My Marvel Super Girlfriends Chapter 555: The Eve of Diversity



The headquarters of the Destiny Alliance is located in the Yuanyuan space.


Xinian decides to take a night’s rest, and then continue to travel through Diversity.


The artificial sun turned off, as if the eternal light had disappeared, and darkness enveloped the Alliance buildings perched high on the mountain.


Wearing a black trench coat transformed from a magic floating cloak, Xi Young yawned lightly and walked in the hallway of the lighted headquarters building.


In the dead of night, every Destiny Alliance member seems to have slept in their own room, which is very peaceful.


The headquarters of the Destiny Alliance is not only the place where the council gathers on weekdays, but also the residence of the fourteen members of the Destiny, each of whom has a room.


Except for the maid Xiaoqin, other beings who are not members of the Destiny all live on the colony planet that Staro is in charge of, and they have no right to set foot here.


The usual atmosphere here is more like a big family than an alliance.


Xinian originally planned to go back to her room to rest, but stood outside her door and paused before turning to the corridor leading to other members’ rooms.


Which room should I go to to rest tonight…


As soon as this thought appeared in Xi Nian’s brain, he almost subconsciously stopped at the door next to his room.


“I’m in.”


Xinian first knocked on the door lightly, then carefully opened the door.


What comes into view is a royal temple with ancient Greek characteristics. The carpet at the entrance is made of real animal skins, and there is a crackling fire inside. There are two swords, one gold and one silver, on the white stone platform. A silver moon crown and a pair of gold bracelets, and a gold coat hanger with a long armored dress hanging next to it.


Under the flickering light of the fire, a mythical aura swept across my face, along with a hint of violet scent.


As if accidentally broke into the goddess’ residence.


Xinian’s eyes fell on the sacred and luxurious bed, a perfect woman was sitting there, with white hair falling from her fair neck, she was reading a book under the light of the fire with her head down, the thin quilt was difficult Cover up the graceful curves.


Diana’s beautiful eyes suddenly raised towards the door: “Why, sneaky.”


Xinian blinked: “Can I…”


“No.” Diana cut him off abruptly.


“Okay. Excuse me, good night.”


Xinian withdrew in distress and closed the door by the way.


After the door was closed.


A look of helplessness flashed across Diana’s beautiful eyes on the bed. That guy became less and less like a child. If the other party came over like before, he might have actually agreed to let him stay.


After all, he has never been able to resist his demands.


“Tonight, let’s give it a little bit.”


Diana sighed, looking back at the book she was reading, feeling a little dull.




“Gwen, I’m in!”


While Xi Nian was speaking, compared to entering Diana’s room before, this time it seemed straightforward and direct, as if it were her own room.


The door opened, and the sound of two different female voices was the first to be heard.


Xinian glanced at the modern-style room full of puppets, and his eyes quickly fell on the wooden bed covered with white gauze like a spider web.


Seeing this, Xi Nian couldn’t help being stunned.


It can be seen that two mature and beautiful women are fighting together, one has short hair and the other has long hair. Shining with a lustrous snow-white luster.






At the moment when the door opened, the two women who were fighting together exclaimed and stopped all movements at the same time.


“Kara, you were here with Gwen.”


Xinian said hello very naturally, and suggested: “What game are you playing? I just want to join in and play.”


“Big Satyr!”


Gwen spat and threw his pink pillow over at the suggestion of the three of them to play a game together.


“Just playing games.”


Xinian hugged the pink pillow and blinked innocently.


“Do you think I’d believe it?” Carla snorted and muttered softly, “Gwen, let’s… just ignore him.”


Gwen nodded in agreement, so that the chest of the T-shirt shook: “Tonight is a girls’ game, boys are not allowed to join!”




The door closes.


Xinian withdrew from the room holding a pink pillow.


“What happened tonight…”


Xinian’s brows were slightly wrinkled, and there was an illusion that he had suddenly changed from a hot commodity to a street stall.


“I don’t believe it anymore.” Xi Nian hugged the pillow and went to the next room aggressively.


This time, I didn’t even say hello, I just opened the door.


In the tidy and monotonous modern room, the large maid Chang Wanda in a red dress has not yet fallen asleep, sorting the clothes in her closet.




Seeing the young man who opened the door and walked in with a pillow in his arms, Wanda hurriedly got up and bowed, his posture was still extremely standard.


“Wanda, shouldn’t you reject me too?”


Xinian was inseparable, he stepped forward and placed the pink pillow in his arms on the clean and tidy white headboard in Wanda’s room.


Wanda maintained a bowing posture, hesitated, bit her lower lip and said, “The quilt was washed once today, and it doesn’t matter if the young master wants to use my… room. Anyway, I can go to Xiaoqin. sleep together.”


Xinian froze for a moment, staring straight at the head maid Wanda.


Wanda kept her head down, not daring to look directly at him.


“Forget it, you…get some rest.”


Xinian picked up the pink pillow again and left Wanda’s room.


The moment the door closes.


Wanda’s body continued to tremble, her rosy lips twitched, and she almost cried: “I actually rejected the young master…”




Even Wanda rejects herself.


It’s not right, it’s not right, it’s not right!


Xinian hugged the pink pillow, thought about it, and went to the next room.


Poison Ivy’s room.


There is only one greenhouse light that is suitable for plant growth.


Green vines grow on the ceiling and interior Flowers bloom in every corner, like being in the depths of a wild forest, and even the air seems to be a lot fresher.


A bed also covered with vine branches.


A red-haired woman is lying on her side, and her peach-like plump body is wrapped in a looming green gauze skirt, showing her graceful and moving appearance.


“Sleep?” Xi Nian asked tentatively.


“Don’t you know my status from time to time?”


The Poison Ivy turned her back to him and whispered, “If you want to stay here, I’m fine. However, there is one place that needs you more.”




Xinian withdrew from the room again and again.


But after this time, he didn’t go to the next… which was Mera and Susan’s room.


Instead, he turned directly to the other side of the corridor and came to the door of the Destiny Alliance member’s room who had never been there before.


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