Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1260: “Happiness” and “Unfortunate” (2)



“He…should be dead?”


Hawke wiped the sweat from his forehead and watched Scott’s bombing behavior the whole time, and couldn’t help feeling sad for Doctor Strange.


“No…I don’t know…” Cyclops didn’t let his guard down, and still stared at the sand pit: “If it was someone else, he must be dead, but he… …I can’t be sure until I see the body.”


Before his words fell, he saw a golden wall of light rushing out from the sand and dust in the sky.


I saw that a figure slowly walked out of the golden light wall. It was Doctor Strange, Stephen Strange. Only the black whip marks remained on his chest, and there was no other injury.


“From this moment on, “Happiness” has been in my hands! “


A flash of madness flashed on Dr. Strange’s face, he clenched his fists fiercely, and laughed arrogantly: “All the “misfortunes” in the world will no longer be able to touch me, so let you see …the true power of the “remains”! “




Dr Strange, who walked out of the sand and was almost unscathed, made Hawke and Scott look horrified.


Except for the two shots accidentally hit by Hawke at the beginning, the rest was bombed by Scott’s almost crazy laser for several minutes, but it didn’t even cause any damage to him!


“Aren’t you… trying to save Pietro?”


Doctor Strange tilted his head, the corners of his mouth pulled into a weird arc, raised his foot and stepped on something, full of sarcasm: “He’s here, what are you waiting for?”


Hawk looked down at the things he was stepping on, and he couldn’t hold back his anger. The veins on his forehead burst, and he shouted, “Move your dirty feet for me, don’t touch that child!


“The Exotic Land Reclamation of Vegetable Skeletons”


! “


It turned out that Doctor Strange stepped on Quicksilver, who was almost completely dead.


It’s just that at this moment, he can’t see the human form anymore. More than 90% of the whole body has been replaced by the body, and the golden light wall is also extending from her body.


“Kill you!


! “


Hawk roared filial piety, stepped directly on the thundering air, and rushed towards Doctor Strange.


“Wait, don’t be impulsive, Hawke!” Scott sensed something was wrong and wanted to stop Hawke, but was a step too late.


In less than a second, Hawke had already rushed in front of Doctor Strange, his fists in anger, with a bursting rumble of wind, directly smashed into the latter’s face, vowing to destroy the man Hateful smiley!




A huge roar of air sounded, and the beach set off a circle of visible air waves.


However, to Hawke’s astonishment and confusion, Doctor Strange not only did not dodge the blow, but even stood there and took the punch with his face, and he was still unscathed.


It’s as if his powerful, heavy punch suddenly turned into a soft cotton candy.


“Are you done?”


Doctor Strange grinned, unspeakably weird.


For a moment, Hawke’s brain was in chaos, and he stood there in a daze, as if he was completely stupid.


But he doesn’t move, but that doesn’t mean Doctor Strange won’t move.


“Now, it’s my turn.” Doctor Strange grinned, raised his hand to condense jumping lightning, and stabbed directly at Hawke’s face: “Taste this guy, Bosac’s Thunder! “


Hawk, who has a keen sense of werewolf, reacted at the last minute.


However, the two of them were too close together, and he really couldn’t dodge them, so he could only try to block them with his arms crossed.


Crack crackle crackle-boom!


Blasts of magical lightning exploded at close range, sending terrifying ripples across the sand.


A moment later, Hawke flew out with his arms scorched black, and his feet plowed two ravines on the beach. The gray hairs on his body, like steel needles, were all scorched black and smoked, like a severely burned corpse. .


“Ha ha ha ha… feel it? Hawk!”


Doctor Strange opened his arms and laughed wildly: “This is the power of happiness, and I am now happiness itself. “


Damn, what the **** did he do?


Why can’t Hawke’s fist, nor my laser, damage him? !


Scott, who had the whole process in his eyes in mid-air, held his head full of questions, forced himself to calm down, swept away the anxiety, and carefully observed Doctor Strange’s every move.


“There must be… there must be something wrong!”




The next moment, a flash of light flashed in my mind, and an idea popped into my mind.


“Maybe…it’s worth a try!” Cyclops exhaled, clutching the wound in his abdomen, muttering to himself, “Just hold on…please…. ..not yet!”




Just as Doctor Strange was about to pursue, he heard the gust of wind coming from above his head, he frowned and raised his eyebrows, snorted coldly, “Since you are here to kill yourself, then I will fulfill you!”


The blazing phoenix power gathered in his fist.


Scott fell from top to bottom, and the acceleration of gravity dragged out a huge rainbow light. The punches opened a channel in the air and blasted Doctor Strange with terrifying coercion.




A punch hit Doctor Strange in the face, and the force of the phoenix was like a raging wave instantly engulfing the people below.


The terrifying high temperature raged on the beach. One after another, the sea of ​​hot fire evaporated a lot of water in the air. With a huge roar, smoke and dust with a height of dozens of feet rose up with mushrooms.


“Useless! Useless! Useless!”


Doctor Strange, who was in the center, was still unscathed, raised his hand and pulled out the Weishan Emperor’s holy sword and stabbed it out.




The golden Vishante sword easily pierced Scott’s chest.


“It’s now! Hurry up, Hawke!”


However, what Doctor Strange didn’t expect was that Scott actually endured the pain of piercing his chest, reached out and grabbed his arm, and a phoenix flame shot out from his feet, forcibly dragging him to fly from the wall of light out.


Hawk, who was almost electrocuted when he heard the desperate call, finally came to his senses.




Hawk squeezed out all the power in his body and threw the golden chains out.


The chain is like a spear, breaking the sound barrier one by one in the air, drawing a semi-circular arc like a streamer, and finally nailing it directly to the beach in Doctor Strange’s eyes.





The beach with a radius of hundreds of miles is like detonating hundreds of tons of TNT, setting off a wave of air that shoots into the sky.


Doctor Strange, who was pierced through his chest, spilled bloodstains along the way, screamed in pain, his face was twisted, and his soul seemed to be melted under the punishment from **** on the chain.


Hawke’s eyes widened: “It actually works?!”


“Yes…that wall of light!” Scott, with the holy sword in his chest, knelt on the ground and vomited blood while gritting his teeth: “What he calls ‘lucky’ is that as long as he stands on the wall of light Within the range, you will not suffer any injuries. “


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