My Marvel Super Girlfriends Chapter 561: Beyond, go to war



Scarlet Xi Nian stopped all movement.


In the mirror space, the white light entered unimpededly, illuminating the dark cosmic area.


Is it discovered…


Xinian sighed.


He really took it for granted – the other party has the ability to decompose and reorganize a large number of extraordinary people across different time and space, and the parallel universe spells like mirror space obviously cannot escape the other party’s perception.


It seems that the only way to go is to let it go.


Scarlet Xi Nian took a deep breath, he didn’t hesitate, there were other strange and mysterious colors flowing in Tan Hong’s eyes!


Compared to the scarlet and strange aura, there are other powerful abilities that overflowed out, raising the windbreaker slightly.


As if knowing what Xi Nian was about to do, the voice that existed behind the scenes in the outside world suddenly sounded in the mirror space: “Stop, I have no malicious intentions.”


“How can I be sure that you are malicious?”


Xinian frowned, looked up at the mirror space, the source of the white light at the far end of the universe.


He didn’t intend to stop, but wanted to go all out, stacking his abilities to a mode where he could withstand the upper limit.


“I really have no ill will.”


The gender-neutral voice continued to sound: “Actually, I already sensed you when I first scanned the outer universe, when you were in an Internet cafe in New York City, right? ?”


Xinian did not let down her guard: “So what?”


The mysterious being said: “If I really wanted to do something to you. At that time, I had already disassembled you and the others. Also, I didn’t expose you when you infiltrated the ship.”


Xiniandan’s red eyes flickered slightly, and after thinking about it, she stopped her movements.




The other party was right.


When the first invisible energy decomposed the superhumans including Spider-Man, Xi Nian did not notice that the energy was attacking himself.


Although Xi Nian doesn’t think that energy-related abilities can have an effect on his physique, the other party did not do anything.


Since the other party has sincerely conveyed goodwill, Xi Nian has no impulse to continue, otherwise everything will be irreversible after the ability mode is stacked.


“Who are you?” Xi Nian asked.


The mysterious existence quickly replied: “It is not said in the outside world, my name is ‘Transcendence’.”


Xinian shook his head and said, “What I want to know is, what are you like. Do you have to communicate with one or two universes apart?”


The Transcendent was silent for a moment, and then said: “Okay. That’s because I don’t have a standard physical form.”


“In your heart, what do you think I am, what I am like…”


At the same time as the transcender said, the white light in Xi Nian’s eyes that was submerged in the mirror space changed, and a figure of a six-year-old child with a bald head and a plump white head emerged from it.


“Some people think I’m a strong man, some people think I’m a beautiful woman.”


The little fat man stood on the white light, talking and looking down at himself: “So, do you think I am the image of a child?”


“That’s not important.”


Xinian waved his hand and looked directly at the other party: “I want to know more, why didn’t you try to break me down and reorganize me before. And why did you stop me when I wanted to leave now?”


The attitude of the transcender to himself, and the goal he wants to achieve——


This will be the key to what Xi Nian will do next.


Knowing that Xi Nian hasn’t completely let down her guard, Transcender spreads his hands: “I can’t say why I take special care of you, otherwise she will definitely complain.”


“You just said—she, right?”


Xinian asked with an expressionless face.


The little fat man looked stunned, and hurriedly covered his mouth: “Damn, did I miss the point? Remember, I didn’t reveal that person’s information!”


He looked troubled, and pretended to give Xi Nian a vicious look.


Xinian sincerely felt that the appearance of the fat boy on the other side, compared to the previous mysterious image of the white light, did not seem to have terrifying strength beyond diversity at all.


However, hear the other person’s words.


As if vaguely guessing something, a graceful figure appeared in Xi Nian’s mind, and her alertness and tension could not help but fade.


“Remember it for me, don’t say it was revealed by me in the future!”


The transcendence once again distressed a word of warning.


“Did you say anything to me?” Hearing this, Xi Nian looked blank.


“Very good, that’s it.” The little fat man nodded with satisfaction, and continued: “Since why did you stop you? That’s because I think you should be very interesting, and I hope you can participate in the outside world. Athletics.”


“You want me to participate in the battle outside?” Xi Nian narrowed her eyes.


“That’s right.” The transcender grinned: “Without you, the fun should be much less. If you participate, no matter if you are the final winner or not, I can help you drive away those who are stuck in the gap of diversity. Those guys.”


So to speak.


Dormammu, the lord of the dark dimension, and the mysterious multi-level existence that attacked him before, are still guarding the multi-dimensional outside of the nearby universe?


Xinian Tong Kong shrank, he pondered for a while, and asked, “You said before that you would fulfill a wish of the ultimate winner in the fighting world?”


“Of course.” The transcender said as a matter of course: “The so-called competitive competition must have prizes!”




Xinian clenched her fists and asked in a deep voice, “Can you find a specific person in Duanyuan?”




Outside, in the Marvel Universe.


Two white spaceships are opposed to each other not far from each other, superheroes or supervillains, both are attracted by the words of the transcendent.


Even gods have wishes that they want to fulfill!


Many people are already eager to go to the neighboring Doujie planet.


Since most people’s attention is focused on the existence of the white light, that is, the transcendence, no one noticed that a red-haired youth quietly returned to the spaceship.


“Winning in the world of fighting? Why should I participate in such a boring game, as long as I devour you directly, won’t I be able to achieve all my wishes?!”


The Planet Devourer on the second white spaceship suddenly sneered, his tall and burly body flew up, turned into a human-shaped streamer, and rushed towards the end of the white light above the dome!




A force of destruction enough to devour the civilization of the stars is awakened and released from the Planet Devourer!


“Damn, he was one step ahead.”


Dum murmured annoyed, he actually had the same idea, that is to absorb the energy of transcendence for his own use!


As long as you have the power of transcendence, what wish can’t be achieved?


Everyone on the two spaceships was looking Only Xi Nian shook his head secretly. If the other party was so easy to solve, he would not choose to evacuate immediately.


Next moment.




The white light flashed, and the universe lost its color in an instant!


Tengxing’s tall body was directly smashed back by a white beam of light, and it fell to the neighboring Doujie planet without the power to fight back, just like the previous scene of the swallowing star hitting the Ultron robot!


“Fighting competition, officially started!”


The source of the white light, the transcendence, announced loudly.




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