing God Wa taking Shenyuan and others away, he remembered the queen who took the gem cat away, and was filled with emotion for a while.


He returned to Pingcheng, returned to the ice field and snow mountain, and started the second round of closed-door training.


He wants to improve the environment of the Beast Familiar Starfield, get used to the new level of Beast Familiar Talent, and by the way, conceive the pet beasts’ cosmic-level path.


As for the pet beasts, without the help of the {} skill illustrated book, they have to try their best to see if they can break through the limit of the supernatural skills.


Next, the same track will be the time to really test their throne in the team.


“Rin, let’s analyze where everyone’s path to the universe is.”


On the ice field, Shi Yu set up a large solid hot pot, eating hot shabu-shabu beef, while communicating with Rin.


“I don’t need to say, Eleven’s path to the universe level should be in the racial ability of ‘eating metal can be transformed into metal hardened armor, right?” Shi Yu asked.


“That’s right.” Rin said, “So the path of evolution may still be the same as before, either eating cosmic treasure-level metals, or eating a part of cosmic-level metal element creatures.”


“Universal treasure-level metal may not be enough. With the cosmic treasure, at most a super **** level can be born, which is impossible at the cosmic level, and there is not one cosmic-level metal element creature in the universe, so the road is broken .”


“Of course, I thought of a way to create my own path.” Rin said.


“Tell me about it.” Shi Yu said.


“Master, do you still remember, daughter-in-law.” Rin said.


“Yeah.” Shi Yu nodded and said, “I remember, what’s wrong.”


“My daughter-in-law’s talent for controlling beasts, plunder, also comes with a very special effect. Do you remember that she can plunder other people’s talents for controlling beasts and the abilities of other lives and exist in the form of props.”


“Although none of the current six cosmic life forms are metal life forms, at their level, they must have the ability of the gold system. As long as we also learn this talent, and then find some gold system cosmic treasures, put them Extracting the power of the gold system and attaching it to the gold system cosmic treasure, it may not be impossible to create powerful gold system evolution props.”


“A single quality is not enough to become a universe class, but combined together, there must be hope.”


“Cough cough cough.” After Rin finished speaking, Shi Yu coughed dryly and said, “It’s a bit cruel.”


“If you cultivate a cosmic level, you have to fight with other cosmic levels. Even if we don’t set up to be the maintainers of the universe, the universe will perish first. Fighting at the cosmic level will really destroy the civilization of the universe. “


Rin said, “There are those who are not cruel, and that is to rob one’s own talent of beast control.”


“Yeah…” Shi Yu was taken aback, and said, “What do you mean?”


“Master, isn’t your skill book an item you made yourself?”


“We can use our plundering ability to plunder our beast-fencing talent.”


“Master, think about it, the beast master’s talent for controlling beasts can strengthen the strength of pets. Even if the beasts have not reached the universe level, as long as you reach the universe level, your beast control ability can still make the beasts stronger.” Strengthened to cosmic level combat power.”


“And what if the beast can obtain this kind of increase permanently without relying on the beast master?”


“Let me give you an example, Master, if you practice a gold-type enhancement talent, after you reach the universe level, your gold-type enhancement talent and Tai Chi domain talent, if they can be realized, must be the treasure of the universe A level treasure, if you can combine the Taichi domain and the gold-type strengthening talent into a new prop, materialize it, let Eleven eat it, and let these belong to it forever, then maybe it can also rely on it naturally With this power, I broke through to the universe level.”


“It’s just that, master, maybe you will lose these beast-fencing talents. For talents such as metal strengthening, although there is still the possibility of re-cultivation, but for rare talents such as Tai Chi domain, it is not necessarily the case.”


“Moreover, the plunder talent can only be plundered when {} is dying, so if you choose this method, you need to conduct in-depth research and improvement, otherwise it will be too dangerous for the master.”


After Rin finished speaking, Shi Yu rubbed his chin and thought about it. He stripped the Tai Chi domain from his body and merged it into the gold-type cosmic treasure to create an exclusive evolution tool, Yin-Yang Metal


It sounds like it is feasible, Shi Yu said, “This sounds more reliable than going to other universes. Originally, my beast master talent was also cultivated to assist you. If it can be realized, it will be permanent.” Give it to you, and save me from consuming my physical strength to strengthen you in the future.”


“This method can be used as an alternative. If the Taiji domain is eleventh, then the Qinglong domain should be left to Chong Chong. Unfortunately, except for these two special beast-controlling talents, other beast-controlling talents are relatively weak. I’m stretching my hips, so I don’t think it’s very useful.”


“Perhaps next, we can collect some rare beast-fencing talents to practice.” Shi Yu said.


“However, this method is not suitable for all pet animals.” Shi Yu said: “It’s eleven. Chongchong evolves by eating.”


“The eleventh is to eat metal, and the worms are to eat some special resources, so that they can turn cocoons into butterflies.”


“But like you, you can’t use this method.”


“For example, the baby ginseng, its most basic and original racial talent… what is it, the normal ginseng baby family is to constantly improve their nourishing effect to evolve, our family, it belongs to the evolutionary crooked, If it wants to break through the universe level, according to normal logic, it must not prove the way with strength, but must work **** the nourishing attribute.”


“It has to be cultivated into the strongest tonic, so that it can have the hope of cosmic level”


“Well, wait a minute, it seems that you can still enhance the nourishing effect of baby ginseng by eating, it’s okay.”


【Shen Baobao: …】


“However, Chitong, its most basic and original talent, can’t be imagined, does possession count? But, how to cultivate this, how to develop it, or, not every life has the aptitude to become a universe class… …”


Chi Tong’s predecessor was a human being and a phoenix, and now he is a heroic spirit, which is fundamentally different from Eleven and the others.


“Susu is easy to say, it must be the ultimate purification power, maybe purify a dark king… Damn, why did he go to fight the universe again.” Shi Yu had a headache.


“And you, as a mechanical life, is the most basic racial talent, intelligence level, or, as a mechanical Eudemons, you need to load a cosmic-level Eudemons spirit as a soul core to strengthen yourself? It’s the same as Xiaoji’s successive fusion of Tyrannosaurus Rex, Earth Giant Dragon, and Earth Dragon’s phantoms to strengthen itself.”


Rin: “I don’t know, but if you choose the wrong path, then, like God Wa, you may fail to break through and suffer serious backlash.”


“Conjectures including Eleven, Chongchong, and Shenbaobao are not 100% guaranteed to be correct. However, Eleven, Chongchong, Shenbaobao, and Susu should be more reliable. You can think of a way first. Help them chart a clearer path.”


“For Chi Tong and I, don’t worry about it.”


“Let me think about it.” Shi Yu said: “In short, the treasure of the universe, this level of treasure, we need to collect more in the future. Point the universe treasure as the foundation.”


“Well, when I see the queen again, ask her about the existing treasure of the universe. Since she knows the tree of the universe, she must also know other things. Remaining cosmic treasures from other eras is also a way out.”


“Otherwise, I will not let me find the way to the universe from these epoch relics.”


“There is also a talent for plundering.” Rin said: “It’s a pity that senior sister Lu was taken away by God Wa, otherwise, with Susu’s current strength, her inheritance water should be able to perfectly copy the talent of plundering and pass it on to you.”


“Wait for senior sister Lu and the others to come back” Rin asked.


Shi Yu said: “Okay, forget it, don’t wait, I’m a little anxious to study in depth, let’s go to Blue Star Will.”


Rin was stunned, and said, “Wait a minute, don’t you mean…”


“Hey, that’s right, with Blue Star’s current level, it shouldn’t be too stressful to resurrect an ancient man from the totem era.”


“Originally, I wanted to find the inheritance from my daughter-in-law through prayer, but…”


“After knowing that traveling through time and space at will will lead to the longevity of {} the universe, we can’t mess around, or we will be targeted by the overlord of the universe sooner or later.”


“But it doesn’t matter if you don’t time travel, just ask Lan Xing to resurrect that daughter-in-law to the modern age. It’s the same for us to get the talent directly from her.”


Resurrect the daughter-in-law of the totem age, and invite her to the modern age, just like Emperor Wu and others


Rin is speechless. The daughter-in-law of the great demon king in the totem era who specialized in plundering other people’s abilities must have never thought that there would be someone who resurrected her in the future just to plunder her talent.


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