Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1413: Select



“Almost so.”


Lord nodded.


Fury took a few glances, and the five floating cities swallowed and said, “Do we need to say hello to them? Otherwise, if… if it is considered to be a forcible invasion, then What to do?”


In his heart, he had already fully determined that Lorde was a little **** who lived in the real world city just now, and this time he was brought here, at most into that city.


But he never imagined…


As soon as he arrives, the other party will take him to see the Spirit King!


Those are the creators of the world, who can be called creation gods. They will definitely be stopped if they pass by so rashly, right? !


“It’s okay, it’s okay.”


Lord waved his hand casually, grinned and said, “They’re out of business today, we’ll just go up secretly.”


As soon as these words came out, Fury was even more afraid.


If this is discovered, it is a place to die without a burial!


He really wanted to resist, but Lord, who disliked his ink, came over and grabbed him by the neck, like a little chicken, and dragged him to the palace.


My name, Fury I, can’t be so aggrieved, right?


When he will be discovered, if he makes a sophistry and throws the blame, can those hall masters who leave the hall be heard?


It is unlikely that…


After all, if S.H.I.E.L.D. finds such a person, it will not give him a chance to argue, and killing him on the spot is the right choice.


Riding on the floating platform in the conical palace, the two of them quickly ascended to a higher place.


After a moment, the platform stopped.


A more magnificent and gigantic palace stands impressively in the endless sea of ​​clouds. The pure white walls are solemn and solemn, and the majesty of the residence of the gods is everywhere.


“Boss… I think we should think about it again?” Fury struggled: “Let’s tell them in advance and go through the formal process.”


“That would be too slow.”


Lord shook his head, dragged Fury, whose legs were almost weak, and walked straight to the Palace of the Spirit King.




That’s better than dying!


Fury had 110,000 unwillingness in his heart, but he couldn’t resist anyone under the eaves, so he could only accept it.


The main hall door of Lingwang Palace is open.


There was no one inside, only the white jade stairs stretched upwards, with a pure white throne placed at the top, symbolizing the ruler and creator of the entire world.


“No… no one?!”


Fury was a little shocked. This was not what he expected.


In his vision, it should be that as soon as you step into the temple gate, you can see a magnificent **** with a huge height, and ask them in a majestic tone, why did they step into the sacred residence without authorization, and then bombard them gorgeously. They are the intruders.


But the truth is… an empty hall.


“The Spirit Kings have been missing for several years, so there must be no one there.”


Lord patted him on the shoulder and smiled: “So I tell you not to worry, they would never come here under normal circumstances.”


“Uh…” Fury was speechless.


Fortunately, he also has a big heart. After recovering, he asked, “That… Boss, aren’t we going to make a deal? Why did you bring me to the Spirit King’s palace? “


“Nonsense, of course it’s for you.”


Lorde glanced at him and said, “How can I fulfill the deal without bringing you to the Palace of the Spirit King?”


Fury’s eyes widened, and his tone suddenly rose: “…don’t tell me, your so-called deal is to bring me here, intending to steal other people’s things?!”


Combined with the previous, they walked all the way, sneaking behavior, isn’t this a burglary?


And… or stealing from a creator? !


Thinking of this, Fury felt dark in front of him, and his blood pressure almost surged to death on the spot.


“Don’t talk nonsense, it’s not stealing, it’s borrowing!”


Lord comforted him and said, “Anyway, the Spirit King has been missing for so long, and those things are left alone, why don’t we borrow them first, and return them when we’re done? “


Frey’s eyelids twitched wildly: “Can I still regret it now?”


“Yes, as long as you can walk out of here yourself and not be discovered by them.” Lord smiled: “I almost forgot to tell you, if I didn’t help you cover it up, I’m afraid you will step into a ghost in the spiritual world. In an instant, they will be discovered.”


“I can turn myself in, I’m innocent.” Fury said with a twitch.


“Do you think they will believe it?”


Lord walked into the hall with familiarity, then walked straight to the throne, and said without looking back: “By the way, to remind you that trespassing in the Lingwang Palace, the minimum sentence is a thousand years in prison, and it is still in the endless hell. Do you want to try it?”


“Then let’s hurry up and don’t get caught.”


Hearing this, Furui was stunned, followed behind Lord’s ass, and said terribly, “I’m already old, but I don’t want to be thrown into some **** prison in my last days!”


In the time he spoke, Lord had already walked to the throne.


“What exactly are you looking for?” Fury asked suspiciously, looking at the empty, pure white hall without any furnishings.


“Don’t worry, of course, find something that can help you~”


Lord seemed to be very familiar with it, he reached out his hand directly behind the throne, fumbled for a long time and took out a knife.


This is a straight knife enclosed in a scabbard, with a total length of about 1.6 meters.


The blade is 1.2 meters long and about two-and-a-half fingers wide. It has a round handle and a gold spike at the end of the handle. The whole is a bit heavy. Even with Fury’s strength, it is quite difficult to swing it.


“No~ found it!”


Lorde waved his hand and threw the straight knife to Fury, saying: “This is the thing, as long as you hold it, you are equivalent to the spirit king walking in the world, and there are many other uses, you have to explore it yourself .”


“Don’t tell me…this knife is the artifact of the Spirit King?” Fury took a breath and stared at Lord with wide eyes.


Originally, he thought he was daring enough, but he never wanted to meet someone who was more daring.


Take him to someone else’s and steal the artifact of the creator, and let him use it.


This TM ghost dares to use it!


The last time Asgard lost a hammer, it summoned a weapon that nearly destroyed the Earth.


This time, the Spirit King’s magic weapon was lost, and the earth cannot be leveled by them? !


“It should be fine, as long as you don’t get caught.”


Lord rubbed his chin and pretended to be deep: “Furthermore, these people rarely die. As long as you don’t show off too much, theoretically, they shouldn’t be discovered.”


“I think it’s better.”


Fury stared at him with a frosty face, sneered, and said, “Things are things, but I’m afraid I’ll enjoy it. If you don’t have other trade items, I think this trade… .can cancel!”


It is true that an artifact belonging to the creator is indeed enough to attract him.


But no, all the information about the spiritual world is still a fog. Without knowing it, he thinks it is best not to provoke this group of unknown gods, so as not to cause disaster to the earth.


“Anyway, but I want to remind you, Chief Fury.”


As Lord said, he sat on the throne with one buttocks, crossed his legs, and said with a smile: “If you want to solve the next crisis, it is far from enough to rely on the existing power of the earth, and this Knives… make up for what you lack in strength.”


“I choose to pick it up and have the power to resist the crisis of the world.”


“You still choose to give it up and choose a more secure alternative. The decision is in your hands, Mr. Nick Fury.”


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