Marvel With Zanpakuto Chapter 1258: Happiness Train (End)



Meiman’s opening a Zanpakutō chapter one thousand two hundred and fifty-eight The train of happiness (final)


Next to the wreckage of an overturned train, there are two figures staggered with each other, still standing still with bruises all over their bodies.


The frantic battle has finally come to an end.


Even with Compound No. 7, coupled with the desperate burning of life, Reed is still no match for Hawke.


After the two sides threw hundreds of fists at each other, his life, which was like a candle, accelerated his speed toward the abyss, and he could no longer squeeze a single bit of strength from his tattered body.


90% of the blood in the body has evaporated, the bones are even more broken, and the internal organs are almost completely crushed.


It can even be said that it has survived until now and has not fallen down.


Reed is all relying on that breath, but now this breath seems to be about to dissipate.


Reed, who was always suffering from the pain of his deceased wife and was devoured by anger and hatred, finally calmed down at this moment. He slowly raised his head and looked at the coastline in the distance,


“Please… Tony Stark.”


The light in Reed’s eyes dimmed a little bit, and he murmured like a mosquito: “Go and see… a new world for us.”


Suddenly, he seemed to see Susan, Ben, and Jonathan walking towards him with a smile.


Beside Susan, there is also a little blond boy with a smile like a warm little sun, which makes him unconsciously familiar.


“Susan…I’m coming…”


Reed pulled out a smile, looked peaceful and peaceful, and slowly closed his eyes.


“What an amazing guy…Reed Richards.”


Hawk came back to his senses, looked at Reed, who had long died, but still kept his standing position, and said with a complicated expression: “You are still the first, able to endure the burning of the chains of hell, and you still attack me. Those who fight back.”


Anyone who touches the Chains of Hell will be scorched by the fires of Hell.


It is worth mentioning that even Cyclops with a tough personality could not bear the pain of burning his soul, but Reed Richards not only endured it, but even launched a counterattack without hesitation.


On this point alone, Reed Richards is a respectable opponent.


However, the memory ends here.


Hawk took a deep breath, and with the scars all over his body, he moved on resolutely.


His mission is not over yet. Before the time runs out, Pietro must be rescued and their plots stopped.




Tony, who escaped with Pietro on the other side, ran into a big trouble head-on.


The flames smashed into the sky for hundreds of miles with the momentum of a prairie fire.


The weather that was originally clear sky suddenly became cloudy, with lightning and thunder.


Amid the mighty golden glow, a miraculously beautiful and majestic phoenix, vibrating with gorgeous flame wings, suddenly descended on the coast, blocking Tony’s way forward.


The next moment, the phoenix gradually disappeared, and a figure emerged from the flames.


Tony took a closer look and saw that he was the leader of the five Phoenix Apostles, Cyclops Scott Summers, and suddenly secretly said something bad.


“Tony Stark, hand over Pietro Maximoff immediately.”


The laser eyes were locked tightly, and Kuaiyin, who was almost completely dead, didn’t bother to talk nonsense with him.


Sure enough…he’s targeting corpses too!


Tony oozes cold sweat on his forehead, hugs Quicksilver under his arm, and says solemnly: “Scott, don’t forget, we are a cooperative relationship, if you dare to take away the body, Stephen will definitely settle the account with you. Yes!”


“My Healing Game”


“Stephen Strange, he’s dead.”


Cyclops said indifferently: “What’s more, from the very beginning, we have only used each other, and have never been collaborators.”


Hearing this, Tony suffocated and was at a loss for words.


Indeed, from the very beginning, the method they took was to take Hope to threaten Cyclops, not cooperation at all.


And he knew so quickly that Doctor Strange was dead.


It’s hard not to believe that he’s been paying attention to it for a long time, and deliberately chose to **** the body when both sides were injured.


There was a sudden flash of lightning in his mind, and Tony suddenly thought of a way, saying: “Hawk is behind now, and he will catch up soon. Why don’t we cooperate first, defeat him, and then discuss the ownership of the body?”


“A lot of nonsense.”


Cyclops snorted coldly, and thunder exploded between steps.




There was only a loud bang, and before Tony could even see it, he was blasted out.


The battle armor made of gold alloy was as crisp as a piece of tofu in front of the power of the phoenix. As the fragments of the battle armor scattered, Tony spit out a mouthful of blood and smashed it heavily on the sea.


Quicksilver, which was almost dead, also fell from the sky at an extreme speed.


Cyclops accelerated and flew towards the falling Kuaiyin. When he was about to raise his hand to catch him, he saw the latter suddenly open his eyes, and a dreadful black mist of evil flowed through his straight palms. Like an arrow to his heart.


Between the lightning and flint, Cyclops barely avoided the key, but a large hole was pulled out in his abdomen.


A large piece of flesh and viscera was hollowed out, Cyclops endured the severe tearing pain, and immediately pulled back.


“It’s a pity that you can escape this.”


‘Quicksilver’ shook his head and said regretfully, “I wanted to kill Hawke, but who asked you to come together to find death.”




Cyclops looked at him coldly, covering the wound on his abdomen with one hand, trying to heal with the power of the phoenix.




Seeing that he was seen through, Quicksilver simply didn’t bother to pretend, he smiled and put his hand on his face, revealing a familiar face of Stephen Strange.


The embarrassed Tony climbed out of the sea and was overjoyed to see Doctor Strange alive: “Stephen, you’re not dead?!”


“So…the body is still on the train?” Cyclops coughed out a mouthful of black blood, and a look of shock flashed across his eyes.


He discovered that the power of the phoenix was unable to heal Stephen’s wounds.


He was horrified by the discovery that an even more sinister force seemed to be thwarting the power that was engulfing the phoenix.


“Hehe, where…you can guess.”


Doctor Strange sighed regretfully, wiped the blood on his hands without hesitation, and said, “There is only one person here, you should have devoured it, the power of the phoenix in the others, Scott. Summers.”


Cyclops was silent, covering his wound and staring at him, as if looking for an opportunity.


“Oh, why did you come to court death?”


Doctor Strange shook his head sarcastically: “I don’t need to kill you at all, sooner or later…that person will do it too.”


The laser eyes flickered, it seemed to be due to excessive blood loss, and he gritted his teeth: “No… How could someone like you put the body on the train, so you must be hiding by your side, Mirror dimension, right!”


“What a pity, Scott, I wanted to let you go.”


Doctor Strange’s smile froze, and he said coldly, “In that case, you should die here early.”


“Really? Then maybe your wish is doomed to fail.”


Suddenly, a familiar voice rang in everyone’s ears.


Doctor Strange frowned slightly, his face a little ugly, and looked back at the source of the voice: “It’s you again… Hawke Orphans.”


“It’s finally here…”


Seeing Hawke, Cyclops breathed a sigh of relief, reluctantly pulled the corner of his mouth, and said, “If the speed is slower, you can collect the body for me by the way, Hawke Orphans.”


He sent the signal to Hawke long before he could track him down.


I just didn’t expect that this guy was so slow and tossed for so long that he almost died.


“Our bills are settled, Scott.”


Hawk took a deep breath. He didn’t expect that Cyclops, who was an enemy before, would actually take the initiative to help.


But now, not the time to think about this, Hawke turned his attention to Doctor Strange and said angrily: “Now, it’s time for him to see the strongest mutant!”+Bookmark+


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